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Louie W

Episode 20: A Large Ham, A Piano, And A Robotic Frog

  • I am guessing that Greta's father bought her the piano for her birthday. I base that predict off of the fact that the piano just disappeared, a man with black hair who could have been Greta's father seemed to buy it and this episode is about Greta's birthday. I could easily be wrong, but I guess that does not really matter. I hear that Greta and Saga eventually become friends and I hope that is true. I mean, Greta must feel pretty bad seemingly not having any friends. I might just have some bias here though.

  • The beginning of the episode starts with a flashback to the piano not being in the music shop in the last episode. Then Salt and Pepper discuss how their magic flowers' buds seem like they will bud soon. Sugar interrupts this moment, screaming about what she should do about the piano. During a flashback soon afterwords, Saga seem fairly composed and recognizes that the piano was for sale.

  • Sugar is still freaking out and the fairies agree to search for the piano. I actually agree with Saga in some ways. I mean if the shop was selling a piano, it would not be too surprising that someone would come and buy it some day. Still, I have a feeling that Saga has a pretty clear emotional connection that piano and that is why she probably will still worry about it a bit.

  • While looking in the music store, she tries to get the attention of the owner. One of the things she does to try to acquire his attention is to blow into a flute. This understandably freaks him out a bit. I wonder what explanation someone would give for that event. I know that if someone told me it was a "season fairy" I would be pretty skeptical.

  • Saga and her two pals look to buy something for Greta. Saga is of course distracted. I guess she looked at the clock and noticed that her usual piano time had gone. Back at home, Saga gives random anecdotes to her grandmother. I think it is pretty obvious that she is overcompensating in order to not look worried. Her grandmother seems to think the same thing. Of course, that does not really matter as she shares a sappy moment with Sugar. I guess Saga is glad Sugar was looking for the piano or something.

  • Now it is Greta birthday time. She actually has a lot of classmates there (including the Nagato Tamaki mix I mentioned earlier) and they seem fairly happy so perhaps I was wrong. She seems pretty happy, but I wonder why all of the kids say "happy birthday." I mean, it is not Japanese or German. I guess people in Japan must say "happy birthday" as well.

  • Greta's father is this mustached man who happens to be wearing a huge ascot. Sorry, I do not think her mother has many remarkable physical characteristics like that unless you consider "helmet hair" as being remarkable. If so, I imagine you must be a pretty big fan of Ronald Reagan. Actually, that was a stupid reference, sorry.

  • Her father also appears to be pretty sentimental as he discusses how Greta has had to transfer schools quite frequently. I wonder why that is.

  • Cue Sugar being chased by Joe the crow. It seems the other season fairies found the piano.

  • Switch back to Greta, as soon as she seems to start being a bit arrogant, she gets punished for it. While I actually do not know if you could call it punishment, but Phil and his lackeys get Greta a "Pet Robot Ribbit Ribbit Ace" which of course is a robotic frog. Greta does not like it very much.

  • It turns out the season fairies' informant is a cat.

  • Just as they are about to find out what house received the piano. Greta's father reveals his present for Greta. Yep, it is the piano so I guess I was right. I suppose that was pretty obvious though.

  • Saga gets all wide-eyed. Does this mean that she will start hanging out with Greta just to play her piano?

  • Well, whatever the case, Greta's father is definitely a Large Ham. That is beside the point though, Greta says that Saga can come and play anytime she likes.

  • Now Greta is challenging Saga to a piano contest. I am a bit worried that Greta will mess up though.

  • Wow, Greta does not even get a chance to start playing before Saga yells "no" and runs out of the room. Greta thinks she is just chickening out, but Anne says she is wrong. Saga's friends are sticking up for her as usual I suppose.

  • The season fairies arrive at Greta's house and see her worrying about having Saga's piano. It looks like she really cares about Saga's well-being.

  • Saga is walking around town with her hair obscuring her face being pretty mopey.

  • Next, she is making a comparison between her mother suddenly leaving and the piano being delivered to Greta. They are not the same. Flashback to Saga's mother dying. Yep, this is pretty depressing stuff or at least I think so.

  • well, I guess Saga making the comparison between her mother and the piano being sold. She has another outburst directed toward the guy who let her play piano so many times.

  • Another flashback arrives on the scene, this one of the piano in the sky with Sugar. Sugar appears on cue and tells Saga that Greta has the piano. Obviously, she already knows that. Saga is still pretty depressed. Apparently, Regina is the name of her grandmother by the way. Saga resolves to get the piano back. She does not want to lose anything else.

  • Sugar astutely points out that she looks scary and the episode ends. Alright, now I am worried.


And that's what a parlor looks like, at least for Greta's wealthy family.
SKJAM 5th Feb 11
I wonder why she moves frequently though.
LouieW 5th Feb 11