The Liveblog of Time: The Dragon Reborn


Chapter 19: Awakenings

Mat wakes up, in what I believe is the first time we get his viewpoint. The result is mostly just another excuse to remind us of the story so far as he pieces his memories together, though there is one neat bit where he remembers being the Manetheren general like we saw in the Healing. So now I’m going with reincarnation rather than time travel. And then there’s another cliffhanger about who’s opening the door; this wouldn’t happen with the same person twice, would it?

Another chapter without much to talk about, though it does give me hope that Mat will be more likable now that the curse is broken. He does think some bad things about his friends, but they’re all understandable with the limited information he has, and now he can learn better, if he’s open to it.


Sometimes his angst about everyones weirdness is a bit annoying but it never gets too bad and he makes up for it greatly.
Tropethorn 9th Jun 12
First sign of awesomeness is coming soon, in five chapters or something.
wheelreader 10th Jun 12