Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage


Hi guys! Today, we're going to get to Prox. How? Well, we've got a ball made of pure fire, but that won't exactly help. We've got to head for the town of Loho, which is in the southwestern corner of Angara.

Loho is a mining town, and they're working on an excavation project. Apparently, the way to excavate in Loho is to shoot things with a bloody cannon. We probably could use that cannon a bit better, so we ask for it.

Well, if you can figure out a way to break down this wall, it's all yours.

Hmm... Let's shove the Magma Ball in the cannon! That's a perfectly reasonable idea, no? The Magma Ball hits the wall they're trying to knock down and explodes.

The people of Loho, true to their word, give us the cannon. They notice our ship and attach the cannon to it for us. That's nice of them.

There are two other things to do in Loho. First, it's a forge material goldmine. We find two Golem Cores and some Mythril Silver just from Scooping around the place.

Second, we go around the path behind the wall we blew up and find a Jupiter Djinn!

Isaac found the Jupiter Djinni Lull!

Lull gives 11 HP and 6 PP. In battle, it ends the turn immediately when used. It's a very situational thing. Good against a certain Bonus Boss your party should be faster than, not so useful anywhere else.

With Lull, Garet becomes my second party member to reach a highest tier class, the Master. FEAR HIS WRATH!

No seriously, he's got nearly 480 Attack and 340 Agility, can boost his Attack to about 720 with a chance of instant Down for 18 PP, recovers 4 PP a turn (which will become 8 in the final dungeon) and can restore PP with his physical attack. You must fear his wrath.

Well anyway, let's head out.

You don't have anything to worry about. We got the cannon onto your ship with no problems.

Thank you, I'll remember you as the most insane town there is on this planet. Go buy some pickaxes, they'll help more than a cannon.

Next stop is Yallam. We've got a ton of materials for you, Sunshine! We get 2 pairs of Titan Gloves, a Chronos Mail, an Ardagh Robe, a Flame Shield and a Mythril Blade.

You know, with all the stuff that I've sold to Yallam, it being pretty much my base and all, I've probably wrecked their economy even worse than Yepp's death did. Sunshine could probably buy the entire town by now.

We then head to the Northern Reaches. We fire the Magma Ball (which we somehow got back after using it to first time) and explode the ice sheet in our way to bits.

We're now in the Northern Wastes, Weyard's equivalent of the Arctic and completely off the map. We can't even sail in the rivers. Just north of where the river freezes over is Prox.

Damn. This place has practically frozen over, with an endless ice storm outside. Agatio and Karst have already left for Mars Lighthouse, so we're too late to stop them. Outside, we find some Dark Matter, and a Cookie. Isaac gets the PP boost.

Well, maybe we'll have better luck with Felix's parents and Kyle. Let's ask the inn keeper.

Felix, your parents have gone away... They were very worried about you.

Damn it!

...Wait a sec, I thought the Proxians were keeping them in town until the Mars Lighthouse is lit. How did they leave?

We walk up the frozen river bed, until we get to the point where the Frictionless Ice kicks in and we slam right into a Venus Djinn. We follow the direction it went, and it turns out the snow fell on it. Let's Scoop it out.

Isaac found the Venus Djinni Mold!

Mold gives 8 HP, 4 Attack, 2 Agility and 1 Luck. In battle, the targeted enemy hits the enemy nearest it, for a Venus Attack of power equal to the users Attack plus 80 damage. If there's only one enemy on screen, the enemy will target itself, complete with the game saying "Stop hitting yourself!"

With Mold, Ivan reaches a highest tier class, the Dark Mage.

As we head north, we encounter a group of Proxians lead by a guy named Puelle. Puelle is going after Agatio and Karst as they're taking way too long. The elder stops any of them from going, as they're a lot weaker than those two, and would pretty much be screwed. We decide to say hi.

Elder: You... Felix, it's you...

Yes, I believe it is.

Puelle: I'd heard that you had returned to us... You look so much stronger than when you left.

Is the extra 30 levels really that noticeable? Kraden and Isaac also introduce themselves. They already know who Isaac is, but Kraden makes sure no fighting occurs. Thankfully, the Proxians all agree that in the position Isaac was in, killing Saturos and Menardi was probably his best option.

We offer to head to Mars Lighthouse and look for Agatio and Karst as A, we've already climbed three elemental lighthouses and several more dangerous towers, and B, we were going to anyway.

Puelle: There is one thing that I don't want you to forget. In order to light the beacon at Mars Lighthouse, you will need to have the Mars Star.

Elder: Ah! And Agatio and Karst have the Mars Star now!

Puelle: You must find Agatio and Karst, and you must take the Mars Star from them.

Elder: Thanks for your help. The future of Weyard rests in your hands.

Right. No pressure or anything.

We head north, to the red and blue lighthouse at the edge of the world, over a swirling black and purple abyss. This must be it. Mars Lighthouse.

Right. Every update from now on either has a boss or is RNG fixing. As such, no more Djinn suggestions. Although saying that is probably not needed, as I haven't received any suggestions for about half the game.

Hmm, probably gonna need some Level Grinding too. Good thing I've still got the Lure Cap from the first game.

See you next time.


Isaac: Lv 34 Guardian (2 V, 6 Me) HP:618 PP:201 Attack:422 Defence:275 Agility:215 Luck:13

Garet: Lv 34 Master (4 V, 5 J) HP:794 PP:214 Attack:477 Defence:288 Agility:338 Luck:10

Ivan: Lv 34 Dark Mage (5 V, 4 Me) HP:644 PP:332 Attack:438 Defence:284 Agility:278 Luck:10

Mia: Lv 34 Guru (7 Ma, 2 Me) HP:629 PP:244 Attack:403 Defence:291 Agility:328 Luck:13

Felix: Lv 35 Templar (4 Ma, 4 Me) HP:694 PP:212 Attack:460 Defence:298 Agility:222 Luck:16

Piers: Lv 34 Bard (4 Ma, 4 J) HP:601 PP:205 Attack:408 Defence:271 Agility:324 Luck:16

Jenna: Lv 35 Conjurer (2 Ma, 6 J) HP:703 PP:227 Attack:417 Defence:267 Agility:291 Luck:17

Sheba: Lv 34 Druid (6 V, 2 J) HP:622 PP:239 Attack:382 Defence:269 Agility:303 Luck:19

Djinn left: 1 Venus, 1 Mars, 1 Jupiter, 2 Mercury