Let's Play All Four Sly Cooper games.

Mad Writter

Freeing the Guru

  • Cooper Family Recording: 1257
  • Subjects: Murray, Bentley, Sly & The Guru

Next job for the Cooper Gang was to free Ayers Rock. The first step was for Sly to fight off the mines, then start the drill. This started to send red and blue scorpions to the surface. Murray captures the red scorpions in the bed of truck by flipping the truck over it's powerful brake. Half-way though the job, the scorpions started coming up. Sly had to climb up to the overdrive on top of drive to move it even deepen at the cost of losing the water that Murray used to cool down the truck — so while Murray tried to collect the rest of the 20 red scorpions — he run over the blue one to cool his tires.

Soon, he got the 20 red scorpions and sent them to the miners out of there.

After Murray, returning to the safe house — Bentley picked up the Moon Stone and Walking Stick and head to the Guru. The Guru had the ability is turn into things and take control of weak mine — after having one of the guards rammed against the gate. The Guru follow Bentley to the drills. Using 5 guards — he damaged the drill.

After that the Guru used three guards to wreck a engine — shunting down a double saw tank near by:

Bentley has a few more jobs for us to get rid of the miners.

  • Feeling a crock some guards
  • Fighting the miners at the bar
  • And using the Claw 10000 (not mention in the briefing)

Recorded by: Hermes/Mercury


That's our good ol' Cooper gang; thieves and cheats fighting for a better tomorrow by blowing up a lousy today.
EndarkCuli 17th Aug 11
Endark: Thanks for the laugh!
MadWritter 17th Aug 11