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18th Apr 13 10:43:19YMMV.Batman Returns
18th Apr 13 10:42:41YMMV.Batman Returns
18th Apr 13 10:42:31YMMV.Batman Returns
18th Apr 13 10:38:48YMMV.Batman Forever
18th Apr 13 10:37:01YMMV.Batman Forever
17th Apr 13 11:07:35Western Animation.Spider Man 1967
17th Apr 13 07:36:57YMMV.Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
17th Apr 13 07:34:21YMMV.Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
17th Apr 13 07:33:15YMMV.Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
17th Apr 13 05:20:35Film.Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
17th Apr 13 10:53:51Characters.Smallville High
16th Apr 13 02:29:50YMMV.The Nostalgia Critic
13th Apr 13 09:44:01YMMV.The Wizard Of Oz
13th Apr 13 02:01:54YMMV.His Girl Friday
11th Apr 13 03:13:18Compressed Adaptation
11th Apr 13 01:55:19YMMV.Teen Titans
11th Apr 13 08:36:45YMMV.The Rage Carrie 2
11th Apr 13 07:56:40Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Film
10th Apr 13 05:35:51WMG.Carrie
10th Apr 13 05:31:37Funny.Carrie
6th Apr 13 11:16:27Characters.Glee Other Minor Characters
6th Apr 13 11:08:37Opposing Sports Team
6th Apr 13 10:53:46Literature.Carrie
3rd Apr 13 09:59:39Western Animation.The Simpsons Movie
1st Apr 13 06:26:47YMMV.The Host
30th Mar 13 05:01:44Trivia.Frozen
29th Mar 13 03:16:32YMMV.The Jungle Book
27th Mar 13 02:46:28YMMV.Bring It On
25th Mar 13 10:03:17Disney.The Great Mouse Detective
25th Mar 13 09:44:35Franchise.Disney Animated Canon
25th Mar 13 08:46:48Headscratchers.The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
25th Mar 13 04:18:06Film.Vampires Suck
25th Mar 13 02:59:37YMMV.Roseanne
24th Mar 13 08:32:45Series.Thats So Raven
24th Mar 13 08:32:14Series.Thats So Raven
24th Mar 13 02:18:53YMMV.Glee
24th Mar 13 02:08:19Awesome Music.Glee
20th Mar 13 01:04:48Creator.Seth Mac Farlane
17th Mar 13 06:08:20But Not Too Bi
17th Mar 13 06:03:49Useful Notes.Homosexual
16th Mar 13 11:41:57Characters.Glee New Directions Fourth Season
16th Mar 13 11:35:08Characters.Glee New Directions Later Additions
15th Mar 13 02:50:16Awesome Music.Glee
15th Mar 13 09:56:59YMMV.Glee
14th Mar 13 02:58:27Characters.Arrested Development
14th Mar 13 12:13:33Put On A Bus