Let's Play FFIV: The After Years

Some Color Mage

Mount Ordeals

Present day...

FINALLY! Welcome back, guys. We start in the Prayer Dais.

Porom: (... Palom... I guess you've arrived in Troia by now. And here I am, stuck in Mysidia all by myself...)

???: Are you there, Porom?

The Elder enters.

Porom: How are you feeling, Elder?

Elder: Oh, no worries. I feel fine today.

Porom: That's wonderful...

Elder: What bothers you, my child?

Porom: Nothing.

Elder: You wanted to travel to Troia instead of Palom, am I right?

Porom: I don't know anymore...

Elder: Are you worried about Palom?

Porom: Well...

Elder: You want to go off on your own, do you not? Just like Palom?

Porom: Elder?

Elder: Palom is a rare talent, there's little denying that. But he is still young. That's why I sent him on this business. There is much for Palom to learn through teaching others.

Porom: I see...

Elder: You're worried, aren't you? Worried that Palom will leave you behind someday.

Porom: Perhaps.

Elder: You two have been together your entire lives. As siblings, as friends, and as rivals... But more importantly, when you look at each other, you see yourselves.

Porom: Yes. You are right.

Elder: I'm sure you will find your own path to walk sooner or later, Porom. The best thing to do now is to think about what that path might be.

Porom: Yes, Elder!

Eler: There is no need to rush yourself. Ah!

Porom: What is it, Elder?

Elder: The dragon... It's crying!

Porom: What!?

The Lunar Whale rises from the sea.

Porom: The Lunar Whale!

We cut ahead to the meeting we saw in Edge's Tale.

Elder: I have called all of you here to discuss a dire matter. The Lunar Whale has risen, setting off in the direction of the moon. With Palom absent, I would like to call upon the powers of the dragoon.

Porom: The dragoon! You mean Kain?

Elder: The one and only. If the rumors are to be believed, we can find him on Mount Ordeals.

Porom: But...

Elder: But what?

Porom: I heard that Kain had severed all ties with Baron.

Mage: Elder! This is certainly a serious matter hat requires swift response...

Mage: But surely Mysidia's army of mages would be sufficient for its protection!

Elder: Even if those dreadful events of the past were to visit us again?

We can see Tsukinowa as a toad messing around near the entrance now.

Mage: ...

Porom: Black magic is not a panacea for all our problems.

Porom: Have you forgotten what the elder taught us?

Mage: B-but...

Mage: How else should we respond to the moon's return?

Porom: Elder...

Elder: ...

Porom: I will travel to Mount Ordeals at once.

Elder: But...

Porom: Don't worry. I won't do anything rash.

Elder: Be careful out there. Whatever you do, remember to stay out of harm's way.

Porom: Yes, Elder!

Porom and Tsukinowa head out.

Elder: Listen, everyone. We cannot afford to hurry ourselves into an ill-advised plan of action.

Mages: Yes, Elder...

Eler: I want you two to go with Porom.

Mage: Yes, Elder...

Okay, so generic Black Mage and generic White Mage are now in our party. It's time to head to Mount Ordeals, now, so after buying some more equipment for Porom, we head east.

We've been here before, in Edge's Tale, but the chests aren't trapped this time. As to be expected, lots of undead occupy the place, so Holy and Fire tear through nearly everything. One of the first chests we find is a Psycho Spiral, a nice staff that can inflict Confuse on an enemy.

We continue from there through the Trail to the Crossing. First chest here is a Sage's Miter, and the other is Blinding Arrows. The Miter goes on one of the generics (already bought one for Porom), but the arrows, while more powerful, aren't as good compared to the Holy Arrows that can be bought at Mysidia.

We've reached the Summit now, so aside from a Save Point, there must be nothing but plot up ahead. We head up to Kluya's grave.

Black Mage: What's that?

Porom: I don't feel anything. Ah! (I can hear something. It's fading fast, like it could disappear at any moment... It's a voice... one I feel I've known before!)

We're teleported to the chamber where Cecil became a paladin. The glass walls have been shattered.

Porom: What...!?

White Mage: Where are we?

Porom: What a mess...

White Mage: Wait... Could this be the place where King Cecil of Baron became a paladin?

You see any other diamond shaped chamber with glass walls around here?

Black Mage: ...And the place where Sage Tellah learned the forbidden Meteor magic, as well.

O gentle white mage...

Oh! Hi, Kluya, how's being dead working out for you?

I... am about to fade... But my spirit... will never be extinguished... My sons have always believed in you... And now...

White Mage: That voice...

Porom: Cecil's father... And father to all we who study magic...

We're teleported out. So... what now? We try to head back across the bridge, but a monster attacks!

Porom: !!!

Yes, that was quite a valuable pre-battle quote. We're back attacked by 8 undead creatures, who hurt us quite a bit.

Porom: Look at all of them! We're hopelessly outnumbered!

Then... Kain jumps in and kills the lot of them.

Porom: Kain!

White Mage: What?

Porom: The dragoon from Baron. The one that Cecil and his group trusted!

Kain: Have I seen you before?

Porom: I am Porom, white mage of Mysidia.

Kain: A white mage?

Porom: Do you remember me? I came here to find you, by order of our elder.

Why would he remember you? You never met during FFIV, and he's been hiding ever since.

Kain: ...To find me? What for?

Some time passes as everything is explained.

Kain: ...I see.

Porom: At this rate, Baron could be in danger soon as well.

Kain: But tell me, what reason do I have to help you?

Porom: What?

Kain: Baron ceased to be a part of my life a very long time ago.

Porom: That can't be true...

Kain: Pardon?

Porom: You're lying! You're lying to me and to yourself!

Kain: ...

Porom: Am I wrong?

Kain: No...

Porom: Then, please!

Kain: Let's go. Baron awaits!

Kain joins us, but like everyone else in this tale, he's temporary. He does, however, tear the enemies here to shreds. We proceed down to the Trail.

Porom: !

Kain: What?

Porom: Palom!?

Kain: We need to go.

Porom: (I know I heard his voice...)

We continue further down and exit. Now that we're out of the mountain, I do equip those Blinding Arrows, though. That's all for now. Next time, this tale gets stupider.


        Porom: Lv 21 HP:530 MP:220 Strength:15 Speed:13 Stamina:10 Intellect:15 Spirit:41 Attack:38 (2x20% Accuracy) Defence:20 (1x28% Evasion) Magic Defence:20 (1x27% Evasion)


By now, you're probably meant to accept that Porom's tale exists to develop just about everyone [i]except[/i] her. So that the "stupid" twist coming soon has it's intended effect...

And we don't get a good idea of whether the meeting with Ceodore has happenned yet. Darn. 15th Feb 12
Given what happens in Mysidia after Porom returns, it's pretty clear when you think about it that the Porom/Ceodore meeting takes place before Porom's tale. Er, not counting all the flashbacks. Probably not LONG before, but before.

And if that's not a big enough hint, how about a certain something that will soon be removed from Mysidia? It's actually still there in Ceodore's chapter.

I could discuss the likely timeline concerning Ceodore, Porom, and Kain... but it would involve spoilers for those who haven't played and read the other chapters yet.
HeroicJay 15th Feb 12