Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares

Louie W

Episode 22: Moving Pianos, Tiny Pianos, and Greta's Secret Plan

  • I still do not quite understand how the magic flowers work. Last time Sugar and Saga got in a fight nothing seemed to happen to their flower so why is it in such poor shape now? Plus, what exactly happened to Sugar anyway? I guess this episode will explain that a little. At least, I hope it does.

  • A little Mood Dissonance here as the show transitions from recapping Sugar passing out to the upbeat opening theme. I do not quite understand why Greta jumps in between Saga and Saga's grandmother in the opening sequence anyway, but I may never know. It might just have to with her wanting to be friends with Saga.

  • The episode really begins and Sugar does actually open her eyes. Luckily, she is just tired and not in a coma or anything.

  • Okay, this is kind of strange. Saga is asking her grandmother about fairy sicknesses. She claims that she was talking about it at school. First, what would your grandmother know about something like that. Second, why would anyone talk about that kind of thing in school anyway?

  • Surprisingly, Saga's grandmother gives some good advice here about how when a fairy's companion is unhappy or sick the fairy also becomes sick. However, if that is true then why did Sugar not get sick when Saga was sick earlier?

  • Switch to Greta. She seems uncertain, but her father is hamming it up as usual, asking for Greta to play the piano. She uses taking a bath as an excuse to not play the piano and she has a pretty gigantic bath tub. I do not think that "tub" is really the right word for it. It seems more like a pool to me. It even has a statue and a fountain attached to it.

  • Norma and Anne ask Saga if she can do anything after school, but she is completely booked. Greta, in the same classroom as that trio seem quite annoyed about that for some reason. However, before Greta can really challenge her, Saga is out the door. She spotted Ginger and ask her about Sugar's sickness. I think that seems like a pretty smart thing to do really. I imagine that fairies generally know more about fairy sicknesses than humans do.

  • Ginger mentions the fact that Pepper and Salt have left. She also scolds Saga and does not do much else. It starts raining and Greta actually comes out to cover Saga with an umbrella. Her excuse is that she does not want Saga to use a cold as an excuse again. She also says something about how she would return the piano to Saga if Saga beat her in a challenge. Then Greta says a bunch of random stuff about being her rival and how Saga should not run away from her. Seriously, Saga should just listen to Greta this time.

  • Sugar is still struggling back in Saga's room. She is unable to make snow now. I do wonder how exactly fairy sicknesses work.

  • Back at school again, it seems like Norma, Anne, Phil, and Phil's minions are ditching Saga, but in actuality, they were just called out by Greta to do something important.

  • Saga keeps making mistakes at work. I find it kind of tough to watch. She leaves early to look for the Elder.

  • Back to Greta's plot. She wants to secretly move the piano to Saga's house while her parents are away. Anne mentions that everyone gathered in Greta's secret meeting love Saga and Greta tries to deny it, but that does not seem to be working. Anyway, the group decides to go to Phil's secret base to sort out how they will transport the piano.

  • The elder is being weird again, trying to gather up crumbs of waffles to give to Ginger, he gets chased off by some pigeons. The incident reminds Saga of how much Sugar likes waffles so she buys some. Apparently, "choco-banana" is one of the flavors the waffle stand offers. She gets a freebie waffle for being a regular customer too.

  • Saga runs by the punk fairies on the way back home. One of them lampshades how little attention they have been getting by saying "Aren't we being ignored a lot lately?"
  • Sugar is passed out when Saga comes home. She was writing Saga some kind of motivational letter or something before she collapsed.

  • After Saga puts Sugar to bed she starts playing her mother's song on the little piano. That seems like it would be pretty tough to me given how small the keys are. Still, if people can use tiny keypads to text message, I guess they can use tiny piano keys to play music.

  • A few scenes appear with that music being played over them including Greta and Phil arguing as the rest of the group help out at Phil's secret base (that reminds me of the secret bases in Pokemon by the way) and Ginger and Plantman sitting together. I wonder if this means their relationship is cannon or something. I never really was one for shipping.

  • The tiny piano playing must have been the thing to cure Sugar since she and the magic flower seemed to have healed.

  • Right before the episode ends, Greta's group start their "move Saga's piano" project.