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Live Blog And Yet Another Fire Emblem Draft Run
hnd032012-05-28 14:40:19

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A year ago, a group of us in the Fire Emblem thread tried out a challenge run known as a Draft Run for Blazing Sword. You can see my log from that here. I was getting kind of bored so I decided to start another one, this time for Sacred Stones.

The five of us (Pulse, Jonnas N, montagohalcyon, barrylocke, and myself) chose characters one at a time similar to a sports team in a snake style. 1,2,3,4,5,5,4,3,2,1,1 etc. The winner is whoever can clear the game in the fewest turns.

These characters are the only ones we each can actively use with one freebie and a couple exceptions. Everyone gets to use the Lords, Eirika and Ephraim, as well as Ors on in the one chapter he appears in while Seth is outright banned. Colm and Rennac can be used to unlock doors and chests and Vanessa is allowed to save Ross from certain death in Chapter 2.

Undrafted units do have some purposes though. They can rescue undrafted units, recruit units, trade around items, shop, and dig up buried treasure in Chapter 15. However, they cannot fight back if attacked and they themselves cannot actively attack anyone nor can they rescue drafted units. If you break those rules, then it's a 4 turn penalty per unit per chapter. So if Franz is undrafted and attacks twice, you only get penalized once. However if Gilliam is also undrafted and rescues Eirika after that, then that's 4 turns, in addition to Franz's 4.

Skirmishes/Tower of Valni/Lagdou Ruins are banned from use except to level a Trainee class to level 10, and even then, only with the help of undrafted units.

Because you don't get too many opportunities to do so through normal gameply, shopping on the world map is alright, but if you have to pass through a Skirmish, you need to Retreat immediately.

Now you may be asking "Which route do you take?" The answer to that is: Both. We'll have a second save slot at the route split since comparing the two routes is a little unfair. I'm not sure which I'll do first and if I'll be doing them concurrently, one after the other, or staggered.

I think that's all the rules. Now for the most important bit: Usable Party Members

  • Eirika
  • Ephraim
  • Orson
  • Ross
  • Neimi
  • Natasha
  • Cormag
  • Rennac
  • Myrrh

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