Because One Time Wasn't Enough--Lightspeed Rescue: The Livebloggening, Part II


Episode 4: Riding the Edge

"Les Yay Goggles into Overdrive!"
Kinkajou's reply of the episode, during my first attempt at it

Let's continue.

Previously, on Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue—The Livebloggening, it's a gushing episode. Sort of. I blame Sean. Also, we get to find out Carter's backstory and the mystery of who this fireman is.

So now we'll jump into...

Episode 4: Riding the Edge, or Prepare Those Shipping Fics!

After the obligatory recap, we cut to the city of Mariner Bay—DOGGY!


Anyway...we see a woman jogging and taking her dog out for a walk. The woman tells the doggy, Dorcy, that she's doing great.

Yeah...nothing eventful so far. But just wait.

And then the lady stops to tie her shoes. But then! As she ties her shoes, Dorcy walks off to the street and stops at the middle of it. The woman cries out for Dorcy as a freaking car is about to run the little doggy over.

What's the lady going to do? Who'll save Dorcy?

Well, the lady tries to save Dorcy herself, but a random citizen grabs her before another car runs her over. Yeesh. She still calls for the damn dog as it still isn't moving. Granted, there are a bunch of cars that are, in essence, surrounding the dog.

But then! A car approaches! The man tries to stop the car when he sees Dorcy, and...

Suddenly, Kelsey.

Anyway, the Yellow Lightspeed Ranger leaps into action and rollerblades her way in order to save Dorcy. Does she make it in time? Yes, actually. Before the car would be able to hit them both. Kelsey assures the woman that she got Dorcy, and...

Suddenly, a fucking truck.

The truck then is about to run them over (jeeze, and to think, the former situation's enough!), but Kelsey rollerblades underneath it, saving herself and Dorcy again. She does stumble a bit when she reaches the other end of the sidewalk, but eventually, she recovers, giving the woman a thumbs-up.


The woman, Nancy, is finally relieved, and she gets the dog back. She thanks Kelsey, and the Yellow Ranger replies, "no worries!"

By the way, Kelsey/Sasha does have very nice and piercing blue eyes. Just thought I'd note that.

After the two introduce themselves, Nancy states to Kelsey that she must be crazy, but she's glad she is. Well, guess what Kelsey responds with.

"Crazy is my middle name!"

Nancy laughs a bit, and...okay, so far, no sexual tension here. Besides, I'm sure I won't see any of the sort throughout this episode. And if there is, it'll be as modest as my gushing, which is to say, not sexual at all.

Then Kelsey tells Nancy that she has to go, and Nancy says, "aww..."

...oh God. Please say that there isn't any sexual subtext.

So Kelsey rollerblades away, and Nancy watches. And now we get into the opening credits.

After that, cut to Demon Paradisico.

By the way, forgot to mention. From this episode on? We're treated to the godawful acting of one Jennifer Yen. In my previous episode's liveblog, I mentioned that in it and Episode 2, we don't get her, but a different actress. One that's loads better.

So once again, why the fuck did they feel the need to change the good Vypra into...this?!

Many fans have stated how much of a bad actress Jennifer is. Unfortunately...I'm going to witness that.

So anyway. Demon Paradisico. Diabolico Prime states just how much sick and tired he is of fighting the Rangers. And once again, it's time to destroy Mariner Bay and rebuild the palace.

...yeah, as you can see, that's all they ever talk about. Seriously.

Loki wants to handle that task, but Vypra says that he shouldn't, and they need a monster. One that the Rangers can't get close to. And good news for her, DP has an idea. He orders Jinxer to create something to blow everyone away.


Jinxer accepts the card, and with an incantation, today's Demon of the Week, Whirlin', is created. DP notes just how perfect the monster is, and Whirlin' introduces himself. What does he do?

We'll find that out later, because now, we cut to the Aquabase! Inside, a news report is being aired, in which a space shuttle will be launched. Dana watches the news until Kelsey arrives. And then the report goes on to say that Nancy will be flying the shuttle.

And then Kelsey recognizes her. Because she saved Dorcy.


So God help me, if this ends in gushing, I'm gonna need a drink.

Kelsey pulls up a cushion and blocks the TV, and she tells Dana about Nancy. Then the Ranger boys show up. Joel asks Dana if she's ready to go, but she says that Kelsey's friend is on TV.

You know what, scratch "friend". Just say "lesbian lover", that about makes as much sense.

So, anyway, all the Rangers watch the shuttle taking off. The mission will last four hours. The Rangers watch in amazement over—

(arcadiarika is now distracted by Carter's lovely blue eyes)

...where was I? Oh, yes. Kelsey looks the most excited of all, but then the Rangers are interrupted. Why? What's going on? The city's in trouble again.

Joel, of course, asks Captain Mitchell if it can wait, but the good captain says "no". So the Rangers suit up once again and use the Rescuemobile to go to the peril at hand.

Good to know that there's no argument. That's already an improvement. :)

In space, Nancy is beginning to guide the shuttle. And it's on autopilot. NEXT!

Cut to...Mariner Bay. The winds are hellish out there. The Rangers quickly lead the citizens to safety. However, one of them was hanging on tight until the random citizen lets go of the gate. Kelsey jumps up and grabs him.

The tornado then heads elsewhere. But to where?

Suddenly, Diabolico Prime shows up and introduces himself to the Rangers. Carter asks just what the demon wants from them, and DP replies that...(sigh)...he's going to destroy the city and rebuild the palace.

...the demons need a better hobby.

Then DP appears as Carter screams out, "Wait!", and we get the tornado again. And...wait, did Whirlin' seriously cause a boat to explode?


Carter orders the Rangers that they have to stop the monster, and so they chase after Whirlin'. Meanwhile, in the shuttle, Nancy's still safe in space. And it appears that it'll go right back to Earth.

Little will she know how much of a mistake it'll be.

Cut to Mariner Bay again. Carter uses his scanner, and he finds the demon in the tornado? How do they solve the problem? By using their Rescue Blasters and shoot the shit out of Whirlin'! And it worked!

So Whirlin' is revealed in plain sight. He then tells the Rangers how hard it'll be for them to stop him. Carter's like "lol no, my friends and I will stop you." And that's a damn promise he'll keep.


Whirlin', though, doesn't think so. He says that if it's friends the Rangers want, well, it's time to meet the umpteenth number of Batlings. Chad notices just how fucking many there are, but Carter responds that they have each other. And so we get into an obligatory Batling fight. With the Rangers using their Rescue Blasters—Baton Mode.

And once again, Chad doing his awesome "HI-TA!".

So yeah, guess how well that battle goes. To summarize: Chad beats the Batlings with the baton, Joel climbs up a box and punches and kicks the Mooks there, Dana shoots them, Kelsey rappells up with a rope and shoots at the Batlings from above, and...

Well, we won't know what the fuck Carter does, because now we cut back to the shuttle. It's about to go back to Mariner Bay.

And cut right back to the battle. Carter tries to beat Whirlin', but the demon's beating him. He even goes so far as to declare himself invincible. Uh...yeah, I'd like to make a comment about how even "invincible" things aren't as such, but I'll just let this little trope title do the talking for me.

Carter replies, "We'll see about that!", and he tries to strike, but Whirlin' shoots at him. The other Rangers run to his side and ask if he's okay, and Carter responds that he's all right. Then Whirlin' attacks the Rangers, but then they strike back with their Rescue Blasters.


Whirlin' declares that he'll be back, and off he goes, becoming a tornado again. He just doesn't give up, does he?

Cut back to the shuttle again. There's a weather condition up ahead...and by that, we mean a really fucking big tornado. Nancy appears to try to cross it anyway, which causes problems.


Back to the battle. Carter calls for the Rescue Bird, which then appears. As Nancy's struggling to cross, the Rescue Bird's separated and formed into the Unilaser formation. They take aim, and...


No, seriously, the huge laser attacks Whirlin', thankfully destroying it once and for all. Which means that the day's been saved again, the weather is clearing up, and Nancy can get back to Earth safely.


Oh, no. Captain Mitchell warns the Rangers that the space shuttle's in trouble, and it's losing altitude. And to make things even worse, thanks to the tornado, Nancy can't land on her own.


Joel tells Kelsey not to worry, and the Green Ranger adds to Captain Mitchell that he can help out with the Aero Rescue 3. However? The good captain says that Joel can't do it alone.

After all, it's unlikely that Whirlin' would be resurrected as a giant monster, forcing the Rangers to use the Lightspeed Megazord, right? Right?!

Oh, wait, no. It's because both the Zord and the shuttle would crash. Then Kelsey has an idea. Carter tells her to talk about it, but she replies that the rest would think of it as crazy. So she just summons the Rescue Zords, and we once again get the sequence of what occurred in, say, Episode 2.

Except that this time, Kelsey will call the shots. Even Carter says so. So what does she do? She tells Joel to locate the shuttle, which he does. As for Dana, she gets to follow her fellow female Ranger.

Speaking of the shuttle, cut to it right now, and it's still losing altitude. Will our heroes save her?

Suddenly, Joel appears, and he spots the shuttle. He tells the shuttle's occupants that it's Aero Rescue 3 at their service. Nancy's happy to see that, because...the controls are jammed.

Kelsey tells Joel to connect the cable magnets onto the shuttle. Okay, first it's magnetic hooks in Episode 2, now it's cable magnets. I'm just going to let it slide because it isn't that bad of consistency. Nancy reacts, "Cable magnets? For what?", and Kelsey replies that they're going to help her land.

So Joel uses the cable magnets as he tells Nancy to keep the shuttle steady. Not easy to do, when it is out of control. Once attached, he tries to keep the shuttle stabilized, which Chad and Carter pretty much notice. However...the shuttle can't land at that speed.

Now it's Dana's turn, and she will clear the freeway in order for the shuttle to land safely. Yes, it'll be a landing strip. She then tells the drivers to drive into the Med Rescue 5.

...just how in the hell would those cars fit, anyway?

Apparentally...there is a way. They actually do fit. Huh. And once the hatch is closed, the Med Rescue 5 drives away. When that's done, it's now time for Kelsey to drive on the freeway.

Why, do you ask? She plans for the shuttle to land on top of her roof. Joel perfectly asks, "What?! On top of your Zord?" Even Nancy thinks that it's crazy, but as always, Kelsey replies, "Crazy is my middle name!"

Upon hearing that, Nancy realizes just who she's speaking to. And she says to her lover friend that if she thinks it'll work, does her.

What do you want to bet that after everything's said and done, the two would hug and kiss?

Anyway, the descent starts. Nancy hopes that the landing would be easy. Joel then states just how much it reminds him of the air show days, and she should hold on, because here comes the Sky Cowboy.

Even in a serious rescue mission, Joel still continues to inflate his ego a bit.

The Aero Rescue 3 lets go of the shuttle, and it's almost going to land on the Haz Rescue 4. Nancy tries to steer the shuttle to the point where it would work, looks like it works, but...there's a problem. As noted by Carter...

Kelsey's about to run out of freeway, and she should ease it down.

As in, fucking stop.

She tries to, and to make matters worse, the shuttle threatens to go off the Zord a few times. Eventually, Kelsey just stops in the nick of time. Right on the edge of a bridge. Mission accomplished!

Oh, and Kelsey realized that even for her, it was crazy.

Carter steps in with the Pyro Rescue 1's Ladder Arms, and it gently picks the shuttle up and places it down on the ground. Kelsey thanks him, of course, and Carter says that she did the harder work. Indeed, the reality is, she didn't do it alone.

So everyone's happy, and the crisis is finally averted. Nancy thanks the Rangers for their help. It looks like that's the end of the mission...


Nope! Back at the remains of Whirlin' (did I just say that out loud?), Jinxer uses a spellcard to make him grow.

And with the obligatory Make My Monster Grow comes the obligatory Megazord fight.

First, Whirlin' uses a Wind Spin attack, and the Rangers try to hang on tight. When that's done...cue the Power Beat The Shit Outta You Thrust attack on Whirlin'.


Carter: Let's give this guy a lift.


So they do give Whirlin' a lift, and the Megazord throws the demon down. And one would think that it's the end of the demon. But nope! He gets back up!

What to do with a situation like this? Use the Lightspeed Megazord Saber, and slash the motherfucker down to ribbons! Or explosions. Whatever. Nancy notes how nothing's impossible when it comes to the Rangers once Whirlin's defeated for good.

And so, you guessed it, the crisis has finally been averted for another day.

Back at the landing area, Nancy calls out for Kelsey, and...oh God. They hug each other, and both of them gush over each other. Nancy asks Kelsey what it's like to be a Ranger, and Kelsey loves it, but she, all of a sudden and for reasons unknown, always wanted to fly a shuttle. And the gushing goes on and on and on and...

Oh, dear God, the sexual tension's so there, you can cut it with a fucking knife! And to think my gushing over a certain Ranger/actor was bad. This scene just makes my gushing look like sweet Sonnets by comparison.

Not saying that it's bad, per se. To compare, Kelsey and Nancy's gushing over each other look like a long love poem. KISS AND MAKE OUT ALREADY!

However...they don't. They decide that, because of what happened, they should keep each other's jobs, Kelsey as a Ranger and Nancy as a space shuttle pilot. The Rangers agree, and everyone laughs.

Oh, and it's not the end yet. Cut back to the Demon Paradisico. DP notes that the Rangers may have won the fight, but the demons will win the war. Once they do, you guessed it, the palace will rise again.

And we end the episode on that note.

...damn. The shipping there. No wonder why the fans write such fanfics of Kelsey and Nancy together, the subtext is strong with that one!

Anyway. Next time on Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue—The Livebloggening, it's a Carter-less gushing episode. And a Dana-focused one. Someone will have to protect the fuel cell, but it's not her. Instead, an old friend of Captain Mitchell needs her for something.

What would the friend need? Will the Rangers protect the fuel cell? What in the hell is the fuel cell needed for, anyway?

All these questions and more will be revealed on the next Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue—The Livebloggening!


Oh, this episode has the recommended daily dose of Sean Johnson gushing.

And it's not surprising Kelsey didn't have SLOPPY MAKEOUTS in this ep.
Kinkajou 1st Sep 11
Well, I'm certainly not going to do the gushing next episode, that's for damn sure. :P Gotta try to keep some things in my previous attempt of a liveblog.

And you're right. If the show didn't have that No Hugging No Kissing policy, the makeouts would have happened. But as it is...
arcadiarika 1st Sep 11