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30th Sep 14 01:32:18Trivia.Phantoms Reckoning
30th Sep 14 01:31:12Nightmare Fuel.Phantoms Reckoning
18th Aug 14 10:35:17Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
6th Jul 14 05:17:54Awesome.Literature
6th Jul 14 05:17:50Awesome.Literature
6th Jul 14 05:17:43Awesome.Literature
5th Jul 14 11:39:02Awesome.Phantoms Reckoning
5th Jul 14 11:36:29Heartwarming.Phantoms Reckoning
25th Jun 14 01:02:24Trivia.Phantoms Reckoning
24th Jun 14 06:47:08Nightmare Fuel.LITERATURE
24th Jun 14 06:46:03Nightmare Fuel.Phantoms Reckoning
24th Jun 14 06:42:01Funny.LITERATURE
24th Jun 14 06:41:13Funny.Phantoms Reckoning
23rd Jun 14 04:03:42Heartwarming.Phantoms Reckoning
23rd Jun 14 03:58:53Heartwarming.Phantoms Reckoning
23rd Jun 14 03:57:32Heartwarming.Phantoms Reckoning
23rd Jun 14 03:56:55Heartwarming.Phantoms Reckoning
23rd Jun 14 03:55:37Trivia.Phantoms Reckoning
22nd Jun 14 09:22:27Heartwarming.LITERATURE
22nd Jun 14 09:22:26Heartwarming.LITERATURE
22nd Jun 14 09:20:30Heartwarming.Phantoms Reckoning
20th Jun 14 06:00:40Characters.Phantoms Reckoning
20th Jun 14 05:59:24Characters.Phantoms Reckoning
20th Jun 14 05:58:00Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
11th Jun 14 12:45:06Trivia.Phantoms Reckoning
11th Jun 14 12:14:31Characters.Phantoms Reckoning
11th Jun 14 12:13:36Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
11th Jun 14 12:13:22Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
11th Jun 14 12:12:51Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
10th Jun 14 02:46:52Tear Jerker.Phantoms Reckoning
10th Jun 14 02:13:57Tear Jerker.Phantoms Reckoning
10th Jun 14 02:13:07Tear Jerker.Phantoms Reckoning
10th Jun 14 02:08:03Tear Jerker.Literature
10th Jun 14 02:07:51Tear Jerker.Literature
9th Jun 14 09:40:13Tear Jerker.Phantoms Reckoning
9th Jun 14 09:35:54Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
28th May 14 04:54:42I Just Want To Have Friends
28th May 14 12:54:39Characters.Phantoms Reckoning
28th May 14 12:53:32Characters.Phantoms Reckoning
27th May 14 03:57:24Characters.Phantoms Reckoning
27th May 14 12:25:08The Only One I Trust
27th May 14 12:11:27Action Girl.Literature
26th May 14 05:40:23Tomboy And Girly Girl
26th May 14 05:40:20Tomboy And Girly Girl
26th May 14 05:20:59Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
26th May 14 05:04:29Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
25th Apr 14 04:40:54Trivia.Putt Putt
25th Apr 14 04:39:59Video Game.Putt Putt
24th Apr 14 01:10:12Yuki Akuma
24th Apr 14 01:09:28Yuki Akuma
22nd Apr 14 02:54:04Dark Chick
21st Apr 14 11:47:51Characters.Phantoms Reckoning
21st Apr 14 11:16:16Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
21st Apr 14 11:12:35Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
21st Apr 14 11:07:56Trivia.Phantoms Reckoning
21st Apr 14 11:01:17Trivia.Phantoms Reckoning
19th Apr 14 04:36:48Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
19th Apr 14 04:27:32Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
27th Mar 14 02:11:29Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
22nd Mar 14 03:26:14Playing With.They Changed It Now It Sucks
22nd Mar 14 03:25:34Playing With.They Changed It Now It Sucks
16th Mar 14 03:44:50Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
16th Mar 14 03:34:50Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
10th Mar 14 06:30:30Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
24th Feb 14 09:31:55Playing With.Porting Disaster
23rd Feb 14 04:14:35Playing With.Multiple Endings
22nd Feb 14 11:19:57Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
22nd Feb 14 11:19:39Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
22nd Feb 14 10:12:41Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
22nd Feb 14 10:05:41Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
22nd Feb 14 10:02:40YMMV.Phantoms Reckoning
20th Feb 14 12:00:25Tropes That Will Never Happen.Too Obscure Or Bizarre
19th Feb 14 11:49:09Tropes That Will Never Happen.Too Obscure Or Bizarre
16th Feb 14 09:00:25Playing With.Game Breaker
30th Jan 14 10:00:19YMMV.Rock Band
30th Jan 14 03:01:34WMG.Foo Fighters
26th Jan 14 07:28:06YMMV.Persona 3
24th Jan 14 03:41:18YMMV.Donkey Kong Country Returns
24th Jan 14 03:35:48YMMV.Kirbys Epic Yarn
22nd Jan 14 05:48:52Playing With.Sudden Downer Ending
22nd Jan 14 05:48:25Playing With.Sudden Downer Ending
22nd Jan 14 05:48:03Playing With.Sudden Downer Ending
22nd Jan 14 03:13:59Playing With.Sudden Downer Ending
21st Jan 14 10:00:01YMMV.Super Mario Galaxy 2
18th Jan 14 04:50:26Playing With.Powerup Letdown
18th Jan 14 04:46:44Playing With.Powerup Letdown
15th Jan 14 11:46:43YMMV.Sonic Lost World
15th Jan 14 08:17:26Creator Killer
15th Jan 14 08:17:04Creator Killer
13th Jan 14 06:53:12Playing With.Anticlimax Boss
13th Jan 14 01:19:07Playing With.It Gets Better
13th Jan 14 12:54:39Playing With.A Winner Is You
13th Jan 14 12:49:44Playing With.A Winner Is You
12th Jan 14 05:12:07Playing With.That One Level
12th Jan 14 02:08:52Playing With.Sequel Escalation
10th Jan 14 02:56:18Playing With.They Changed It Now It Sucks
10th Jan 14 02:10:56Playing With.Porting Disaster
9th Jan 14 09:15:39YMMV.Super Mario 3 D World
9th Jan 14 09:07:16Playing With.A Winner Is You
9th Jan 14 07:44:21Playing With.Designated Hero
6th Jan 14 09:42:02YMMV.Persona 3
6th Jan 14 01:59:27YMMV.Donkey Kong Country Returns
6th Jan 14 01:58:08YMMV.Donkey Kong Country Returns
6th Jan 14 01:56:27First Installment Wins
5th Jan 14 05:07:38WMG.Finding Dory
18th Dec 13 02:48:36Animation.Ratatoing
18th Dec 13 02:47:33Animation.Ratatoing
18th Dec 13 02:46:24YMMV.Ratatoing
18th Dec 13 02:44:57Fridge.Ratatoing
13th Dec 13 10:55:53Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
10th Dec 13 11:01:23YMMV.Phantoms Reckoning
10th Dec 13 10:43:35Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
10th Dec 13 10:41:47Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
10th Dec 13 10:00:48YMMV.Sega Superstars
27th Nov 13 10:15:12Literature.Phantoms Reckoning
27th Nov 13 02:55:07Web Original Fiction
27th Nov 13 01:46:01Web Original.Phantoms Reckoning
27th Nov 13 01:38:29Web Original.Phantoms Reckoning
27th Nov 13 01:29:21Web Original.Phantoms Reckoning
27th Nov 13 12:20:11Web Original.Phantoms Reckoning

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