Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Tundaria Tower

Hi there! It's time to head south. Way south. After stopping at Yallam to forge the Tear Stone and the Rusty Sword from the last update into a Pure Circlet, which goes to Jenna and the Robber's Blade, which is already useless.

Our destination today is Tundaria, the Weyard equivalent of Antarctica. We dock at the only beach, at the far east, and we have to head for the far west. Here, we see a tower, but before that, we go even further west to encounter and fight a Jupiter Djinn!

Jenna found the Jupiter Djinni Wheeze!

Ignoring for a second what an elemental spirit of wind is doing in a frozen wasteland, Wheeze gives 9 HP, 3 PP and 5 Attack. In battle, it performs a Jupiter Attack plus 50 damage and may inflict Venom.

Let's head back for that tower. This is Tundaria Tower, and we immediately start by using Parch to uncover some stairs to the east.

While wandering around, Jenna reaches level 25 and learns Enfeeble.

We encounter an icy floor. Like any other video game, the ice causes anyone who steps on it to act as if friction never existed. Normally, I'd make fun of the stupid logic but, well, every RPG does this. We continue on the path until we reach more ice and have to navigate it to find a Mint. Jenna gets the Agility boost.

You know, I wonder what Jenna's Agility is without the Safety Boots...

Agility: 123 ^ 177

HOLY CRAP! For comparison's sake, Piers, while currently having 182 Agility, only has 140 without his Golden Boots.

Continuing on, we get three paths to choose from. We start with the west path, and use Pound on an ice cone to progress. This takes to a Hard Nut. Sheba gets the Defence boost. We head back and take the south path. After sliding down some ice over a cliff, we find another ice sliding puzzle. And this one has a Mars Djinn that fights us when we reach it. Good thing I've got three Mercury elemental weapons and Cutting Edge.

Felix found the Mars Djinni Reflux!

Reflux gives 9 HP, 3 Defence and 2 Luck. In battle, the user will counter any offensive action enemies take against them that turn with a Mars Attack.

I give Reflux to Piers. Back to the fork in the road, then we head east. We get to a puzzle involving Pounding ice cones and Moving pillars around, making them slide around on the ice using the not Pounded cones to create a path to the exit.

In the back there is a wall of ice that is mirroring the environment. If you combine the area and its mirror, there's a Reveal circle here, and sure enough, there is a door hidden in the ice. This takes us to the top of the tower, where we find the Burst Brooch! Burst destroys walls and big rocks.

With Burst, we head back to the start, and take the north path. We see something encased in cracked ice. The ice breaks open with Burst, and we get the Center Prong.

Before we're done here though, we use Parch at the entrance again to uncover the west path. Another ice mirror wall, but this one uses Burst. This allows us to access the chests in the back, most important of which is a Sylph Feather and the Lightning Sword.

Okay, that's over. Next time, ANOTHER elemental rock. Yay.


Felix: Lv 26 Cavalier (Venus) HP:397 PP:136 Attack:287 Defence:191 Agility:126 Luck:8

Jenna: Lv 25 Enchanter (Mars) HP:364 PP:148 Attack:279 Defence:170 Agility:123 Luck:7

Sheba: Lv 25 Shaman (Jupiter) HP:340 PP:171 Attack:251 Defence:159 Agility:145 Luck:8

Piers: Lv 25 Ascetic (Mercury) HP:332 PP:135 Attack:286 Defence:180 Agility:187 Luck:8

Djinn: 5 Venus, 5 Mars, 5 Jupiter, 6 Mercury


It's Wutai time, then, isn't it.
AweStriker 13th Jan 11
Yeah. But honestly, what's worse, a town based on Japan in a game where a lot of cultures are represented, or an elemental rock?
SomeColorMage 13th Jan 11