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East Meets West! Let's Read Sailor Moon: American Kitsune!!
Catch the Moon! Another Prophecy About The Moon!!
I vaguely remember Masters of the Maze (basically a game show where a team of two kids has to navigate an elaborate maze with obstacles and trivia questions, with Mario Lopez of Saved By The Bell as the host). I'll give him credit for that moment of nostalgia.

My one complaint about this chapter (aside from his issues about race being hinted at yet again) is the inconsistency in Davey's character. At the end of "Piasa", he's in good standing with the mayor and St. Louis in general (they even erect a statue in his honor), and he doesn't blame them for his being shot by Portwood. But here, his suffering is all their fault, not just the act of some obviously unstable individual. Granted this characterization is more in line with the bitter misanthrope he's portrayed as in "Blood and Metal". I did kind of like the "if I were really the villain you think I am, you'd already be dead" speech, though.
Destroy the Carnation! Davey's Furry Transformation!!
Hooray, someone not making an obvious joke about furries!

Now that I've actually watched the Madoka anime all the way through, I'm seeing the similarities as well. Though I think Madoka and her friends (and Usagi for that matter) have more reason to angst than Davey, considering his major complaint seems to be "the whole world is against me" despite the lack of evidence presented for such a claim.
Explain the Past! The Cat Returns!!
I've never actually read this story, but going through this liveblog, it actually had potential... righhhhhhhhhhhht up until this part, where it all starts falling in on itself.
If I remember Blood and Metal correctly, in his previous fanfics Robotnik was said to have been from Earth originally and stumbled into some interdimensional portal that brought him to Mobius. Does kind of explain the cartoon where he's more or less the only human around. It doesn't make the storyany less of a Star Wars knock-off. Especially because BAM tells us that like Anakin, Julian Kintobor was a hero once but eventually became twisted, evil, and more machine than man.

I like Usagi-er, Serena's line about watering the lawn. It so effectively mirrors the audience's response in having to listen to more of Gonterman's political views. Seriously, I wanted to like the scene where she snuggles with a furry Davey, but I was still reeling from "people think blacks don't hate, but they sure do".
Recruit the Scouts! The Blue Ribbon Army!!
And Gonterman expands his prejudices...

The scene with Ed and his ship's computer was enjoyable enough. And I can buy his attempt to connect Kitsune (my favorite mythical creatures with werewolves a close second) with the Moon Kingdom. They are shapeshifters, and many stories have connected shapeshifters with the lunar cycle.

I can understand Rei...I mean Raye still having a thing for Mamoru...sorry, Darien. But not to the point of using her fire powers against her best friends (who had their own crushes, from what I remember). And great job using Zoicite's original gender...only to rant about depraved homosexuals justifying Davey's bias against gay people. Hooray for the possessed protesters cutting off his "porn is evil" speech.

Jump the Shark! The Shocking Reveal!!
I'm pretty sure the idea that Sailor Moon's physical body is the child of Robotnik does not contradict the fact that she has the soul of a lunarian princess.

This does not change the fact that babies growing long hair in utero is ridiculous.
Ah, okay then. Thanks for clearing that up.

Yes, the fact that babies growing long hair in utero is very ridiculous, especially if it's for the sake of revealing who she is. Personally, I would have went with Luna saying "Wait, a crescent on her forehead? That must mean...", or something like that.
Off the Slope! Bloodstained Davey!!
I don't think Gonterman meant to suggest that Davey was killing the gay zombies. Just that homosexuals (much like porno fans and...people who make fun of his work) are violent and irrational and must be dealt with roughly so they don't hurt themselves or others. And are diseased perverts. Plus the reference to know what? It's still bullshit.

Also the whole "killing Zoicite because he flirted with him and made everyone think he was gay" thing...reminds me too much of a case in recent years. Fortunately the fic isn't much longer.
Yeah, I kind of figured that, but it's still stupid considering that the Luna Card was modified to pass through humans harmlessly, and so using it to knock them out wouldn't make much sense. And using the Bloody Card, last I checked, was very, very violent and even Serena asked Davey not to use it because of it. That and they didn't want the Lovely Angels finding and gunning them down.
Never seen Dirty Pair, but that makes sense. I don't want you to think I'm trying to defend this crap; it's quite horrific.

Also, if he was trying to work Japanese mythology in, why not use Inari (a goddess associated with spirit foxes) instead of this made up Queen Kitsune character? Didn't do the research?
Yeah, I'm probably going to say that. However, this being the internet in the 90's, I'm surprised that he knows what a Kitsune was back in the day. Nowadays people point to Naruto when they hear the word Kitsune, hence my Hilarious in Hindsight comment.

I'd take a stretch and say that the internet was just getting broken in by the time this fanfiction was made, so even if there were sources of Inari now, chances are that there weren't back in the day. I can also blame The Theme Park Version or Common Knowledge, since Kitsunes are more easier to know than Inari (I mean, this is the first time I heard of her), especially since, again, one of the most influential anime heroes has a Kitsune living inside him.
Interrogate the Baddies! The Two Lover's Squabble!!
"This is the HIV virus I reduced Zoey to"

This reads like something Eric Cartman would come up with. Though if Eric Cartman came up with it, there'd be more Anti-Semitism.
Revive the Dead! Return To Mobius!!
Worthy of note: even Encyclopedia Dramatica took a break from the dick jokes and swearing to point out how utterly stupid it was that the Sailor Senshi, who have lesbian members, would support David's homophobia.
I think this was made before said lesbian members came along. It's still stupid that the Scouts instantly forgave him for murdering tons of innocents just because he was picked on.
In the original, Beryl and the generals were humans from Earth like Prince Endymion (Darien's past life). The dub confused things by adding in the "other dimension" stuff. Nonetheless, I'd rather see a fanfic involving Nephrite and Naru/Molly than more of...Davey's issues with gay people. As someone who was also regularly bullied in high school for being perceived as gay (I'm bisexual, actually), you have problems when you're in your twenties and still raging about this stuff. You really have problems when you decide it's a good reason to hate homosexuals.
I tend to confuse the Japanese with the dub from time to time.
Finish the Fight! Scouts vs. Troopers!!
I vaguely remember the VR Troopers, but from what I remember, they were much like the Power Rangers: good natured teenagers trying to do the right thing (be it helping their local community or saving the world from monsters). Ryan Steele, Kaitlin Star, and JB Reese were certainly not the type to go on a killing spree because of something written in any "gossip rag". (Kaitlin did work as a photographer for a legit local newspaper though.) Then again, even when Rei and Usagi had their arguments, they never brought their potentially dangerous powers into it.

This chapter does perhaps have the best line of dialogue in the whole fic though.

JB: "I feel sorry for Crockett." Tuxedo Mask: "Well, don't." Wise words, Mamoru. Wise words.

Thanks for liveblogging this thing. I'm sure it wasn't easy. Now I think I'll set to work on my own project: a Digimon Tamers/ Tokyo Mew Mew/ Lyrical Nanoha/ Madoka Magica crossover, where my original character is an male American anime fan turned into a catgirl with Lucy's powers from Elfen Lied. And when she's not tearing apart monsters of the week with her bare (invisible) hands, she's ranting about climate change skepticism, the Patriot Act, and the persecution of the LGBT community by conservative Christians. And the 9th and 10th Doctors make a cameo to complain about how everything after Season 5 of Doctor Who barely mentions the events of the first 4 seasons so as not to alienate new viewers. Spoiler alert: it turns out Mitt Romney was funding the villains secretly to make Obama look bad...somehow.

Just kidding.
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