Fire Emblem: the Sacred Stones Draft Run the First!


Prologue- So It Begins

After the standard Fire Emblem world-building Info Dump (Great Demon King almost destroys the world, five heroes stop him and then found a nation each with the aid of the titular MacGuffins, one goes rouge hundreds of years later and tries to conquer everything, etc.) I am thrust into the wilds, with only my wits and Erika's Rapier to keep me alive. For the sake of keeping everyone who reads this on the same page, here's this chapter's map.


Player Phase

To begin with, Seth handed over all of his items to Erika and proceeded to hide in the northwestern corner for the rest of the chapter. Erika marched to the chokepoint between the mountains, diagonally spaced away from the Fighters, and then waited.

Enemy Phase

Erika is attacked by both of the Fighters, one after another- She lands a critical hit on the first, felling him in a single blow! The second Fighter managed to get past his 39% hit chance and landed a hit, but Erika critical'd him as well! Yay! All that's left is their leader, O'Neil, the very slightly stronger Fighter.

Turn 2

Player Phase

Erika hides in the forest to the south, using a Vulnerary to patch up her dent from Fighter 2's attack.

Enemy Phase

O'Neil whiffs his first attack- And, incredibly, Erika lands a THIRD critical hit, winning the chapter!

Erika levels up to Level 2, gaining a point each in HP, Skill, Speed, and Resistance. Strength would've been nice, but not too bad.

Onwards, to further glories!

Chapter Turn Count- 2

Total Turn Count- 2


Well, I'd say those three criticals just made your turncount for the first chapter unbeatable.
montagohalcyon 30th May 12