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Let's Play All Four Sly Cooper games.
Out Foxing The Fox

Frog Legs, Anyone?

A Really Safe Break For A Video Game Raccoon
Well, I've read this liveblog thus far, and it seems like now would be a good time to express my opinions. As it's always nice to hear a compliment, it's clear to me that you're dedicated enough to avoid procrastinating and leaving things on a cliffhanger...well, until the required wait for Sly 4, that is. The idea of this liveblog being narrated from an outside observer seems to be going well; I kinda liked how you had Mercury mention Hades in the swamp area.

I'm a tad worried about your brevity, though. The fourth game won't be out for quite some time, and you've almost blazed through 25% of the series in less than a week. Instead of one update which summarizes an entire world, perhaps you could talk about the missions in detail. That way, you wouldn't have to rush to beat an entire stage before updating; just do half a stage and make an update about those missions, then do the other half when you have the time. Also, be more cautious about spelling errors.

All in all, I do like this blog, and I'm confident that you'll be able to finish this project while enjoying every moment of it. Just don't go too fast, or you'll run out of content just when you've hit your stride.
Sly 1 is pretty quick. I will be going by missions for Sly 2, Sly 3 and Sly 4.
MadWritter (edited by: MadWritter)
Freeing the Guru
That's our good ol' Cooper gang; thieves and cheats fighting for a better tomorrow by blowing up a lousy today.
Endark: Thanks for the laugh!
Sly 4's Ad Comic
So what magazine would I have to go about getting to get my hands on this comic? I've already got the first two. : )
Normuru: My story is not a real ad comic. This is just my thought on a possible "Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time" ad comic. But mostly looking around release date for Sly Cooper, I wouldn't be surprised to a real "Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time" ad comics in video games magazines.
... What's very weird is that, judging from what's been released, you might not be too far off...
Nomuru: Thank you!
Trophy Talking
You know, you've been doing an awful lot of speculation when it comes to the fourth Sly game. Analyzing ancestors, creating an original plot, and even guessing Trophy requirements...your love and dedication to this series is amazing. And also a little frightening. When the game comes out, I sincerely hope that you have a fun time with it, no matter how many expectations it may or may not reach.
Endark-san: I will have fun time with Sly when the game comes out.
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