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God Digs Giant Robots: Let's Play Xenogears!
Introduction and Exploring Lahan
Name it Octopus. Or Octo if that doesn't fit. Because a different Chuchu is one of my favorite partners in Kirby's Dreamland 3 and she's apparently an octopus.
Nice uses of sarcasm, with spelling and punctuation that's easy on the eyes. I could get used to reading this liveblog.

As for names, I can only think of three: "Gilbert", the Japanese name for Final Fantasy IV's Spoony Bard; "Emmett", after the man who invented the time-travelling Delorean; and "order" (sic), to parallel "chaos" from the Xenosaga...prequels, I think.
EndarkCuli (edited by: EndarkCuli)
For the record, it seems that everyone's favourite Snarky Screenshot LPer is taking a crack at this game.
It Begins
Barely out of the tutorial, and the protagonist has already been declared a mass murderer. We're off to a good start.
I just love extremely lengthy sidequests that can only be completed by doing seemingly arbitrary actions in the very beginning stages of the game! (Which of course you can't return to!) Don't you?
At least it doesn't involve any butterflies or empty bottles this time. :P
Oy, you forgot to mention about stealing a bird egg and getting ravaged by the mother bird in order to gain weight, even though weight is pointless in this game.

Otherwise, great Liveblog so far. :)
Blackmoon Forest
The chain animation feature reminds me of Sands Of Destruction (made by a number of the same people, so natch), where basically you had a "heavy" attack and a "flurry" attack, with flurries being more useful since they had much more hits despite being weaker...but since your characters gained more actions based on the number of hits dealt, most non-boss battles soon turned into curb stomps.
Strangely, I'm actually getting Paper Mario flashbacks, though that may be because of the various ways the game deals with damage. Characters who do many small hits generall do way more cumulative damage than those who only do one big hit, but this means they have difficulty dealing with enemies with defense and so on... I actually think the Paper Mario games have one of the deepest battle systems I've ever seen in any RPG, naysayers of the game's "simplicity" be damned.

Do you know who this game's composer(s) is/are? I'm getting a familiar vibe from these tunes, but can't place it...
The music was composed by Yasunori Mitsuda.
Holy crap, he worked on Bomberman 64: The Second Attack and Mario Party 2? No wonder he sounds so familiar; those two games were an integral part of my childhood!
Combing the Desert
Given its failure rate under duress, I think we can saely say that Fei's Gear was made by the Chozo.

Also, people really enjoy blaming things on Fei.
Fei Explores a Cave
A machine. ...With an eyepatch.

A machine.

With an eyepatch.

Oooh, ancients. This is why "Rule Of Cool" is not always a valid design philosophy.
I'd like to hope that the Humongous Mecha's eyepatch would be covering up specialized sensors, or a really shitty repair job.
I'd like to hope that the Humongous Mecha's eyepatch would be covering up specialized sensors, or a really shitty repair job.

Actually, if you talk to the mechanic in the Gear Hangar by Bart's Gear, he'll explain that Bart intentionally asked his mechanics to break one of the optics without somehow reducing vision performance or depth perception. Not in those precise words, but you get my drift.
Much Exposition and Little Combat
2000G for an improved whip, which can only be used by the boss of the guy you're buying it from? Curse you, Adam Smith!
A religious leader named "Margie?" That feels sort of like calling the Pope "Hey, Jacko!" Or the equivalent. I forget the current pope's name.

Also, am I the only one who pictures Marge Simpson with her hair in the shape of the pope's hat? ...No? Why do I have the Pope on my mind today?
Bledavik, home of festival stuff
"Beloved Slacker," for the lolz.

Also, I think this town has my favorite music so far.

Out of curiosity, what is the reward for this sidequest you skipped?
Were I to get both of the badges I've passed up thus far (plus one more I haven't encountered the sidequest for yet), I would be able to trade them for a Power Ring S (Attack +5) and an A Charger (which causes Charging to give you 50 fuel instead of 30). Overall, I don't think it's worth having to best RPS Guy.
Since I love questions, what lies down the other well?

Also, oh my. I think I know where that stuffed animal is going.
The other well leads down the same path, but it takes longer to get the items.
For an irritating pink blob, order has some catchy theme music.

Also: Nice proper nounage, game. And I've seen some PS 1 games with perfectly nicely modeled handrails, so you're just being lazy, game!
Well...that could've gone better.
This is getting rather complicated.
There are way too many tournaments in this game.
Oh, I hated this minigame. It's not that difficult, I just thought it wasn't any fun. Luckily you don't have to waste too much time on it.

Also, the fact that the Gazel Ministry is collecting data on you through the save points is a nice touch.
Bashing some Gears
Didn't we already go into the sewers? Or was that something else.

Fighting game minigames! Oh goodness... Reminds me of No More Heroes 2's second boss fight. Well, third, not counting the Warmup Boss.
Sewer Levels: Because Regular Monotony Just Isn't Enough
Is all defense-boosting stuff in this game bugged?
There are a few that work properly, but plenty of them simply don't work. Just a side effect of the game's rushed status, I guess.
The Finals
This game got explosions all up ins.
Nortune Exploration
Sewers and air vents? They're not leaving any breaking and entering stone unturned!
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