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Cliche gets an auditory consumption of Black Eyed Peas

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Monkey Business: Pump It
We now come to the final single of Monkey Business, though it is the first song of the album: Pump It. Now this is more like it. Sure, it's another ego song, but it at least has a good beat to it, and more importantly, it's not My Humps. The lyrics basically say "Haters hate on us because we're awesome and they're envious" and to drive the point home, the band engages in a series of dance battles with them effortlessly winning. Okay, this is the standard "Haters gonna hate" schtick of hip-hop, but that's not really the issue I have. Regardless, it's high-energy and enthusiastic, making it enjoyable to listen to despite being Misirlou with BEP lyrics.

Next update, it's the beginning of The E.N.D.
10th Dec '10 5:07:08 PM flag for mods
This is the one that samples Dick Dale's version of "Misirlou"? Meh. I love that song, but I heard BEP's thing on the radio once and I was like, "Puff Daddy sampling *rolleyes*".
Sen 16th Dec 10
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