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Here is the text of the greeting:

Hello, [[troper]]. Welcome to Writer's Block.

As you might guess from the name, Writer's Block is TV Trope's hangout for fiction writers. This sub-forum can be used to ask questions, discuss writing craft, request or do critiques, post parts of your story, or it can used as a procrastination tool. Your choice.

If you haven't already, introduce yourself in Writer's Block Daily. This thread is the sub-forum's main hub, where you can post updates concerning your writing, talk about writing, or go off on minor derails.

Ask short questions at Random Questions or the General Writer's Block thread.

Want a critique? Post part (or all) of your story in the Troper Critique Club. Want a beta reader? Enlist in Uncle Drunkie's Writer/Critic Dating Service.

If you want to take your character on a test drive, join the latest Character Development Thread. Just drop in, and state your intention to join in the discussion thread.

Contests are held every few months. You write a short story centered around a theme, and a group of volunteer judges score the entries. Prize? Bragging rights.

Any questions? Don't be afraid to ask. Again, welcome to Writer's Block. Keep on writing!

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