This reminds me of a puzzle!

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Puzzle #2 Welcome to St. Mystere (for real)

@Endark Culi I love this series. That's why I'm doing a live blog of all of them. Or at least trying. About Luke giving us the letter about St. Mystere I figure it's because we are apparently his close friend or something. I don't know, Fridge Logic.

Anyways since I'm lazy I'm going to put down the standard music to listen to at the top of the page. It's pretty obvious what plays at when.

Walking the village:[1]

Puzzle Theme:[2]

And so let's begin/continue;

Cutscene #2

Anyways with our arrival at St. Mystere we discover that the bridge is raised. Oh, how are we supposed to get across? Oh hey look, there's a guy standing across the river. TUTORIAL TIME. Talking with him, he says that he's not the sort of guy who lowers bridges for fancy looking outsiders. Until Layton mentions that he has been invited by Lady Dahlia. Then he says he'll lower it for us. And he mentions that the engine is busted and he has to lower the bridge with the hand crank. And he doesn't know which slot to put the crank in. You know what this means do you?


The Crank and Slot
  • Worth:15
  • Earned:15
  • Total:25

And so the bridge is dropped. Gee, there were only three holes. You don't suppose that you couldn't have, you know, tried each one?

Cutscene #3

Anyways with our first step into St. Mystere, Luke expresses excitement and the Professor gives us a tutorial on how to move. And I'll mention this now but there's an omnimous tower in the background. Probably going to be important. It is. After that we are now in full control.... Sort of. There's still more stuff... Anyhow, this is also our first chance to be able to talk to people and to check our briefcase. I'll keep the explanation short but you get most of your puzzles from talking to people and you can use your briefcase to save, check the unsolved mysteries, check your journal, puzzle index and more stuff we haven't unlocked. Talking to the old lady, named Ingrid on the right gives you a puzzle. Before that though she also mentions the fact that the local export is puzzles. Figures.


Strange Hats
  • Worth:10
  • Earned:10
  • Total:35

And if you talk to Stachen(scarfen) on the right he gives a tutorial on hint coins. Brilliant. Now let's see how many I'll end up missing.

On the next screen we are now (formally) introduced to saving. Like I hadn't mentioned it before. With the tutorial of the map begins Chapter 1.

Reinhold Manor Awaits

Next time on Professor Layton; MORE EXPOSITION. But at least they aren't tutorials.

Just kidding. This post was too short so let's continue on to moving to the manor. But not before a puzzle from Henry. Apparently he's a writer and in exchange for solving his puzzle he'll give us some info.


Where's My House?
  • Worth:20
  • Earned:20
  • Total:55

Looks like I haven't messed up horribly yet. Good to know. With the completion of this puzzle Percy gives us the promised information. The Reinhold family apparently owns all the land St. Mystere has been built on. And all the buildings. So they effectively own this town. Great.

Tapping the clock yields a puzzle. And Layton, being who he is, is the one who gives us this puzzle.


Digital Digits
  • Worth:50
  • Thought Process: So let's see. There's the obvious ones like 3:33, 4:44 but what about things like 12:22. After that you could get a four in a row 11:11... Hey that also means we could get numbers like 11:18, and 11:12! Finally if we multiply by two since we have AM and PM. Thus that brings us to the answer of 34.
  • Earned:50
  • Total:105

That was surprisingly difficult a bit. I remember doing this before so I had the advantage of remembering that the answer was not 18 and you had to multiply it by two. Unfortunately, on the next screen, this kind young man is blocking our way. And because this is Professor Layton, Marco, the man in our way, gives us a puzzle. Brilliant.


Light Weight
  • Worth:40
  • Earned:40
  • Total:145

Piece of cake. I'm a whiz at these type of problems. And with that, we are allowed to pass. And we are finally at the manor... well the garden. That we can't get past without taking the boat. So we decide to chat with the nice young man named Ramon who has rather large lips. And I bet you can guess what he gives us to verify the fact we are the professor you get a cookie. That is made out of air.


Wolves and Chicks
  • Worth:50
  • Thought Process: Well after a couple restarts (it's impossible to lose picarats on this puzzle) I finally got it. At least the consolation was the fact I got it in the least number of moves.
  • Earned:50
  • Total:195

And we are finally able to go the manor. Simon mentions how theres more than one person waiting for us. Despite only Lady Dahlia requesting us. But not without me accidently tapping on some flowers which reminds Layton about a puzzle on flowers.


Farm Work
  • Worth:20
  • Though Proccess: This is going to suck. Time to go grab some paper to draw this out... Wait a second. If they're being paid based on how many acres they did... (Right at the beginning it says they split it in half...) Wow. 10 minutes on such an easy puzzle. Wow. Just wow.
  • Earned:20
  • Total:215

And now that we finally get to the manor we get a small scene with Luke being amazed at the manor. And with that, Chapter 1 is done. And I'll end off cause that's how you do suspense.

Next time on This Reminds Me of a Puzzle!, we finally get to meet the rest of the cast. And yes I lied, we didn't get exposition dumped on us. Only tutorials and puzzles.

Current Status:
  • Puzzles Found:8
  • Puzzles Solved:8
  • Hint Coins:17
  • Time:54 Minutes (That's alot)
  • Total Picarats:215/215
  • Current Location and Chapter:Reinhold Manor, in-between Chapter 1 and 2.

Recommendations on how to improve this is welcome. Very welcome.


Oh, those blasted hint coins. I think there's a total of 200 of those blasted things in this game, and since I only used a guide for the really challenging puzzles, my continuous random poking of the touch screen led to me barely finding over half of them. At least it was good to know that there were a maximum of three hidden in every area...

And as far as format is concerned, I can't currently think of any improvements. Adding in your thought process was a nice touch, though.
EndarkCuli 23rd Jan 12
You may find yourself developing a sense for where these coins might be. I recall several places in The Last Specter/The Specter's Flute where I snagged all three on a screen right off. YMMV, however.

Paper's okay, but the games do have a built-in memo function which allows you to draw over the top of the screen without activating anything. (Of course, if you're concerned about preserving your touchscreen, paper may be the better choice.)
Nyperold 8th Feb 12
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