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18th Oct 16 08:22:14Twin Telepathy
18th Oct 16 07:08:57Fanfic.Take A Stand
18th Oct 16 07:08:24Fanfic.Take A Stand
18th Oct 16 06:47:36Fanfic.Take A Stand
18th Oct 16 06:34:13Fanfic Recs.Zootopia
18th Oct 16 12:05:14Assimilation Backfire
18th Oct 16 12:00:36Assimilation Backfire
18th Oct 16 07:31:50Flipping The Bird
17th Oct 16 07:34:13Demon Of Human Origin
16th Oct 16 08:06:07Personal Seals
16th Oct 16 03:39:01Arbitrary Gun Power
16th Oct 16 03:01:19Kitsune
15th Oct 16 09:35:03Drunken Master
15th Oct 16 11:40:21Quotes.Immortality Immorality
15th Oct 16 08:52:30Quotes.Immortality Immorality
14th Oct 16 05:56:04Literature.Spirit Hunters
14th Oct 16 07:16:00Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Comic Books
13th Oct 16 08:30:41Perfect Pacifist People
11th Oct 16 08:01:27Web Animation.No Evil
10th Oct 16 07:27:12Webcomic.Quentyn Quinn Space Ranger
10th Oct 16 07:24:43Tabletop Game.Hc Svnt Dracones
10th Oct 16 11:54:35Babylon Five.Tropes A To H
10th Oct 16 11:52:04Literature.Leviathan
10th Oct 16 09:31:00Literature.New Jedi Order
10th Oct 16 09:28:02Biotech Is Better
10th Oct 16 09:26:51Speculative Fiction Tropes
10th Oct 16 09:25:18Biology Tropes
10th Oct 16 09:24:34Biotech Is Better
10th Oct 16 09:12:20Headscratchers.Black Butler
10th Oct 16 07:16:09Characters.Stellaris
9th Oct 16 07:53:58The Un Reveal
9th Oct 16 06:59:10Webcomic.Transmission
9th Oct 16 06:15:43Tabletop Game.Twilight Imperium
9th Oct 16 04:36:26Comic Strip.Dykes To Watch Out For
9th Oct 16 03:25:37Mistook The Dominant Lifeform
9th Oct 16 02:58:37Literature.Spirit Hunters
7th Oct 16 09:34:39Heroic Albino
6th Oct 16 08:16:08Faux Death
5th Oct 16 07:54:19Super Soldier
5th Oct 16 05:21:59Western Animation.Hercules
5th Oct 16 09:26:52Characters.No Evil
5th Oct 16 07:14:18Wuxia
4th Oct 16 08:01:49Alternative Number System
4th Oct 16 07:15:29Quotes.God Is Inept
4th Oct 16 06:41:29Characters.No Evil
4th Oct 16 06:40:50Characters.No Evil
4th Oct 16 06:33:34Category Traitor
3rd Oct 16 06:53:17Web Animation.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
3rd Oct 16 04:32:43Fanfic Recs.Zootopia
2nd Oct 16 08:37:20Wedding Enhanced Fertility
1st Oct 16 08:32:01Fantasy Pantheon
1st Oct 16 08:12:03Razor Wings
1st Oct 16 08:06:54Characters.Eberron
1st Oct 16 08:04:21Physical Religion
1st Oct 16 07:45:00Swiss Bank Account
1st Oct 16 07:29:44Small Town Rivalry
1st Oct 16 05:59:29World Tree
1st Oct 16 05:24:57Soldier Vs Warrior
1st Oct 16 05:11:26Trivia.Legend Of The Five Rings
1st Oct 16 05:11:03Trivia.Legend Of The Five Rings
1st Oct 16 01:06:51Characters.Lackadaisy
1st Oct 16 12:11:21Death Glare
1st Oct 16 11:39:30Bodyguard Betrayal
1st Oct 16 10:44:16Bread Eggs Milk Squick
30th Sep 16 09:02:17Characters.Warhammer 40000 Imperial Founders
30th Sep 16 07:18:21Characters.Warhammer 40000 Imperial Founders
30th Sep 16 06:27:48Orbital Bombardment
30th Sep 16 05:48:52Web Animation.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
30th Sep 16 05:08:53Trivia.Legend Of The Five Rings
30th Sep 16 04:31:35Cybernetics Eat Your Soul
29th Sep 16 07:41:52Dark Lord On Life Support
29th Sep 16 06:48:46Website.Not Always Working
29th Sep 16 04:50:03Fridge.Black Butler
29th Sep 16 04:09:50Synthetic Voice Actor
29th Sep 16 04:08:56Synthetic Voice Actor
29th Sep 16 11:45:10The Immune
28th Sep 16 08:08:15Hellhound
28th Sep 16 05:13:35Video Game.Zootopia Crime Files
27th Sep 16 05:40:28Macho Camp
27th Sep 16 04:36:48Darwinist Desire
27th Sep 16 09:19:37Characters.Metamor City
26th Sep 16 07:33:10Summoning Ritual
26th Sep 16 09:22:49Characters.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
25th Sep 16 08:45:44Immortality Immorality
25th Sep 16 08:14:40Mistaken For Racist
25th Sep 16 08:03:50Hollywood Atheist
25th Sep 16 07:45:36Every Car Is A Pinto
25th Sep 16 06:12:17Ascend To A Higher Plane Of Existence
25th Sep 16 05:04:10God Is Inept
25th Sep 16 02:36:59Tanuki
25th Sep 16 02:34:47Furry Confusion.Comic Books
25th Sep 16 02:06:23WMG.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
25th Sep 16 07:42:07Series.The Good Place
24th Sep 16 07:18:27Force Feeding
24th Sep 16 07:13:42Force Feeding
24th Sep 16 06:25:10Sorcerous Overlord
24th Sep 16 03:14:37Office Lady
24th Sep 16 02:27:24Has Two Mommies
24th Sep 16 01:59:54Webcomic.Always Human
24th Sep 16 09:08:04Vengeful Vending Machine
23rd Sep 16 05:55:38WMG.The Good Place
23rd Sep 16 01:42:24Impossibly Mundane Explanation
21st Sep 16 07:41:48Webcomic.The Eye Of Ramalach
21st Sep 16 08:25:07French Jerk
20th Sep 16 06:41:41Dope Slap
19th Sep 16 07:24:31Literature.Spirit Hunters
19th Sep 16 05:11:22Retired Badass
18th Sep 16 08:40:50Tabletop Game.Ironclaw
18th Sep 16 04:57:29You Must Be This Tall To Ride
18th Sep 16 03:32:21Characters.Stellaris
18th Sep 16 03:10:02Evil Is Not Pacifist
18th Sep 16 03:07:19Video Game.Stellaris
18th Sep 16 09:34:35You Are Who You Eat
18th Sep 16 08:16:02Fanfic Recs.Zootopia
17th Sep 16 07:48:25Literature.Spirit Hunters
17th Sep 16 07:38:23YMMV.Spirit Hunters
17th Sep 16 07:33:51Literature.Spirit Hunters
17th Sep 16 07:09:45Power Echoes
17th Sep 16 05:11:36Flat Earth Atheist
16th Sep 16 08:06:44Tiny Tropes
16th Sep 16 08:05:53Bigger Is Better
16th Sep 16 08:01:12Large Runt
16th Sep 16 07:29:37Scooby Doo Hoax
16th Sep 16 04:46:44Point Build System
16th Sep 16 11:06:01Spell Book
15th Sep 16 08:52:31Suicide As Comedy
15th Sep 16 04:00:01Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire Sand Snakes
15th Sep 16 03:58:52Webcomic.Umlaut House
15th Sep 16 03:51:40Literature.Volle
15th Sep 16 03:44:00Hereditary Homosexuality
15th Sep 16 03:28:48Gender And Sexuality Tropes
15th Sep 16 03:27:46Queer As Tropes
15th Sep 16 03:25:59Hereditary Homosexuality
15th Sep 16 09:23:57Celestial Bureaucracy
15th Sep 16 07:53:56Celestial Bureaucracy
14th Sep 16 06:09:29Those Were Only Their Scouts
14th Sep 16 06:08:56Those Were Only Their Scouts
14th Sep 16 04:46:42Practical Currency
14th Sep 16 04:40:45The Immune
14th Sep 16 04:36:11Kappa
14th Sep 16 03:30:34The Maiden Name Debate
12th Sep 16 08:01:08Medieval Stasis
12th Sep 16 07:58:29Medieval Stasis
11th Sep 16 01:39:13Death Of The Old Gods
11th Sep 16 10:53:05Functional Addict
9th Sep 16 09:04:04Characters.Dark Matter
9th Sep 16 08:31:32Expendable Clone
8th Sep 16 05:30:45Humiliation Conga.Live Action TV
8th Sep 16 05:29:37Humiliation Conga.Live Action TV
8th Sep 16 12:15:27Humiliation Conga.Live Action TV
7th Sep 16 08:00:53Friend In The Black Market
7th Sep 16 06:59:50Timey Wimey Ball
7th Sep 16 06:05:13Clone Army
7th Sep 16 03:23:38Weird Currency
7th Sep 16 09:26:36Healing Factor
7th Sep 16 04:38:37Inappropriately Close Comrades
6th Sep 16 09:03:36Give Me Back My Wallet
6th Sep 16 08:26:33Ascend To A Higher Plane Of Existence
5th Sep 16 07:14:37Fire Breathing Diner
5th Sep 16 06:55:46Pinocchio Syndrome
5th Sep 16 02:37:55Webcomic.Transmission
5th Sep 16 01:53:13Worthless Yellow Rocks
4th Sep 16 05:20:41Siege Engines
4th Sep 16 04:58:29Siege Engines
4th Sep 16 03:21:43Battle Ballgown
4th Sep 16 02:47:33Ate The Spoon
4th Sep 16 12:43:38Hollywood Atheist
4th Sep 16 12:39:15Nothing Personal
4th Sep 16 12:30:49Super Soldier
3rd Sep 16 08:25:07Death Takes A Holiday
3rd Sep 16 07:41:00Characters.Red Dwarf
3rd Sep 16 05:39:20Amplified Animal Aptitude
3rd Sep 16 03:47:56Twinmaker
3rd Sep 16 03:47:22Webcomic.Red Space Blues
3rd Sep 16 12:12:56Creator Career Self Deprecation
2nd Sep 16 06:25:27Poison And Cure Gambit
2nd Sep 16 04:39:42Characters.Red Dwarf
2nd Sep 16 08:47:23Webcomic.Drive
2nd Sep 16 07:17:55Webcomic.Drive
2nd Sep 16 07:15:11Abusive Alien Parents
1st Sep 16 08:14:40Quality Over Quantity
1st Sep 16 07:02:21Reduced To Ratburgers
1st Sep 16 04:29:42Talking With Signs
1st Sep 16 12:13:15Dog Food Diet
31st Aug 16 05:59:27Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps 1000 To 1999
31st Aug 16 12:07:29Literature.Ranks Of Bronze
31st Aug 16 04:57:46Omniglot
30th Aug 16 08:50:42Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps 1000 To 1999
30th Aug 16 07:56:05Grade School CEO
30th Aug 16 07:49:25Grade School CEO
30th Aug 16 06:00:46Literature.The Corellian Trilogy
29th Aug 16 09:29:33Bee People
29th Aug 16 09:00:34Characters.Red Dwarf
29th Aug 16 07:31:12Webcomic.Forest Hill
29th Aug 16 05:44:49Infinite Supplies
29th Aug 16 04:38:45Literature.Ranks Of Bronze
29th Aug 16 12:14:54Quotes.Soldier Vs Warrior
28th Aug 16 04:43:12Film.The Huntsman Winters War
27th Aug 16 08:36:28Alien Non Interference Clause
26th Aug 16 09:35:33Libertarians In Space
26th Aug 16 06:51:04Monster Delay
25th Aug 16 08:38:01I Ate What
24th Aug 16 06:27:00Toilet Paper Substitute
23rd Aug 16 06:52:56Series.Space 1999
23rd Aug 16 06:50:26Series.The Twilight Zone 1959
23rd Aug 16 06:40:36Stargate S G1.G To L
23rd Aug 16 06:37:22Series.Battlestar Galactica 2003
23rd Aug 16 06:31:57Series.Battlestar Galactica 1978
23rd Aug 16 06:29:36Literature.Paratime
23rd Aug 16 06:25:14Literature.Empire From The Ashes
23rd Aug 16 06:23:27Literature.Known Space
23rd Aug 16 06:19:37Literature.The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe
23rd Aug 16 06:13:39Film.Jupiter Ascending
23rd Aug 16 06:11:52Webcomic.Verlore Geleentheid
23rd Aug 16 06:11:20Webcomic.Verlore Geleentheid
23rd Aug 16 05:49:23Ultraterrestrials
23rd Aug 16 05:47:58Advanced Ancient Humans
23rd Aug 16 05:28:44Humanity Is Advanced
23rd Aug 16 05:27:00Speculative Fiction Tropes
23rd Aug 16 05:26:15Humans Are Indexed
23rd Aug 16 05:25:50Alternate History Tropes
23rd Aug 16 05:24:41Humanity Came From Space
22nd Aug 16 09:13:35Lethal Chef.Live Action TV
21st Aug 16 08:39:43Gods Need Prayer Badly
21st Aug 16 03:23:12One Winged Angel.Film
21st Aug 16 10:47:43Character Alignment
21st Aug 16 09:41:43Forbidden Fruit
20th Aug 16 04:36:34Acid Reflux Nightmare
20th Aug 16 04:32:45Sleep Learning
20th Aug 16 08:35:38WMG.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
20th Aug 16 08:31:25WMG.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
19th Aug 16 04:25:20Characters.Takeshi Kovacs
19th Aug 16 04:15:31Tykebomb
18th Aug 16 07:02:58Technology Uplift
17th Aug 16 12:11:17Headscratchers.Stellaris
16th Aug 16 08:24:43Ring World Planet
16th Aug 16 07:15:11Puppet State
16th Aug 16 07:12:28You Require More Vespene Gas
16th Aug 16 06:49:18Headscratchers.Stellaris
15th Aug 16 06:11:46Fanfic Recs.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Crossover
15th Aug 16 05:57:17The Battlestar
15th Aug 16 05:41:59Defenseless Transports
14th Aug 16 08:43:20Flipping The Bird
14th Aug 16 04:35:49Uplifted Animal
14th Aug 16 10:57:35Bungled Suicide
14th Aug 16 09:57:15Animal Testing
13th Aug 16 07:48:00Cloning Gambit
13th Aug 16 05:56:52Literature.Republic Commando Series
13th Aug 16 03:08:46The Social Darwinist
12th Aug 16 05:57:25Killer Rabbit.Real Life
11th Aug 16 07:12:41Characters.No Evil
11th Aug 16 07:02:40Web Animation.No Evil
11th Aug 16 06:52:01Dragon Hoard
11th Aug 16 10:29:31Feudal Future
10th Aug 16 06:25:21Death World
9th Aug 16 09:17:24Deity Of Human Origin
9th Aug 16 07:49:28Western Animation.Animalympics
9th Aug 16 07:07:06Fur Is Clothing
8th Aug 16 06:55:15We Will Use Manual Labor In The Future
8th Aug 16 06:01:34Literature.Para Imperium
8th Aug 16 07:14:07Webcomic.The Eye Of Ramalach
7th Aug 16 11:04:22WMG.Ghostbusters 2016
6th Aug 16 09:22:09Memory Gambit
6th Aug 16 04:57:17Film.St Vincent
3rd Aug 16 08:15:12Literature.Para Imperium
2nd Aug 16 04:47:31The War Of Earthly Aggression
1st Aug 16 05:05:01Video Game.Stellaris
30th Jul 16 07:34:32Characters.Poppy O Possum
29th Jul 16 02:13:01Multicultural Alien Planet
29th Jul 16 01:47:02Multicultural Alien Planet
29th Jul 16 10:37:44Blood On The Debate Floor
28th Jul 16 08:09:00Ungovernable Galaxy
28th Jul 16 07:54:41The Cycle Of Empires
28th Jul 16 07:42:14Nepotism
28th Jul 16 07:33:51The Cycle Of Empires
28th Jul 16 06:03:35Immune To Mind Control
28th Jul 16 05:41:34Instant Humiliation Just Add You Tube
27th Jul 16 08:50:48Poisoned Weapons
27th Jul 16 08:15:40Slap On The Wrist Nuke
23rd Jul 16 11:52:07Couldnt Find A Pen
23rd Jul 16 09:29:10Literature.American Gods
22nd Jul 16 06:24:55Literature.Space Pirate Captain Mac Taggart
22nd Jul 16 05:31:04Literature.Chanur Novels
21st Jul 16 07:40:44Shout Out.Stellaris
19th Jul 16 09:25:43The Swear Jar
19th Jul 16 06:55:54Literature.Para Imperium
19th Jul 16 09:32:33Literature.Para Imperium
19th Jul 16 09:21:06Dual Mode Unit
19th Jul 16 07:26:13Literature.Para Imperium
18th Jul 16 08:50:22Literature.Para Imperium
18th Jul 16 08:23:56Troper Works
18th Jul 16 08:23:28Literature.Para Imperium
18th Jul 16 07:25:16Troper Works
18th Jul 16 05:51:38Video Game.Pokemon Go
17th Jul 16 04:25:28Outside Context Problem
17th Jul 16 04:19:56Outside Context Problem
17th Jul 16 02:58:00WMG.Geniusthe Transgression
17th Jul 16 02:47:23Mad Scientist
17th Jul 16 02:30:18Mad Scientist.Video Games
17th Jul 16 02:24:46Film.Ghostbusters 2016
17th Jul 16 11:08:13Breeding Cult
17th Jul 16 08:00:55Conspiracy Theories.H To N
17th Jul 16 07:47:56Series.Killjoys
16th Jul 16 08:11:25Abusive Alien Parents
16th Jul 16 06:42:08I Hate Past Me
16th Jul 16 01:57:32Literature.Volle
16th Jul 16 12:59:01Literature.Volle
16th Jul 16 11:22:36Fartillery
16th Jul 16 11:00:30Literature.Volle
16th Jul 16 10:45:25Decadent Court
16th Jul 16 09:14:20God Emperor
15th Jul 16 05:03:23Literature.Volle
15th Jul 16 03:32:47Literature.Volle
14th Jul 16 12:01:38Soul Fragment
14th Jul 16 09:25:54Gargle Blaster.Web Original
13th Jul 16 04:45:14Rightful King Returns
12th Jul 16 07:00:00Numbered Homeworld
12th Jul 16 06:49:17Naming Your Colony World
12th Jul 16 03:27:16Podcast.Alice Isnt Dead
11th Jul 16 07:56:00Video Game.Stellaris
11th Jul 16 07:38:15Western Animation.Roughnecks Starship Troopers Chronicles
11th Jul 16 05:41:25The Republic
11th Jul 16 05:36:46United Nations Is A Superpower
11th Jul 16 05:35:24Video Game.Stellaris
11th Jul 16 05:15:01Trivia.Transhuman Space
11th Jul 16 12:14:41Mars Needs Women
10th Jul 16 01:23:01Biological Weapons Solve Everything
10th Jul 16 01:01:53Western Animation.Roughnecks Starship Troopers Chronicles
10th Jul 16 10:43:20Mega Corp
10th Jul 16 10:36:11WMG.Zootopia
10th Jul 16 07:13:52Sleep Learning
9th Jul 16 07:34:38Kill Sat
9th Jul 16 05:10:24Borrowed Biometric Bypass
9th Jul 16 09:46:37The Rule Of First Adopters
8th Jul 16 06:38:33Androids Are People Too
8th Jul 16 06:29:27Video Game.Stellaris
8th Jul 16 05:38:49Multipurpose Monocultured Crop
8th Jul 16 11:59:07Embarrassing Ringtone
7th Jul 16 05:41:58Characters.Exterminatus Now
7th Jul 16 05:01:50Webcomic.Housepets
7th Jul 16 09:17:21Humans Are White
6th Jul 16 08:39:00Portal Crossroad World
6th Jul 16 03:50:35One Drink Will Kill The Baby
6th Jul 16 03:46:31Designer Babies
5th Jul 16 09:00:39No Biochemical Barriers
5th Jul 16 06:06:15Disproportionate Retribution.Literature
5th Jul 16 05:39:56Characters.Freefall
4th Jul 16 08:40:04No Warping Zone
4th Jul 16 07:05:11Not In Front Of The Parrot
4th Jul 16 06:29:37Video Game.Stellaris
4th Jul 16 12:17:09Webcomic.Housepets
4th Jul 16 10:07:45Alien Abduction
4th Jul 16 09:59:33Video Game.Stellaris
4th Jul 16 09:49:35Powered Armor
3rd Jul 16 07:58:26All Planets Are Earth Like
3rd Jul 16 07:10:27Video Game.Stellaris
3rd Jul 16 10:39:49Decapitation Required
3rd Jul 16 09:49:13Series.The Expanse
2nd Jul 16 11:50:08Longevity Treatment
2nd Jul 16 11:48:17Longevity Treatment
1st Jul 16 09:19:18Your Head A Splode
1st Jul 16 08:39:39Hustler
1st Jul 16 08:05:12Literature.The Pride Of Parahumans
30th Jun 16 09:28:04Clone Army
28th Jun 16 06:53:03Space Nomads
28th Jun 16 12:19:08Family Relationship Switcheroo
27th Jun 16 05:58:09Carnivore Confusion.Western Animation
27th Jun 16 04:34:43Video Game.Stellaris
26th Jun 16 09:04:30The Old Gods
26th Jun 16 02:23:59WMG.Freefall
25th Jun 16 02:28:18Absurdly Spacious Sewer
24th Jun 16 11:36:31WMG.Freefall
23rd Jun 16 08:26:28Breeding Cult
23rd Jun 16 08:21:49Breeding Cult
23rd Jun 16 12:17:56The Empire
23rd Jun 16 09:54:53One Nation Under Copyright
21st Jun 16 08:21:39Video Game.Night In The Woods
21st Jun 16 06:56:34Literature.The Red Vixen Adventures
21st Jun 16 07:09:44Literature.The Red Vixen Adventures
21st Jun 16 07:09:06Large And In Charge
20th Jun 16 05:59:55Sapient Fur Trade
20th Jun 16 05:56:07Literature.Paradox
20th Jun 16 05:37:21Resurrective Immortality
20th Jun 16 04:10:30Web Animation.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
20th Jun 16 03:38:43Holographic Disguise
20th Jun 16 12:16:56Resurrective Immortality
20th Jun 16 07:35:12Video Game.Stellaris
18th Jun 16 05:21:10Space Cossacks
17th Jun 16 09:12:32Characters.American Gods
17th Jun 16 08:10:58Literature.American Gods
17th Jun 16 07:57:24WMG.American Gods
17th Jun 16 07:49:26Dirty Old Man
17th Jun 16 07:38:16The Pornomancer
17th Jun 16 05:49:03Quotes.Gods Need Prayer Badly
17th Jun 16 05:44:54Gods Need Prayer Badly
17th Jun 16 05:30:44Physical God
17th Jun 16 04:15:22Town With A Dark Secret
17th Jun 16 03:57:35Intimate Healing
17th Jun 16 09:31:22Human Sacrifice
17th Jun 16 07:12:23Interspecies Romance.Webcomics