Herald's Greeting

Here is the text of the greeting:

Greetings, [[troper]], and welcome to the Video Games subforum!

The Video Games subforum is the place where we, obviously, talk about video games. It does not matter whether that game is "hardcore" or "casual", mainstream or niche, awesome or terrible; if it's a video game, then it's all good to talk about. Our main goal is a simple one: talk with others about video games and have fun doing it. We also do recommendations; if you wish to read and provide some recommendations by some of our fellow gamer tropers, you can look in this topic thread.

Do note, however, that you should not take this to mean that "anything goes" here. Besides the general rules of the forum, there are three guidelines that you should follow if you want to have a good time with no problems.

For starters, let's talk about complaint threads. Now, we don't mean that you are strictly prohibited from raising any issues towards any game in any thread ever. We mean that you should refrain from threads whose only purpose is to complain about something you don't like. As our past experience with threads of this sort has shown, they have a tendency to incite thread-derailing flame wars and, generally speaking, invite an unwelcoming air to them, which goes against our main goal.

Next, there's the issue of fanboyish behavior. By this, we mean that arguing and whining over which consoles you play your games on and why the consoles you oppose aren't up to snuff is not allowed.

This ties in with Guideline #1 in that they generally go against our main goal, incite thread-derailing flame wars and, frankly, they are just annoying nonsense to read over. So, yeah, kindly refrain from doing this.

Finally, let's raise the issue of well-mannered conduct. By this, we mean that, well, you should be on your best behavior. If someone posts something about a game that you don't agree with, you should either address your concerns with it in a pleasant manner, or just be the better person and ignore it altogether. If you are having problems with a specific troper, report the situation either by hitting the Holler button or by posting in Ask The Tropers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any of the moderators. Do not be afraid to ask; we won't bite, really.

Thank you for your contributions, have fun here, and have a nice day!