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3rd May 17 09:28:16Chasing Your Tail
3rd May 17 09:26:36Chasing Your Tail
4th Apr 17 07:06:10Trrrilling Rrrs
31st Mar 17 09:53:46Quotes.Stop Poking Me
14th Mar 17 07:04:02Hanging Judge
14th Mar 17 07:02:17Hanging Judge
13th Mar 17 10:41:17Its All About Me.Tabletop Games
8th Mar 17 04:15:12YMMV.Icewind Dale
7th Mar 17 04:57:56I Call It Vera
7th Mar 17 04:57:27I Call It Vera
5th Mar 17 09:51:21Wake Up Call Boss
5th Mar 17 09:47:07Wake Up Call Boss
5th Mar 17 09:45:36Wake Up Call Boss
5th Mar 17 09:35:37Wake Up Call Boss
2nd Mar 17 06:48:54Evil Sorcerer
9th Feb 17 07:08:56Goddamned Bats.Simulation Game
9th Feb 17 07:08:11Goddamned Bats.Simulation Game
9th Feb 17 07:06:18Goddamned Bats.Simulation Game
8th Feb 17 04:49:29Early Game Hell
5th Jan 17 03:23:04Nintendo Hard.Shoot Em Ups
5th Jan 17 02:13:10When The Planets Align
5th Jan 17 02:11:36When The Planets Align
21st Apr 16 06:17:15Mister Muffykins
3rd Mar 16 07:19:01Point Of No Return
19th Oct 15 07:27:41The Elder Scrolls.The Elder Scrolls Race Tropes
27th Sep 15 10:40:27Wake Up Call Boss
27th Sep 15 10:38:12Wake Up Call Boss
20th Jun 15 11:15:52Characters.Doom
20th Jun 15 11:15:31Characters.Doom
21st May 15 05:50:45Becoming The Mask
19th Mar 15 07:05:10Persona Non Grata
7th Mar 15 03:39:07Stupid Evil
7th Mar 15 03:37:38Stupid Evil
18th Jan 15 10:40:45Early Game Hell
8th Jan 15 10:15:45That One Boss.RPG
8th Jan 15 10:13:59That One Boss.RPG
6th Dec 14 02:56:45Ace Custom
28th Nov 14 05:26:54Complacent Gaming Syndrome.Video Games
12th Oct 14 10:21:12Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe
22nd Sep 14 07:09:21Medal Of Dishonor
19th Sep 14 08:32:36Did Not Do The Bloody Research
11th Sep 14 05:24:35Roaming Enemy
11th Sep 14 05:24:05Roaming Enemy
1st Sep 14 09:39:01Second Face Smoke
1st Sep 14 08:56:33Video Game.Duke Nukem
25th Aug 14 06:51:51YMMV.Orions Arm
11th Aug 14 09:02:53Big Friendly Dog
8th Aug 14 04:35:57Disc One Nuke
6th Aug 14 07:53:42Banned In China
27th Jul 14 08:38:23Video Game.Rise Of The Triad
25th Jul 14 07:44:34Quotes.The Eeyore
13th Jul 14 04:31:04Conspicuous Trenchcoat
13th Jul 14 04:30:24Conspicuous Trenchcoat
12th Jul 14 05:25:28Demonic Spiders.Massively Multiplayer Online Games
9th Jul 14 05:44:32Master Of All
7th Jul 14 05:59:07Early Installment Weirdness.Music
6th Jun 14 08:31:28Extreme Omnivore.Real Life
29th May 14 05:35:53Paint Hero Black.Tropers V To Z
6th May 14 07:05:16International Pop Song English
20th Mar 14 05:03:05Dilating Door
26th Feb 14 04:57:27Vocal Evolution
28th Jan 14 03:56:50Dawson Casting
24th Jan 14 07:13:52Freudian Slip
24th Jan 14 07:12:43Freudian Slip
23rd Jan 14 07:45:36Fleeting Demographic
14th Jan 14 07:38:52Video Game.Blue Planet
10th Jan 14 10:50:51Video Game.Wolfenstein 3 D
3rd Jan 14 09:40:57Idiot Ball.Literature
2nd Jan 14 07:24:40Robe And Wizard Hat
2nd Jan 14 07:23:49Robe And Wizard Hat
26th Dec 13 05:47:12Red Filter Of Doom
22nd Dec 13 10:33:33Video Game.DOOM
18th Dec 13 06:36:13In The Style Of
18th Dec 13 06:35:42In The Style Of
15th Dec 13 03:34:16Beef Bandage
13th Dec 13 10:13:11American Accents
12th Dec 13 06:33:44What The Hell Is That Accent
12th Dec 13 04:54:00Stage Mom
6th Dec 13 12:35:34Narm.Dragon Age Origins
6th Dec 13 12:26:32Shoulders Of Doom
6th Dec 13 12:26:02Shoulders Of Doom
4th Dec 13 07:19:56Firing One Handed
4th Dec 13 06:03:24The Caligula
29th Nov 13 04:08:16Blind Idiot Translation.Film
25th Nov 13 05:43:46Autobots Rock Out
25th Nov 13 05:43:05Autobots Rock Out
20th Nov 13 04:09:59Useful Notes.Punic Wars
14th Nov 13 09:35:59Deadpan Snarker.Video Games
14th Nov 13 04:52:10The Comically Serious
13th Nov 13 06:58:44Characters.Dragon Age Origins Non Playable Characters
12th Nov 13 04:01:36Bag Of Spilling
11th Nov 13 05:53:57Changing Clothes Is A Free Action
11th Nov 13 05:53:08Changing Clothes Is A Free Action
10th Nov 13 03:35:37No Campaign For The Wicked
10th Nov 13 03:35:04No Campaign For The Wicked
9th Nov 13 01:01:12Blackout Basement
9th Nov 13 12:58:10Blackout Basement
8th Nov 13 04:17:35Narm.Literature
8th Nov 13 03:15:41Hollywood Heart Attack
29th Oct 13 05:35:55But Now I Must Go
26th Oct 13 04:15:29Padded Sumo Gameplay
13th Oct 13 07:55:55Medieval Stasis
27th Sep 13 09:05:32The Old Country
19th Sep 13 04:17:28End Of An Age
18th Sep 13 04:09:02Card Carrying Villain.Video Games
15th Sep 13 06:53:47Every Ten Thousand Points
15th Sep 13 08:42:21Timed Mission
14th Sep 13 07:47:39Characters.Ratchet And Clank Villains
4th Sep 13 08:03:16Gratuitous Panning
2nd Sep 13 09:43:50In The Style Of
29th Aug 13 06:47:15Gentle Giant
14th Aug 13 09:12:04Demonic Spiders.First Person Shooters
27th Jul 13 10:38:35Tastes Like Diabetes
24th Jul 13 07:20:47Not Christian Rock
15th Jul 13 05:32:18Always Night
9th Jul 13 07:52:20Verbal Tic.Real Life
9th Jul 13 07:51:37Verbal Tic.Real Life
8th Jul 13 04:08:50Com Mons
7th Jul 13 10:29:43Lightning Bruiser.Real Life
7th Jul 13 07:30:48Broken Aesop.Video Games
6th Jul 13 01:14:13Breather Level
5th Jul 13 08:53:12Useful Notes.Japanese Romanization
2nd Jul 13 07:17:52Have A Nice Death
1st Jul 13 09:58:55Klingon Promotion
30th Jun 13 10:14:30Fanfare
30th Jun 13 10:14:00Fanfare
30th Jun 13 10:12:05Fanfare
26th Jun 13 05:49:51Two Decades Behind
23rd Jun 13 08:05:51Short Hair With Tail
23rd Jun 13 01:42:48Hereditary Hairstyle
21st Jun 13 07:43:47Useful Notes.Grammar In Foreign Languages
19th Jun 13 05:30:38The Empire
19th Jun 13 05:29:22The Empire
16th Jun 13 05:59:09Bite The Wax Tadpole
12th Jun 13 06:35:01Demonic Spiders.Simulation Games
8th Jun 13 12:01:33Real Is Brown
2nd Jun 13 11:21:05Attack Attack Attack
27th May 13 11:25:35Nintendo Hard.First Person Shooters
27th May 13 11:15:29Save Scumming
24th May 13 04:13:24Everything Trying To Kill You
24th May 13 01:16:12War Is Glorious
23rd May 13 07:41:50Melting Pot Nomenclature
22nd May 13 05:40:06Opinion Flipflop
21st May 13 07:35:56Glurge
21st May 13 07:45:40Unacceptable Targets
21st May 13 07:37:55Unacceptable Targets
17th May 13 09:17:07Science Is Bad
2nd May 13 08:02:50Direct Continuous Levels
29th Apr 13 05:12:02Your Normal Is Our Taboo
29th Apr 13 05:07:19Your Normal Is Our Taboo
21st Apr 13 10:47:56Waistcoat Of Style
21st Apr 13 10:47:12Waistcoat Of Style
16th Apr 13 08:21:54Power Metal
10th Apr 13 08:48:31Cluster F Bomb
6th Apr 13 04:08:09Playing The Heart Strings
6th Apr 13 04:07:46Playing The Heart Strings
14th Mar 13 10:30:12Characters.Dream Theater
14th Mar 13 10:10:03Characters.Dream Theater
14th Mar 13 10:08:15Characters.Dream Theater
14th Mar 13 09:56:17Characters.Dream Theater
11th Mar 13 06:22:10Values Dissonance.Real Life
10th Mar 13 10:53:15Not So Stoic
23rd Feb 13 10:25:21Cute Kitten
20th Feb 13 09:58:46Parallel Porn Titles
20th Feb 13 09:57:45Parallel Porn Titles
20th Feb 13 08:49:30Cast Full Of Gay
20th Feb 13 08:48:32Cast Full Of Gay
18th Feb 13 05:28:13Precision F Strike.Music
18th Feb 13 05:24:45Precision F Strike.Music
18th Feb 13 05:09:28Fantastic Racism.Video Games
17th Feb 13 01:53:39Game Breaker.Shoot Em Ups
17th Feb 13 01:52:38Game Breaker.Shoot Em Ups
12th Feb 13 07:19:01Improbable Piloting Skills
12th Feb 13 07:12:30Improbable Piloting Skills
12th Feb 13 06:55:58Improbable Piloting Skills
7th Feb 13 09:11:21Apocalypse Day Planner
7th Feb 13 09:11:06Apocalypse Day Planner
7th Feb 13 09:06:20Apocalypse Day Planner
7th Feb 13 09:05:27Apocalypse Day Planner
7th Feb 13 09:04:53Apocalypse Day Planner
7th Feb 13 04:38:04Names To Run Away From.Verbs
7th Feb 13 04:34:10Names To Run Away From.K Names
7th Feb 13 04:33:26Names To Run Away From.K Names
2nd Feb 13 11:09:45Fan Fic.The Babylon Project
12th Jan 13 07:36:47Roar Before Beating
12th Jan 13 07:36:03Roar Before Beating
11th Jan 13 04:18:31Monkey Morality Pose
10th Jan 13 04:18:51Fatal Method Acting
9th Jan 13 09:25:37Tank Goodness
6th Jan 13 09:36:36Revenant Zombie
6th Jan 13 09:35:55Revenant Zombie
5th Jan 13 12:21:52Quotes.Your Mom
31st Dec 12 11:10:06Nigh Invulnerability
29th Dec 12 09:31:02Nintendo Hard.Game Mods
29th Dec 12 09:00:35Hack And Slash
17th Dec 12 07:37:04Keet.Video Games
17th Dec 12 05:12:19Eats Babies
28th Nov 12 05:59:29Fan Nickname.Video Games A-F
22nd Nov 12 09:49:16Quotes.Wire Dilemma
16th Nov 12 09:39:04Metal Band Mascot
11th Nov 12 10:41:50Putting On The Reich
11th Nov 12 10:32:45Putting On The Reich
10th Nov 12 09:23:25Body Horror.Real Life
10th Nov 12 09:22:29Body Horror.Real Life
10th Nov 12 01:21:46Eye Spy
10th Nov 12 12:50:27Single Biome Planet
4th Nov 12 04:07:05So You Want To.Write A Good Yaoi
4th Nov 12 09:30:20Weakened By The Light
2nd Nov 12 10:38:57Video Game.Mech Warrior
2nd Nov 12 10:31:33Big Friendly Dog
2nd Nov 12 07:17:12Mister Seahorse
2nd Nov 12 07:12:25Mister Seahorse
30th Oct 12 04:31:23Alternative Character Interpretation.Literature
30th Oct 12 07:21:33Cultural Posturing
28th Oct 12 06:02:07Fan Fic.The Age Of Dusk
27th Oct 12 10:12:30Black Speech
27th Oct 12 10:10:33Black Speech
25th Oct 12 07:42:42Under The Sea
25th Oct 12 07:42:06Under The Sea
17th Oct 12 07:09:58Asskicking Equals Authority
15th Oct 12 04:54:15Quotes.Altum Videtur
15th Oct 12 04:52:27Quotes.Altum Videtur
15th Oct 12 04:52:11Quotes.Altum Videtur
15th Oct 12 04:51:13Quotes.Altum Videtur
15th Oct 12 06:29:36American Accents
14th Oct 12 10:37:21American Accents
14th Oct 12 10:37:01American Accents
14th Oct 12 10:33:50American Accents
9th Oct 12 10:13:21Armored Coffins
9th Oct 12 10:12:58Armored Coffins
9th Oct 12 07:17:30Midair Collision
9th Oct 12 07:15:59Air Jousting
6th Oct 12 10:40:48Humans Are Flawed
3rd Oct 12 09:10:42Quotes.The Social Darwinist
3rd Oct 12 09:09:30Quotes.The Social Darwinist
20th Sep 12 06:56:48Bulletproof Human Shield
20th Sep 12 05:21:54Traumatic Haircut
20th Sep 12 05:21:35Traumatic Haircut
20th Sep 12 05:19:50Traumatic Haircut
20th Sep 12 07:12:56Shameful Strip
19th Sep 12 06:07:10Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels
12th Sep 12 05:42:34Quotes.Incest Is Relative
12th Sep 12 05:31:30Quotes.Inter Species Romance
9th Sep 12 03:14:40Blue Planet
8th Sep 12 12:31:43Technician Versus Performer
8th Sep 12 09:19:37Robeast
7th Sep 12 11:01:06Artistic License Biology
6th Sep 12 03:49:52The Unpronounceable
2nd Sep 12 07:59:46Escort Mission
2nd Sep 12 06:21:41No Plot No Problem
2nd Sep 12 01:17:03Porting Disaster
2nd Sep 12 01:10:52Porting Disaster
2nd Sep 12 01:00:57Porting Disaster
2nd Sep 12 01:00:38Porting Disaster
2nd Sep 12 10:59:47Ascetic Aesthetic
2nd Sep 12 10:59:24Ascetic Aesthetic
31st Aug 12 08:35:32He Knows About Timed Hits
27th Aug 12 09:51:38Child Soldiers
26th Aug 12 03:50:13What Measure Is A Non Cute
24th Aug 12 07:11:59Mass Effect.Tropes E-H
24th Aug 12 06:25:42Mickey Mousing
22nd Aug 12 07:25:14Alien Lunch
15th Aug 12 07:34:32Word Of Dante
15th Aug 12 06:26:41Quotes.What Is Evil
15th Aug 12 06:26:28Quotes.What Is Evil
13th Aug 12 07:00:13Simpleton Voice
11th Aug 12 03:16:54Point Of No Return
11th Aug 12 03:16:27Point Of No Return
10th Aug 12 06:29:18Creepy Shadowed Undereyes
10th Aug 12 06:28:59Creepy Shadowed Undereyes
8th Aug 12 09:28:43Dare To Be Badass
22nd Jul 12 05:30:59Magic Feather
21st Jul 12 08:43:52You No Take Candle
17th Jul 12 08:28:53State Sec
17th Jul 12 08:28:16State Sec
17th Jul 12 08:28:02State Sec
11th Jul 12 04:45:50Killer Rabbit
11th Jul 12 03:36:21Quotes.Silly Reason For War
11th Jul 12 06:45:18Hit Scan
11th Jul 12 06:42:07Hit Scan
9th Jul 12 05:21:30God Is Evil
8th Jul 12 12:54:54Level Ate
7th Jul 12 03:58:46Europeans Are Kinky
6th Jul 12 03:15:00Quotes.All Crimes Are Equal
3rd Jul 12 09:41:31Sigil Spam
3rd Jul 12 09:37:12Putting On The Reich
2nd Jul 12 06:44:10Depopulation Bomb
2nd Jul 12 06:39:18Depopulation Bomb
30th Jun 12 10:15:41Pillars Of Moral Character
29th Jun 12 07:55:27Shout Out.Film
22nd Jun 12 06:17:56Music To Invade Poland To
22nd Jun 12 06:10:09Obviously Evil
20th Jun 12 05:17:30New Media Are Evil
15th Jun 12 09:44:32Quotes.Man On Fire
14th Jun 12 09:49:47American Accents
14th Jun 12 08:36:43Verbal Tic
13th Jun 12 10:49:53Off Model
9th Jun 12 09:29:12Characters.South Park
9th Jun 12 04:59:27The Fellowship Has Ended
9th Jun 12 04:59:14The Fellowship Has Ended
8th Jun 12 11:26:04Red And Black And Evil All Over
7th Jun 12 10:54:52Exploding Barrels
7th Jun 12 09:44:43Rock Trio
6th Jun 12 05:28:24Wizard Needs Food Badly
5th Jun 12 09:28:09Unfortunate Names
5th Jun 12 08:58:10The Problem With Pen Island
5th Jun 12 08:55:09The Problem With Pen Island
5th Jun 12 08:51:40The Problem With Pen Island
5th Jun 12 08:49:22The Problem With Pen Island
5th Jun 12 08:07:06In My Language That Sounds Like
5th Jun 12 08:05:13In My Language That Sounds Like
31st May 12 06:22:03Careful With That Axe
28th May 12 03:46:02Pragmatic Adaptation
28th May 12 03:30:39Video Game.Quake I
28th May 12 03:30:19Video Game.Quake I
28th May 12 03:22:13Video Game.Quake II
28th May 12 02:16:49YMMV.Quake II
28th May 12 02:15:59Video Game.Quake II
28th May 12 01:41:24Video Game.Quake II
25th May 12 10:36:58Bullfight Boss
25th May 12 10:28:38We Will Wear Armor In The Future
20th May 12 02:17:51Video Game.Hexen
20th May 12 02:17:34Video Game.Hexen
12th May 12 07:15:09Unwinnable By Design
11th May 12 03:31:27Quotes.Haunted House
6th May 12 09:07:16Rule Sixty Three
6th May 12 08:38:23Son Of An Ape
5th May 12 08:13:06Tastes Like Diabetes
5th May 12 01:07:31Videogame Perversity Potential
4th May 12 03:41:34Useful Notes.Heavy Metal
4th May 12 03:39:03Useful Notes.Heavy Metal
4th May 12 03:35:59Tropers.Woolie Wool
4th May 12 03:32:17Tropers.Woolie Wool
29th Apr 12 12:05:43Seadog Beard
24th Apr 12 03:58:30Quotes.Award Snub
10th Apr 12 06:14:42As Long As It Sounds Foreign
1st Apr 12 09:53:00Music.Jag Panzer
1st Apr 12 09:38:40Colon Cancer
31st Mar 12 09:33:40Never Learned To Read
30th Mar 12 10:57:17Power Metal
30th Mar 12 10:55:39Sugar Wiki.Anvils That Needed To Be Dropped
30th Mar 12 10:55:28Sugar Wiki.Anvils That Needed To Be Dropped
30th Mar 12 09:48:51Sugar Wiki.Anvils That Needed To Be Dropped
29th Mar 12 06:13:53Wall Bangers.Video Games
29th Mar 12 05:31:11Riches To Rags
28th Mar 12 09:36:23Little Boy Blue Note
28th Mar 12 07:17:31Useful Notes.Political Ideologies
27th Mar 12 05:18:28The Babylon Project
23rd Mar 12 08:42:14Florence Nightingale Effect
23rd Mar 12 08:41:13Orderlies Are Creeps
23rd Mar 12 07:52:30Adorably Precocious Child
23rd Mar 12 07:51:40Adorably Precocious Child
23rd Mar 12 12:00:58Painful Transformation
23rd Mar 12 11:50:57Quotes.Unwilling Roboticisation
23rd Mar 12 11:41:30The Assimilator
22nd Mar 12 05:24:29Dirty Foreigner
19th Mar 12 05:09:41Humans Advance Swiftly
18th Mar 12 05:26:58Humanity Is Superior
5th Mar 12 03:35:10Pardon My Klingon
4th Mar 12 10:43:24Rainbow Pimp Gear
4th Mar 12 10:42:00Rainbow Pimp Gear
4th Mar 12 06:30:24Fridge.Star Trek Online
4th Mar 12 06:29:57Fridge.Star Trek Online
4th Mar 12 06:16:54WMG.Star Trek Online
7th Feb 12 06:38:48As Long As It Sounds Foreign
7th Feb 12 06:18:06Quotes.Tomato In The Mirror
7th Feb 12 06:17:50Quotes.Tomato In The Mirror
28th Jan 12 11:08:24Just For Fun.Examples Of Myers Briggs Personalities In Stories
28th Jan 12 11:28:42Fashion Hurts
28th Jan 12 11:28:24Fashion Hurts
26th Jan 12 11:02:30Sticky Bomb
25th Jan 12 07:46:34Get Thee To A Nunnery
22nd Jan 12 08:58:02YMMV.I Wanna Be The Guy
21st Jan 12 03:42:57Eight Point Eight
9th Jan 12 05:54:37Spokes Sue
9th Jan 12 04:22:20Spanish Language
9th Jan 12 04:21:47Spanish Language
9th Jan 12 04:18:07Spanish Language
8th Jan 12 10:34:23Spanish Language
8th Jan 12 10:30:09Spanish Language
7th Jan 12 06:28:07Hospital Surprise
7th Jan 12 10:04:57Medieval Stasis
7th Jan 12 10:00:39Medieval Stasis
7th Jan 12 09:54:48Medieval Stasis
7th Jan 12 08:59:08Apocalypse How.Class 6
6th Jan 12 03:13:44High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Warhammer 40000
6th Jan 12 03:12:45High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Warhammer 40000
6th Jan 12 03:12:19High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Warhammer 40000
4th Jan 12 07:30:01Pretty Boy
3rd Jan 12 07:51:10The Munchausen
3rd Jan 12 07:49:38The Munchausen
31st Dec 11 07:59:08Hyperspace Arsenal.Video Game
24th Dec 11 09:42:03Obligatory Swearing
24th Dec 11 03:56:09Standard FPS Enemies
24th Dec 11 03:51:46Standard FPS Enemies
24th Dec 11 09:45:16Gender Equals Breed
24th Dec 11 09:44:54Gender Equals Breed
24th Dec 11 09:42:45Gender Equals Breed
22nd Dec 11 06:03:35Oh Crap.Fan Works
22nd Dec 11 03:22:55Reverse Cerebus Syndrome