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24th Nov 14 12:02:02Fridge.Regular Show
26th Aug 14 11:22:08Digimon Masters
26th Aug 14 11:07:40YMMV.Digimon Masters
26th Aug 14 10:55:14Digimon Masters
26th Aug 14 10:53:18Digimon Masters
13th May 14 05:07:30Video Game.Skylanders
16th Jul 13 07:01:39WMG.Sonic Lost World
15th Apr 13 10:59:03Awesome Music.Sonic The Hedgehog
28th Sep 12 11:05:22Game Chap
2nd Jul 12 10:06:09Discontinuity.Video Games
14th May 12 03:58:16Creators Pet.Anime
27th Apr 12 12:59:55Ending Aversion
31st Mar 12 10:41:20Cartoon Planet
22nd Feb 12 08:23:10Reverse Cerebus Syndrome
16th Jan 12 12:01:58YMMV.Dude What Would Happen
5th Dec 11 09:18:51Surprisingly Improved Sequel
28th Nov 11 09:29:42Win Back The Crowd
28th Nov 11 09:28:20Headscratchers.Cartoon Network

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