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Somebody Else's Passage

In another section, I drop down and collect a Branch Sword (ATK +38) and equip it to Allegretto. I also fight Bolbos, which are a variety of this game's floating squid. They can use Wreathe and Ten Lashes. They sound like Aqua Pirates when hit. Oddly, they don't vaporize when defeated, but lie there in a heap. I think they have some sort of power to resurrect each other, but I don't quite recall.

  • Lv. 18
  • 5421 HP
  • ATK: 87
  • DEF: 85
  • MAG: 45
  • SPD: 78

I take a path around and acquire a Frilly Umbrella (ATK +31, 5 better than the Bat Umbrella; it doesn't have the DEF +1, however), which I equip to Polka.

I get totally turned around and find myself back in the castle. Sigh.

  • Lv. 21
  • 6631 HP
  • ATK: 131
  • DEF: 104
  • MAG: 93
  • SPD: 72

  • Lv. 21
  • 6139 HP
  • ATK: 105
  • DEF: 88
  • MAG: 51
  • SPD: 71

I put Frederic in Allegretto's place and Polka in Beat's.

I get a Star Cookie from a chest. Actually, some enemies have dropped them as well. ...It seems I haven't talked about them. Okay then, Star Cookies restore 3600 HP. They're used just like Peach Cookies. "It has a star in the middle of the cookie" rather than being shaped like a traditional star.

  • Lv. 21
  • 6053 HP
  • ATK: 108
  • DEF: 99
  • MAG: 101
  • SPD: 71

I put Viola in his place.

  • Lv. 19
  • 5723 HP
  • ATK: 91
  • DEF: 88
  • MAG: 47
  • SPD: 82

  • Lv. 21
  • 5801 HP
  • ATK: 104
  • DEF: 95
  • MAG: 115
  • SPD: 70

I save at a Save Point, and keep going.

At some point, I jump down and get Charmed Scales (DEF +35); of the current group, only Allegretto can wear them. I have him do so.

  • Lv. 21
  • 6722 HP
  • ATK: 128
  • DEF: 97
  • MAG: 53
  • SPD: 80

In a south section where the path splits around some water, there's a path jutting out into the water that has a chest with a Buffalo Horn in it (ATK +35). It's a baton-type weapon, so Frederic equips it.

The next area splits many times. In one dead end, there's a chest with Dragon Scale in it. It's an item, it seems: when used, it increase the DEF of a single target by 10%.

I find another Save Point near a grassy section. Coming to the end of this section starts a cutscene.

Outside the door in the rock that we saw earlier, our Andantino friends stand. Jazz has Falsetto use the switch behind a rock. It slides away, and who should come running out but Salsa, accompanied by a whistle noise. She figures it was just her pushing it a little that did it. The others emerge, as well. Falsetto asks who they are and how they knew about the passageway. Frederic explains about them being held prisoner. Salsa says they didn't do anything wrong. Viola says anyone would've run away, and that her hair is a mess. Beat reiterates about being thrown in the dungeon and not deserving it. He starts to say that technically, there are some things he's done, but Allegretto rushes to shut him up before he says anything further. Polka brings nothing but more reiteration. Okay, could whoever's responsible for the script possibly have given them each something new to say instead of just rephrasing each other?

Anyway, Jazz figures they're not their enemies. Falsetto decides they should get back to the mission. Jazz wants to wait, and asks Salsa why she was arrested. Frederic chimes in that they don't know, either. Salsa says she wanted to talk to the man in charge about what's going in in Agogo Forest.

In flashback, Salsa is pleading with Legato about what they're doing. It seems he's tired of repeating himself. Salsa says the mountain and forest are connected, and that the mining at Mt. Rock will cause the forest to die. Legato says that the mines there are the only source for mineral powder, which he says saves lives. Salsa calls Agogo Forest her home, and implies that something bad will happen to it if they keep digging. This news is interesting to Legato, and asks if she really lives there. Salsa reveals that she's been a guardian of it since birth, and it's her first time in a city like this. Legato calls for the guards to show their "guest" to a room. Of course, we know that he means a room with bars for one of its walls.

The flashback ends. Claves asks if she's the guardian of Agogo Forest. Jazz considers their mission complete. Viola thinks they sound like they know something about what's going on, and invites them back to her village. (I only saw her house, but whatever.) Polka brings up the possibility of pursuit. Andantino decides to take them up on their offer.

Polka notices Allegretto, and asks if something's the matter. He claims it's nothing, and that he was thinking he should play with Beat more often. Frederic says he did his best. Viola says he didn't do badly... for a clam. Allegretto finally releases his mouth.

We're back in the Hanon Hills. The members of Andantino are not available as party members yet. We head back in the direction of Fermata, but there's a Save Point along the way, so I save.

Next time: Let's Split Up, Gong!


Since the last time I left a comment for this Liveblog, I have obtained the PS3 version of this game and, while I may have missed a Score Piece, have progressed about this far in the story. Now that I've had the chance to listen to the lovely music with my own ears and experience the innovative battle mechanics, I can certainly say that it was money well spent. Thank you for sharing your own experiences with the game, and may good fortune be yours in days to come.
EndarkCuli 27th Nov 11
Ah, you're welcome. :) The mechanics get even more complicated later, by the way, as you'll see one way or the other, but of course, overcoming the complication reaps rewards.
Nyperold 28th Nov 11