Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares

Louie W

Episode 10: In Which A Bearsuited Men Mistreats A Piano

[Note: Nyperold posted the following comment:
At least, the bear is not tearing a hole in the dimensions or committing the ultimate taboo of alchemy.
Presumably, he's also not producing flowers for someone who wants tea.]

Presumably, he's also not producing flowers for someone who wants tea
That is certainly true. I am not sure how one "produces" flowers anyway, but I know very little about Star Trek.

  • Well, it is finally episode 10, which I guess is some kind of milestone.
I actually am working on a Truthism live blog as well, but I find A Little Snow Fairy Sugar to be of better quality that Truthism.com honestly. Yeah, at this point I am just rambling, but I suppose that is kind of the point of a live blog anyway. I am just glad that A Little Snow Fairy Sugar does not involve Reptilians or ancient conspiracies. Okay, I guess the existence of season fairies is kind of a conspiracy in itself.

  • So the episode starts out with Saga having a dream. Apparently she has served the man in the bear suit a cup of coffee and he somehow drinks it while wearing the suit despite it not having a mouth opening. Then Saga is swarmed by a huge number of bear men who all reveal their identical faces. Yep, Saga is a bit odd, I guess she really was annoyed that the man thought her coffee was "stiff tasting".

  • Saga is able to distract and ditch the fairies by claiming that there is a flying waffle in the sky. The fairies still do not understand what plays are so I get the feeling that they are either pretty gullible or are just young and far from being fully developed mentally.

  • Norma is still obsessing over the bear man (well the transformed bishonen version at least). She and Anne are going to see it again.

  • Saga tries to differentiate play pianists and real pianists like her mother. I do not think she does a particularly good job, but that does not really matter, she is off to deliver a rush order of coffee to the theater troupe. Even though Norma asks to come along, Saga does not let her because the trip is work related. I think that makes sense, but for an elementary student I think Saga is really focused and serious about her work. I would not say that is a bad thing, but it certainly seems unexpected to me. She is certainly no Idiot Heroine.

  • The fairies try to ask the Elder what a "play" is, but he just starts thinking about Ginger again and leaves them before giving an answer. I suppose he is not the greatest role model, but I think the "love-obsessed" old guy is not an uncommon character in anime/manga either. I am just glad he does not act in perverted ways.

  • Oh, okay, the coffee shop where Saga works is called "Little Me". That sounds like more like a play than a coffee shop though. I suppose that name would be a bit confusing, especially when someone said something like "I work for/at Little Me". I think that sounds like someone is saying that he or she is selfish or that he or she works for him or herself. Anyway, the theater troupe does not appear to have any problem recognizing that it is the name of the coffee shop.

  • It turns out that bearsuitman was not really thinking when he said the coffee was stiff-tasting. I cannot really blame him for that. Bearsuitman's name is Vincent by the way. He also seems to entertain people with music during breaks and Saga thinks he plays like her mother.

  • Oh, it turns out that Ingrid Bergman was raised in the town where Saga lives. I guess that does not mean much, but I thought it was notable.

  • Greta appears and Saga seems to be absolutely shocked when she pulls back the curtain and arrives on the scene. She gets to act in the play as the hunter's "assistant" because of her father's connections.

  • I am beginning to wonder what her father does in town to have so much money. I mean, the town does not seem to be really huge and I doubt it is a great place for a business. I suppose he could just have a huge inheritance or something. I do not think it really matters though. Anyway, I am starting to really feel bad for Greta considering I think she appears to fail so often. I guess I am starting to relate a bit even if I dislike her rude behavior and her boasting.

  • Ginger invites Plantman so those two and the Elder can watch the play together. Obviously, the Elder is jealous, but I think he should be more worried about how the three kid fairies are doing without supervision. I mean they are little kids after all and they could really mess up the play.

  • They proceed to mess with stuff just like you might expect unsupervised children (or animals) to do. Saga is able to stop them at every turn, but this kind of stuff does make me nervous. I am not a fan of awkward stuff and I dislike seeing particularly disruptive stuff like this even in fiction.

  • Greta seems to be overacting enormously as the hunter's assistant. I literally had to stop watching at this point because of how embarrassed I was for the people watching the play and the performance troupe. Then the elder falls and gets stuck in Greta's shirt. Yep, this just went from bad to worse and for some reason all I can think about is how the audience must think about this. Actually, that is not all I can think about, I also wonder about the traits of season fairies. Apparently they can be felt even if they are unseen. I wonder what the possible ramifications of that are?

  • Vincent tries to distract everyone with his piano playing. He apparently is so good at it that he can play the piano backwards and while juggling an apple.

  • Saga is angry at this point though because she thinks that Vincent mistreated the piano. I can understand that, but now I feel even worse for Greta than before. I think a lot of people are going to blame her for the problems of the performance and I know that must not be pleasant.

  • This is a pretty random detail, but apparently Glasses Fairy still wears her glasses while bathing. Anyway, while that is going on, Saga wonders if Vincent can see her and the other fairies. I think that would certainly be an interesting plot development.