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Ronka Recaps: Dingo Pictures' "Animal Soccer World"
Part 4: Lion Kings and Jungle Kings (or, More Pointless Filler!)


Absolutely love this analysis, can't stop laughing.

Suggestion for next DP adventure: Mouse Police.
Part 8: The Storm Before the Calm
In the grim darkness of the early 2000's, there is only YO YO YO YO YO YO.
I've heard jokes about cheerleaders needing to lose wait, but uh.

The Dallas Piggirls?
Part 9: Let the Games Begin! Seriously. Please, Just Get On With It
The link to the otter thing is broken.

Otherwise, GOLD! as usual, Ronka!
Fixed— stupid album name has a blank space in it, and we know how the wiki feels about blank spaces in links. Oddly, it worked when I previewed it...
Part 10: Fouls, Fowls, and Foul Language
Breathe deep, Ronka. Your suffering will soon be over, and it will not have been for naught. For we have laughed long and well.
Part 11: For the Game. For the World. For the Love of God, It's Over.
Well, at least the hooligans gave you a good laugh.
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