Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Islet Trading Sequence, part 2

OK, so last time we saved the town of Izumo, so maybe we should check up on them. First I change my Djinn a bit. Nothing big, I just swap Felix and Jenna's classes.

Well, looks like the town is preparing a festival. Good for them. We meet Kushinada and Lady Uzume (Who I think is the town's leader? I don't know), and they're being told by some messenger that Susa couldn't defeat the serpent and some guys (that'd be us) showed up and killed that monster.

At this point, Uzume notices us and tells us to get out, but the messenger thinks we're the ones who killed the serpent. We introduce ourselves, explain Psynergy, and then Uzume uses Move and asks if that's Psynergy. We say that that is Psynergy,and we were basically here looking for more. Upon being asked why, Susa shows up, and it turns out he's pretty much figured out that we need it to reach new areas. He still needs a bit of an explanation on Alchemy though.

At this point, we're thanked for killing the serpent, but then Kraden kills the thanks by saying Susa finished it off. Damn it Kraden, Susa asked us to take the credit as we left Gaia Rock! Don't you remember?

Oh well, Susa gets the credit. However, before we go, we give the Dancing Idol to Uzume. She gives us a Mars Djinn in exchange!

Felix found the Mars Djinni Coal!

Coal gives 11 HP, 3 PP and 3 Agility. In battle, it doubles all Adepts Agility.

As we leave Uzume's house, Susa tells us about the Cloud Brand. Thanks, but I've already got it. Before we leave Izumo though, we use Move on a pillar to complete a circle that we can use Reveal on to open a cave.

We use Sand to get into the main part of the Izumo Ruins. Looking around we find the Phantasmal Mail and a summon tablet.

Felix can now summon Ulysses!

For 2 Mars and 2 Mercury Djinn, Ulysees attacks at 160 Mars power plus 12% of the targets HP, may make them unable to move (skip their next turn), and raises the users Mars and Mercury power by 30. In battle, I'm not sure what he does, he summons paper that eats the enemies or something.

Still got a couple more things to do this update. First, we head for the Apoji Islands. Here, we use Sand on the beach to get over to a place, where we can JUMP OFF THE EDGE OF THE WORLD.

It's OK, there was a small bit of land there. It's still stupid though, there's actually no indication that you can do this, as the notch that indicates you can jump off is underwater and can't be seen.

We walk into a cave on the waterfall. In this cave, we use Whirlwind to find a Jupiter Djinn!

Felix found the Jupiter Djinni Haze!

Haze gives 10 HP, 2 Defence, 3 Agility and 2 Luck. In battle, the targeted Adept cannot be hit by any enemy attack for the entire turn.

Now, we're going to go finish the trading sidequest. First stop is the N Osenia Islet. We can use Sand here to reach a cow.

Oh! That red neckerchief is quite nice indeed. That would lift my spirits. This really brightens my mooood!

We tie the Red Cloth to a nearby tree, and the cow gives us some Milk. That's already been bottled. How does he have a bottle?

Next is a small island in between Indra and Gondowan, the West Indra Islet. Here, there's a dog in the water.

Sniff! Sniff! I smell fresh milk! Hah hah hah! Are you going to give me that milk? Are you? Huh? Huh!? I'll trade you this for it! I caught it myself!

He gives us... a TURTLE!? OK, I guess we'll take Li'l Turtle with us to the next location.

Last stop is the island right next to the huge fog in the sea, the Sea of Time Islet. There's a turtle in the waters here.

I'm so very sad and lonely. I wish I had a friend to call my own...

We give him Li'l Turtle. In exchange, he takes us to the Islet Cave. We see a strange circle, but we can't do anything about it. We do, however, find Turtle Boots, which are actually WORSE than Leather Boots. How useless.

We also find a Venus Djinn, which fights us.

Felix found the Venus Djinni Meld!

Meld gives 9 HP, 4 Agility and 1 Luck. In battle, the Djinn picks the Adept with the highest Attack other than the user, and they attack using a Venus Attack, with 25% of the users Attack added on to the other Adepts Attack.

A little further on, we find a Rusty Mace. And that's all for this update. Next time, we go after another Prong.


Felix: Lv 28 Enchanter (Venus) HP:431 PP:179 Attack:335 Defence:183 Agility:183 Luck:12

Jenna: Lv 27 Cavalier (Mars) HP:401 PP:127 Attack:292 Defence:197 Agility:102 Luck:10

Sheba: Lv 27 Shaman (Jupiter) HP:369 PP:180 Attack:262 Defence:172 Agility:159 Luck:24

Piers: Lv 27 Ascetic (Mercury) HP:351 PP:142 Attack:293 Defence:183 Agility:197 Luck:8

Djinn: 6 Venus, 6 Mars, 6 Jupiter, 6 Mercury