Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Osenia Cliffs

Okay, this'll be a really short update, because today, I don't have the time to start the next big area. Sorry.

Behind Madra, we go over the Madra Drawbridge that we somehow got lowered for us last update. One of the people here suggests going northeast to Alhafra. Well, seeing as I've got nothing better to do, why not?

The people also mention a few other places; Yampi Desert, which we should definitely avoid, and Mikasalla, which is supposedly boring.

After crossing the drawbridge, we head for the Osenia Cliffs. A Champa ship has crashed here, but we can still walk along the probably very full of holes driftwood to get to the Pirate's Sword.

Someone here points out the Champa flag, a red flag with a black... what I'm guessing is a kanji for something, but I don't know any Japanese, so I don't know, floating along with the remains of the boat. I didn't actually know they had a flag until Dark Dawn. I didn't know anyone had a flag on this planet.

We then encounter one of the smartest NPCs in the game...

Wait, if this is the Champa ship, then that must mean Piers isn't a Champa! So... why does the elder still need Briggs to clear his name?

You tell me, man. You tell me.

Anyway, we jump over the cliffs which takes us to Osenia, a continent with a large desert with a giant rock in the middle called Air's Rock. Gee, I wonder what this could be a reference to?

Well, let's head for Alhafra. Oh crap, it's a Broken Bridge! The greatest natural enemy of the RPG player. Well, I guess we need to find another way to Alhafra.

You know, the Yampi Desert probably isn't that dangerous. Let's go that way. Next time!

Yeah, once again, sorry for the short update, but I want to try and update once a day, and this is all I can do today.


Felix: Lv 8 Brute HP:105 PP:30 Attack:86 Defence:35 Agility:48 Luck:1

Jenna: Lv 8 Pierrot HP:108 PP:36 Attack:75 Defence:67 Agility:58 Luck:6

Sheba: Lv 8 Diviner (Jupiter) HP:114 PP:75 Attack:54 Defence:56 Agility:51 Luck:5

Djinn: 2 Venus, 1 Mars, 1 Jupiter, 1 Mercury

Hmm, Felix's stats should pick up next update.


I hope what you said about stats is true; for the new main character, Felix could certainly be better off. If applicable, I still like the idea of loading him up with as much Mercury as possible to get some luck on his side. Plus, I kinda like the thought of a gruff Anti Hero like him being reduced to the role of primary healer...well, unless he only gets spells like Tundra and Cutting Edge...

...Oh, and information on the Pirate Sword, please and thank you. And while I'm at it, does anything funny happen if you read the minds of non-Adepts? I mean, the only times you've noted using that skill, you were caught in the act right when it got juicy...
EndarkCuli 16th Dec 10
...Yeah, I'll put that Mercury Djinn back on Felix next update, and it is the same resulting class as Isaac with Mercury Djinn, so he would get Ply and Wish at high enough a level.

Pirate's Sword: 34 Attack, unleashes Dreamtide (Mercury, +12 damage, inflicts sleep)

As for Mind Read, non-Adepts never catch you as they can't tell what's happening. They sometimes have something funny to say, but I tend not to use the spell unless I need to. If you want me to see what I can pull up though, I can give that a shot.
SomeColorMage 16th Dec 10
I was asking myself why Felix's stats were so low, but then I realized he must be your Party Member With Only One Djinni.
AweStriker 17th Dec 10
Yep. Jenna and Sheba have two Djinn. That, and, compared to Squire, Brute is a bit of a step down.
SomeColorMage 17th Dec 10