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Sly 4's Ad Comic

As usual between the Sly games, they was an ad comic book ad for Sly Cooper. This follow is my plot line of the ad comic book.


Bentley and Penelope had just return from their test time trip. Bentley goes to get the Theivius Racoonus to write their time trip down — but he gets a shock. The book is blanker then a blank check. As Bentley remarks, "A blank check stills has ink lines." Bentley and Penelope hit the Australia outback to talk to the Guru. The Guru can't make heads or tails out of it. Though waiting at the airport back to Paris, Bentley meet General Clawfoot, a old foe from Klaww Gang business. General Clawfoot knows about magic — and explains they are a lot of magic in the word: earth, wind, fire, water, ]light, dark, space and time. He notes that the Bentley has a blank page and smells it. the smell of the time magic. He also heard rumors that someone call the Collector would give his soul to be able to change time. He also knows the Contessa and Appiggo was looking on a time machine before Sly show up as Contessa didn't trust anyone that she didn't mind control.

Meanwhile back in Paris, Murray is relaxing after a Monte Carlos race. Bentley arrives to tell him about the problem. Murray tells him to tell Sly. Bentley doesn't want to — as he with Inspector Fox. A newsreport pops up revealing that the new head of Interpol happens to be a raccoon! Fox is near-by with an annoyed face while Sly is smirking — enjoying Fox's annoyance. Pretending to be annoyed, she kicks Inspector Fox and Constable Cooper off the force — but Bentley sees a familar trait on the Head of Inspector — the same smirk that Sly give him seven years ago.

Meanwhile, Fox and Sly confronts the raccoon at her penthouse. The raccoon explains that she had an idea. Since, Sly Cooper and Inspector Fox had good teamwork. she had decide to put a mission for her world's good. The head reveals herself to William Repooc, the inventor of Theifnet and distant relative of the Cooper Clan. Cooper explains that she was disappearing of some of Interpol's most wanted — and wonder what happen to them — and that would impossible for Fox to do as a cop — but as a thief — she worst she can do is just get information — the best is finding the who, whats, where and hows of how the crooks has disappeared.

Back to her home, Fox outs Sly's fake anemia and notices that Turtle Car and Hippo Muscle e-mails he been getting are from his own teammates — Bentley and Murray. Embrassed, Sly attempts that he "copped" him out. Not surprising a newsreport about robbery in Prague gets their attention. At this point, the Contessa blimp appear — the gang worried that the Contessa had broke out of jail or something jump aboard — but discover the Cooper Team's Van. When Sly asks Bentley about the blimp, Bentley gives Sly the phrase, "Strange mind think alike."

Aboard the blimp are Dimitri, the Guru and Jing King. Bentley explains the mission is to find out what caused the Thevius Racoonus to turn blank. Both the blimp and the van take off into the time — first stop ancient Egypt.

They is a note for it to be continued in "Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time"


What do you think, sir or madam?


So what magazine would I have to go about getting to get my hands on this comic? I've already got the first two. : )
nomuru2d 19th May 12
Normuru: My story is not a real ad comic. This is just my thought on a possible "Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time" ad comic. But mostly looking around release date for Sly Cooper, I wouldn't be surprised to a real "Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time" ad comics in video games magazines.
MadWritter 22nd May 12
... What's very weird is that, judging from what's been released, you might not be too far off...
nomuru2d 23rd May 12
Nomuru: Thank you!
MadWritter 24th May 12