The Liveblog of Time: The Dragon Reborn


Chapter 33: Within the Weave

At long last, were back with Perrin, as the group has gone through several more towns where Rand has had influence, some of it quite bad. Theyre now at Remen, where Hunters Orban and Gann have fought a group of Aiel, and taken a prisoner who Im betting is going to be joining Perrin when they leave. Everyone in town worships them, but Orban at least is actually a complete asshole who refuses to acknowledge servants and bosses around anyone he feels like. And Perrin spots a woman staring at him, who Im guessing is Selene.

It seems this group will be stuck in Remen for a while, as a possible Town with a Dark Secret. And the montage about the places Rand has been through is quite chilling, with him doing all this stuff like burning down a whole town possibly without even knowing it. Leaving this story for so long was an odd decision, but its immediately quite engaging on its own again.


All of the ta'veren have these kinds of effects, but Rand is on an entirely different level.
Arilou 22nd Jun 12
Not Selene, if I remember right. Far more pleasant person (?)
wheelreader 22nd Jun 12
To elaborate on what Arilou said, it is mentioned several times throughout the series (and even could have been said by some people already) that while Rand is by far the strongest ta'veren, Mat or Perrin would easily have been among the strongest since Artur Hawkwing even had Rand not been there.

That aside (albeit relating to it), it's my belief that (light) SPOILERS FROM LATER BOOKS, INCLUDING TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT
Sabbo 22nd Jun 12 (edited by: Sabbo)