Zarpaulus's Recent Edits

24th Jun 16 11:36:31WMG.Freefall
23rd Jun 16 08:26:28Breeding Cult
23rd Jun 16 08:21:49Breeding Cult
23rd Jun 16 12:17:56The Empire
23rd Jun 16 09:54:53One Nation Under Copyright
21st Jun 16 08:21:39Video Game.Night In The Woods
21st Jun 16 06:56:34Literature.The Red Vixen Adventures
21st Jun 16 07:09:44Literature.The Red Vixen Adventures
21st Jun 16 07:09:06Large And In Charge
20th Jun 16 05:59:55Sapient Fur Trade
20th Jun 16 05:56:07Literature.Paradox
20th Jun 16 05:37:21Resurrective Immortality
20th Jun 16 04:10:30Web Animation.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
20th Jun 16 03:38:43Holographic Disguise
20th Jun 16 12:16:56Resurrective Immortality
20th Jun 16 07:35:12Video Game.Stellaris
18th Jun 16 05:21:10Space Cossacks
17th Jun 16 09:12:32Characters.American Gods
17th Jun 16 08:10:58Literature.American Gods
17th Jun 16 07:57:24WMG.American Gods
17th Jun 16 07:49:26Dirty Old Man
17th Jun 16 07:38:16The Pornomancer
17th Jun 16 05:49:03Quotes.Gods Need Prayer Badly
17th Jun 16 05:44:54Gods Need Prayer Badly
17th Jun 16 05:30:44Physical God
17th Jun 16 04:15:22Town With A Dark Secret
17th Jun 16 03:57:35Intimate Healing
17th Jun 16 09:31:22Human Sacrifice
17th Jun 16 07:12:23Interspecies Romance.Webcomics
17th Jun 16 07:11:31WMG.American Gods
17th Jun 16 07:11:21WMG.American Gods
16th Jun 16 05:54:07Divine Parentage
16th Jun 16 09:32:49Gender Rarity Value
15th Jun 16 03:16:48Glass Eye
15th Jun 16 12:27:08Interfaith Smoothie
14th Jun 16 06:30:12Literature.Uplift
14th Jun 16 04:13:19Shout Out.Stellaris
13th Jun 16 07:32:25Earth That Used To Be Better
13th Jun 16 07:25:59Literature.Paradox
13th Jun 16 06:06:32Black Hole Belly
13th Jun 16 03:45:55Webcomic.Anna Galactic
13th Jun 16 09:28:03Divine Right Of Kings
13th Jun 16 09:22:44Characters.Foxy Flavored Cookie
12th Jun 16 07:49:47Black Hole Belly
12th Jun 16 07:41:49Ribcage Stomach
12th Jun 16 07:30:41Stomach Of Holding
12th Jun 16 05:50:58WMG.Spore
12th Jun 16 04:53:54More Hypnotizable Than He Thinks
12th Jun 16 08:46:58Webcomic.Raven Wolf
12th Jun 16 07:44:11Furry Confusion.Western Animation
11th Jun 16 02:29:59Webcomic.Raven Wolf
10th Jun 16 07:50:22Video Game.Stellaris
10th Jun 16 03:16:53Video Game.Stellaris
10th Jun 16 09:20:58Prescience By Analysis
8th Jun 16 04:01:45WMG.Freefall
7th Jun 16 07:43:48Characters.The Red Vixen Adventures
7th Jun 16 07:34:54Literature.The Red Vixen Adventures
7th Jun 16 07:04:50Fate And Prophecy Tropes
7th Jun 16 07:04:12Prescience By Analysis
5th Jun 16 12:21:16Alliance Meter
5th Jun 16 12:15:35Virtual Ghost
4th Jun 16 09:07:48Tabletop Game.Hc Svnt Dracones
4th Jun 16 06:46:10Bizarre Baby Boom
4th Jun 16 01:45:48Webcomic.Drive
4th Jun 16 10:22:44Webcomic.Twenty First Century Fox
4th Jun 16 10:13:24Webcomic.Drive
4th Jun 16 09:14:56Webcomic.Drive
4th Jun 16 07:34:50Webcomic.Drive
3rd Jun 16 08:26:51Literature.The Red Vixen Adventures
3rd Jun 16 04:31:20The Intern
3rd Jun 16 11:40:46Literature.The Red Vixen Adventures
3rd Jun 16 07:17:10Webcomic.Housepets
2nd Jun 16 05:02:50Explosive Breeder
2nd Jun 16 12:37:49Video Game.Stellaris
1st Jun 16 08:06:51Webcomic.Drive
1st Jun 16 12:36:00Precursors
1st Jun 16 12:35:36Precursors
31st May 16 06:43:14Webcomic.Drive
31st May 16 12:22:36Literature.Tuf Voyaging
31st May 16 12:04:52Teen Genius
30th May 16 07:56:48Webcomic.Forest Hill
29th May 16 09:19:15Sapient Eat Sapient
29th May 16 09:05:09Quotes.Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions
29th May 16 09:02:04Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions
29th May 16 02:40:37Literature.Tuf Voyaging
29th May 16 06:18:30Webcomic.In Our Shadow
28th May 16 08:21:44YMMV.Tuf Voyaging
28th May 16 03:20:40Living Weapon
28th May 16 12:15:49The Milky Way Is The Only Way
28th May 16 09:35:51Characters.Darkwing Duck
28th May 16 09:33:05Jail Bake
28th May 16 08:55:56The Federation
28th May 16 08:13:49Human Subspecies
26th May 16 05:50:46The Ark
26th May 16 05:18:23Literature.Tuf Voyaging
26th May 16 05:15:58Cats Are Magic
26th May 16 05:13:58Literature.Tuf Voyaging
26th May 16 12:09:22Literature.Tuf Voyaging
26th May 16 07:30:42Hostile Terraforming
25th May 16 08:36:36Tyrant Takes The Helm
25th May 16 08:21:46Tyrant Takes The Helm
25th May 16 07:14:17Uninhibited Muscle Power
25th May 16 07:11:31Webcomic.In Our Shadow
24th May 16 09:38:03Manchurian Agent
24th May 16 08:59:08Shout Out.Stellaris
24th May 16 08:56:17Trivia.Stellaris
24th May 16 08:54:43Shout Out.Video Games
24th May 16 08:54:34Shout Out.Stellaris
24th May 16 07:14:11The Xenophile
24th May 16 09:01:25Characters.Poppy O Possum
24th May 16 08:59:14Really Seven Hundred Years Old
24th May 16 07:17:30Characters.Poppy O Possum
23rd May 16 07:47:10We Can Rebuild Him
23rd May 16 04:13:17More Than Three Dimensions
23rd May 16 04:11:15Extra Dimensional Shortcut
22nd May 16 08:28:44Webcomic.Quantum Vibe
22nd May 16 03:43:21Absurdly Sharp Blade
22nd May 16 12:38:12Trivia.Stellaris
22nd May 16 10:23:47Benevolent Alien Invasion
22nd May 16 10:03:56Alien Invasion
21st May 16 08:53:56Characters.Welcome To Night Vale
21st May 16 07:06:45Airborne Aircraft Carrier
21st May 16 06:25:49Crazy Prepared.Webcomics
21st May 16 06:23:21Characters.Welcome To Night Vale
21st May 16 05:32:14Lethal Chef
21st May 16 04:33:24Video Game.Stellaris
21st May 16 04:24:28Trivia.Stellaris
21st May 16 02:01:00Webcomic.Always Human
21st May 16 11:08:14Technology Levels
21st May 16 11:01:38Extra Dimensional Shortcut
21st May 16 10:56:53Enforced Technology Levels
21st May 16 10:32:31A Fool And His New Money Are Soon Parted
21st May 16 08:16:55Supernatural Gold Eyes
21st May 16 07:50:23WMG.After Earth
20th May 16 08:05:42The Omniscient
20th May 16 05:36:37Webcomic.Latchkey Kingdom
20th May 16 05:24:49Human Aliens
20th May 16 09:29:35Predatory Business
20th May 16 07:16:42Webcomic.In Our Shadow
20th May 16 07:11:43Permanent Elected Official
20th May 16 07:11:17Permanent Elected Official
19th May 16 07:50:33Lost Technology
18th May 16 09:17:14We Will Use Manual Labor In The Future
18th May 16 08:03:08Fanfic.The Great Alicorn Hunt
17th May 16 08:57:50Single Biome Planet
17th May 16 08:46:14Colonized Solar System
17th May 16 08:42:19Terraform
17th May 16 07:52:05Headscratchers.Stellaris
17th May 16 07:29:54Video Game.Stellaris
17th May 16 06:59:23Literature.Spirit Hunters
17th May 16 06:37:37Berserk Button.Web Original
17th May 16 05:54:14Podcast.Welcome To Night Vale
17th May 16 03:53:24Literature.Spirit Hunters
17th May 16 03:43:33Fanfic.The Great Alicorn Hunt
17th May 16 10:30:31Literature.Spirit Hunters
17th May 16 07:39:34Literature.Spirit Hunters
17th May 16 07:30:41Let Us Never Speak Of This Again
16th May 16 07:03:27Genetic Adaptation
16th May 16 06:49:21Puppet State
16th May 16 06:34:42Video Game.Stellaris
16th May 16 06:13:52Elective Monarchy
16th May 16 11:51:23Film.Enemy Mine
16th May 16 07:14:21Abusive Precursors
15th May 16 08:46:33Video Game.Stellaris
15th May 16 05:02:02All Hail The Great God Mickey
15th May 16 05:01:09All Hail The Great God Mickey
15th May 16 02:49:48Wishing For More Wishes
15th May 16 02:02:58Sorcerous Overlord
15th May 16 11:21:28Bungled Suicide
14th May 16 08:47:54Literature.Space Pirate Captain Mac Taggart
14th May 16 03:49:48Portal Network
14th May 16 03:30:49Dig Your Own Grave
13th May 16 07:41:24Cant Stop The Signal
13th May 16 07:24:19United Nations Is A Superpower
13th May 16 03:27:37Voluntary Vassal
13th May 16 03:20:05Disney.Zootopia
13th May 16 09:17:19Video Game.Stellaris
13th May 16 09:14:05Humans Are Survivors
12th May 16 08:52:05Uplifted Animal
12th May 16 08:49:18Technology Uplift
12th May 16 08:34:58Alien Non Interference Clause
12th May 16 08:06:10Quotes.Mundane Fantastic
12th May 16 04:12:48Webcomic.In Our Shadow
12th May 16 03:45:47Digitized Hacker
12th May 16 03:44:42Brain Uploading
12th May 16 12:15:09Going Native
11th May 16 06:29:10Future Loser
11th May 16 05:12:59Fanfic.The Great Alicorn Hunt
10th May 16 06:41:07Recursive Ammo
9th May 16 08:41:11Video Game.Star Control
9th May 16 08:33:32Film.Pixels
9th May 16 08:32:27Literature.Ark Royal
9th May 16 08:30:04Babylon Five.Tropes A To H
9th May 16 08:28:15Alien Tropes
9th May 16 08:27:29First Contact Faux Pas
8th May 16 09:03:43Covert Group With Mundane Front
8th May 16 06:50:53Literature.Takeshi Kovacs
8th May 16 06:47:20Literature.Takeshi Kovacs
8th May 16 08:17:02Ridiculous Exchange Rates
8th May 16 07:43:13YMMV.Zootopia
6th May 16 08:28:31Characters.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
6th May 16 07:57:27Film.Meet The Feebles
6th May 16 12:20:58Ring World Planet
6th May 16 07:33:02Faster Than Light Travel
5th May 16 09:37:04Vestigial Empire
5th May 16 08:57:58Series.The Expanse
5th May 16 08:53:20Category Traitor
5th May 16 07:16:51Characters.Zootopia
5th May 16 09:15:44Feudal Future
4th May 16 07:57:30Predatory Business
4th May 16 06:48:25Sci Fi Webcomics
4th May 16 09:44:42Webcomic.In Our Shadow
3rd May 16 08:49:20Webcomic.In Our Shadow
3rd May 16 08:22:53Furry Webcomics
3rd May 16 08:22:40Webcomic.In Our Shadow
3rd May 16 07:40:50Furry Webcomics
3rd May 16 07:30:43Translation With An Agenda
3rd May 16 07:24:54Webcomic.Alone Together
3rd May 16 12:26:06WMG.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
3rd May 16 09:58:47Extreme Doormat
3rd May 16 09:56:46Webcomic.Uber Quest
3rd May 16 07:15:33WMG.Sluggy Freelance
3rd May 16 07:12:11Web Animation.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
3rd May 16 07:10:59Tabletop Game.Eclipse Phase
2nd May 16 05:19:07Webcomic.The Cyantian Chronicles
2nd May 16 09:59:40The Underworld
1st May 16 08:51:34Webcomic.Uber Quest
1st May 16 08:01:15Character Blog
1st May 16 06:37:00Fictional Currency
1st May 16 02:23:09Literature.Takeshi Kovacs
30th Apr 16 06:37:38The Empath
30th Apr 16 02:50:20Longevity Treatment
30th Apr 16 02:34:38Experienced Protagonist
30th Apr 16 11:58:37Fictional Currency
30th Apr 16 10:42:51Film.CSA The Confederate States Of America
30th Apr 16 10:30:23Headscratchers.CSA The Confederate States Of America
29th Apr 16 09:16:45Uterine Replicator
29th Apr 16 08:52:00Characters.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
29th Apr 16 03:59:34Characters.Housepets
29th Apr 16 03:35:24Bling Bling Bang
29th Apr 16 03:32:11Bling Bling Bang
29th Apr 16 03:13:47Magnetic Weapons
29th Apr 16 11:49:38Fanfic.The Great Alicorn Hunt
29th Apr 16 07:16:22Tabletop Game.Eclipse Phase
28th Apr 16 07:35:58Petting Zoo People
28th Apr 16 06:15:53Alien Non Interference Clause
28th Apr 16 12:27:18Divine Right Of Kings
28th Apr 16 12:15:10Divine Right Of Kings
27th Apr 16 09:07:20X Days Since
27th Apr 16 05:00:32Bag Of Holding
27th Apr 16 07:11:28Characters.Poppy O Possum
26th Apr 16 05:16:16Characters.Housepets
26th Apr 16 04:44:57Characters.Housepets
26th Apr 16 09:31:03God Emperor
26th Apr 16 09:26:23Divine Right Of Kings
25th Apr 16 08:29:58Unwanted False Faith
25th Apr 16 05:49:11Sneeze Cut
25th Apr 16 04:44:43Tabletop Game.Monster Hearts
25th Apr 16 09:25:30Tabletop Game.Eclipse Phase
24th Apr 16 08:29:19Immune To Drugs
24th Apr 16 06:48:44Dear John Letter
24th Apr 16 06:05:34Crazy Cat Lady
24th Apr 16 12:26:51Stable Time Loop.Web Comics
24th Apr 16 11:23:03Five Finger Discount
24th Apr 16 11:20:57Webcomic.Housepets
24th Apr 16 09:28:33Celestial Bureaucracy
23rd Apr 16 07:26:16Scooby Dooby Doors
23rd Apr 16 06:55:33Three Way Sex
23rd Apr 16 06:09:17Interspecies Romance.Live Action TV
23rd Apr 16 03:57:28War For Fun And Profit
23rd Apr 16 03:28:26Conspicuous Consumption
23rd Apr 16 03:03:13My Instincts Are Showing
23rd Apr 16 12:59:52Happy Ending Massage
23rd Apr 16 12:39:24Ouija Board
22nd Apr 16 07:11:26Colony Ship
22nd Apr 16 07:06:04Translator Microbes
20th Apr 16 05:03:40Characters.Housepets
20th Apr 16 04:39:29Characters.Housepets
20th Apr 16 12:16:56Characters.Housepets
20th Apr 16 09:32:11Characters.Housepets
19th Apr 16 08:48:35Half Dressed Cartoon Animal.Webcomics
19th Apr 16 08:47:03Half Dressed Cartoon Animal.Webcomics
19th Apr 16 12:13:41Demon Of Human Origin
19th Apr 16 09:46:49Adaptation Dye Job
19th Apr 16 07:44:40Literature.Time Enough For Love
18th Apr 16 08:43:22Willing Channeler
18th Apr 16 07:35:19Touched By Vorlons
18th Apr 16 07:31:25Synchronization
18th Apr 16 05:22:49Characters.Zootopia
18th Apr 16 04:22:28Webcomic.Housepets
17th Apr 16 02:23:49Space Cossacks
17th Apr 16 02:22:18Hegemonic Empire
17th Apr 16 02:19:02Voluntary Vassal
17th Apr 16 02:10:50Scam Religion
16th Apr 16 06:59:33YMMV.Zootopia
15th Apr 16 07:53:14Speculative Fiction Tropes
15th Apr 16 07:48:52Alien Tropes
15th Apr 16 07:46:48Artistic License Biology
15th Apr 16 07:44:30Dominant Species Genes
15th Apr 16 07:38:56Interracial And Interspecies Love Index
15th Apr 16 07:32:31Web Video.Friendship Is Witchcraft
15th Apr 16 07:31:14Literature.Chakona Space
15th Apr 16 07:28:20Webcomic.Dan And Mabs Furry Adventures
15th Apr 16 07:23:57Pokemon.Tropes A To I
15th Apr 16 07:21:14Tabletop Game.Hc Svnt Dracones
15th Apr 16 07:18:35Tabletop Game.Kitsune Of Foxes And Fools
15th Apr 16 07:15:23Series.Prey
15th Apr 16 07:13:51Literature.Paradox
15th Apr 16 07:10:53Literature.The Shadow Over Innsmouth
14th Apr 16 12:16:48WMG.Zootopia
13th Apr 16 03:10:43Lost Him In A Card Game
12th Apr 16 06:21:06Literature.Eldraeverse
12th Apr 16 05:27:10Voluntary Vassal
12th Apr 16 09:31:50Characters.Usagi Yojimbo
12th Apr 16 09:19:12Exploited Immunity
12th Apr 16 09:08:24Orbital Bombardment
11th Apr 16 09:03:18Action Bomb
11th Apr 16 07:11:58Disney.Zootopia
10th Apr 16 05:58:17Death Is Cheap
10th Apr 16 05:05:56Acquired Poison Immunity
10th Apr 16 05:03:53Acquired Poison Immunity
10th Apr 16 04:01:20Action Bomb
10th Apr 16 03:41:33Action Bomb
10th Apr 16 11:06:24Nuclear Nasty
9th Apr 16 12:32:59Psychic Assisted Suicide
8th Apr 16 07:16:16Command And Conquer Economy
7th Apr 16 05:21:58Radiation Immune Mutants
6th Apr 16 09:08:12YMMV.Foundation
5th Apr 16 05:41:46Big Red Devil
5th Apr 16 12:20:35Terminally Dependent Society
5th Apr 16 09:22:23Webcomic.Sluggy Freelance
4th Apr 16 06:25:27Characters.Zootopia
4th Apr 16 03:57:02Characters.Zoophobia
4th Apr 16 06:46:01Matter Replicator
3rd Apr 16 05:00:39Stripper Cop Confusion
3rd Apr 16 10:10:25Society Of Immortals
2nd Apr 16 05:16:00Alternative Number System
2nd Apr 16 01:17:19Mental Space Travel
1st Apr 16 06:52:32Technology Uplift
31st Mar 16 03:02:40Literature.Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom
28th Mar 16 07:15:18Disney.Zootopia
27th Mar 16 12:30:42Alien Catnip
27th Mar 16 12:01:18Skull Cups
26th Mar 16 07:09:38Lost Him In A Card Game
26th Mar 16 06:28:10You Have Failed Me
25th Mar 16 06:25:26Disney.Zootopia
25th Mar 16 12:10:56Terminally Dependent Society
24th Mar 16 06:40:13WMG.Zootopia
24th Mar 16 09:28:07Good Powers Bad People
24th Mar 16 07:10:02Population X And Counting
23rd Mar 16 07:28:32Drunk On Milk
23rd Mar 16 07:20:30Blackmail
22nd Mar 16 08:41:51Disney.Zootopia
22nd Mar 16 08:39:45Vegetarian Carnivore
22nd Mar 16 03:45:03The Alternet
21st Mar 16 09:23:49La Resistance
21st Mar 16 08:46:11WMG.Zootopia
21st Mar 16 07:12:04Elective Monarchy
20th Mar 16 09:16:52Allowed Internal War
20th Mar 16 09:15:48Literature.Theta
20th Mar 16 09:13:48Franchise.Dune
20th Mar 16 09:11:24Tabletop Game.Traveller
20th Mar 16 09:09:24Video Game.Imperium Nova
20th Mar 16 09:07:40Video Game.Crusader Kings
20th Mar 16 09:05:12Weapon Tombstone
20th Mar 16 09:04:27Weapon Tombstone
20th Mar 16 09:01:41Allowed Internal War
20th Mar 16 08:49:59Military And Warfare Tropes
20th Mar 16 08:48:29Allowed Internal War
20th Mar 16 06:02:41Mile Long Ship
20th Mar 16 05:57:40Interspecies Adoption
20th Mar 16 05:55:11Interspecies Adoption
20th Mar 16 08:49:20Everybody Hates Hades
19th Mar 16 08:42:44Trigger
19th Mar 16 04:35:23Ring Ring CRUNCH.Film
17th Mar 16 06:52:34Webcomic.Urban Jungle
17th Mar 16 06:35:23Sharpened To A Single Atom
17th Mar 16 06:27:21YMMV.Zootopia
16th Mar 16 12:14:03Toilet Teleportation
16th Mar 16 07:14:34Fantastic Caste System
15th Mar 16 03:18:03Characters.Zootopia
15th Mar 16 09:31:05Low Culture High Tech
14th Mar 16 09:15:32One Dose Fits All
13th Mar 16 06:40:00Web Comic.Cats N Cameras
13th Mar 16 04:54:02Justice By Other Legal Means
13th Mar 16 03:23:36WMG.Zootopia
13th Mar 16 03:13:58Disney.Zootopia
13th Mar 16 02:42:26YMMV.Zootopia
13th Mar 16 02:38:34YMMV.Zootopia
11th Mar 16 12:08:22WMG.Zootopia
11th Mar 16 07:15:12Cowboy Cop.Film
10th Mar 16 05:10:53WMG.Zootopia
9th Mar 16 08:27:28Webcomic.Uber Quest
9th Mar 16 05:10:17Characters.Zootopia
9th Mar 16 03:23:14Humanoid Female Animal
8th Mar 16 07:47:33Hustler
8th Mar 16 05:21:49Web Animation.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
8th Mar 16 03:18:26WMG.Zootopia
7th Mar 16 08:50:54Disney.Zootopia
7th Mar 16 07:45:58Disney.Zootopia