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30th Nov 15 08:17:53Proud Merchant Race
30th Nov 15 07:48:50Fantastic Caste System
29th Nov 15 08:09:27Sleeper Starship
29th Nov 15 08:07:30Sleeper Starship
29th Nov 15 05:06:42Named After Their Planet
29th Nov 15 03:58:03Cryonics Failure
29th Nov 15 03:14:41Ridiculous Future Inflation
29th Nov 15 02:49:53Space Elves
29th Nov 15 02:28:01Private Military Contractors
28th Nov 15 07:40:18Characters.Wild Star
28th Nov 15 06:12:12Fantastic Drug
28th Nov 15 04:03:32Calling Card
28th Nov 15 12:22:05A Glass Of Chianti
28th Nov 15 12:19:51Wine Is Classy
28th Nov 15 11:39:45Characters.Wild Star
28th Nov 15 08:09:49Tabletop Game.Hc Svnt Dracones
28th Nov 15 07:23:09Crippling Overspecialization
27th Nov 15 06:29:52Royal Inbreeding
26th Nov 15 08:41:42Disney.Robin Hood
25th Nov 15 06:28:45Where Are They Now Epilogue
25th Nov 15 05:44:59Webcomic.Cross Time Cafe
25th Nov 15 12:08:52Prima Donna Director
24th Nov 15 07:15:16Vibroweapon
24th Nov 15 07:12:54Armor Piercing Attack
24th Nov 15 05:44:32Fanfic.The Great Alicorn Hunt
23rd Nov 15 09:26:41Film.Meet The Feebles
23rd Nov 15 08:48:16Genetic Engineering Is The New Nuke
22nd Nov 15 09:22:11Film.Meet The Feebles
22nd Nov 15 02:57:28Pretender Diss
22nd Nov 15 02:03:08Videogame.Prototype
22nd Nov 15 02:01:45Anti Magic
22nd Nov 15 01:34:09The Shadow Knows
22nd Nov 15 01:28:24Tabletop Game.Hc Svnt Dracones
22nd Nov 15 01:27:46Tabletop Game.Myriad Song
22nd Nov 15 01:27:11Characters.Werewolf The Apocalypse
22nd Nov 15 01:24:41Creatures.Dungeons And Dragons
22nd Nov 15 01:22:48Series.I Zombie
22nd Nov 15 01:21:13Literature.Book Of The New Sun
22nd Nov 15 01:20:35Literature.The Runelords
22nd Nov 15 01:20:11Literature.Spots The Space Marine
22nd Nov 15 01:19:57Literature.Spots The Space Marine
22nd Nov 15 01:16:27Film.Starship Troopers
22nd Nov 15 01:15:31Otherness Tropes
22nd Nov 15 01:14:49Brain Food
22nd Nov 15 01:14:21Eat Brain For Memories
22nd Nov 15 01:14:00Brain Food
22nd Nov 15 12:09:40Time Passage Beard
22nd Nov 15 05:48:48Characters.Wild Star
21st Nov 15 09:11:49Anthropomorphic Shift
21st Nov 15 06:37:54Caught On Tape
21st Nov 15 04:36:13Information Wants To Be Free
21st Nov 15 04:11:05Sapient Cetaceans
21st Nov 15 02:39:54Neurodiversity Is Supernatural
20th Nov 15 08:35:43Nightmare Fuel.Precocious
20th Nov 15 08:30:42Characters.Precocious
20th Nov 15 06:24:21Robotic Spouse
20th Nov 15 04:15:09Beware The Silly Ones
20th Nov 15 11:46:50Random Species Offspring
19th Nov 15 06:02:07Longevity Treatment
18th Nov 15 09:30:54Heavyworlder
18th Nov 15 09:26:42Death World
17th Nov 15 06:21:44Tabletop Game.Hc Svnt Dracones
16th Nov 15 06:41:46Comically Small Bribe
16th Nov 15 06:36:57Body Backup Drive
16th Nov 15 06:28:59Swiss Army Appendage
16th Nov 15 06:22:59Robo Family
16th Nov 15 06:17:05Massive Race Selection
16th Nov 15 06:05:14Death Is Cheap
16th Nov 15 05:35:12Tabletop Game.Hc Svnt Dracones
16th Nov 15 03:19:43Tabletop Game.Hc Svnt Dracones
16th Nov 15 11:48:02Tabletop Game.Hc Svnt Dracones
16th Nov 15 09:35:31Tabletop Game.Hc Svnt Dracones
15th Nov 15 02:50:14Only One Me Allowed Right Now
15th Nov 15 09:29:26Monster Progenitor
14th Nov 15 06:49:30Character Alignment
14th Nov 15 06:29:13List Of Transgressions
14th Nov 15 06:20:35Blackmail
14th Nov 15 05:48:51Crappy Carnival
14th Nov 15 03:54:08Spare Body Parts
13th Nov 15 09:13:28They Killed Kenny Again
13th Nov 15 08:53:10Brain Uploading
13th Nov 15 07:15:47First Episode Resurrection
12th Nov 15 07:23:34BFG
10th Nov 15 08:50:40Useful Notes.Vlad The Impaler
9th Nov 15 07:32:53Webcomic.Gingers Bread
8th Nov 15 07:27:17Beat It By Compulsion
8th Nov 15 03:43:14Dies Wide Open
8th Nov 15 09:20:01Literature.The Sanguine Chronicles
8th Nov 15 08:50:24Daywalking Vampire
8th Nov 15 08:50:04Daywalking Vampire
8th Nov 15 08:37:11Your Vampires Suck
8th Nov 15 08:34:09Japanese Tourist
8th Nov 15 08:17:51Artistic License Economics
7th Nov 15 07:37:04Alucard
7th Nov 15 04:00:16Dhampyr
7th Nov 15 07:13:01Society Of Immortals
7th Nov 15 07:06:48Vampire Monarch
6th Nov 15 08:33:57Removing The Head Or Destroying The Brain
6th Nov 15 08:27:44Decapitation Required
6th Nov 15 08:13:33Shoot The Hostage
4th Nov 15 07:04:33Faux Death
4th Nov 15 10:05:31Human Subspecies
3rd Nov 15 08:57:13Arcology
3rd Nov 15 08:45:38Brain Fever
3rd Nov 15 11:52:27Suicide Is Shameful
3rd Nov 15 07:13:06Your Soul Is Mine
1st Nov 15 08:36:46Characters.Freefall
1st Nov 15 06:42:20Hunter Of His Own Kind
1st Nov 15 09:16:06Dont Fear The Reaper
1st Nov 15 07:24:13Neck Snap
31st Oct 15 05:26:34Chaotic Neutral
31st Oct 15 04:22:13Bathing Beauty
31st Oct 15 04:03:44Baths Are Fun
30th Oct 15 07:50:14Our Vampires Are Different.Tabletop Games
30th Oct 15 07:30:24Our Wights Are Different
30th Oct 15 03:53:01Brain Fever
29th Oct 15 08:15:09Show Within A Show.Web Comics
29th Oct 15 05:39:22The Von Trope Family
29th Oct 15 09:28:04Super Smoke
29th Oct 15 09:01:59Black Cap Of Death
28th Oct 15 07:10:41Shapeshifter Baggage
28th Oct 15 05:17:08An Entrepreneur Is You
28th Oct 15 12:04:14Characters.Metamor City
27th Oct 15 08:39:06Webcomic.Addictive Science
27th Oct 15 08:02:46Used Future
27th Oct 15 07:59:23Space Western
27th Oct 15 07:56:32Video Game.Rebel Galaxy
27th Oct 15 07:56:23Science Fiction Video Games
27th Oct 15 07:56:12Video Game.Rebel Galaxy
27th Oct 15 05:20:41Simulation Game
27th Oct 15 05:19:41Separated At Birth
27th Oct 15 04:10:39Mad Scientist
27th Oct 15 11:59:54Podcast.Metamor City
27th Oct 15 07:13:37Evil Detecting Dog
26th Oct 15 06:46:13Defenseless Transports
26th Oct 15 05:15:20Watch It Stoned
26th Oct 15 09:17:02Webcomic.Nip And Tuck
25th Oct 15 06:57:08Webcomic.Addictive Science
25th Oct 15 06:00:40Webcomic.Addictive Science
25th Oct 15 10:22:30Webcomic.Addictive Science
24th Oct 15 09:07:10Webcomic.Addictive Science
24th Oct 15 08:58:31Hilariously Abusive Childhood
24th Oct 15 11:35:51Klingon Promotion
23rd Oct 15 08:28:46Webcomic.Addictive Science
23rd Oct 15 04:56:46Create Your Own Villain
23rd Oct 15 09:23:23Designer Babies
22nd Oct 15 09:13:25Webcomic.Felicia Sorceress Of Katara
22nd Oct 15 07:43:15Webcomic.Addictive Science
20th Oct 15 08:19:30Glass Shattering Sound
20th Oct 15 08:02:16Fictional Currency
20th Oct 15 05:55:04Non Mammal Mammaries
20th Oct 15 05:46:49Ridiculous Future Inflation
19th Oct 15 06:02:29Podcast.Metamor City
18th Oct 15 09:26:36Mad Scientist.Western Animation
18th Oct 15 09:16:42Mad Scientist.Western Animation
18th Oct 15 09:16:16Mad Scientist
18th Oct 15 07:50:59Fun With Acronyms.Literature
18th Oct 15 07:44:07Burner Phones
18th Oct 15 05:10:11Death Is Cheap
18th Oct 15 12:22:03Webcomic.Poppy O Possum
18th Oct 15 12:20:40YMMV.Poppy O Possum
18th Oct 15 09:22:54Resting Recovery
18th Oct 15 09:17:44Watch It Stoned
17th Oct 15 08:56:53Opera Gloves
17th Oct 15 09:33:15Literature.Kherishdar
17th Oct 15 09:20:02Inadequate Inheritor
16th Oct 15 09:19:39Golem
16th Oct 15 09:09:49Literature.Kiln People
16th Oct 15 06:41:14Vast Bureaucracy
15th Oct 15 07:14:13Projectile Spell
14th Oct 15 07:58:26Webcomic.Does Not Play Well With Others
14th Oct 15 07:05:09Bolt Of Divine Retribution
14th Oct 15 07:01:16Horror Hunger
13th Oct 15 07:06:19Literature.Kiln People
13th Oct 15 05:54:11Literature.Kiln People
13th Oct 15 09:30:42Ascend To A Higher Plane Of Existence
12th Oct 15 09:14:31Fantastic Caste System
12th Oct 15 06:05:54Tabletop Game.Hc Svnt Dracones
12th Oct 15 06:04:36Tabletop Game.Eclipse Phase
12th Oct 15 06:03:54Tabletop Game.Transhuman Space
12th Oct 15 06:03:08Series.Dark Matter
12th Oct 15 06:01:21Literature.Cluster
12th Oct 15 06:00:38Literature.The Shadow Out Of Time
12th Oct 15 05:59:52Literature.Takeshi Kovacs
12th Oct 15 05:58:36Futuristic Tech Index
12th Oct 15 05:57:26Teleportation Tropes
12th Oct 15 05:56:21Speculative Fiction Tropes
12th Oct 15 05:56:08Mental Space Travel
12th Oct 15 05:55:44Speculative Fiction Tropes
11th Oct 15 09:33:40Tabletop Game.Fading Suns
11th Oct 15 08:02:28Shoot The Hostage
10th Oct 15 07:57:06Villain Protagonist
10th Oct 15 07:44:08Tabletop Game.Beast The Primordial
10th Oct 15 10:41:53Sir Swearsalot
9th Oct 15 08:47:49Anti Human Alliance
9th Oct 15 06:44:02Villain Protagonist
9th Oct 15 05:05:39Soldier Vs Warrior
8th Oct 15 08:35:31The Sleepless
8th Oct 15 11:55:42Booze Flamethrower
7th Oct 15 08:40:25Emotion Eater
7th Oct 15 08:37:56Emotion Eater
7th Oct 15 07:53:46Mugging The Monster.Literature
7th Oct 15 09:31:12WMG.Geniusthe Transgression
7th Oct 15 05:58:18WMG.Tabletop Games
6th Oct 15 06:47:26Webcomic.Last Res0rt
6th Oct 15 06:45:25Video Game.Kult Heretic Kingdoms
6th Oct 15 06:44:25Tabletop Game.Traveller
6th Oct 15 06:43:38Tabletop Game.Myriad Song
6th Oct 15 06:41:46Series.Grimm
6th Oct 15 06:40:41Buffy.Tropes O To Z
6th Oct 15 06:39:10Mink Becomes This Index Most
6th Oct 15 06:39:01Sapient Fur Trade
6th Oct 15 06:38:48Mink Becomes This Index Most
6th Oct 15 06:12:54Characters.The Order Of The Stick Divine Beings
6th Oct 15 03:49:20WMG.Beast The Primordial
6th Oct 15 09:58:09WMG.Geniusthe Transgression
5th Oct 15 06:12:43Shoulder Cannon
5th Oct 15 05:59:03Cut His Heart Out With A Spoon
5th Oct 15 09:14:36Linear Warriors Quadratic Wizards
4th Oct 15 09:57:41Forgotten Anniversary
3rd Oct 15 09:30:52Nurture Over Nature
3rd Oct 15 09:09:28Dumb Muscle.Web Comics
3rd Oct 15 08:32:57WMG.The Order Of The Stick Team Evil
3rd Oct 15 08:05:42WMG.The Order Of The Stick
3rd Oct 15 07:52:13Horse Of A Different Color
3rd Oct 15 07:02:47World In The Sky
3rd Oct 15 05:24:59Fantastic Caste System
3rd Oct 15 05:17:46Literature.Kherishdar
3rd Oct 15 01:29:00Webcomic.Dissonance
3rd Oct 15 01:26:28Afraid Of Needles
3rd Oct 15 09:48:18Side Bet
3rd Oct 15 09:29:37WMG.The Order Of The Stick Team Evil
2nd Oct 15 07:17:43Silver Bullet
2nd Oct 15 05:21:11Utility Magic
2nd Oct 15 09:29:31Literature.Old Mans War
1st Oct 15 08:10:57Webcomic.By The Book
1st Oct 15 08:09:25Square Race Round Class
1st Oct 15 07:49:25Your Mom
1st Oct 15 06:54:45Shout Out.The Order Of The Stick
1st Oct 15 05:43:52Weak But Skilled
1st Oct 15 06:59:05Webcomic.The Probability Bomb
30th Sep 15 09:07:58Literature.The Shadow Out Of Time
30th Sep 15 08:39:00The Greys
29th Sep 15 07:16:32Literature.Ark Royal
29th Sep 15 06:55:19Colony Ship
29th Sep 15 06:32:51Literature.Ark Royal
29th Sep 15 06:32:01Literature.Ark Royal
29th Sep 15 06:23:04Literature.Ark Royal
29th Sep 15 12:18:27Literature.Ark Royal
28th Sep 15 06:02:15Court Martialed
28th Sep 15 05:32:44Arrow Catch
28th Sep 15 04:58:19Genetic Engineering Is The New Nuke
28th Sep 15 04:50:12Superhero Trophy Shelf
28th Sep 15 09:25:26Literature.Eldraeverse
28th Sep 15 07:06:05Literature.Ark Royal
27th Sep 15 05:55:41Foreseeing My Death
27th Sep 15 08:58:40All Beer Is Ale
27th Sep 15 08:19:17Obfuscating Stupidity.Webcomics
27th Sep 15 08:10:17Literature.Emmet Otters Jug Band Christmas
26th Sep 15 05:51:17Field Promotion
26th Sep 15 05:37:58Necromancer
26th Sep 15 05:09:19Summon Magic
26th Sep 15 04:47:21Master Of Illusion
26th Sep 15 04:44:58Master Of Illusion
26th Sep 15 04:01:39Worthless Yellow Rocks
26th Sep 15 02:18:28WMG.The Order Of The Stick The Order Of The Stick
26th Sep 15 12:29:06Talking Is A Free Action
26th Sep 15 12:07:43Kinetic Weapons Are Just Better
26th Sep 15 07:59:06Calling Your Attacks
26th Sep 15 07:30:36Asskicking Equals Authority
26th Sep 15 06:09:33Changeling Tale
25th Sep 15 05:06:13Cryo Prison
25th Sep 15 04:08:21Unskilled But Strong
25th Sep 15 09:15:46Always Chaotic Evil
24th Sep 15 08:10:02Characters.The Order Of The Stick The Order Of The Stick
24th Sep 15 08:02:49Ring Of Power
24th Sep 15 07:07:50Reforged Blade
24th Sep 15 06:51:23Gang Initiation Fight
24th Sep 15 09:20:54Dragon In Chief
23rd Sep 15 08:44:37Electronic Telepathy
23rd Sep 15 08:33:56Literature.Eldraeverse
22nd Sep 15 09:03:25Sinister Scimitar
22nd Sep 15 09:01:48Sinister Scimitar
22nd Sep 15 08:18:47Characters.Metamor City
22nd Sep 15 07:01:22Useless Spleen
22nd Sep 15 06:29:28Fantasy Counterpart Culture
22nd Sep 15 05:00:00Crosscast Role
22nd Sep 15 09:54:37King Of Beasts
22nd Sep 15 07:11:01Webcomic.Faux Pas
22nd Sep 15 07:04:01Butt Monkey.Web Comics
20th Sep 15 06:15:39Instant Waking Skills
20th Sep 15 06:03:46Subverted Kids Show
20th Sep 15 05:58:47Subverted Kids Show
20th Sep 15 02:03:50You Have Outlived Your Usefulness
20th Sep 15 01:55:45Cain And Abel
19th Sep 15 04:34:29Crosscast Role
19th Sep 15 10:41:09Webcomic.Faux Pas
19th Sep 15 10:39:16Explosive Breeder
19th Sep 15 08:50:34Most Common Card Game
19th Sep 15 08:17:04Web Animation.How It Should Have Ended
19th Sep 15 07:45:01Lego Genetics
18th Sep 15 07:04:51Cyber Punk
18th Sep 15 04:48:38Side Bet
17th Sep 15 07:16:48Combat Tentacles
17th Sep 15 06:22:12Webcomic.Faux Pas
17th Sep 15 05:59:39Animals Fear Neutering
17th Sep 15 09:24:45Characters.Armello
17th Sep 15 09:20:37Video Game.Armello
17th Sep 15 07:01:59Discworld.Monstrous Regiment
16th Sep 15 08:49:21Its A Wonderful Plot
16th Sep 15 08:35:03Webcomic.Original Life
15th Sep 15 07:01:44Sleepwalking
15th Sep 15 06:28:10Puppy Dog Eyes.Web Comics
15th Sep 15 12:08:39Engagement Challenge
14th Sep 15 07:15:51Tabletop Game.Ironclaw
14th Sep 15 07:13:17One Nation Under Copyright
13th Sep 15 06:49:51YMMV.Faux Pas
12th Sep 15 09:08:23Animal Talk
12th Sep 15 07:51:05She Is The King
12th Sep 15 07:45:20Place Of Protection
12th Sep 15 07:43:09In Universe Game Clock
12th Sep 15 07:36:14Half Dressed Cartoon Animal.Video Games
12th Sep 15 07:27:54Fisher King
12th Sep 15 07:22:09Hard Coded Hostility
12th Sep 15 07:15:13Creepy Crows
12th Sep 15 07:11:56Video Game.Armello
12th Sep 15 03:50:32Im A Humanitarian
12th Sep 15 03:48:35Im A Humanitarian
12th Sep 15 03:38:08Im A Humanitarian
12th Sep 15 12:04:24Cheap Gold Coins
12th Sep 15 11:50:16Characters.Jade Empire
12th Sep 15 10:36:37Beleaguered Bureaucrat
12th Sep 15 08:50:44Celestial Bureaucracy
12th Sep 15 06:53:21Viral Transformation
11th Sep 15 08:54:02Reincarnation
11th Sep 15 08:45:24Mercy Kill
11th Sep 15 08:26:08Webcomic.Peter Is The Wolf
11th Sep 15 08:18:48Webcomic.Peter Is The Wolf
11th Sep 15 08:17:48Webcomic.Peter Is The Wolf
10th Sep 15 09:52:12Literature.The Highlands Of Afon
10th Sep 15 07:10:45Video Game.Armello
9th Sep 15 09:33:34Mad Scientist.Video Games
9th Sep 15 09:28:33Characters.Jade Empire
9th Sep 15 08:14:13Literally Shattered Lives
9th Sep 15 07:13:26Characters.Armello
8th Sep 15 09:06:49Robots Think Faster
7th Sep 15 09:46:57Tabletop Game.Armello
7th Sep 15 08:12:07Tabletop Game.Armello
7th Sep 15 05:21:57Tabletop Game.Armello
7th Sep 15 03:58:05Fantastic Naming Convention
7th Sep 15 07:10:49Literature.The Highlands Of Afon
7th Sep 15 06:40:12Literature.The Highlands Of Afon
7th Sep 15 06:39:39Literature.The Highlands Of Afon
6th Sep 15 07:16:19Freak Lab Accident
6th Sep 15 11:05:03Literature.The Highlands Of Afon
6th Sep 15 06:36:38Literally Shattered Lives
5th Sep 15 08:45:23They Have The Scent
5th Sep 15 11:15:18Magic Staff
5th Sep 15 10:52:37Mobile Factory
5th Sep 15 10:36:00Webcomic.The Cyantian Chronicles
5th Sep 15 08:33:48Characters.The Order Of The Stick Animal Companions
5th Sep 15 08:18:41Familiar
5th Sep 15 07:25:41Freudian Trio.Web Media
5th Sep 15 07:16:28Webcomic.Three Jaguars
4th Sep 15 09:35:33Series.Defiance
4th Sep 15 09:28:13Tabletop Game.Armello
4th Sep 15 06:51:14Webcomic.Three Jaguars
4th Sep 15 06:05:55Island Help Message
4th Sep 15 05:52:10Literature.The Martian
4th Sep 15 05:07:06Ruling Couple
4th Sep 15 07:08:08Webcomic.Meadowhawk
3rd Sep 15 06:33:53Humans By Any Other Name
3rd Sep 15 05:59:43WMG.Defiance
3rd Sep 15 09:26:24Flesh Versus Steel
2nd Sep 15 08:47:27Tattoo As Character Type
2nd Sep 15 08:40:43Tattoo Tropes
2nd Sep 15 08:40:11Mark Of The Supernatural
2nd Sep 15 08:14:18Special Snowflake Syndrome
2nd Sep 15 07:56:06Quotes.Sapient Ship
2nd Sep 15 03:46:10Webcomic.Three Jaguars
2nd Sep 15 07:16:58Aliens Never Invented The Wheel
1st Sep 15 08:06:45The Slow Path
1st Sep 15 08:05:10Characters.Sanctuary
31st Aug 15 08:14:22Democracy Is Bad
31st Aug 15 05:35:53Playing Both Sides
31st Aug 15 05:20:33Fantastic Drug
31st Aug 15 05:10:59Military Coup
31st Aug 15 05:07:42Military Coup
30th Aug 15 08:26:53Suck Out The Poison
30th Aug 15 08:08:15Ribcage Stomach
30th Aug 15 07:53:26Video Game.Star Fox Adventures
30th Aug 15 06:11:57Super Soldier
30th Aug 15 03:57:30Literature.The Highlands Of Afon
30th Aug 15 03:29:47Private Military Contractors
30th Aug 15 03:25:20Flying Car
30th Aug 15 11:03:03Fox Hunting
30th Aug 15 08:24:47Medium Blending
29th Aug 15 08:40:56Multicultural Alien Planet
29th Aug 15 08:39:52Interspecies Romance.Literature
29th Aug 15 08:29:09Family Relationship Switcheroo