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Live Blog No Blue-Haired Swordsmen In This One Either: A 2nd Fire Emblem Draft
montagohalcyon2012-06-02 18:24:35

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Into The Fray Once More!

Hello again! Likely you're another draft competitor or you've seen the others' blogs, but just in case have some extra reading:

With Jonnas N's to follow at some point.

Also this saves me from having to repost a more detailed rule summary, because effort. Basically we took turns picking six each of Sacred Stones' 33 characters, with Eirika and Ephraim free and Seth banned, and we're attempting to see who can get the lowest turncount.

hnd 03 is a speed demon IRL and has already finished Eirika's route, and Pulse got 3 lucky criticals in the prologue, so I'm up against stiff odds.

You may remember several of the same people doing this last year with Blazing Sword. It was great fun, but I am slow and procrastinate and easily distracted by things like Oblivion, Dawn Of War, Mass Effect, and other Fire Emblems, not to mention college, and thus my liveblog from that time is still incomplete by two chapters. Therefore, expect a Very Special Update at some point.

For your pleasure a link to the past:

Now, with the preliminaries out of the way, my team consists of:

  • Franz
  • Gilliam
  • Moulder
  • Colm
  • Marisa
  • Saleh

Four characters who arrive in the first three chapters. I did in fact semi-plan this, although I would have preferred Innes instead of Saleh and one of Lute, Joshua, or Dozla instead of Gilliam. Ah well, having an early tank with this few people might be for the best.

I had planned to play the prologue tonight but realized while typing this slightly lengthy intro I am possibly too sleepy even for that. Tomorrow it is!

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