Liveblog: Pokemon Yellow minus pokeballs


Chapter 6: Blue Skies

  • Report 3: The more things change, the more they stay the same
    • Route 25

Purple: Well, that was surprising. But a meeting with team Rocket doesn't change the fact that I came up this way to catch pokemon and talk to a certain Pokemaniac. Huh, I wonder if Bill works with Team Rocket too. ...Doubt it. If he was, most of my catches would have gone missing already. (Better keep this under wraps though. If Gramps finds out, he'll come down hard.)

{Purple enters Bill's sea cottage.}

Purple: Hey, are you Bill?

Bill: Of course. And you are...

Purple: The name's Purple Oak. The famous Professor Oak is having me work on the Pokedex. I figured a collector like you might be able to help me.

Bill: Well I'm setting up an experiment at the moment, but...

{The two walk over to a computer and Bill begins fiddling with it.}

Bill: There. I've made my own partial database of Pokemon information, but it's not completely compatable with the Pokedex, transferring it will only register them as "seen".

Purple: Not quite as much as I was hoping for.

Bill: But, that will be enough for the Pokedex to extrapolate their habitats. So you'll know where to look. Except my favorite three, they don't exist in stable wild populations.

Purple: "Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon..." (They look kinda familiar). Are they related or something?

Bill: Yep. They're a split evolution family, all evolving from the same base-

Purple: Sorry, but I gotta go soon. I'll figure it out myself.

Bill: Oh, too bad.

Purple: (Hm? There's something on the floor...)

  • Outside:

Purple: Well, this is interesting. An SS ticket, huh? You'd think he'd know better than to leave this lying around. (Better go now or never, though, the event's already starting.)

  • End Report.

  • Route 4: Mount Moon East exit

Yellow: Well, we finally made it out! Next stop, Cerelean City!

Pikachu: Pikaapikaa! We did it, Yellow!

Yellow: Uh oh... this could be aproblem.

{There is a ledge between the mountain and the city.}

Yellow: I never thought this might happen. Once we go down, there's no way back.

Pikachu: Well, I doubt we'll need to for a while.

Yellow: It's just, I didn't think I'd be so cut off from home like this. The day we met... was the first time I left Pallet.

Pikachu: Ah... so that's how it was...

Yellow: ...Let's go! We need to get to a Pokemon center right away!

Pikachu: Ah! Wait for me!

  • Cerelean City

{After healing up, Yellow starts exploring the town.)

"You're making an encyclopedia about Pokemon? That sounds amusing."

"Have you heard about Bill? Everyone calls him a Pokemaniac! I think people are just jealous of Bill, though. Who wouldn't want to boast about their Pokemon?"

"That bush in front of the shop is in the way. There might be a way around."

Girl: I take care of injured Pokemon. I nursed this Bulbasaur back to health. It needs a good trainer to take care of it now. I know! Would you take care of this Bulbasaur?

Yellow: That's fine with me. Welcome to the team, Bulbasaur!

Girl: Please take care of him.

Bulbasaur: ...Goodbye, nurturer.

Pikachu: It'll be fine. Yellow's a good trainer. You'll see.

Man: Pokemon Badges are owned only by skilled trainers. I see you have at least one. Those badges have amazing secrets!

Yellow: What? This is the first time I've heard of that!

Man: Now then... Which of the 8 badges should I describe?

Yellow: Um, the Boulderbadge.

Man: The attack of all Pokemon increases a little bit. It also lets you use Flash at any time you desire.

Yellow: (I guess I had heard about that.) Could you just describe all of them?

Man: The Cascadebadge makes Pokemon up to Level 30 obey you. Any higher, they become unruly! It also lets you use Cut outside of battle.

Pikachu: Hey, that's not exactly right! That only applies to outsiders caught by a different trainer.

Yellow: ...

Man: The Thunderbadge makes the Speed of all Pokemon increase a little bit. It also lets you use Fly outside of battle. The Rainbowbadge makes Pokemon up to Level 50 obey you. Any higher, they become unruly! It also lets you use Strength outside of battle. With the Soulbadge, the Defense of all Pokemon increases a little bit. It also lets you use Surf outside of battle. The marshbadge makes Pokemon up to level 70 obey you. With the Volcanobadge, your Pokemon's special abilities become more powerful. And if you own the Earthbadge... All Pokemon will obey you!

Pikachu: That's impossible!

Yellow: What do you mean, "all"? There's no way you can command a pokemon you don't own.

Man: All I know is that's how it was described to me.

Yellow: Still, it's obvious that some of the badges are intentionally more or less powerful than others. I guess the other Gym Leaders are much stronger than Brock was.

{Yellow finds another Rare Candy. He currently has two.}

Yellow: Well guys, I think we should go back to the part of Route 4 we can still reach and train a bit.

{Route 4 is home to Spearow, Rattata, Mankey, and Sandshrew at about level 10.}

Pikachu: If I'm going to keep winning, I'll need a stronger physical attack. If I sacrifice speed and accuracy for power, I might be more effective against enemies who are immune to my lightning.

{Pikachu grows to Level 20 and learns Slam over Quick Attack.}

Magikarp: Just flopping around does no good as an attack. I need to strike the foe with my whole body! That's it. I can finally fight for myself!

{Magikarp grows to Level 15 and learns Tackle.}

Yellow: Now it's your turn in the spotlight, Bulbasaur.

Pikachu: So Bulbasaur, I was wondering... where do you come from?

Bulbasaur: Why do you ask?

Pikachu: ...The subject of "home" keeps being brought up around me. And I really have no idea where Bulbasaur live.

Bulbasaur: ...To be honest, I don't know either. I've lived in Cerelean longer than my caretaker implied. My injuries were severe, and I... have no memory of where I originally come from. Only that my kind have secret methods of staying out of human sight. As a trained pokemon, I will probably never see another of my kind.

Pikachu: ...I had the opposite problem. In Viridian forest, we had no major enemies, until we became popular with trainers. I was the last one of my generation to stay wild, and I tried running to a new home, where trainers wouldn't think to look. ...But my fighting instincts got the better of me. It took a while to adjust to the idea of being a trained pokemon. ...Did you want to stay with your caretaker?

Bulbasaur: Of course. She saved my life. My goal was to become a strong guardian to her and the other patients. But... I couldn't tell her. She couldn't understand me. Still, she wasn't going to give me away to just any trainer.

Pikachu: ...

Bulbasaur: (It was the look in your eyes that decided it for her, Pikachu. That bond...) ...Still, this should be interesting.

{Gradually, Magikarp and Bulbasaur become capable of fighting the wild pokemon without Pikachu pinch-hitting for them.}

Bulbasaur: My life-draining seeds are too slow to act. I need to use my plant aspect in other ways. This new ability... This should be strong enough.

{Bulbasaur grew to level 13 and learned Vine Whip.}

Yellow: I think that's enough training here for now. Let's head north along this bridge and-

{Purple comes south down it.}

Purple: Yo! Yellow! You're still struggling along back here? I'm doing great! I caught a bunch of strong and smart Pokemon! Here, let me see what you caught, Yellow!

===Battle Start: versus Purple===

Purple: Go, Spearow! (Lv 18)

Yellow: Magikarp! (Lv 15) ...But it's too strong. Step in, Pikachu! (Lv 20)

{Round 1: Spearow uses Growl.}

Yellow: Now, Thundershock!

{Round 2: Pikachu lands a critical hit to defeat Spearow instantly.}

Spearow: No! Not once but... twice...

Pikachu: You should have been switched out. ...Why didn't Purple do that?

Purple: Heh. Still relying on Pikachu. Well, I've got a couple mice of my own now. Say hello to Sandshrew! (Lv 15)

Yellow: It's your move, Bulbasaur! Vine Whip! (Lv 13)

{Round 3: Sandshrew scratches, but is hit with a very effective Vine Whip. Hp 27/37 vs 45%}

Sandshrew: What? This wasn't how it was supposed to happen.

Bulbasaur: How unfortunate for you.

{Round 4: The pokemon charge past each other with extremities outstretched. Then, Sandshrew collapses. HP 17/37 vs 0%}

Purple: Two down? Well then, say hello to my newest powerhouse, Rattata! (Lv 15)

Yellow: Pikachu, we can't take any chances. Thundershock attack!

Rattata: You think you're so tough with your lightning powers. Well have a taste of my Hyper Fang!

{Round 5: Pikachu is able to strike first, but Rattata isn't bluffing. Fortunately, Pikachu is experienced enough to take the hit. HP 26/48 vs 35%}

Yellow: One more time!

{Round 6: Pikachu finises off Rattata.}

Rattata: No... way...

Purple: Grrr... this is not going how I planned it. But you know who's next.

Eevee: Hello again. Seems you've been training harder. (Lv 17)

Pikachu: I have. Having a good trainer helped.

Eevee: Can't argue with that. I could see the fight from inside the Pokeball.

Yellow: We need time to manuver. Thunder Wave.

{Round 7: Pikachu paralyzes Eevee, who is unable to retaliate.)

Yellow: Now, Thundershock.

{Round 8: Eevee retaliates with sand attack. HP 26/48 vs 75%}

{Round 9: Pikachu misses and Eevee uses another Sand Attack.}

{Round 10: Pikachu hits and Eevee uses Growl. HP 26/48 vs 50%}

{Round 11: Pikachu misses and Eevee can't move.}

{Round 12: Pikachu hits and Eevee uses Sand Attack. HP 26/48 vs 25%}

Yellow: Pikachu, that's enough. It's time Magikarp got some fun.

Pikachu: Fine. I'll go rinse out my eyes, then.

{Round 13: Eevee uses Tail Whip. HP 32/32 vs 25%}

Yellow: Now, use Tackle attacks.

{Round 14: Magikarp hits. Eevee uses Sand Attack. HP 32/32 vs 15%}

{Round 15: Magikarp misses. Eevee tries Sand Attack, but fails.}

{Round 16: Magikarp hits. eevee tries Tail whip, but Magikarp isn't paying attention. HP 32/32 vs 10%}

{Round 17: Magikarp hits. Eevee uses Sand attack. HP 32/32 vs 5%}

{Round 18: Magikarp misses. Eevee can't move.}

{Round 19: Magikarp hits.}

Eevee: How... We shouldn't have been so helpless...

{Eevee faints}

Purple: Hey! Take it easy! You won already!

Yellow: (Maybe I shouldn't have dragged it out so long...)

===Battle End===

Purple: Hey, guess what?

Yellow: I've no idea.

Purple: I went to Bill's and got him to show me his rare pokemon! That added even more pages to my Pokedex! After all, Bill's world famous as a Pokemaniac! He invented the Pokemon Storage System on PC! Since you're using his system, go thank him!

Yellow: Purple, you saw in the fight that neither of us even has a full team. We aren't using his system.

Purple: Huh. I thought you just didn't like the dozen or so others you caught either, so you weren't using them.

Pikachu: Pikaaa! Yellow is not you!

Purple: Anyway, Gramps did register a dozen or so storage boxes for you to use, so you're in the system.

Yellow: I guess I should talk to him then.

Purple: Well, I've got important business to take care of, so I'd better get rolling! Smell ya later!

{Exit Purple}


Wow, you get a free Bulbasaur in Yellow ? And this early ? The Cascade Badge's gonna be a piece of cake...
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