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25th Jan 13 07:31:23Funny Aneurysm Moment.Video Games
25th Jan 13 07:06:38Would Hurt A Child
25th Jan 13 06:22:41Idiot Savant
25th Jan 13 05:30:31Wife Basher Basher
25th Jan 13 03:07:17Genius Loci
25th Jan 13 12:52:10Everything But The Girl
24th Jan 13 07:34:01Cunning Linguist
24th Jan 13 06:43:42Awesome.Webcomics
24th Jan 13 04:20:44Bad Guys Do The Dirty Work
24th Jan 13 04:10:29Bad Guys Do The Dirty Work
24th Jan 13 12:40:05Karma Houdini.Video Games
24th Jan 13 12:25:54What You Are In The Dark
24th Jan 13 09:53:41Sweet And Sour Grapes
23rd Jan 13 03:37:04Kleptomaniac Hero
23rd Jan 13 02:16:12Series.Bones
22nd Jan 13 02:55:16Awesome.Resident Evil 6
22nd Jan 13 02:33:56Awesome Bosses.Bio Ware
22nd Jan 13 02:04:26Awesome.Bully
22nd Jan 13 11:50:23Face Death With Dignity
21st Jan 13 05:31:17Been There Shaped History
21st Jan 13 05:28:59Been There Shaped History
20th Jan 13 11:08:45Mundane Utility
8th Jan 13 06:39:53Most Annoying Sound
5th Jan 13 05:07:16I Never Said It Was Poison
21st Nov 12 01:02:59Batman Gambit.Live Action TV
24th Oct 12 05:19:50YMMV.The Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker
24th Oct 12 05:13:30YMMV.Super Mario Sunshine
22nd Oct 12 02:05:55YMMV.Luigis Mansion
22nd Oct 12 02:05:09YMMV.Luigis Mansion
15th Oct 12 10:25:35Innocent Flower Girl
10th Oct 12 03:11:50Redemption Equals Death
5th Oct 12 01:58:56Bread Eggs Milk Squick
1st Aug 12 08:37:59Took A Level In Badass.Video Games
1st Aug 12 08:36:06Took A Level In Badass.Video Games
10th Jun 12 06:47:32Determinator.Webcomics
10th Jun 12 06:45:58Determinator.Webcomics
22nd May 12 06:07:26Cursed With Awesome
9th Dec 11 12:27:23Everybody Remembers The Stripper
26th Oct 11 12:38:00Fridge Horror.Video Games
26th Oct 11 12:13:22Fridge Horror.Video Games
22nd Oct 11 07:00:11Ignored Confession
17th Oct 11 12:23:11Hypocritical Heartwarming
17th Oct 11 07:20:20Anticlimax Boss
13th Oct 11 08:34:34Did You Just Scam Cthulhu