Let's Play Tactics Ogre


Part 26: Haborym

Ah, I get it. Thanks.

Anyway, because I'm bored and have lots of time, I've decided to upload another part today.

I level everyone up to level 20.

Branta Mown- 49 Years Old: Lord of Bacrum-Valeria. After the death of King Dolgare, he plotted to take over the island. He used to be close to the late king. It is not yet known why this loyal man has changed and is now acting in disgrace.

When you go to Vahanna, marked blue on the map, it turns out there's a battle there. I always though that was kind of dirty, especially since there's an NPC here you really want to get.

Our position is the exact same as the last one.

"There he is, get him!" an off-screen voice shouts.

An old man walks onto the screen, only to be attacked by a ninja. He counter-kills the ninja. He kills another.

He looks up and... what's with his eyes? Is he blind? "They're already here!?"

We enter the scene.

"Hey! That guy is being chased by the Liberation Army!"

An old sorcerer and leader of the ninjas looks up and says, "Look, there's Orcus! I'd never thought I'd bump into Orcus! This is the perfect place for your grave!"


Okay. This is pretty much as hard as saving Byan. I'm back after having beat this through pure luck, but yeah. Angrish went on.

The gist of it; the old man has a tendency to attack the ninjas head on, and they're really hard. If you aren't really careful, he will die.

My strategy was to send Canopus ahead and have him attack the old man with his crossbow; the other attacks combined whittled him down to around 10 HP. Because of this, he retreated, into range of our healers. Then I had Aloser and Canopus form a protective shell; when the ninjas came to attack, they created an opening which allowed our archers to attack the boss.


I was getting really desperate. I was making plans to sacrifice Canopus; I'm really glad I didn't have to do that.

So yeah. I didn't record our position or anything like that, because I had to change positions a lot. I fought this battle 53 TIMES.


Mordiart: You... you traitor...

"Thank you for saving me," the old man says. "Who are you?"

"I am Orcus Powell, the leader of Liveblog."

"Ah, so you are the young Hero of Griate. My name is Haborym Va...Haborym Vandam."


Look back at part 10 if you don't remember who that is.

"What are you doing here?"

"I heard that you are fighting against the Dark Knights. I would like to join you."

"You hate the Dark Knights?"

"I have my reasons. For example, they took away my sight."

Orcus says nothing.

"I can't see but my skills with a sword are second to none. Will you let me join your troops? If I become a burden, you can abandon me."

The game gives us a choice. After all the shit we went through to save him, why would we reject him? I pick 1.

"I welcome you."

"Thank you."

We get 620 Goth and... Petrify! Fucking awesome!

Welcome Haborym to the team. He's quite a glass cannon. So what makes him so awesome? Remember when I said certain spells, like Stun and Petrify, depend on DEX? This guy has the highest DEX of any NPC in the game. Petrify will have around an 80% chance of hitting any time he uses it.

Meanwhile, Ronway is having a conference with Vice and some of the other.

"I see...so Lans has agreed to our meeting..."

"Yes," Vice says. "The place will be at an old church in Rime. We can specify the date and time. ...He has also agreed that both of us will only take 3 guards."

"Good job, Vice. You have served your lord well."

"Now, we don't have to worry about the Dark Knights and can now concentrate on the battle against Bacrum."

"Duke Ronway, can we really trust them?" a knight asks.

"What did you say? You pathetic piece of shi...! Are you saying that our plan won't work?" shouts Vice.

"Stop it, both of you!" commands Ronway. "I understand everyone's concern. But I think we can trust them. All the Dark Knights want is our complete obedience. It doesn't matter if the tamed dog is Bacrum or Walsta. The strength of Gargastan's Army is not what it used to be. Therefore, Bacrum knows that they can't win. Their only choice would be to ally with us."

"The Duke is right," Vice agrees.

"...We shall wait until we kill Branta. Once we have achieved the power to rule over Valeria, it will be easy to get rid of the Dark Knights..."

Vice says nothing.

"Vice...I understand that you just got back, but will you bring another message to Lans? The date and time will be..." The screen fades to black.

Haborym is replacing Delta on our team, since he's pretty much a better version of Delta. I give Haborym the Petrify spell. I give Orcus Fafniel.

I train everyone to level 21. I take that back, Haborym has a 95% chance with Petrify (it depends on the enemy, but he'll almost always have a very high chance). Yeah. I'm using this guy.

I'm still going to be trying to keep things fair, though.

Let's go to Coritani.

We are confronted by Irvine the terror knight at the gate. Filler, skipped.

Irvine: ...Viva la Revolucion! ...ungh!


We get 925 Goth and a fire sword.

We are brought to the edit screen. I give our new fire sword (which isn't as good as Fafniel) to Haborym.

Our position is the exact same as last time. Really, I'm probably going to use that position for the rest of the game, switching out certain units. I'm only going to talk about my position if there's a significant change.

"I never thought you would be here!!" Orcus shouts to an off-screen enemy.

...Hello, Leonard.

"...Long time no see, Orcus. Are you still keeping your hope alive? Why don't you give it up and come back to the Liberation Army? By defeating the Dark Knight Zaebos, nobody would oppose you..." Leonard explains.

"My purpose was not to fight Zaebos...you know who is responsible for all this death and destruction! I have no intention of joining the Liberation Army again. You shouldn't be with them either!" Orcus shouts.

"There is a gap between ideals and the reality of war. Someone has to fill that gap."

"Is that what you really want?! Are you satisfied with that?!"

"It's too late for me friend, it is my destiny. The moment I met you, I was doomed to follow this path. If you are seeking the light, then I shall bury myself in the darkness and stain my hands with blood. Draw your sword! Prepare to know the meaning of war!"

The game gives us a choice. If you pick 1, you duel him one-on-one. If you pick 2, it's his squad vs. my squad.

I would suggest you pick 2. It's easier.

"It's not our war! Killing each other won't resolve anything."

Leonard calls his comrades. "Orcus, are you ready?!"

This battle is pretty easy, mostly because he's in plain sight. A bow attack, a lightning attack, another bow attack, a crossbow attack, a lightning attack, and a crossbow attack bring him down. I don't even have to kill any of his cronies.

Leonard crouches as the music becomes silent.

"...You have become strong, Orcus... listen...the Duke and the Dark Knights are...about to sign a secret treaty..."


"The Duke, he's...selling his...soul to...them...after he defeats Bacrum, he has no intention of getting rid of them... It was never...his intention... You were right, Orcus...tell your sister you were right...the Duke is..."

"Please, don't talk!"

"...Go to Rime, Orcus. Stop...the...Duke...you will...lead us...to...the new...world...ungh!" And with that, Leonard dies.


Leonard... he wasn't an evil man... he was simply mislead.

We get 300 Goth and some spark boots.

We have a conference with an old man.

"...I have to avoid passing Amorika to get to Rime," I mutter.

"Why don't you take a ship from Ashton, then?"

"No. I heard the Duke blockaded the shipping lanes to stop the guerrillas."

"I see. Besides, taking a ship would not be the most subtle way to get there anyway...then I guess we only have one choice."

"What?! You've gotta be kidding!"

"Nope, crossing the Barnam Mountains that border Rime and Coritani is the only..."

"Cross the Barnam Mountains?!" Orcus interrupts. "I never heard of any trail through those mountains! "

"Actually, neither have I. Besides, it's our best chance of sneaking into Rime."

"The soldiers in Rime won't be expecting us to come in from that route. They don't think anyone is that stupid!! I guess that makes me...stupid!" We knew it all along, Orcus.

Next time: we meet an old friend, we find out the whereabouts of Kachua, and the Dark Knights and Ronway have their conference!