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11th Jul 17 10:15:00Too Incompetent To Operate A Blanket.Advertising
3rd Mar 17 11:42:53Stringy Haired Ghost Girl
19th Jan 17 11:25:48Useful Notes.Oslo
18th Jan 17 09:50:10Weaponized Exhaust
2nd Dec 16 07:41:34Spice Up The Subtitles
26th Nov 16 01:06:04Black Bug Room
17th Nov 16 03:35:20YMMV.The Nutshack
17th Nov 16 02:29:15Death World
26th Oct 16 12:52:56What Did You Expect When You Named It
26th Oct 16 10:05:16Series.Hatersbackoff
11th Oct 16 05:01:31Video Game.Mahou Daisakusen
11th Oct 16 07:14:07Creator.Ed Wood
23rd Sep 16 07:20:03Franchise.Shin Megami Tensei
23rd Sep 16 04:51:20Webcomic.Sweet Bro And Hella Jeff
21st Apr 16 11:28:38Video Game.Armored Core
21st Apr 16 12:29:57Film.Puppet Master
13th Mar 16 04:57:18Disney.Zootopia
26th Jan 16 02:45:37Video Game.Resident Evil 4
21st Mar 15 04:16:34Dark Is Not Evil.Mythology And Religion
21st Mar 15 04:14:32Dark Is Not Evil.Mythology And Religion
21st Nov 14 10:46:47Doorstopper
17th Nov 14 01:26:24Wiki.Conservapedia
15th Nov 14 10:07:25Useful Notes.Christianity
20th Sep 14 11:56:46Writer On Board
29th Aug 14 09:48:21Film.Pitch Black
10th Jun 14 11:24:05Benevolent Precursors
9th Jun 14 12:05:53Anime.Master Of Martial Hearts
9th Jun 14 12:04:54Manga.Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
8th Jun 14 06:29:15Fetus Terrible
18th May 14 08:52:50Video Game.Maple Story
13th Apr 14 06:27:27Video Game.Metal Slug
13th Apr 14 01:11:26Awesome Music.F Zero
12th Apr 14 11:26:50Ravens And Crows
4th Apr 14 10:18:40Video Game.Dirge Of Cerberus
20th Mar 14 10:15:58Idiot Crows
16th Mar 14 06:36:33Video Game.Stranglehold
16th Mar 14 06:25:29Unnecessary Combat Roll
13th Feb 14 07:54:33Poke The Poodle
9th Feb 14 02:30:59Revenge Of The Sunfish
9th Feb 14 12:43:44Myth Arc
5th Feb 14 09:10:19No Hero To His Valet
5th Feb 14 08:26:25Break The Cutie.Religion And Mythology
16th Jan 14 09:09:24Video Game.Cave Story
15th Jan 14 08:51:51Eldritch Abomination.Mythology And Religion
15th Jan 14 08:40:26Wall Master
5th Jan 14 09:24:57OOC Is Serious Business
25th Oct 13 07:10:15Religious Russian Roulette
25th Sep 13 01:22:53Ledge Bats
25th Sep 13 01:19:21Ledge Bats
10th Sep 13 09:58:03Video Game.Theresia Dear Emile
10th Sep 13 09:21:45Video Game.Tower Of Heaven
10th Sep 13 08:59:34Video Game.Rune Factory Frontier
10th Sep 13 08:56:13Unbuilt Trope
3rd Sep 13 11:16:25His Name Really Is Barkeep
2nd Sep 13 08:07:34Temporal Paradox
18th Aug 13 05:26:27Loophole Abuse.Video Games
4th Aug 13 10:15:45Never Smile At A Crocodile
29th May 13 09:15:09Video Game.El Shaddai Ascension Of The Metatron
26th May 13 05:26:58Swallowed Whole
26th May 13 12:41:54Painfully Slow Projectile
26th May 13 12:29:35Total Party Kill
26th May 13 12:22:30Game Breaker.Turn Based Strategy
26th May 13 12:21:17Game Breaker.Turn Based Strategy
26th May 13 12:10:21Game Breaker.Nintendo Wars
23rd May 13 05:17:09It Runs On Nonsensoleum
8th May 13 11:59:41Paper Talisman
26th Mar 13 10:13:42Furry Fandom
25th Mar 13 08:32:39Villainous Glutton
25th Mar 13 07:29:25Video Game.Blaz Blue
17th Mar 13 12:14:50Took A Shortcut
17th Mar 13 12:08:40Gameplay And Story Segregation
12th Mar 13 06:15:03SNK Boss
12th Mar 13 06:04:49Western Animation.Rocket Power
12th Mar 13 05:37:55Bribing Your Way To Victory
30th Dec 12 03:39:15Brain Bleach
29th Dec 12 11:56:53Silliness Switch
4th Dec 12 08:38:55Memes.Pokemon
2nd Dec 12 09:17:01The Tetris Effect
2nd Dec 12 04:06:59Video Game.Metroid Prime
2nd Dec 12 04:03:18Escort Mission
2nd Dec 12 12:43:38No Fair Cheating
1st Dec 12 08:49:29That One Boss.Action
15th Oct 12 09:51:18That One Level.The Legend Of Zelda
15th Oct 12 09:35:55Eight Point Eight
15th Oct 12 08:00:04Obfuscating Stupidity.Video Games
14th Oct 12 08:40:08Beware The Nice Ones.Video Games
14th Oct 12 08:12:58Beware The Nice Ones.Mythology
7th Oct 12 10:38:49New Mutants
7th Oct 12 10:02:35Western Animation.Recess
10th Sep 12 08:11:41Empty Room Psych
10th Sep 12 07:44:45Urban Legend Of Zelda
10th Sep 12 01:20:05Rank Inflation