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6th Mar 15 04:10:33Hollywood Law
5th Mar 15 08:16:04Hollywood Atheist
5th Mar 15 08:00:52Hollywood Atheist
5th Mar 15 07:57:34Hollywood Atheist
4th Mar 15 09:02:59Of The People
4th Mar 15 08:51:24Of The People
4th Mar 15 08:41:14Fiction Isnt Fair
4th Mar 15 08:32:18Inhumanable Alien Rights
4th Mar 15 08:16:37Inhumanable Alien Rights
4th Mar 15 07:54:07Inhumanable Alien Rights
4th Mar 15 07:01:57Series.No Ordinary Family
4th Mar 15 06:23:37Useful Notes.Muhammad Ali
4th Mar 15 05:39:58Hollywood Law
4th Mar 15 05:38:56Series.The Good Wife
4th Mar 15 05:38:26Series.The Good Wife
4th Mar 15 05:37:52Hollywood Law
4th Mar 15 05:36:00Hollywood Law
4th Mar 15 05:23:09Series.The Good Wife
4th Mar 15 05:21:34Series.The Good Wife
3rd Mar 15 11:23:49Hide Your Pregnancy
3rd Mar 15 11:21:20Series.No Ordinary Family
3rd Mar 15 06:40:24Series.Hell On Wheels
3rd Mar 15 06:32:28Series.No Ordinary Family
2nd Mar 15 07:31:10Series.Better Call Saul
2nd Mar 15 07:28:25Series.Better Call Saul
2nd Mar 15 06:18:00Series.No Ordinary Family
1st Mar 15 08:24:59Series.No Ordinary Family
1st Mar 15 08:19:18Series.No Ordinary Family
1st Mar 15 08:18:29Hollywood Law
1st Mar 15 08:16:41Hollywood Law
1st Mar 15 07:41:03Hollywood Atheist
1st Mar 15 07:39:02Trivia.The Good Wife
1st Mar 15 07:37:18Series.The Good Wife
1st Mar 15 07:34:59Series.The Good Wife
1st Mar 15 07:29:46Hollywood Law
1st Mar 15 02:07:52Series.Hell On Wheels
1st Mar 15 01:46:25Hollywood Law
1st Mar 15 01:44:27Series.No Ordinary Family
1st Mar 15 12:45:50Literature.Villains By Necessity
28th Feb 15 11:02:43Secret Intelligence Service
28th Feb 15 10:54:48Bond Villain Stupidity
28th Feb 15 10:21:03Series.Black Sails
27th Feb 15 06:47:58Film.The Devils
27th Feb 15 02:02:00YMMV.Mamma Mia
26th Feb 15 10:18:22Film.Dirty Work
26th Feb 15 10:14:22YMMV.Norm Macdonald
26th Feb 15 10:13:53Creator.Norm Mac Donald
26th Feb 15 09:58:40Useful Notes.Richard III
26th Feb 15 09:55:50Useful Notes.Richard III
26th Feb 15 09:41:40Series.Defiance
26th Feb 15 09:35:44Fantastic Caste System
26th Feb 15 09:20:32Circumcision Angst
26th Feb 15 09:17:40Circumcision Angst
26th Feb 15 09:16:16Circumcision Angst
26th Feb 15 08:10:32Three Way Sex
26th Feb 15 08:09:08Three Way Sex
26th Feb 15 08:07:22Three Way Sex
26th Feb 15 07:16:16Film.Y Tu Mama Tambien
26th Feb 15 07:14:53Film.Y Tu Mama Tambien
26th Feb 15 07:13:25Film.Y Tu Mama Tambien
26th Feb 15 06:34:28Suddenly Sexuality
26th Feb 15 05:11:06Actor Shared Background
26th Feb 15 05:04:49Creator.Alison Brie
26th Feb 15 04:51:45A Threesome Is Hot
26th Feb 15 04:35:34A Threesome Is Hot
26th Feb 15 04:08:17Series.The 100
26th Feb 15 04:06:04Bi The Way
26th Feb 15 04:05:15Bi The Way
26th Feb 15 03:58:20Series.The 100
24th Feb 15 07:29:00Persecution Flip
24th Feb 15 07:28:15Persecution Flip
24th Feb 15 07:18:59Persecution Flip
24th Feb 15 07:16:25Film.Stonehearst Asylum
24th Feb 15 07:11:59Hollywood Law
23rd Feb 15 08:26:34Mercy Kill
23rd Feb 15 08:25:06Meaningful Name.Film
23rd Feb 15 08:24:36Meaningful Name.Film
23rd Feb 15 08:22:29Fake Irish
23rd Feb 15 08:20:41Trivia.Stonehearst Asylum
23rd Feb 15 08:20:26Film.Stonehearst Asylum
23rd Feb 15 08:18:19Driven To Suicide.Film
23rd Feb 15 08:13:24Film.Stonehearst Asylum
23rd Feb 15 08:13:18Domestic Abuse
23rd Feb 15 08:11:02Film.Stonehearst Asylum
23rd Feb 15 08:10:51Bedlam House
23rd Feb 15 08:07:29Film.Stonehearst Asylum
23rd Feb 15 08:06:41Films Of The2010s
23rd Feb 15 08:04:43Film.Stonehearst Asylum
23rd Feb 15 08:04:15Film.Stonehearst Asylum
23rd Feb 15 08:03:47Film.Stonehearst Asylum
23rd Feb 15 08:00:58Film.Stonehearst Asylum
23rd Feb 15 07:20:48Tropers.Fireblood
22nd Feb 15 09:40:49Egocentrically Religious
22nd Feb 15 09:27:49White Mans Burden
22nd Feb 15 08:57:33Hollywood Atheist
22nd Feb 15 08:48:55Film.Freedom Writers
22nd Feb 15 08:40:12Film.White Mans Burden
22nd Feb 15 08:37:38Film.White Mans Burden
22nd Feb 15 08:29:17YMMV.How NOT To Write A Novel
22nd Feb 15 07:56:24Literature.Dinotopia
22nd Feb 15 07:15:35Literature.Foucaults Pendulum
22nd Feb 15 04:37:33Literature.Timeline
22nd Feb 15 04:36:02Literature.Timeline
22nd Feb 15 04:29:56Literature.Timeline
22nd Feb 15 12:35:30Suicide Is Shameful
22nd Feb 15 12:30:38Playing With.Suicide Is Shameful
22nd Feb 15 12:27:30Suicide Is Shameful
22nd Feb 15 12:17:18Suicide Is Shameful
22nd Feb 15 12:12:52All Crimes Are Equal
21st Feb 15 07:47:57Crisis Of Faith
21st Feb 15 04:51:36Series.How To Get Away With Murder
21st Feb 15 04:47:47Series.How To Get Away With Murder
21st Feb 15 04:45:04Series.How To Get Away With Murder
21st Feb 15 04:40:27Series.How To Get Away With Murder
21st Feb 15 04:40:03Series.How To Get Away With Murder
21st Feb 15 04:38:24Series.How To Get Away With Murder
21st Feb 15 04:33:58Series.How To Get Away With Murder
21st Feb 15 04:32:11Series.How To Get Away With Murder
21st Feb 15 04:14:34Hollywood Law
21st Feb 15 04:12:59YMMV.How To Get Away With Murder
21st Feb 15 03:29:52D Cup Distress
21st Feb 15 03:24:35D Cup Distress
20th Feb 15 08:39:12Headscratchers.The Mentalist
20th Feb 15 08:35:59Headscratchers.The Mentalist
20th Feb 15 08:35:42Headscratchers.The Mentalist
20th Feb 15 08:01:40Hijacked By Jesus
20th Feb 15 07:16:55Machiavelli Was Wrong
20th Feb 15 07:16:21Machiavelli Was Wrong
20th Feb 15 07:14:58Machiavelli Was Wrong
20th Feb 15 07:01:12Belief Makes You Stupid
20th Feb 15 06:40:42Series.Believe
19th Feb 15 10:16:20If Jesus Then Aliens
19th Feb 15 09:18:38Daydream Believer
19th Feb 15 09:11:18Daydream Believer
19th Feb 15 09:08:46Daydream Believer
19th Feb 15 04:14:58Mercy Kill
18th Feb 15 06:31:27Heroes.Tropes A To E
18th Feb 15 06:30:48Artistic License History
18th Feb 15 06:11:00Series.Broadchurch
18th Feb 15 06:08:40Hollywood Law
17th Feb 15 09:02:20Child By Rape
16th Feb 15 07:41:34Literature.Merry Gentry
16th Feb 15 06:57:45Useful Notes.Vlad The Impaler
16th Feb 15 06:33:23Masterof Your Domain
16th Feb 15 06:22:23Bad Powers Good People
16th Feb 15 06:09:35Film.Dracula Untold
16th Feb 15 06:00:39Bad Powers Good People
15th Feb 15 05:36:02Series.The Outer Limits 1995
14th Feb 15 08:35:28Literature.The Children Of Man
14th Feb 15 05:31:11Headscratchers.Game Of Thrones
13th Feb 15 06:23:48Hollywood Law
13th Feb 15 02:09:51Recap.Star Trek The Next Generation S 3 E 12 The High Ground
13th Feb 15 01:07:14Web Video.Cinema Sins
12th Feb 15 09:38:05Literature.The Demolished Man
12th Feb 15 08:00:52Felony Murder
12th Feb 15 07:52:38Series.The 100
10th Feb 15 06:16:04Headscratchers.Game Of Thrones
8th Feb 15 09:32:57Romanticized Abuse
8th Feb 15 09:05:14One Gender Race
8th Feb 15 09:02:59One Gender Race
8th Feb 15 09:02:14One Gender Race
8th Feb 15 08:55:43One Gender Race
8th Feb 15 06:24:36Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism
8th Feb 15 06:23:48Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism
8th Feb 15 04:46:11Trivia.Gods And Generals
8th Feb 15 04:44:36Film.Gods And Generals
8th Feb 15 09:24:32Useful Notes.The Irish Revolution
8th Feb 15 09:04:57Auto Erotica
8th Feb 15 09:00:42Hollywood Genetics
8th Feb 15 08:56:31Series.Life Unexpected
8th Feb 15 08:55:20Series.Life Unexpected
8th Feb 15 07:04:06Creator.Megan Fox
8th Feb 15 05:57:44United Space Of America
8th Feb 15 05:19:46This Is My Name On Foreign
8th Feb 15 03:46:09Film.The Wild Hunt
8th Feb 15 03:40:49Enslaved Elves
8th Feb 15 02:10:19Backhanded Apology
8th Feb 15 01:50:39Mattress Tag Gag
8th Feb 15 01:39:05Felony Misdemeanor
8th Feb 15 01:32:30Felony Misdemeanor
8th Feb 15 01:20:10YMMV.After Hours
8th Feb 15 01:02:55Heartwarming.After Hours
8th Feb 15 12:47:58Funny.After Hours
8th Feb 15 12:38:09Web Video.After Hours
7th Feb 15 09:54:11Film.In Time
7th Feb 15 09:38:40Literature.Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom
7th Feb 15 09:32:22Brain Uploading
7th Feb 15 09:17:45Brain Uploading
7th Feb 15 08:56:33Eternal Sexual Freedom
7th Feb 15 08:36:04Eternal Sexual Freedom
7th Feb 15 08:09:57Tear Jerker.How To Get Away With Murder
7th Feb 15 08:03:36Fridge.How To Get Away With Murder
7th Feb 15 07:36:42Free Love Future
7th Feb 15 07:04:58Son Of A Whore
7th Feb 15 06:30:17Primal Scene
7th Feb 15 06:27:01Primal Scene
7th Feb 15 06:19:54Film.Enter The Void
7th Feb 15 06:18:55Film.Enter The Void
7th Feb 15 06:12:51Coming And Going
7th Feb 15 06:12:11Coming And Going
7th Feb 15 05:45:42Series.How To Get Away With Murder
7th Feb 15 05:10:19YMMV.Marquis De Sade
7th Feb 15 05:09:58YMMV.Marquis De Sade
7th Feb 15 05:09:27YMMV.Marquis De Sade
7th Feb 15 05:02:49Headscratchers.Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone
6th Feb 15 08:39:18Culture Equals Costume
6th Feb 15 07:49:56Faux Interracial Relationship
6th Feb 15 07:41:58Series.Twelve Monkeys
5th Feb 15 05:41:57Mercy Kill
5th Feb 15 05:40:06Webcomic.Deep Rise
4th Feb 15 08:57:16Alternative Character Interpretation.SF Debris
4th Feb 15 07:24:25Alternative Character Interpretation.SF Debris Star Trek The Next Generation
4th Feb 15 06:16:10Creator.Sarah Shahi
4th Feb 15 05:35:12Series.Person Of Interest
4th Feb 15 05:23:00YMMV.Cry Freedom
4th Feb 15 05:22:46YMMV.Cry Freedom
4th Feb 15 05:21:02Film.Cry Freedom
4th Feb 15 05:33:48Creator.Halle Berry
4th Feb 15 05:28:39Sex Changes Everything
4th Feb 15 02:13:49Belief Makes You Stupid
4th Feb 15 12:50:17Critical Research Failure
4th Feb 15 12:48:14Critical Research Failure
4th Feb 15 12:32:20Series.The Bridge US
4th Feb 15 12:29:29YMMV.James Ellroy
4th Feb 15 12:29:22Creator.James Ellroy
4th Feb 15 12:19:36Critical Research Failure
4th Feb 15 12:18:10YMMV.Forever
4th Feb 15 12:07:18Series.Forever
3rd Feb 15 05:55:52Anti Magic
3rd Feb 15 05:49:50Literature.His Fair Assassin
3rd Feb 15 05:42:12Intimate Healing
3rd Feb 15 05:32:53Characters.Witches Of East End
3rd Feb 15 05:25:10WMG.The Blacklist
1st Feb 15 07:00:32Useful Notes.Woodrow Wilson
1st Feb 15 06:44:05Useful Notes.Woodrow Wilson
1st Feb 15 06:25:37Useful Notes.Woodrow Wilson
1st Feb 15 05:39:26Useful Notes.Woodrow Wilson
1st Feb 15 05:35:45Useful Notes.Woodrow Wilson
1st Feb 15 05:20:56Useful Notes.Woodrow Wilson
1st Feb 15 02:23:33Series.Tyrant
1st Feb 15 01:56:20Youre Just Jealous
1st Feb 15 01:50:27Film.Lock Up
1st Feb 15 01:47:21Circular Reasoning
1st Feb 15 11:23:12Dear Negative Reader
1st Feb 15 05:40:39Protagonist Journey To Villain
1st Feb 15 05:22:02Glorified Sperm Donor
1st Feb 15 04:20:14Literature.Anita Blake
1st Feb 15 04:13:20Hollywood Law
1st Feb 15 04:05:10Hollywood Law
1st Feb 15 02:18:17Hollywood Law
1st Feb 15 02:13:01Literature.Anita Blake
31st Jan 15 10:51:35The Last Dance
31st Jan 15 10:34:28Disability Immunity
31st Jan 15 09:37:38Literature.Star Wars Red Harvest
31st Jan 15 08:51:57Creator.Gwendoline Christie
31st Jan 15 08:38:58Awesome.The Force Awakens
31st Jan 15 08:29:04Trivia.The Witcher
31st Jan 15 08:28:53Franchise.The Witcher
31st Jan 15 08:27:36Franchise.The Witcher
31st Jan 15 08:14:01Franchise.The Witcher
31st Jan 15 08:06:12Happy Ending Override
31st Jan 15 08:01:56Happy Ending Override
31st Jan 15 07:53:00Film.The Force Awakens
31st Jan 15 06:07:36Literature.Death Troopers
31st Jan 15 05:58:46Its A Small World After All
31st Jan 15 05:34:54Its A Small World After All
31st Jan 15 05:28:22Series.Twelve Monkeys
31st Jan 15 05:26:34Series.Twelve Monkeys
29th Jan 15 08:35:13YMMV.The Neanderthal Parallax
29th Jan 15 08:34:55YMMV.The Neanderthal Parallax
29th Jan 15 08:16:07Mind Control Device
29th Jan 15 07:09:22Child By Rape
29th Jan 15 05:56:04Grand Inquisitor Scene
29th Jan 15 05:25:25Bilingual Backfire
29th Jan 15 04:47:38Hollywood Law
29th Jan 15 04:45:40Film.The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three
29th Jan 15 04:05:52Trivia.Maus
29th Jan 15 04:04:54Comic Book.Maus
29th Jan 15 03:48:46Literature.The Han Solo Trilogy
29th Jan 15 03:01:44Bath Suicide
29th Jan 15 01:34:47Would Be Rude To Say Genocide
29th Jan 15 12:59:09Comic Book.Maus
29th Jan 15 12:33:12Final Solution
29th Jan 15 12:08:41Final Solution
29th Jan 15 12:05:36Final Solution
29th Jan 15 12:04:58Final Solution
29th Jan 15 12:04:03Final Solution
28th Jan 15 10:25:32Fridge.Tales Of The Bounty Hunters
28th Jan 15 10:25:15Fridge.Tales Of The Bounty Hunters
28th Jan 15 10:25:04Fridge.Tales Of The Bounty Hunters
28th Jan 15 10:24:49Fridge.Tales Of The Bounty Hunters
28th Jan 15 10:23:23Literature.Tales Of The Bounty Hunters
28th Jan 15 10:16:58All Are Equal In Death
28th Jan 15 10:00:36Film.The Color Of Friendship
28th Jan 15 09:53:53Series.Crisis
28th Jan 15 09:49:05Moral Myopia
28th Jan 15 09:31:16Moral Myopia
28th Jan 15 09:20:05The Savage Indian
27th Jan 15 05:43:17Hollywood Law
27th Jan 15 05:02:59Conviction By Contradiction
27th Jan 15 05:01:48Conviction By Contradiction
27th Jan 15 05:00:33Conviction By Contradiction
26th Jan 15 07:45:41Hollywood Law
26th Jan 15 07:42:25Film.Con Air
26th Jan 15 06:57:24Hollywood Law
25th Jan 15 09:25:55Democracy Is Flawed
25th Jan 15 09:13:12Series.Black Sails
24th Jan 15 07:04:22All Crimes Are Equal
24th Jan 15 06:42:52Hollywood Law
24th Jan 15 06:40:14Write Back To The Future
24th Jan 15 06:39:22Series.Twelve Monkeys
24th Jan 15 06:38:56Timey Wimey Ball
24th Jan 15 06:37:18Series.Twelve Monkeys
24th Jan 15 06:36:52Temporal Paradox
24th Jan 15 06:32:31Series.Twelve Monkeys
24th Jan 15 06:32:04Super Soldier
24th Jan 15 06:29:56Series.Twelve Monkeys
24th Jan 15 06:27:36Stable Time Loop
24th Jan 15 06:24:41Set Right What Once Went Wrong
24th Jan 15 06:23:17The Slow Path
24th Jan 15 06:22:01Ripple Effect Indicator
24th Jan 15 06:19:42Redemption Equals Death
24th Jan 15 06:18:35Series.Twelve Monkeys
24th Jan 15 06:18:05Never The Selves Shall Meet
24th Jan 15 06:17:12Series.Twelve Monkeys
24th Jan 15 06:16:44Mythology Gag.Live Action TV
24th Jan 15 06:15:15Series.Twelve Monkeys
24th Jan 15 06:14:44In Spite Of A Nail
24th Jan 15 06:13:08Series.Twelve Monkeys
24th Jan 15 06:12:34Have We Met Yet
24th Jan 15 06:11:05Dark And Troubled Past
24th Jan 15 06:04:56Series.Twelve Monkeys
24th Jan 15 06:03:29Adaptation Name Change
24th Jan 15 06:02:13Series.Twelve Monkeys
24th Jan 15 06:00:34Adaptation Expansion
24th Jan 15 05:58:57Series.Twelve Monkeys
24th Jan 15 05:48:09Series.Twelve Monkeys
23rd Jan 15 08:32:16Film.In The Company Of Men
23rd Jan 15 08:15:08Gender Flip
23rd Jan 15 08:14:41Gender Flip
23rd Jan 15 08:13:23Series.Twelve Monkeys
23rd Jan 15 08:13:18Death By Adaptation
23rd Jan 15 08:11:07Cassandra Truth
23rd Jan 15 07:54:06Series Of The2010s
23rd Jan 15 07:52:23Series.Twelve Monkeys
23rd Jan 15 07:51:17Series.Twelve Monkeys
23rd Jan 15 06:57:30Hollywood Atheist
23rd Jan 15 06:55:45Hollywood Atheist
23rd Jan 15 06:54:47Hollywood Atheist
23rd Jan 15 06:53:20Hollywood Atheist
23rd Jan 15 06:50:25Film.Twelve Monkeys
21st Jan 15 06:54:26Hollywood Genetics
21st Jan 15 06:53:43Film.Judge Dredd
21st Jan 15 05:17:50Series.The Fall
19th Jan 15 06:13:20YMMV.The Life Of David Gale
19th Jan 15 06:07:48Film.The Life Of David Gale
19th Jan 15 05:55:35YMMV.The Lincoln Lawyer
19th Jan 15 04:55:29Acquitted Too Late
19th Jan 15 02:22:45Series.In Justice
19th Jan 15 02:21:03YMMV.In Justice
19th Jan 15 02:20:35Series.In Justice
19th Jan 15 02:16:04Series.In Justice
19th Jan 15 02:11:31Acquitted Too Late
19th Jan 15 02:07:15Acquitted Too Late
19th Jan 15 01:56:58Acquitted Too Late
19th Jan 15 01:51:16Fake Memories
19th Jan 15 01:42:35Fake Memories
19th Jan 15 01:29:57Film.The Wolfman 2010
19th Jan 15 01:15:15Film.Jumpin Jack Flash
19th Jan 15 01:00:37Principles Zealot
18th Jan 15 11:49:32Funny.Tim Minchin
18th Jan 15 11:47:12Music.Tim Minchin
18th Jan 15 11:42:35Music.Tim Minchin
18th Jan 15 11:32:37Music.Tim Minchin
18th Jan 15 09:26:28Hollywood Atheist
18th Jan 15 09:24:09Film.Six Souls
18th Jan 15 09:23:19Arbitrary Skepticism
18th Jan 15 09:21:59Film.The Skeptic
18th Jan 15 03:22:25Hollywood Atheist
18th Jan 15 03:22:02Series.Masters Of Horror
18th Jan 15 01:24:35Pedophile Priest
18th Jan 15 01:17:21Series.The Fall
18th Jan 15 12:43:35Series.The Fall
17th Jan 15 11:20:56Series.The Fall
17th Jan 15 10:22:41Series.The Fall
17th Jan 15 10:14:27Bi The Way
17th Jan 15 10:12:53Series.The Fall
17th Jan 15 10:11:29Series.The Fall
17th Jan 15 10:07:34Series.The Fall
17th Jan 15 10:01:06Series.The Fall
17th Jan 15 09:41:07Series.The Fall
15th Jan 15 05:21:25Headscratchers.Game Of Thrones
14th Jan 15 10:56:01Mr Fanservice.Live Action TV
14th Jan 15 10:52:31Costume Porn
14th Jan 15 06:47:20YMMV.Person Of Interest
13th Jan 15 07:03:58Series.The Practice
13th Jan 15 07:02:56Hollywood Law
12th Jan 15 07:04:34Disappeared Dad
12th Jan 15 06:53:49German Humour
12th Jan 15 06:50:40Thirteen Is Unlucky