An exercise in masochism: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Hard Mode

SC Bracer

Maiden of Miracles

Map 1-1

Victory Condition: Escape in 10 turns

Defeat Condition: Any ally dies

Fun little chapter. You get Nolan here, and he's worth it. There's one more axe-user to the east, and a few more enemies east, most of which will not attack. Time limit is 10 turns, which seems ample, but can get pretty close depending on how lucky you are.

Nolan (Lvl 9 Fighter)

29 HP 60%

12 Str 45%

0 Mag 20%

11 Skl 70%

10 Spd 60%

7 Luck 60%

9 Def 35%

3 Res 40%

13 Con

13 Wt

He's worth it - basically a tankier myrmidon in a fighter's body (to continue with the Dawn Brigade's unusual growths). He's easily, thanks to the extra defense, one of the best DB characters, and end-game worthy. He comes with an Earth affinity, so it's perfectly possible to make an Earth-pair support and watch them dodge every enemy that so much as looks at them funny. Tends to get slightly strength screwed, but we have BEXP for that. Nihil is a nice skill. but useless at this point in the game.

Round 1: Edward is killed by one of the fighters near the starting point, after taking a javelin through the eye. Welp, restart.

I refuse to let people on my side die - OCD from Fire Emblem 7, and this will be the cause of most of my restarts in this playthrough.

Round 2: Things go better this time as the fighters still target Edward even though Nolan is now exposed, and Nolan is able to dispatch the Javelin guy no problem. Leo is still shunned, and goes to liberate a vulnerary from the house in corner. Micaiah heals up Edward using Sacrifice (a special PLOT skill of hers), and we end the turn.

Nolan uses a vulnerary and begins to creep up towards the Boss with Edward and Micaiah. Leo follows suit, to avoid the reinforcements that turn up around Turn 7. He picks up a Hand Axe from another house and this is passed on to Nolan.

We spend some time clearing out enemies that want Micaiah's head on a pike, and then focus our attentions onto the Boss. He has a droppable steel sword, and we wants it.

See, normally, I'd do something flashy with such an early game boss, like showing off wrath and critting him to death, but Hard Mode prevents me from pulling this off as nicely as I would like, so Micaiah cleans up after Edward. Eddie can't double either, so the wrath crit has to be done on the Boss's turn.

We barely make the turn limit, and the Dawn Brigade dash away, much to the annoyance of the Begnion soldiers. Some plot happens, and Micaiah shows off her healing powers (i.e. Sacrifice). So much for them.

Next time: Meet the Jeigan... and the greatest tome in the game.


A friend and I have played Path of Radiance on Hard, and Radiant Dawn on Normal, but never have we even attempted the challenge which you now face. I share your obsession with keeping characters alive, and do hope that you are able to protect your army in the battles ahead, though a casualty here and there might be required given the circumstances. Godspeed, SC Bracer...or should I say Goddess-speed, given the world of Tellius?
EndarkCuli 26th Oct 11
Thank you! I don't intend to let anyone die though. We shall all prevail together!

SCBracer 27th Oct 11