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3rd Jul 13 09:01:28YMMV.Adventure Time
3rd Jul 13 08:57:47Heartwarming.Adventure Time
3rd Jul 13 08:53:18Alas Poor Scrappy
3rd Jul 13 08:47:38YMMV.Adventure Time
3rd Jul 13 08:46:38YMMV.Adventure Time
3rd Jul 13 08:44:28YMMV.Adventure Time
3rd Jul 13 08:40:16Dethroning Moment.Western Animation
3rd Jul 13 07:35:34YMMV.Adventure Time
2nd Jul 13 09:47:46YMMV.Adventure Time
26th Jun 13 05:47:32Fridge.Adventure Time
19th Jun 13 03:00:10YMMV.Adventure Time
19th Jun 13 02:59:37YMMV.Adventure Time
19th Jun 13 02:50:51Fridge.Adventure Time
19th Jun 13 02:47:29Heartwarming.Adventure Time
19th Jun 13 02:46:06Heartwarming.Adventure Time
19th Jun 13 12:50:29Tear Jerker.Adventure Time
19th Jun 13 12:49:27Tear Jerker.Adventure Time
18th Jun 13 06:38:39YMMV.Adventure Time
18th Jun 13 01:56:28Wham Episode.Adventure Time
18th Jun 13 01:55:10Wham Episode.Adventure Time
18th Jun 13 04:23:37Characters.Adventure Time Minor
18th Jun 13 03:29:46Awesome.Adventure Time
17th Jun 13 07:16:26Tear Jerker.Adventure Time
17th Jun 13 07:13:50Nightmare Fuel.Adventure Time
17th Jun 13 06:50:19YMMV.Adventure Time
17th Jun 13 06:48:33YMMV.Adventure Time
17th Jun 13 06:42:29Fridge.Adventure Time
17th Jun 13 06:37:17Fridge.Adventure Time
17th Jun 13 04:57:54YMMV.Adventure Time
17th Jun 13 04:57:39YMMV.Adventure Time
11th Jun 13 07:07:49Fridge.Adventure Time
11th Jun 13 04:10:41Heartwarming.Adventure Time
11th Jun 13 02:12:30Heartwarming.Adventure Time
11th Jun 13 01:30:14Characters.Adventure Time Minor
9th Jun 13 04:12:24Ho Yay.Adventure Time
8th Jun 13 05:50:33Headscratchers.Adventure Time
7th Jun 13 07:12:13Headscratchers.Adventure Time
7th Jun 13 05:00:02Headscratchers.Adventure Time
5th Jun 13 05:02:31Ho Yay.Adventure Time
3rd Jun 13 09:04:31Headscratchers.Adventure Time
3rd Jun 13 08:51:07Characters.Adventure Time Minor
3rd Jun 13 07:54:56Dethroning Moment.Western Animation
3rd Jun 13 07:39:45Characters.Adventure Time Minor
3rd Jun 13 07:35:27Characters.Adventure Time Minor
2nd Jun 13 04:09:25Headscratchers.Adventure Time
2nd Jun 13 04:08:22Headscratchers.Adventure Time
2nd Jun 13 12:10:44YMMV.Adventure Time
1st Jun 13 06:01:28Heartwarming.Adventure Time
1st Jun 13 06:00:17Heartwarming.Adventure Time
1st Jun 13 05:01:24Characters.Adventure Time Minor
1st Jun 13 05:00:09Characters.Adventure Time Minor
1st Jun 13 04:44:40Fridge.Adventure Time
30th May 13 06:58:08Tear Jerker.Adventure Time
30th May 13 06:26:19Heartwarming.Adventure Time
30th May 13 03:39:11Fridge.Adventure Time
30th May 13 03:36:31Nightmare Fuel.Rugrats
30th May 13 03:09:01Fridge.Adventure Time
30th May 13 03:05:54Fridge.Adventure Time
30th May 13 02:48:40Fridge.Adventure Time
30th May 13 01:08:23Headscratchers.Adventure Time
28th May 13 08:38:27Characters.Adventure Time Minor
28th May 13 06:43:11Fridge.Adventure Time
28th May 13 06:42:37Fridge.Adventure Time
28th May 13 06:27:43Characters.Adventure Time Minor
28th May 13 06:25:41Wham Episode.Adventure Time
28th May 13 06:21:36Tear Jerker.Adventure Time
28th May 13 05:45:21Tear Jerker.The Lord Of The Rings
28th May 13 05:44:39Tear Jerker.The Lord Of The Rings
28th May 13 05:26:19Tearjerker.Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
28th May 13 05:18:31YMMV.Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
28th May 13 05:17:54YMMV.Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
28th May 13 05:16:28Tearjerker.Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
28th May 13 05:12:48Tearjerker.Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
27th May 13 06:35:52Fridge.Adventure Time
26th May 13 07:50:48Funny.Adventure Time
26th May 13 07:43:34Funny.Slender
26th May 13 07:43:06Funny.Slender
25th May 13 02:15:11Adventure Time.Tropes S To Z
25th May 13 02:12:39Adventure Time.Tropes I To R
25th May 13 02:05:18Headscratchers.Adventure Time
25th May 13 12:39:40Radar.Adventure Time
25th May 13 12:23:54YMMV.Adventure Time
24th May 13 09:33:09Dethroning Moment.Western Animation
24th May 13 09:27:29Dethroning Moment.Western Animation
24th May 13 09:26:30Dethroning Moment.Western Animation
24th May 13 09:10:51Took A Level In Kindness.Western Animation
24th May 13 09:08:56YMMV.Adventure Time
24th May 13 08:53:04Hard Gay
24th May 13 06:22:41Characters.Adventure Time Minor
24th May 13 06:21:15Characters.Adventure Time Minor
24th May 13 06:18:48Radar.Adventure Time
24th May 13 06:18:15Radar.Adventure Time
24th May 13 06:17:33Radar.Adventure Time
24th May 13 06:17:31Radar.Adventure Time
24th May 13 06:16:39Radar.Adventure Time
24th May 13 06:12:20YMMV.Steven Universe
24th May 13 05:34:31Characters.Adventure Time Minor
24th May 13 05:22:21Headscratchers.Adventure Time
24th May 13 05:20:38Headscratchers.Adventure Time
24th May 13 05:18:00Adventure Time.Tropes S To Z
24th May 13 05:15:59YMMV.Adventure Time
23rd May 13 05:57:05Heartwarming.Adventure Time
23rd May 13 05:54:33Characters.Adventure Time Minor
23rd May 13 05:52:04Adventure Time.Tropes I To R
23rd May 13 05:50:11YMMV.Adventure Time
23rd May 13 05:49:35YMMV.Adventure Time
23rd May 13 05:40:58Characterization Marches On
23rd May 13 05:32:41Trivia.Adventure Time
23rd May 13 05:24:31Does Not Like Spam
23rd May 13 05:16:48Adventure Time.Tropes S To Z
23rd May 13 05:14:24Adventure Time.Tropes S To Z
23rd May 13 05:13:43Adventure Time.Tropes S To Z
23rd May 13 05:10:26Adventure Time.Tropes S To Z
23rd May 13 04:12:25YMMV.Steven Universe
23rd May 13 04:12:10YMMV.Steven Universe
23rd May 13 02:28:45YMMV.Steven Universe
23rd May 13 01:44:48Unintentionally Sympathetic
19th May 13 08:11:00Characters.Adventure Time Minor
19th May 13 07:48:11Characters.Adventure Time Minor
19th May 13 07:41:46Characters.Adventure Time Minor
19th May 13 07:01:27Disability As An Excuse For Jerkassery
19th May 13 06:44:07WMG.Adventure Time