Zarpaulus's Recent Edits

19th Jan 17 10:00:27Video Game.Stellaris
19th Jan 17 09:56:30Video Game.Stellaris
18th Jan 17 09:26:03Fanfic.Take A Stand
18th Jan 17 07:14:19Adopted To The House
17th Jan 17 07:45:45Large Runt
17th Jan 17 05:12:46Webcomic.Las Lindas
16th Jan 17 07:49:46Web Comic.Griefer Belt
14th Jan 17 07:17:52Film.Hancock
14th Jan 17 06:47:17Flying Brick
14th Jan 17 05:43:50Characters.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
14th Jan 17 11:34:36Headscratchers.Lexx
14th Jan 17 09:14:48Characters.Precocious
14th Jan 17 09:09:18Fanfic Recs.Zootopia
14th Jan 17 09:00:47Series.Lexx
13th Jan 17 08:32:54Losing Your Head
13th Jan 17 08:27:32Monster Progenitor
13th Jan 17 06:40:59Sleeper Starship
12th Jan 17 03:19:29Characters.Spinnerette
12th Jan 17 07:25:48When All You Have Is A Hammer
11th Jan 17 05:07:16Eternal Recurrence
10th Jan 17 06:32:56Proud Warrior Race Guy
10th Jan 17 06:30:34Humans Are Warriors
9th Jan 17 08:09:03Series.Lexx
9th Jan 17 07:01:55Headscratchers.Passengers 2016
9th Jan 17 04:46:01Orbital Bombardment
8th Jan 17 08:36:10Mile Long Ship
8th Jan 17 06:46:02Acquitted Too Late
8th Jan 17 06:27:44Death Tropes
8th Jan 17 06:26:52Afterlife Tropes
8th Jan 17 06:26:18Remember The Dead
8th Jan 17 06:07:32Reincarnation
8th Jan 17 05:36:34Suspiciously Specific Denial.Webcomics
8th Jan 17 03:37:34Webcomic.Transmission
8th Jan 17 01:36:44Fanfic Recs.Zootopia
8th Jan 17 10:54:37Nuclear Nasty
7th Jan 17 07:29:35Video Game.Crusader Kings
7th Jan 17 05:41:52Absent Aliens
7th Jan 17 04:56:40Force Field Door
7th Jan 17 04:32:31Centrifugal Gravity
7th Jan 17 01:03:32Fanfic Recs.Zootopia
7th Jan 17 08:09:34Live Mink Coat
7th Jan 17 07:55:06Not In Front Of The Parrot
6th Jan 17 07:45:47Fascist But Inefficient
5th Jan 17 07:53:59Alternate Universe
5th Jan 17 12:25:41Cast From Sanity
4th Jan 17 07:06:15People Zoo
4th Jan 17 01:27:39Tabletop Game.Ironclaw
4th Jan 17 09:23:21Orichalcum
3rd Jan 17 08:33:38Autodoc
3rd Jan 17 08:23:22Film.Passengers 2016
3rd Jan 17 07:55:56Subspace Ansible
3rd Jan 17 07:48:18Headscratchers.Passengers 2016
3rd Jan 17 06:48:11Childhood Memory Demolition Team
3rd Jan 17 04:32:21Big Little Brother
3rd Jan 17 07:11:37Alcubierre Drive
2nd Jan 17 12:12:26Fridge.Passengers 2016
2nd Jan 17 09:44:00Comic Book.Tank Vixens
2nd Jan 17 06:35:03Comic Book.Tank Vixens
2nd Jan 17 06:29:35Fun With Acronyms.Tabletop Games
1st Jan 17 05:32:35Involuntary Suicide Mechanism
1st Jan 17 01:26:55Starship Luxurious
31st Dec 16 08:02:18Xenofiction
31st Dec 16 08:00:27Twin Telepathy
31st Dec 16 07:55:37Hegemonic Empire
31st Dec 16 07:51:11Generation Ships
31st Dec 16 07:42:19Cult Colony
31st Dec 16 07:37:31The Ageless
31st Dec 16 07:11:59Unbreakable Bones
31st Dec 16 07:04:27Literature.The Pride Of Parahumans
31st Dec 16 01:57:25Allowed Internal War
30th Dec 16 09:42:23Hates Small Talk
30th Dec 16 06:09:24Kill It Through Its Stomach
29th Dec 16 07:43:23Creator.Friedrich Nietzsche
29th Dec 16 04:08:37Series.Incorporated
29th Dec 16 03:59:50Airborne Aircraft Carrier
28th Dec 16 04:58:49Burn The Witch
28th Dec 16 07:59:44Our Weapons Will Be Boxy In The Future
28th Dec 16 07:19:11Failed Future Forecast
27th Dec 16 08:31:08Web Comic.Ozy And Millie
27th Dec 16 06:01:35Sliding Scale Of Robot Intelligence
26th Dec 16 08:13:52Colony Ship
26th Dec 16 10:50:52Series.Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency
25th Dec 16 07:47:50Annoying Arrows
24th Dec 16 10:00:05Going Commando
24th Dec 16 09:31:06Web Comic.Cats N Cameras
23rd Dec 16 07:57:08Calling Card
22nd Dec 16 06:11:33Fallen States Of America
22nd Dec 16 12:12:08Elemental Powers
20th Dec 16 04:37:12YMMV.Overwatch
20th Dec 16 04:34:16Video Game.Overwatch
18th Dec 16 06:15:55The Purge
18th Dec 16 10:13:07YMMV.Stellaris
18th Dec 16 10:00:48Renegade Splinter Faction
17th Dec 16 07:46:02Webcomic.SSDD
17th Dec 16 06:11:04Webcomic.Purple Pussy
17th Dec 16 03:27:28Webcomic.Three Jaguars
17th Dec 16 11:36:33WMG.Zootopia World Building
17th Dec 16 11:17:26The Right Of A Superior Species
17th Dec 16 09:11:31Video Game.Stellaris
17th Dec 16 07:46:12Interspecies Adoption
16th Dec 16 06:53:37Literature.Space Pirate Captain Mac Taggart
16th Dec 16 05:58:23Pluralses
16th Dec 16 05:12:19Homoerotic Dream
15th Dec 16 05:25:25Rogue Juror
15th Dec 16 09:55:32Webcomic.Star Power
14th Dec 16 08:33:28Fast Tunnelling
14th Dec 16 08:30:28Fast Tunnelling
13th Dec 16 08:40:27Hostile Terraforming
13th Dec 16 06:59:05Bread Eggs Milk Squick
13th Dec 16 06:44:03Video Game.Stellaris
13th Dec 16 12:18:15Ambiguous Syntax
13th Dec 16 09:30:58Too Spicy For Yog Sothoth
13th Dec 16 09:30:03Too Spicy For Yog Sothoth
12th Dec 16 10:00:00Bungling Inventor
12th Dec 16 09:58:19Bungling Inventor
11th Dec 16 11:52:36Facial Composite Failure
11th Dec 16 11:40:37Bring My Red Jacket
11th Dec 16 10:51:22No Paper Future
10th Dec 16 09:05:01Characters.Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency
10th Dec 16 03:44:56Characters.Zootopia
9th Dec 16 07:55:41Matter Replicator
9th Dec 16 07:40:32Society Of Immortals
8th Dec 16 08:23:18Rump Roast
7th Dec 16 08:45:53Company Town
7th Dec 16 07:54:55Mega Corp
7th Dec 16 06:26:31Characters.Drive Webcomic
7th Dec 16 09:18:08Characters.Spinnerette
6th Dec 16 06:55:27Webcomic.Krakow
4th Dec 16 08:18:49Characters.Weregeek
4th Dec 16 06:14:18Robot Roll Call
4th Dec 16 06:13:34Cyberpunk Tropes
4th Dec 16 06:12:06Transhuman
4th Dec 16 06:09:50Autonomous And Artificial Appendage Index
4th Dec 16 06:09:31Disability Superpower
4th Dec 16 06:08:37Artificial Limbs Are Stronger
4th Dec 16 04:17:21Karma Houdini.Film
4th Dec 16 03:29:11Video Game.Mass Effect Andromeda
4th Dec 16 12:59:20Cowboy Cop.Film
4th Dec 16 10:39:11Western Animation.The Trap Door
3rd Dec 16 05:52:02And Show It To You
3rd Dec 16 12:34:47Cobweb Jungle
2nd Dec 16 08:23:16Subsystem Damage
2nd Dec 16 08:16:24Video Game.Tales Of Honor The Secret Fleet
2nd Dec 16 06:55:02Painfully Slow Projectile
2nd Dec 16 11:13:40Tabletop Game.Hc Svnt Dracones
1st Dec 16 09:11:29Fake Aristocrat
30th Nov 16 08:19:09Removing The Earpiece
30th Nov 16 09:25:18Cadre Of Foreign Bodyguards
29th Nov 16 04:55:36Webcomic.Druids
29th Nov 16 04:14:21Superheroes Wear Capes
28th Nov 16 07:33:22Series.Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency
28th Nov 16 07:23:22Characters.Warhammer 40000 Astartes Chapters
28th Nov 16 07:19:31Wretched Hive.Tabletop Games
28th Nov 16 01:16:08Piggy Bank
28th Nov 16 09:16:04Shake Someone Objects Fall
28th Nov 16 08:13:31Drunk With Power
27th Nov 16 05:18:46Barred From The Afterlife
27th Nov 16 02:51:24Improbably Predictable
27th Nov 16 09:52:30I Need An Index By Monday
27th Nov 16 09:46:21Powered Armor
27th Nov 16 08:19:15Characters.Space Pirate Captain Mac Taggart
26th Nov 16 09:42:00Tabletop Game.Hc Svnt Dracones
26th Nov 16 12:20:09Recap.Futurama S 6 E 16 Law And Oracle
26th Nov 16 11:56:40Evil Versus Evil.Literature
26th Nov 16 09:20:15Fixing The Game
26th Nov 16 07:40:43Webcomic.Poppy O Possum
25th Nov 16 06:51:38Video Game.Overwatch
24th Nov 16 07:55:39WMG.Overwatch
24th Nov 16 04:51:37Web Comic.Sabrina Online
24th Nov 16 04:15:06Embarrassing Old Photo
23rd Nov 16 05:01:13The Purge
22nd Nov 16 08:32:53Video Game.Rise Of Nations
22nd Nov 16 08:31:13Tabletop Game.Traveller
22nd Nov 16 08:29:17Literature.Hammers Slammers
22nd Nov 16 08:26:07Anime.Mobile Suit Gundam
22nd Nov 16 08:24:27Anime.Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex
22nd Nov 16 08:22:15Atomic Hate
22nd Nov 16 08:21:14Nuclear Nullifier
22nd Nov 16 08:19:59Webcomic.Our World
21st Nov 16 07:26:20Video Game.Mass Effect Andromeda
21st Nov 16 06:26:30God Emperor
21st Nov 16 05:48:22Allowed Internal War
21st Nov 16 05:21:25Fighting A Shadow
20th Nov 16 08:36:36Super Soldier
20th Nov 16 07:47:25Our Werewolves Are Different
20th Nov 16 07:42:44Super Registration Act
20th Nov 16 05:54:55No Party Like A Donner Party
20th Nov 16 04:25:35Ascended Fanboy
20th Nov 16 12:10:20WMG.Overwatch
20th Nov 16 09:29:00Fanfic.Take A Stand
20th Nov 16 09:17:27Sniper Duel
20th Nov 16 09:01:57Radar.Beetlejuice
19th Nov 16 06:59:28A Fool And His New Money Are Soon Parted
19th Nov 16 05:58:23Impersonating An Officer
19th Nov 16 05:24:14Herr Doktor
19th Nov 16 03:33:32Literature.Space Pirate Captain Mac Taggart
19th Nov 16 01:42:22Holographic Terminal
19th Nov 16 12:06:25Mile Long Ship
19th Nov 16 11:59:56YMMV.Zootopia
18th Nov 16 08:33:04Older Than They Look.Video Games
18th Nov 16 08:13:28Arm Cannon
18th Nov 16 07:19:25Proportional Aging
18th Nov 16 07:19:00Proportional Aging
17th Nov 16 07:52:54The Exotic Detective
17th Nov 16 07:39:09Not So Phony Psychic
17th Nov 16 05:59:24Overly Long Name.Web Original
16th Nov 16 04:39:41Webcomic.In Our Shadow
15th Nov 16 07:19:59WMG.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
15th Nov 16 05:32:48Film.Johnny Mnemonic
14th Nov 16 06:16:51YMMV.Zootopia
14th Nov 16 10:04:53Tabletop Game.Hc Svnt Dracones
14th Nov 16 08:13:28Webcomic.Twenty First Century Fox
13th Nov 16 08:43:34Interspecies Romance.Film
13th Nov 16 05:15:16Stock Animal Diet
13th Nov 16 05:03:02Primal Chest Pound
12th Nov 16 08:06:55Demonic Possession
12th Nov 16 07:50:35Characters.The Life And Times Of Juniper Lee
12th Nov 16 07:43:40Take A Number
12th Nov 16 07:31:10The Unpronounceable
12th Nov 16 07:25:43Starving Student
12th Nov 16 04:27:24AI Is A Crapshoot.Video Games
12th Nov 16 04:02:36Everything Is Online
12th Nov 16 03:21:07Fastball Special
12th Nov 16 02:39:26Characters.Overwatch Offense
12th Nov 16 12:02:51Poisoned Chalice Switcheroo
12th Nov 16 10:05:00Colonized Solar System
12th Nov 16 09:56:25Super Smoke
12th Nov 16 06:55:01Retail Riot
11th Nov 16 07:05:49The Social Darwinist
11th Nov 16 06:02:10Deaths Hourglass
10th Nov 16 07:04:59Magic Enhancement
9th Nov 16 06:05:47We Can Rebuild Him
9th Nov 16 06:04:51Soul Eating
9th Nov 16 05:58:10Nobody Here But Us Statues
9th Nov 16 05:48:05Animals Fear Neutering
9th Nov 16 05:25:24Voice With An Internet Connection
7th Nov 16 05:35:49Your Days Are Numbered
7th Nov 16 11:45:41Vampiric Draining
6th Nov 16 08:11:06Video Game.Stellaris
6th Nov 16 04:33:24Human Pack Mule
6th Nov 16 03:46:35Reality Writing Book
6th Nov 16 03:39:23You Can See Me
6th Nov 16 10:59:01Even Evil Has Standards.Webcomics
6th Nov 16 10:09:29Speed Dating
6th Nov 16 09:41:32Fanfic.Take A Stand
5th Nov 16 08:49:42Addiction Displacement
5th Nov 16 08:27:58Artistic License Economics
5th Nov 16 07:22:26Amnesiacs Are Innocent
5th Nov 16 06:56:34Fridge.Death Note
5th Nov 16 06:29:57All Psychology Is Freudian
5th Nov 16 05:45:41Male Gaze
5th Nov 16 11:34:12Soul Cutting Blade
5th Nov 16 11:18:15Shotgun Wedding
5th Nov 16 11:15:09Sleep Learning
5th Nov 16 11:10:01Web Comic.Endtown
5th Nov 16 11:08:30Burn The Witch
5th Nov 16 10:39:52Burn The Witch
5th Nov 16 08:32:29Out With A Bang
5th Nov 16 07:12:29Nerds Speak Klingon
4th Nov 16 08:36:06Crapsaccharine World
4th Nov 16 08:35:13Crapsaccharine World
4th Nov 16 08:10:50Bungled Suicide
4th Nov 16 07:35:20Deity Of Human Origin
4th Nov 16 07:29:51Hostile Terraforming
4th Nov 16 04:52:10Unperson
3rd Nov 16 09:07:31Our Angels Are Different
3rd Nov 16 04:49:31Bewitched Amphibians
3rd Nov 16 04:39:11Poison And Cure Gambit
1st Nov 16 08:54:55Bar Brawl
1st Nov 16 08:15:14Your Cheating Heart
1st Nov 16 07:41:47Mistaken For Junkie
1st Nov 16 05:53:53Pointy Ears
1st Nov 16 05:30:29Webcomic.Out Of Placers
1st Nov 16 05:13:39Gender Rarity Value
31st Oct 16 07:46:04Web Animation.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
30th Oct 16 04:38:17Language Equals Thought
30th Oct 16 02:35:25Space Pirates
30th Oct 16 02:30:17Space Pirates
30th Oct 16 09:41:39Literature.Para Imperium
30th Oct 16 09:38:31Nerds Are Virgins
30th Oct 16 08:10:59Disney.Zootopia
29th Oct 16 08:36:32Nerds Are Virgins
29th Oct 16 08:04:49Unstoppable Mailman
29th Oct 16 07:40:26Nice Job Fixing It Villain
29th Oct 16 09:20:53Humans Are Psychic In The Future
28th Oct 16 08:25:15People Zoo
28th Oct 16 08:24:39People Zoo
27th Oct 16 09:07:38Astral Projection
27th Oct 16 07:05:17Mouth Of Sauron
26th Oct 16 07:34:38Villain With Good Publicity
26th Oct 16 09:57:29Web Animation.No Evil
25th Oct 16 06:33:10Soul Eating
25th Oct 16 07:17:37Our Goblins Are Different
24th Oct 16 06:42:19World Of Funny Animals
23rd Oct 16 06:42:27Daddy DNA Test
23rd Oct 16 06:29:37Fanfic.Take A Stand
23rd Oct 16 09:40:41Soul Eating
23rd Oct 16 09:24:35Fallen States Of America
22nd Oct 16 03:57:33Literature.Welcome To Night Vale
22nd Oct 16 03:51:47Tabletop Game.Changeling The Lost
22nd Oct 16 03:49:46Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps 1000 To 1999
22nd Oct 16 03:47:40Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps 300 To 999
22nd Oct 16 03:45:23Once Upon A Time.Tropes I To L
22nd Oct 16 03:43:34Literature.Neverwhere
22nd Oct 16 03:42:05Intangible Price
22nd Oct 16 03:39:50Disney.The Little Mermaid
22nd Oct 16 03:37:47Power At A Price
22nd Oct 16 03:35:47Bargain Tropes
22nd Oct 16 03:35:16Intangible Price
22nd Oct 16 03:34:40Bargain With Heaven
21st Oct 16 03:33:33Tulpa
21st Oct 16 07:16:55Video Game.Stellaris
21st Oct 16 07:14:45Fanfic.The Rise Of Darth Vulcan
18th Oct 16 08:22:14Twin Telepathy
18th Oct 16 07:08:57Fanfic.Take A Stand
18th Oct 16 07:08:24Fanfic.Take A Stand
18th Oct 16 06:47:36Fanfic.Take A Stand
18th Oct 16 06:34:13Fanfic Recs.Zootopia
18th Oct 16 12:05:14Assimilation Backfire
18th Oct 16 12:00:36Assimilation Backfire
18th Oct 16 07:31:50Flipping The Bird
17th Oct 16 07:34:13Demon Of Human Origin
16th Oct 16 08:06:07Personal Seals
16th Oct 16 03:39:01Arbitrary Gun Power
16th Oct 16 03:01:19Kitsune
15th Oct 16 09:35:03Drunken Master
15th Oct 16 11:40:21Quotes.Immortality Immorality
15th Oct 16 08:52:30Quotes.Immortality Immorality
14th Oct 16 05:56:04Literature.Spirit Hunters
14th Oct 16 07:16:00Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Comic Books
13th Oct 16 08:30:41Perfect Pacifist People
11th Oct 16 08:01:27Web Animation.No Evil
10th Oct 16 07:27:12Webcomic.Quentyn Quinn Space Ranger
10th Oct 16 07:24:43Tabletop Game.Hc Svnt Dracones
10th Oct 16 11:54:35Babylon Five.Tropes A To H
10th Oct 16 11:52:04Literature.Leviathan
10th Oct 16 09:31:00Literature.New Jedi Order
10th Oct 16 09:28:02Biotech Is Better
10th Oct 16 09:26:51Speculative Fiction Tropes
10th Oct 16 09:25:18Biology Tropes
10th Oct 16 09:24:34Biotech Is Better
10th Oct 16 09:12:20Headscratchers.Black Butler
10th Oct 16 07:16:09Characters.Stellaris
9th Oct 16 07:53:58The Un Reveal
9th Oct 16 06:59:10Webcomic.Transmission
9th Oct 16 06:15:43Tabletop Game.Twilight Imperium
9th Oct 16 04:36:26Comic Strip.Dykes To Watch Out For
9th Oct 16 03:25:37Mistook The Dominant Lifeform
9th Oct 16 02:58:37Literature.Spirit Hunters
7th Oct 16 09:34:39Heroic Albino
6th Oct 16 08:16:08Faux Death
5th Oct 16 07:54:19Super Soldier
5th Oct 16 05:21:59Western Animation.Hercules
5th Oct 16 09:26:52Characters.No Evil
5th Oct 16 07:14:18Wuxia
4th Oct 16 08:01:49Alternative Number System
4th Oct 16 07:15:29Quotes.God Is Inept
4th Oct 16 06:41:29Characters.No Evil
4th Oct 16 06:40:50Characters.No Evil
4th Oct 16 06:33:34Category Traitor
3rd Oct 16 06:53:17Web Animation.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
3rd Oct 16 04:32:43Fanfic Recs.Zootopia
2nd Oct 16 08:37:20Wedding Enhanced Fertility
1st Oct 16 08:32:01Fantasy Pantheon
1st Oct 16 08:12:03Razor Wings
1st Oct 16 08:06:54Characters.Eberron
1st Oct 16 08:04:21Physical Religion
1st Oct 16 07:45:00Swiss Bank Account
1st Oct 16 07:29:44Small Town Rivalry
1st Oct 16 05:59:29World Tree
1st Oct 16 05:24:57Soldier Vs Warrior
1st Oct 16 05:11:26Trivia.Legend Of The Five Rings
1st Oct 16 05:11:03Trivia.Legend Of The Five Rings
1st Oct 16 01:06:51Characters.Lackadaisy
1st Oct 16 12:11:21Death Glare
1st Oct 16 11:39:30Bodyguard Betrayal
1st Oct 16 10:44:16Bread Eggs Milk Squick
30th Sep 16 09:02:17Characters.Warhammer 40000 Imperial Founders
30th Sep 16 07:18:21Characters.Warhammer 40000 Imperial Founders
30th Sep 16 06:27:48Orbital Bombardment
30th Sep 16 05:48:52Web Animation.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
30th Sep 16 05:08:53Trivia.Legend Of The Five Rings
30th Sep 16 04:31:35Cybernetics Eat Your Soul
29th Sep 16 07:41:52Dark Lord On Life Support
29th Sep 16 06:48:46Website.Not Always Working
29th Sep 16 04:50:03Fridge.Black Butler
29th Sep 16 04:09:50Synthetic Voice Actor
29th Sep 16 04:08:56Synthetic Voice Actor
29th Sep 16 11:45:10The Immune
28th Sep 16 08:08:15Hellhound
28th Sep 16 05:13:35Video Game.Zootopia Crime Files
27th Sep 16 05:40:28Macho Camp
27th Sep 16 04:36:48Darwinist Desire
27th Sep 16 09:19:37Characters.Metamor City
26th Sep 16 07:33:10Summoning Ritual
26th Sep 16 09:22:49Characters.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
25th Sep 16 08:45:44Immortality Immorality
25th Sep 16 08:14:40Mistaken For Racist
25th Sep 16 08:03:50Hollywood Atheist
25th Sep 16 07:45:36Every Car Is A Pinto