Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares

Louie W

Episode 17: Extreme Separation Anxiety Causes Fevers and Playing Dumb Looking Games

  • I guess Sugar gets lost in this episode and Saga worries about her. That will probably strengthen their bond or something like that, but I doubt anyone really cares about that kind of thing. I am obviously not the best at commentary, but at least I am not doing a camcorder Let's Play of I Wanna Be The Guy. If I ever did a video Let's Play (Which will probably never happen), I think in the first episode I would pretend as though as I was doing something annoying like that before actually getting to the game I was really playing. On second thought, that is probably too much effort anyway.

  • Saga cleans her room like the absurdly organized elementary student she is. It seems like she is giving real life kids a a good model for behavior, but I wonder if her standards are even too high for most of them.

  • While Saga is buying waffles (which I think are starting to look good now after I have seen them so many times), a radio broadcast about a typhoon plays. This serves as a pretty good transition to switching to the fairies as they watch the typhoon. Did they cause it? For some reason I still do not really understand the extent of their powers, but given that they are weather fairies, I find it a bit odd that they stumble upon the typhoon as if it was completely natural.

  • It looks as though I spoke too soon. There is a typhoon fairy causing the storm by playing a pretty cool looking tuba type instrument. I like the introduction of different season fairies in the past couple of episodes, but I fear that that kind of "worldbuilding" will be wasted a bit since I doubt they will appear again. Still, I do think it adds some context to the story a bit.

  • Typhoon beardman apparently has a pretty important task and Sugar is prevented from interfering with it. Sugar's face is stuck in a really downcast expression though as she finds out that she might be late to come back to Saga and she wonders what Saga is doing.

  • Saga finds out about the Typhoon from a Mr. Henry who says it is in Schwargen. That remark must have reminded Saga of something because she quickly looks in a book called "Landkarte" and realizes that the typhoon is right in Sugar's return path. I touched on this earlier, but it seems a bit strange to me how the written language seems to keep changing. Some things seem to be in English in Saga's town like the "Mr. Bear" memorability Greta had earlier while other things like the Landkarte book appear to be in German. I am guessing that German is supposed to be the language on everything given the setting so I do not quite understand the inconsistencies there.

  • Saga first worries that Sugar will be pulled into the Typhoon, but then realizes that adult season fairies will help her and then begins to worry again because Saga is so careless. She has this entire conversation out loud for some strange reason. I think other people might find it quite odd to hear, but I guess that is par for the course for Saga by now.

  • She plays the piano to calm down because the owner is out, but she keeps being reminded of Sugar. I wonder why Saga can only seemingly play the piano when the owner is out. Is she doing it on the sly or something?

  • Now Saga is hearing Sugar voices during her bath. She opens a window to look for Sugar (why you have a window in a bathroom like that) and soon wakes up, realizing that she is having a dream. I feel bad for Saga given she seems to be quite lost without Sugar. Apparently she suffers from serious separation anxiety. She has a cold now too, to add insult to injury.

  • Saga's friends tell her to "take it easy" like some deformed characters from a non-existent game. Greta, the paragon of modesty, exclaims "no one's ever beaten me at that game" though rather than talking about taking it easy with that statement she is bragging to Phil and his buds about an actual game and calling herself "Greta the Great".
  • Saga tells Anne and Norma that she will "not lose to a cold." Greta only hears the "will not lose" part and takes it as a challenge. I realize that nobody probably cares, but the character I mentioned a while back as looking like a mix between Tamaki Kawazoe and Yuki Nagato is in the very blurry background of this scene.

  • Greta challenges Saga to a game of "ping-pong ball bowling" which despite sounding fairly straightforward to me seems to surprise Saga, Anne, and Norma. That is, until they remember it from kindergarten. Though normally pretty smart about this kind of thing, Saga accepts the challenge even with her cold. I seem to have been totally wrong about the game itself though. Ping-pong ball bowling involves chalking off a rounded corner on each side of a table and uses one's breath to blow the ball towards the other goal and away from yours. Greta wins this time which I think is pretty exceptionable and I would be glad for her except for the fact that Saga was sick and heard voices from Sugar. Also, Norma remarks that the two look stupid when they are playing the game and I have to agree.

  • Wow, Saga collapses from exhaustion soon afterward. The next day she has a 39 C fever and has to stay in bed. She has yet another Sugar dream. Yeah, I think it is fair to call her a bit of a wreck at this point. By the way, it seems to me that the only difference between normal Saga and sick Saga is flushed cheeks. If only sickness were that simple.

  • Sugar is back and Saga automatically feels better.

  • Next, each fairy is shown in his or her natural habitat and the episode ends soon after that.