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The Weirdest Teamup This Side of Trakeena's Revenge: Rika Liveblogs Pooh's Adventures of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie!
Part 1: We Need a Hero
This made me giggle at some points. My favorite part has to be where you talked about the Meta-overload, as I too came across that problem. You have my blessing.
Psyga315 (edited by: Psyga315)

And I noticed that there's the comment story. I'll liveblog that as soon as I'm done with this clusterfuck.
The fact that such a thing exists hurts my thinkparts.
There are tons of Comment Stories, which one will you do? Are you gonna do all of them, or follow a specific user?
@ Unknown Troper: Inorite?

@ Psyga: I'll probably follow tbromyard90 as a special feature at the end of the liveblog. Because I'm a Toku Fangirl. ;)

Having that said, it's pretty damning that all the Comment Stories are much better than...this. Better flow, better continuity, everything.

And let me know if there are things to improve!
Yeah, it helps that the comment stories are in text format, and thus allows them to get away with things that they can't do in video.
Psyga315 (edited by: Psyga315)
Part 2: Fight
So far, so good.

Wait...what?! Even I know that Zordon doesn't have any relatives as far as we know! How do they figure?

And that my friends is one of the weirdest parts of fan-fiction. Somehow, someway, someone manages to be related to someone else. I see no family resemblance between Zordon and the Good Fairy other than a ghostly color blue. So I assume Zordon adopted her like how Mewtwo and the Good Fairy adopted Aisling.
Psyga315 (edited by: Psyga315)
I wish I could adopt a mindset in which all of this makes sense.

At least you could've picked screens of Bowser and Junior which didn't already have subtitles in them! Sheesh.
Part 3: Go Fly Win
Wow... sudden character relations always seem to happen. Bowser is married to Mistress 9, is the long lost brother of Maligore. For all we know, he could be Maleficent's bastard child.
This crap has a wiki? I know, The Wiki Rule, but... let me re-emphasize that. This crap has a Wiki?
Yeah, it has a Wiki. Some writers actually use the Wiki to explain some helpful trivia and plot points in their Pooh's Adventures, while others just copy paste the bloody plot.
Part 4: I Know a Place
This made me laugh. What more can I say about it?

By the way, is it me, or are every single shots of Bowser and Bowser Jr. the exact damn same?

Yes, they are the same.
The "Winnie the Pooh's Adventures" appellation seems a bit off. It's more like "Bowser mucks around with Power Rangers villains adventures" than anythung.
Part 5: Shift Into Turbo!
You're prosing dangerous things! Why, if they started acting instead of reacting, the people making these might actually have to start paying for their video editing software! ;D
Indeed. :P
Part 6: Hope for the World
This made me laugh. The part where you mentioned how they barely fight yet they take credit for everything. It's so true.
Mewtwo seems to be suffering a severe case of power impotence.
Everyone suffers from a severe case of power impotence when it comes to most Pooh's Adventures. Bad guys included. There was like only one Pooh's Adventures I watched where Mewtwo actually uses his powers... and it's to trip someone.
Part 7: Cross My Line
Bowser, in a very different voice than usual, asks Mistress Nine if something's wrong.

Fun Fact: That different voice is Dr. Tomoe from the Sailor Moon series, same work that Mistress 9 came from. In fact, you can see him briefly right before Mistress 9 says that she had a dip in the energy fields.
And that voice clip at the end sounds very Jeremy Irons-y.
Part 8: Here Comes the Power Again
I'm really hoping that Mistress Nine is Bowser Jr.'s adopted mom, or Bowser took a wife after Bowser Jr. was born.

I have no idea, but I'm actually going with the "actual wife" theory. I think at some point she did die giving birth, because Bowser mentioned in one of the Pooh's Adventures I did (the one with the Olsen Twins) that he used a spell to bring her back to life.

Though how that works, I am not sure, since she is pretty much a superpowered evil entity possessing a 13-year-old girl, and apparently aging her up, because in the Sailor Moon universe, being possessed by an evil force when you're young makes you age up physically. Just ask Rini.
Psyga315 (edited by: Psyga315)
I looked at the Wiki, and it pretty much said (or at least implied) that Mistress Nine is Bowser's actual wife and Bowser Jr.'s mother. Which, again, asks just how the hell she managed to give birth to Bowser Jr.

And coupled with everything else, the relationship just seems...squicky. To say the least.
Definitely saying the least. Almost makes me wonder if ssomeone had a kinky fetish...
Given how Mistress 9 came from a Japanese anime... yeah.
Actually, you are both wrong. Mistress 9 was never Bowser's wife at first. When Bowser mentions that he used a spell to bring her back to life, he's actually mentioning that the events of Sailor Moon S already happened, and that he resurrected the Sovereign in order to have himself an evil queen after the death of his former mistress, Clawdia. Don't believe me, watch a video Bowser has called "The Return of Mistress 9" and you'll see what I mean. Bowser Jr. was never Mistress 9's biological son, she was his stepmother. Claudia was Bowser Jr.'s true, and deceased, biological mother.
...and yet, the wiki doesn't even say that Mistress Nine was a stepmother. I'll take full responsibility of the Critical Research Failure here.

I guess wikis always lie?
Pretty much. But here's another running gag that these Pooh Adventures creators have been fond of doing in their trailers. Every time the villains are mentioned to be making trouble in the worlds, the creators always, I repeat, ALWAYS put Requiem for a Dream or the Beetlejuice theme even if the movie is light and soft, not dark and dramatic like Lord of the Rings. Seriously, they do it all the time that it gets on my nerves every time I hear it.
@ Whoever you are, thank you! That video made a whole lot of things clear and made Bowser that much more of a cooler villain * . I humbly thank you. I too take full responsibility of the Critical Research Failure as well. Plus Bowser sounds good as Dr. Tomoe.

Although this would more or less make things personal for the Sailor Scouts rather than Pooh and his friends... So that just opens a whole new can of worms. *
Psyga315 (edited by: Psyga315)
Part 9: Combat
Actually, my worst nightmare is when Pooh and pals team up w/ the Super Mario Bros. But I digress. Put them in the volcano!

Heh, that's another group of people that actually have some personal issues with Bowser. Seriously, why is Pooh the one that fights Bowser and not Serena or Mario? Which would make more sense?
The reason I believe that Mario and Sailor Moon can't fight against Bowser and Mistress 9 is because the two villains are too powerful now for either hero to defeat even with their magic upgrades. Only Pooh can stop the villains because his pure light is just as great, perhaps even more so, than either hero. But the reason why Pooh takes all the credit for the fights and that he keeps telling us the obvious is because he knows he himself is also not at his full strength yet to lay the smackdown on Bowser, and must therefore relegate himself to the background until the very final adventure, very unlikely, when he will become all powerful.
Oh, and by the way, I believe the reason why Bowsermovies chose to have Zuul and Vinz Clortho appear in this movie is because Jason and Kimberly suddenly turning evil without warning or reason would seem out of place. So therefore, he had to give us a reason why the former Rangers turned evil. Besides, Zuul and Vinz Clortho didn't necessarily die in the end of Pooh's Adventures of Ghostbusters...they were just sent back into the Underworld until the time when Bowser would need their services again.
How often do we even see Pooh and pals onscreen in this one? Once, maybe?
The two villains are too powerful now for either hero to defeat even with their magic upgrades. Only Pooh can stop the villains because his pure light is just as great, perhaps even more so, than either hero.

Okay, I can buy that. Although I kind of buy the theory that Pooh knows he is not at full strength. That's mostly because of that one or two times (I count it as one because the second time was just copy-paste) he took on Jafar by himself and nearly got killed (or captured, take your pick) had it not been for Aladdin. Although I don't think Pooh should hide in the background by taking credit, mostly because if he does that, it defeats the purpose of him regulating to the background until he's ready, since the villains know to target him first sometimes. Other than that, it's a good theory and I have a similar one (that Christopher Robin is setting up the plays so that Pooh gets stronger and builds more bonds for the fight against Chernabog).

Also, I think it was mentioned somewhere that Maligore sucked Jason and Kim's pureness and thus they became evil. That's what I went with.
Finale: Best of the Best of the Best
It's fun to note that Divatox grieves for Maligore more than his "brother", who just slumps about and says "Man, we can't defeat Pooh!"
I believe the other members can't do their special god powers because they would only interfere with the affairs of each world even more so than they have already done by merely interacting with our heroes. Of course, I also believe Bowser Movies 1989 and Disney Daniel 93 chose to have Pooh and his friends say they showed those villains a thing or three because they want us to assume that our heroes fought against the villains' henchmen from behind the scenes away from our view while we saw the movie's real heroes do the fighting as well.
I believe the other members can't do their special god powers because they would only interfere with the affairs of each world even more so than they have already done by merely interacting with our heroes.

So in other words to prevent "muddling/meddling"?
No Kung Pooh? I am disappoint!
Did you know that besides Maligore, Bowser has another brother in the form of Lord Dragaunus from the Mighty Ducks TV Series? I am not making this up. Oh, and I presume Zordon had the Good Fairy before he got stuck in the time warp.
Dear God! Maliss being the Evil Queen's brother makes more sense than Bowser's brother being Lord Dragaunus! What's next? His father is Chernabog? Mushu is his cousin twice removed? Wart is another one of his brother?
Don't worry, Morton Koopa Sr. is Bowser's father, not Chernbog. But did you know that Dr. Facilier is the Good Fairy's former boyfriend, Maleficent and Jafar are married, Myotismon is their son, and Pooh's cousins are Baloo, Little John, and Kenai as a bear? Oh, and Tigger is married to Bruma from El Arca and has cubs, and his old rival is Shere Khan. This is all completely...true!
>Morton Koopa Sr. is Bowser's father, not Chernbog.

Okay then. That works.

>Dr. Faliciler is the Good Fairy's former boyfriend

VOODOO DOESN'T ALWAYS MEAN MAGIC! Sorry, but I fail to see logic in this...

>Maleficent and Jafar are married

I would see that coming. In one of the Pooh's Adventures I did, they mentioned that they were dating. So marriage was a step up.

>Myotismon is their son

And now they lost me. Aren't Digimon supposed to be data beings? How does a human vizier and a faerie reproduce to make a data being, let alone a vampire? I'm gonna play my adoption card again. Other than that, I assume Maleficent approves of him due to all the stuff he's done. Well, except for that whole MaloMyotismon incident.

>Pooh's cousins are Baloo, Little John, and Kenai as a bear

Cousins? I would probably buy Baloo, but Little John was like in the fourteenth century and you don't automatically become cousins with someone when you're cursed to transform into a bear.

>Tigger is married to Bruma from El Arca and has cubs

... How does a stuffed animal make a kid with a real animal? I mean, I can buy it, if not for the fact that Tigger is a stuffed animal.

>his old rival is Shere Khan

Shere Khan hasn't heard of ripping things to shreds, apparently.

This is more tangled than the X-Men's Family Tree.
Psyga315 (edited by: Psyga315)
Oh, I'm sorry. Kenai is actually Pooh's ANCESTOR! And Chernabog does appear in the series, but only reprising his roles from Fantasmic and World of Color, not as the Big Bad. It seems Bowser really is the Big Bad after least that's what the youtube users want us to believe.
Finale+ -Comment Story Mix-: Invincible
I assume that the cliffhanger both this story and the movie is referring to is Pooh's Adventures of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. However, Bowser is absent from that movie as far as I know.
According to the comments, they are referring to Pooh's Adventures of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Even BowserMovies1989 confirmed it.

...and I'll have to check on that.
You know, if Darth Vader should reappear in this pooh series, he should be wearing his white armor from Return of the Jedi: Infinities, and is given orders by the light side not to return to his home galaxy for fear of disrupting the star wars series. What do you guys think? And just how would White Armor Vader react to the Yuuzhan Vong and Darth Caudus?
Hey, I'm Tbromyard90 (It is me. Seriously. I just don't have an account on here.) and I'd like to say, I'm very glad you like what I wrote arcadiarika. In fact, Den-O is the series that got me started proper on the Japanese Kamen Rider series (thanks to Koji Yusa voicing Urataros) and the one I knew a lot about, so I'm very glad I've met your expectations.

I started writing these comment stories for Pooh's Adventures ever since I saw someone called IMJEFF 2 doing it and some other people who were writing in the comments without ridicule. I have also wondered what it would be like if Riders and Rangers took part in some of the greatest film and animation battles of all time. Since then, I've been writing in the majority of the Riders and have also made a start on Super Sentai comment stories.

For this story, I'm glad you found something I wrote funny and awesome. I have never really thought about those things while writing. I focused mainly on participation, action and reactions, and how the scene would change with the additional characters. I'm also happy about you noting my little discussion about the Friendship Gift at the end. To be frank, I was wondering that too, so since I didn't know, I just left it as "remains unsaid".

Thank you so much for your praise. I'm glad what makes me happy makes you happy.
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