Let's Play Tactics Ogre


Part 2: The Mercenaries From Zenobia

Before we continue, here's what your basic stats do: HP: This measures someone's "Hit Points," or the amount of damage they can take. When someone's HP becomes 0, they die. MP: This is "Magic Points," which is a measure of one's magical endurance; whenever someone casts a spell, a certain amount of their MP is consumed. When someone's MP is too low to cast a certain spell, they can't cast the spell—they have to wait until they have enough MP. MP increases as WT counts down. STR: This is "Strength." It is a direct measure of how strong someone's physical attack is; a character's raw attack power (attack power with no weapons) is determined by taking their STR and adding half of their DEX. VIT:This is "Vitality." This is another measure of a character's endurance—the higher someone's VIT is, the better physical defense they will have. Better physical defense means that they will lose less HP when attacked. INT: This is "Intelligence," a direct measurement of someone's capacity to cast spells. A character's raw magic attack power (magic attack power with no staffs, rings, necklaces, etc.) is determined by taking their INT and adding half of their MEN. MEN: This is "Mentality," which is directly related to one's defense against spells. Having high mentality means that someone takes less damage from spells that are casted on them. A character's raw magic attack power (magic attack power with no staffs, rings, necklaces, etc.) is determined by taking their INT and adding half of their MEN. Also, the strength of many special attacks depend on the MEN of the character that uses them. AGI: This is "Agility," which is a measure of a character's speed. Those with high AGI are more accurate in their attacks and better at evading attacks directed at them. Furthermore, a character's base WT (waiting time without any equipment on) is determined by subtracting their AGI from 550. DEX: This is "Dexterity," a measure of one's "skill." A character's DEX is directly proportional to their accuracy. For supplemental magic users such as Warlocks, Witches, and Sword Masters, high DEX (along with low WT) is a priceless asset. DEX is also directly proportional to a character's raw attack power (attack power with no weapons), which is determined by taking their STR and adding half of their DEX. LUK: This is the character's "Luck." In battle, a character's LUK is directly proportional to the rate at which they get critical hits. Also, the possible items that a character can find as buried treasure at a given spot depends on their LUK. Furthermore, a character's LUK is related to the probability that they will get treasure from killing an enemy—those with high LUK tend to get treasure more often, while those with low LUK tend to get stat-boosting cards.

If the descriptions of these stats cofuses you, I'll go over them more later.

There are also other things, like alignment, but I'll go over that later.

I move Orcus up the green spaces. Once you've moved, the game will ask you which direction you want to face. This is important; your back is much more vunerable to enemies, and if you allow them to attack your back your chance of getting a counterattack is greatly decreased. More on that later.

With nothing else to do, I end my turn. These guys are going to slaughter us, Kachua was right. Well, I'll go out fighting, in the name of Walsta!

Vice goes over to the enemies and tries to atttack the winged man, Canopus. He is blocked. This knight, who seems to be the leader of the group, asks us who we are. Vice comes right out and says we're part of the Walsta Liberation Army.

They seem pretty confused. Canopus snarks about our manners, saying we're just kids. The main knight asks us if we've got the wrong guy. Vice tells him if his name is Lan's, he's our enemy; the knight affirms his name is indeed Lans. Vice says "you dark Knights burned down this town a year ago!" Remember that scene from the opening? Yeah.

Lans, confused, says they are from Zenobia, a country far away. Kachua remembers the Dark Knight Lans has only one eye. This man has two.

It took them this long to figure it out...? God, these kids are morons.

So yeah, they have the same name. Vice's informant must really really suck. Canopus explains they were banished from Zenobia and are looking for work as mercenaries. The knight says his name is "Lans Hamilton."

The old fart, in Canopus' words, is Warren Moon. This dude is Mildain. And this dashing man is Guildus, who is also a knight of Zenobia. Vice finally starts to catch on they might not be the Black Knights... no shit, Sherlock...

Kachua says we need their help, and she introduces us. Look, first dialogue coice! What you choose doesn't really matter. I pick "Forgive us," because Orcus is just a polite guy like that.

We take them back to our hideout. Kachua explains Walsta doesn't really have the manpower to fight Gargastan and Bacrum... Bacrum hired the Black Knights of Lodis to fix their problem. The Black Knights are also called "The Roslolian Knights," but nobody really knows how to say that. They operate directly under the king of Lodis. Warren explains the Roslolians are used mainly for espionage and scouting... sounds these Black Knights aren't exactly trustworthy. Vice starts getting skeptical, asking why they've come, even going so far to suggest they might be trying to invade. They explain they have no ties to Zenobia, and are now simple mercenaries. Orcus explains they need to rescue Duke Ronway, leader of the Walsta rebellion, who is currently being held at Amorika Castle, which belongs to the enemy. They offer to help. Kachua, once again, whines about overhwelming odds.

So my friends consist of a whiny, spineless wimp and an abrasive, moronic "tough guy." Greeeeeaaaaaat...

Another option. It's a But Thou Must! situation, but if you go with 2, you get a lame joke, so I select that. I say they shouln't interfere, and he says he's coming along anyway and says this stupid joke.

Ha ha ha.

...Yes, this game is actually really good. I was suprised too.

The knights of Zenobia leave. Kachua asks if her brother ever listens to her, and Vice tells her to stop being so clingy. After Orcus leaves, Vice and Kachua get into an argument about the Zenobians. Kachua explains she's just manipulating them. Vice responds with this awesome line: "A priestess taking advantage of people. What a bitch!!" My thoughts exactly, Vice, my thoughts exactly. When he leaves, Kachua sighs and says she just doesn't want to lose anyone.

Yeah, she Wangsts, a lot.

...The other characters are a lot better. Yeah, really.

Overworld screen! That red place is Amorika.

Next time: we storm the castle of Amorika to save our leader Duke Ronway! Can we do it with the help of the Zenobian knights?

Some real battle coming up. Well, not "real" battle... the Zenobians do most of the work... but it will give me a chance to explain many of the things I've been laying off. I might even be able to get two battles into one post!

This is the best sight to find information on Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together, or LUCT, as it's often called. Much of my information comes from there. Be wary of spoilers.