Let's Play Tactics Ogre


Part 8: Nybbas

Last time, I discussed job classes.

Let's find out the deal with this "Nybbas" everyone's been talking about.

Fight it out!

Our position. Area is at 1, Julia is at 2, Freesia is at 3, Leon is at 4, Sara is at 5, Orcus is at 6, Bruno is at 7, Canopus is at 8, Belgger is at 9, and Delta is at 10. I switched out Dorony for Sara, as she was probably our weakest archer-fighter combo.

Nybbas welcomes us and says he's impressed that we killed Mordoba.

"She was very useful in research and other things too..."


Okay, no offense, dude, but that witch chick must have been desperate.

He says he doesn't really care who wins the war, and asks why we don't just let him go... not so much groveling as genuinely inquisitive.

We are presented with a dialogue choice. Orcus is the kind of guy who keeps his cool, so I pick "relax."

We tell him we don't really want to kill a weakling like him, but we can't let him free. We offer to bring him to Amorika Castle if he wants to repay for his deeds.

"Good boy!" he says, as if we're a dog or something. "You lead your people well... but I don't trust you. I know others are dying to kill me. Stupid fool... I shall call demons from the depths of Hell to destroy you!"

Whoah, dude! You went from "I like you" to "die at the hands of my demons, fool"!? Mood-Swinger, much?

He summons a skeleton, a ghoul, and a ghoul. He commands us to "show our deep attachment to life!", and the battle begins!

Victory Condition: Kill The Leader

This map is pretty simple. The enemies are on an upward slope; you have to work your way up to Nybbas. Unfortunately, this means archers are pretty ineffective in this map. Just like in real life, shooting from a higher elevation gives archers better range. We'll cope, but it's annoying.

The AI is kind of stupid here. Most of the enemies have bows, so the smart thing to do would be to stay at the very top and use their superior elevation to rain arrows down on us as we trudge our way up. However, they instead move downwards, probably to try and aim at Freesia; however, that opens them to attack.

Orcus does an awesome 48 damage. That's the power of the berzerker, people. This soldier, Humphrey, is killed by Vice. Stop stealing my EXP, Vice!

Belgger kills this loser, and Sara kills this dope. We'll need Presance to keep him down... and then I realize I forgot to bring Presance.


Freesia heals Julia.

A skeleton revives, only for Orcus to kill him.

Leonard reduced Nybbas to 4 HP. Nybbas says we have "overcome our weak mind," but refuses to die. He says we will meet again and he will "show us the progress of his research." Then he becomes a crow and flies away.

I guess this will not be the last we'll see of Nybbas.

We get 500 Goth and a Tower shield.

We go back to Amorika... but not before we get into a random battle!

I'm not going to transcribe this, though for the next few battles I'll be replacing Delta with Presance.

We get 1300 Goth and a leather jerkin.

Now we got to Amorika.

Ronway says he is pleased with us and tells us to go to Fiduc Castle in Bacrum with Leonard.

"Fiduc castle!?" we exclaim. "That castle is where the Roslolian Knights are stationed!"

The Roslolian Knights? A.K.A the Black Knights? Those guys we tried to kill in the intro?

Ronway explains he wants to sign a secret non-intervention treaty with just the Dark Knights. Kachua says she shouldn't, claiming it was Bacrum that started the war.

"And a Roslolian Knight killed our parents..."

Whoah... um, awkward... why are you sending the kids whose parents you knew were killed by Black Knights to sign a non-intervention treaty with them, Ronway?

Ronway says Walsta can't win with their troops and says the Roslolians, and the kingdom of Lodis itself, are an unstoppable force. Vice, ever brash, asks him if "we want to surrender to Lodis."

Ronway says he has no intention of selling out to the Dark Knights. He gives us another 10,00 Goth.

Time for the next battle!

Next time: we begin our travels to Fiduc.