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23rd Feb 15 02:29:49Fear Is The Appropriate Response
22nd Feb 15 09:32:34Gone Horribly Right
14th Feb 15 03:39:04Post Cyber Punk
14th Feb 15 03:38:08Tabletop Game.Eclipse Phase
13th Feb 15 02:43:58All Gays Are Promiscuous
13th Feb 15 02:23:17Wild Hair
13th Feb 15 05:23:30Sword And Sorcery
13th Feb 15 05:03:34Heroic Fantasy
13th Feb 15 04:59:01Added Alliterative Appeal
13th Feb 15 04:54:33Post Cyber Punk
13th Feb 15 04:50:34Speculative Fiction
13th Feb 15 04:36:48Sword And Sorcery
13th Feb 15 04:33:09Rated M For Manly
13th Feb 15 04:21:33Rage Against The Heavens
13th Feb 15 04:18:43Precursors
13th Feb 15 04:10:31Look On My Works Ye Mighty And Despair
13th Feb 15 04:05:21Genius Bruiser
13th Feb 15 04:02:16Full Frontal Assault
13th Feb 15 04:00:18Atlantis
12th Feb 15 11:12:59Tabletop Game.Atlantis The Second Age
12th Feb 15 10:28:43Beard Of Barbarism
12th Feb 15 10:23:59Tabletop Game.Atlantis The Second Age
12th Feb 15 05:31:11Tabletop Game.Atlantis The Second Age
12th Feb 15 04:55:45Tabletop Games
12th Feb 15 04:52:43Tabletop Game.Atlantis The Second Age
12th Feb 15 02:44:34Barbarian Hero
9th Feb 15 03:02:59Evil Sounds Raspy
8th Feb 15 12:16:18Cultured Badass
5th Feb 15 10:41:26Western Animation.Count Duckula
5th Feb 15 06:50:09Iconic Outfit
4th Feb 15 05:26:55Noir Episode
3rd Feb 15 11:43:46Film Noir
2nd Feb 15 01:14:25A Good Name For A Rock Band
31st Jan 15 03:04:33Deconstruction
31st Jan 15 02:58:52Literature.The Thrawn Trilogy
29th Jan 15 03:03:06Name Of Cain
29th Jan 15 03:02:39Name Of Cain
29th Jan 15 03:01:34Literature.Kane
20th Jan 15 02:09:37Old Man Marrying A Child
20th Jan 15 02:05:31Literature.The Last Wish
18th Jan 15 01:02:32Video Game.The Witcher 2 Assassins Of Kings
18th Jan 15 01:00:40Oh Crap.Video Games
12th Jan 15 12:02:37Fountain Of Expies
12th Jan 15 12:00:01Overused Copycat Character
12th Jan 15 11:57:39Overused Copycat Character
12th Jan 15 07:44:03Our Monsters Are Weird
9th Jan 15 03:29:57What Did You Expect When You Named It
9th Jan 15 03:15:41What Did You Expect When You Named It
9th Jan 15 03:09:22Big Brother Is Watching
9th Jan 15 03:01:26Names To Trust Immediately
9th Jan 15 02:59:22Names To Trust Immediately
6th Jan 15 06:06:36Those Two Bad Guys.Live Action TV
4th Jan 15 02:04:03World Of Ham
4th Jan 15 01:34:20Feghoot
4th Jan 15 07:23:22Gratuitous Greek
4th Jan 15 07:00:15Diablo III.Tropes A To E
4th Jan 15 06:57:09Belly Flop Crushing
1st Jan 15 02:18:23The Sociopath.Live Action TV
1st Jan 15 02:12:00Minion Shipping
31st Dec 14 06:06:32Legacy Character
27th Dec 14 10:53:36Fangs Are Evil
23rd Dec 14 03:14:02Light Is Not Good.Literature
21st Dec 14 05:59:05Arc Symbol
21st Dec 14 05:57:25Video Game.Thief
21st Dec 14 05:56:44Arc Symbol
21st Dec 14 05:46:53Video Game.Thief The Dark Project
4th Dec 14 04:10:29No Man Of Woman Born
4th Dec 14 04:08:58No Man Of Woman Born
3rd Dec 14 09:14:17Weaponized Exhaust
2nd Dec 14 02:42:28Reassigned To Antarctica.Real Life
22nd Nov 14 07:23:02Lets Fight Like Gentlemen
20th Nov 14 03:47:53Chest Monster
13th Nov 14 05:32:19Man In White
13th Nov 14 05:31:54Man In White
12th Nov 14 10:20:31Cannot Tell A Joke
10th Nov 14 06:38:25Panthera Awesome
26th Oct 14 07:56:51Hell Is That Noise.Silent Hill
20th Oct 14 10:04:32Sword And Sorcery
20th Oct 14 10:02:38Sword And Sorcery
20th Oct 14 10:01:14Heroic Fantasy
20th Oct 14 10:00:47Heroic Fantasy
20th Oct 14 09:57:53Sword And Sorcery
20th Oct 14 05:54:33Low Fantasy
19th Oct 14 10:52:06Cool Horse
19th Oct 14 09:04:50Video Game.Dragon Age II
19th Oct 14 09:02:17Dutch Angle
18th Oct 14 05:52:18Nature Is Not Nice
14th Oct 14 01:18:16Fate Worse Than Death
14th Oct 14 01:15:42Fate Worse Than Death
2nd Oct 14 01:15:40Spoiled By The Format
8th Sep 14 12:04:07Lightnovel.Haiyore Nyarko San
8th Sep 14 11:54:47Lightnovel.Haiyore Nyarko San
8th Sep 14 11:53:34Tertiary Sexual Characteristics
31st Aug 14 05:05:47Driving Question
31st Aug 14 05:02:27Driving Question
30th Aug 14 01:41:04Clear Their Name
30th Aug 14 05:49:39High Pressure Blood
30th Aug 14 05:38:05Eyeless Face
30th Aug 14 05:33:51Body Horror.Anime And Manga
29th Aug 14 08:13:38Tabletop Game.Numenera
29th Aug 14 08:07:01Tabletop Game.Numenera
27th Aug 14 03:50:07Time Abyss
27th Aug 14 03:48:14Time Abyss
27th Aug 14 05:57:44Sci Fi Writers Have.No Sense Of Time
26th Aug 14 02:57:34Pre Mortem One Liner
26th Aug 14 05:43:01Rocket Ride
23rd Aug 14 06:50:06Intercourse With You
5th Aug 14 05:21:20Daylight Horror
5th Aug 14 03:04:06Film.A Field In England
5th Aug 14 02:20:50Film.A Field In England
26th Jul 14 12:16:43Radar.Shrek
24th Jul 14 12:19:14Chekhovs Gun.Video Games
23rd Jul 14 09:35:58The Tokyo Fireball
17th Jul 14 11:20:59Screams Like A Little Girl.Anime And Manga
15th Jul 14 12:32:22Western Animation.Starwars Clone Wars
15th Jul 14 12:28:29Shockwave Stomp
15th Jul 14 07:18:09Oddly Common Rarity
15th Jul 14 07:03:02Screw The Money I Have Rules
15th Jul 14 06:49:33Video Game.Bound By Flame
13th Jul 14 02:46:16Creator.Production IG
10th Jul 14 05:22:55Never Bareheaded
9th Jul 14 01:43:17Strong Flesh Weak Steel
9th Jul 14 12:54:59Film.My Name Is Nobody
9th Jul 14 11:59:30Silence Is Golden
9th Jul 14 11:51:44Silence Is Golden
27th May 14 01:04:05Beautiful Void
26th May 14 03:13:07The Scottish Trope
18th May 14 05:55:50Clothes Make The Legend
12th May 14 02:21:58Two Gamers On A Couch
12th May 14 01:47:46Author Vocabulary Calendar
11th May 14 02:21:37Robot War
10th May 14 10:52:22Eldritch Abomination.Video Games
10th May 14 10:43:29Creator.HP Lovecraft
10th May 14 10:40:53Creator.HP Lovecraft
10th May 14 10:37:15Hoist By His Own Petard.Literature
10th May 14 10:30:03Non Malicious Monster
9th May 14 07:17:07The Merch
8th May 14 07:06:53Self Demonstrating.The Lonely Island
6th May 14 01:36:57Creator.HP Lovecraft
6th May 14 01:00:26Almighty Idiot
6th May 14 12:52:37Never Found The Body
6th May 14 12:44:56Literature.The Colour Out Of Space
6th May 14 12:41:58Fiery Coverup
28th Apr 14 01:34:42Feathered Fiend
18th Apr 14 02:01:00Anime.Seirei NO Moribito
18th Apr 14 01:55:50Tongue Tied
18th Apr 14 01:55:23Tongue Tied
12th Apr 14 01:10:15Right Man In The Wrong Place
12th Apr 14 01:07:19Right Man In The Wrong Place
20th Mar 14 04:27:38Cycle Of Hurting
17th Mar 14 12:32:06Past Life Memories
11th Mar 14 03:31:53Anime.Seirei No Moribito
11th Mar 14 03:21:10Blade On A Stick
11th Mar 14 03:15:25Telephone Polearm
10th Mar 14 03:11:35Diabolical Mastermind
10th Mar 14 03:00:18Latex Perfection
9th Mar 14 01:43:57Heroic Fantasy
9th Mar 14 01:40:55Heroic Fantasy
7th Mar 14 02:13:15Anime.Seirei No Moribito
7th Mar 14 02:10:10Worthy Opponent
3rd Mar 14 08:32:55Boss Corridor
3rd Mar 14 08:12:36Bait And Switch Boss
3rd Mar 14 08:01:56Video Game Long Runners
2nd Mar 14 05:28:33Kill All Humans
22nd Feb 14 12:36:43Web Animation.Bravest Warriors
19th Feb 14 07:19:29Gone Horribly Right
16th Feb 14 02:55:11Resistance Is Futile
10th Feb 14 08:53:12Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
9th Feb 14 01:11:10Blatant Lies
27th Sep 13 10:59:53Germanic Efficiency
27th Sep 13 10:29:44Germanic Efficiency
27th Sep 13 10:20:01Germanic Efficiency
27th Sep 13 10:06:02Germanic Efficiency
27th Sep 13 09:58:16Gratuitous German
26th Sep 13 07:36:58Circling Vultures
23rd Sep 13 10:45:23Characters.Breaking Bad
23rd Sep 13 10:41:56Psychopathic Manchild
23rd Sep 13 10:40:47Psychopathic Manchild
21st Sep 13 04:43:11Beware The Nice Ones.Live Action TV
16th Sep 13 06:56:13Series.Breaking Bad
14th Sep 13 03:11:26Best Served Cold
14th Sep 13 03:00:39Awesome.Breaking Bad
14th Sep 13 02:45:29Awesome.Breaking Bad
14th Sep 13 02:41:33Series.Breaking Bad
14th Sep 13 02:39:10Super Dickery
13th Sep 13 01:51:24Mook Chivalry
13th Sep 13 01:41:28Magic Floppy Disk
10th Sep 13 10:10:03Characters.X Wing Series
10th Sep 13 10:09:14Characters.X Wing Series
10th Sep 13 09:57:47Badass Bureaucrat
10th Sep 13 06:16:59Lyrical Dissonance.Metal
9th Sep 13 03:12:57Screaming Warrior
9th Sep 13 03:03:53Comicbook.Knights Of The Old Republic
9th Sep 13 02:05:47Wham Line.Comic Books
9th Sep 13 02:01:03Comicbook.Knights Of The Old Republic
9th Sep 13 01:57:03You Didnt Ask
9th Sep 13 01:56:08Dressing As The Enemy
7th Sep 13 11:04:11Its All Upstairs From Here
7th Sep 13 10:58:36No Escape But Down
7th Sep 13 10:52:36Voice With An Internet Connection
7th Sep 13 10:46:51No Escape But Down
31st Aug 13 12:05:57Recycled In Space.Other Media
27th Aug 13 11:34:06Series.Breaking Bad
27th Aug 13 11:16:01Mysterious Employer
26th Aug 13 12:18:28Decapitation Presentation
23rd Aug 13 03:31:43Dragon With An Agenda
23rd Aug 13 03:16:54Dragon With An Agenda
23rd Aug 13 02:37:57Once Killed A Man With A Noodle Implement
22nd Aug 13 08:27:50Testosterone Poisoning
22nd Aug 13 08:26:21Testosterone Poisoning
22nd Aug 13 08:13:01Only A Flesh Wound
11th Aug 13 12:45:41The Apunkalypse
7th Aug 13 04:46:20Manga.Cromartie High School
7th Aug 13 04:45:47Elvis Lives
7th Aug 13 04:45:13Elvis Lives
29th Jul 13 02:03:18Sketch Comedy
24th Jul 13 06:41:26Doomed By Canon
24th Jul 13 06:33:15Ominous Floating Castle
24th Jul 13 06:24:13Attack Its Weak Point
16th Jul 13 09:59:02Taking You With Me
12th Jul 13 05:11:39Mundane Utility.Tabletop Games
4th Jul 13 08:01:07No Communities Were Harmed
4th Jul 13 07:55:59Creator.Steve Buscemi
2nd Jul 13 10:20:15Death World
1st Jul 13 12:27:03Lets Play.Helloween 4545
1st Jul 13 12:25:18Contractual Genre Blindness
30th Jun 13 11:29:25Lets Play.Helloween 4545
30th Jun 13 11:28:57Lets Play.Helloween 4545
27th Jun 13 10:46:56Rated M For Manly
25th Jun 13 01:19:55Serious Business.Real Life
24th Jun 13 12:46:22Everyone Is Jesus In Purgatory
23rd Jun 13 11:14:52Body Surf
23rd Jun 13 04:14:16The Pennyfarthing Effect
22nd Jun 13 06:42:35Leonine Contract
22nd Jun 13 06:12:59Barbarian Long Hair
22nd Jun 13 05:13:16Hillbilly Horrors
22nd Jun 13 02:56:32Place Worse Than Death
22nd Jun 13 02:54:32Lets Play.Helloween 4545
22nd Jun 13 02:41:32Made Of Indestructium
22nd Jun 13 02:30:17Start My Own
18th Jun 13 02:31:11Late To The Tragedy
18th Jun 13 02:23:56Literary Agent Hypothesis
18th Jun 13 02:14:26Please Subscribe To Our Channel
5th Jun 13 05:48:50Those Two Bad Guys.Live-Action Films
5th Jun 13 05:44:42Body Count Competition
5th Jun 13 05:38:48Number Of The Beast
5th Jun 13 05:32:59Retraux Flashback
1st Jun 13 07:53:19Franchise.Cthulhu Mythos
1st Jun 13 07:51:09Spotlight Stealing Title
30th May 13 12:10:41Big Bad Friend
4th May 13 02:12:57Heroic Fantasy
16th Apr 13 03:36:08Laser Guided Karma
16th Apr 13 03:23:28Exit Pursued By A Bear
12th Apr 13 04:14:03Carry A Big Stick
26th Mar 13 06:47:29Promoted Fanboy
26th Mar 13 05:50:10Bad Powers Good People
25th Mar 13 07:51:06I Cant Believe Its Not Heroin
23rd Mar 13 05:21:13Meaningful Echo
23rd Mar 13 02:22:38Lawful Good
22nd Mar 13 05:42:15Resurrective Immortality
22nd Mar 13 05:20:20Going Native
20th Mar 13 08:50:26Your Approval Fills Me With Shame
17th Mar 13 12:34:46Kill Em All
17th Mar 13 12:19:45Doomed Hometown
17th Mar 13 12:18:28Doomed Hometown
16th Mar 13 05:19:39Abstract Apotheosis
8th Mar 13 05:23:19Shown Their Work.Video Games
25th Feb 13 06:33:50Kill Em All
25th Feb 13 06:23:33Kill Em All
25th Feb 13 06:13:26Rage Against The Heavens
25th Feb 13 05:43:41Rage Against The Heavens
24th Feb 13 08:46:14Screw This Im Outta Here
15th Feb 13 05:09:01Chummy Commies
15th Feb 13 04:55:50Chummy Commies
15th Feb 13 04:28:45The Order
15th Feb 13 03:09:32Evil Gloating
7th Feb 13 01:46:27Overly Long Gag
28th Jan 13 01:02:31Subspace Or Hyperspace
28th Jan 13 12:47:21Waking Up Elsewhere
28th Jan 13 10:47:26Creator Provincialism
28th Jan 13 06:41:46The Legend Of Drizzt
28th Jan 13 06:39:09The Legend Of Drizzt
26th Jan 13 11:35:11Missing Floor
25th Jan 13 02:18:24In My Language That Sounds Like
17th Jan 13 02:42:33Commanding Coolness
17th Jan 13 02:21:02Make Me Wanna Shout.Video Games
17th Jan 13 02:18:41Mundane Made Awesome.Video Games
17th Jan 13 02:14:33Video Game.Little Inferno
17th Jan 13 02:08:24Dramatic Curtain Toss
17th Jan 13 01:53:56Genre Shift
11th Jan 13 07:10:30Innocent Bigot
11th Jan 13 07:02:52Innocent Bigot
11th Jan 13 06:45:37Blackface
11th Jan 13 06:38:27Literature.Jim Button
10th Jan 13 06:37:38Benevolent Alien Invasion
10th Jan 13 06:30:42Pre Ass Kicking One Liner.Video Games
30th Dec 12 09:07:22Eldritch Starship
30th Dec 12 09:03:53Eldritch Starship
22nd Nov 12 02:52:46Older Than They Look
11th Nov 12 09:16:09Tome Of Eldritch Lore
11th Nov 12 09:15:04Tome Of Eldritch Lore
7th Nov 12 02:29:25Prophecy Twist
7th Nov 12 01:26:06Minovsky Physics
7th Nov 12 12:45:48Precision F Strike.Film
4th Nov 12 05:27:39Handicapped Badass
3rd Nov 12 01:42:44Girl With Psycho Weapon
3rd Nov 12 01:39:01Action Girl.Video Games
28th Oct 12 04:33:54Viewer Gender Confusion
28th Oct 12 03:37:13Lethal Chef
25th Oct 12 06:15:13Video Game.Max Payne
24th Oct 12 11:06:55Draco In Leather Pants.Video Games
22nd Oct 12 09:03:01Interspecies Romance.Video Games
22nd Oct 12 08:37:11Special Person Normal Name
19th Oct 12 11:18:53Bratty Half Pint.Video Games
16th Oct 12 05:11:06The Runner Up Takes It All
16th Oct 12 05:04:45The Internet Is For Porn
16th Oct 12 04:42:47The Greatest Story Never Told
15th Oct 12 03:35:35Doing In The Wizard
13th Oct 12 06:27:30The Alcatraz
13th Oct 12 06:21:09Sliding Scale Of Anti Heroes
10th Oct 12 01:44:24Gory Discretion Shot
10th Oct 12 01:30:40Truly Single Parent
9th Oct 12 03:30:43Equal Opportunity Evil
9th Oct 12 03:09:37Web Video.The Rap Critic
9th Oct 12 03:00:58Deal With The Devil
9th Oct 12 02:58:30Deal With The Devil
9th Oct 12 02:31:29Vice City
9th Oct 12 02:17:15Lovable Sex Maniac
9th Oct 12 02:13:18Brain Bleach
9th Oct 12 02:07:07Too Much Information
9th Oct 12 01:53:07Too Much Information
9th Oct 12 01:31:32Ship Tease.Western Animation
8th Oct 12 04:18:03Really Gets Around
8th Oct 12 04:11:47Hurricane Of Euphemisms
8th Oct 12 04:00:36Heh Heh You Said X
8th Oct 12 03:47:32Portmanteau
8th Oct 12 03:40:27Portmanteau
8th Oct 12 03:32:07Does Not Like Shoes
7th Oct 12 01:15:16The Tourney
6th Oct 12 02:21:23Rule Sixty Three
6th Oct 12 02:20:40Rule Sixty Three
6th Oct 12 02:12:00End Of The World Special
5th Oct 12 05:27:29The Treachery Of Images
5th Oct 12 05:21:41No OSHA Compliance
5th Oct 12 05:16:30Retraux
5th Oct 12 05:06:47Forklift Fu
5th Oct 12 04:59:47Politically Incorrect Hero
5th Oct 12 04:48:51Cowboy Cop
5th Oct 12 04:27:39Crosses The Line Twice
5th Oct 12 04:22:58Useful Notes.Tea And Tea Culture
5th Oct 12 04:13:37Color Coded Armies
3rd Oct 12 03:21:10Background Magic Field
28th Sep 12 07:02:50They Just Didnt Care
28th Sep 12 06:58:43My Name Is Inigo Montoya
27th Sep 12 07:11:17Humanoid Abomination
27th Sep 12 07:08:07Humanoid Abomination
26th Sep 12 08:24:11Henpecked Husband
26th Sep 12 08:03:49The Charmer
26th Sep 12 07:56:45Threatening Shark
26th Sep 12 07:41:23Gentleman And A Scholar
26th Sep 12 07:39:09Dump Stat
26th Sep 12 07:34:21Politeness Judo
26th Sep 12 03:29:08Everybody Wants The Hermaphrodite
26th Sep 12 03:14:33Homoerotic Subtext
26th Sep 12 03:03:33Ambiguously Gay
26th Sep 12 02:56:54Ambiguously Bi
26th Sep 12 02:35:54Playing Against Type.Live Action TV
26th Sep 12 02:23:16One Of Us.Political Geeks
24th Sep 12 02:29:39Former Teen Rebel
24th Sep 12 02:10:03Driving Question
24th Sep 12 02:02:20We Have Been Researching Phlebotinum For Years
24th Sep 12 01:30:28Empire With A Dark Secret
24th Sep 12 04:01:20Kill It With Fire
24th Sep 12 03:31:21Kill It With Fire
23rd Sep 12 08:37:01Tertiary Sexual Characteristics
23rd Sep 12 08:28:14Bee People
23rd Sep 12 08:24:39Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism
23rd Sep 12 07:54:14Screw You Elves
23rd Sep 12 07:48:18Our Elves Are Better
23rd Sep 12 07:46:01Screw You Elves
23rd Sep 12 06:21:31Worst Aid
23rd Sep 12 06:13:22Ill Girl
23rd Sep 12 06:12:31Robot War
23rd Sep 12 05:59:35Synthetic Plague
23rd Sep 12 05:31:52Ill Girl
23rd Sep 12 05:17:22Wagon Train To The Stars
23rd Sep 12 05:01:11Token Evil Teammate
22nd Sep 12 04:16:53Love To Hate
22nd Sep 12 04:05:21Colonel Kilgore
22nd Sep 12 03:57:34General Ripper
20th Sep 12 11:41:26Ho Yay.Bioware
20th Sep 12 05:34:10Knowledge Broker
20th Sep 12 05:34:09Knowledge Broker
20th Sep 12 05:13:15Im Not A Hero Im
20th Sep 12 05:09:38Fanwork Only Fans
20th Sep 12 04:57:48One Bad Mother
19th Sep 12 04:07:37All According To Plan
19th Sep 12 03:53:12Video Game.Half-Life 2
19th Sep 12 03:39:14Video Game.Half-Life
19th Sep 12 03:35:28Wham Line.Video Games