2nd Dec 13 07:15:56Dan Browned
8th Nov 13 05:11:27WMG.Epic Rap Battles Of History
8th Nov 13 05:08:25WMG.Epic Rap Battles Of History
8th Nov 13 05:05:34WMG.Epic Rap Battles Of History
8th Nov 13 05:05:07WMG.Epic Rap Battles Of History
10th Oct 13 10:46:04Awesome.Epic Rap Battles Of History
9th Oct 13 06:04:11Web Video.Epic Rap Battles Of History
8th Oct 13 08:00:55Awesome Music.Need For Speed
8th Oct 13 07:15:02Video Game.Need For Speed
22nd Jul 13 10:09:07Sugar Wiki.Most Wonderful Sound
12th Jul 13 10:09:54Web Video.Cinema Sins
10th Jul 13 05:26:35Video Game.Action 52
8th Jul 13 10:47:31Unexpected Gameplay Change
8th Jul 13 05:33:50Video Game Weapon Stats
8th Jul 13 05:33:01Video Game Weapon Stats
8th Jul 13 04:33:06Corridor Cubbyhole Run
14th Jun 13 05:38:22Wiki Sandbox
14th Jun 13 05:37:07Wiki Sandbox
14th Jun 13 11:10:51Fanfic.Thirty Hs
10th Jun 13 07:30:12Web Video.Bad Movie Beatdown
9th Jun 13 08:48:55Headscratchers.Metroid
8th Jun 13 03:08:52Fan Fic.Thirty Hs
8th Jun 13 02:51:56Fan Fic.Thirty Hs
4th Jun 13 02:52:29YMMV.Thirty Hs
4th Jun 13 11:56:25Weak But Skilled
3rd Jun 13 06:29:41What A Piece Of Junk
3rd Jun 13 06:27:51What A Piece Of Junk
26th May 13 06:45:07Grammar
16th May 13 08:40:46American Customary Measurements
4th May 13 12:35:12Creator.Leonard Nimoy
3rd May 13 10:12:04Awesome.Star Trek 2009
30th Apr 13 01:10:16Drinking Game.Twilight
30th Apr 13 09:18:01Just For Fun.Notable References To TV Tropes
30th Apr 13 08:54:30Drinking Game.My Immortal
29th Apr 13 04:27:04A Good Name For A Rock Band
28th Apr 13 10:27:53Wearing A Flag On Your Head
28th Apr 13 02:49:02Quotes.My Immortal
28th Apr 13 12:27:04Disproportionate Retribution.Advertising
27th Apr 13 11:56:00Useful Notes.American Climate
26th Apr 13 11:15:57Pit Girls
24th Apr 13 12:26:05Troper Works
24th Apr 13 12:23:58Troper Works
19th Apr 13 11:09:50Tagline
16th Apr 13 11:22:57Fan Fic.Repairs
16th Apr 13 11:13:54Video Game.Metroid Prime
16th Apr 13 11:05:28Headscratchers.Metroid
16th Apr 13 10:48:51Headscratchers.Metroid
16th Apr 13 10:31:02Headscratchers.Metroid
16th Apr 13 10:11:16Fridge.Metroid
14th Apr 13 06:27:02The Simpsons.Tropes S To Z
14th Apr 13 06:25:58The Simpsons.Tropes S To Z
14th Apr 13 06:20:36Station Ident
14th Apr 13 05:12:21Just For Fun.The Problem With Pen Island
14th Apr 13 01:29:01Cool Car
13th Apr 13 04:38:10Character Derailment.Video Games
7th Apr 13 11:22:59Sequel Hook
7th Apr 13 11:07:28Fanfic.Oblivion
7th Apr 13 10:59:37Continuation
7th Apr 13 10:48:29Fan Fic.Video Games
7th Apr 13 09:54:44Headscratchers.Metroid Other M
7th Apr 13 10:22:35Fan Fic.Repairs
7th Apr 13 10:08:32Bag Of Spilling
7th Apr 13 12:35:27Tropers.Thunderchin
6th Apr 13 11:20:10Headscratchers.Metroid
6th Apr 13 02:50:31Troper Works
6th Apr 13 02:46:46Fan Fic.Repairs
6th Apr 13 02:43:56Fan Fic.Repairs
6th Apr 13 12:43:19The Tetris Effect
27th Mar 13 03:28:45Video Game.Metroid
25th Mar 13 09:21:37Epic Fail.Live-Action TV
25th Mar 13 08:53:23Top Gear.Tropes A-M
25th Mar 13 08:52:51Top Gear.Tropes A-M
16th Mar 13 07:47:39Fanfic Recs.Portal
16th Mar 13 07:41:12Fanfic Recs.Star Trek The Next Generation
17th Feb 13 10:25:48Separated By A Common Language
6th Feb 13 08:43:26Awesome.Real Life
3rd Feb 13 06:20:24Super Bowl
27th Jan 13 10:04:19Third Person Shooter
21st Jan 13 09:43:09Video Game.Need For Speed
4th Jan 13 12:20:54Web Video.The Angry Joe Show
27th Dec 12 06:47:11Web Video.The Angry Joe Show
17th Dec 12 06:34:31Top Gear.Tropes A-M
16th Dec 12 08:52:28The Points Mean Nothing
30th Nov 12 10:54:59Awesome Music.Need For Speed
28th Nov 12 01:37:38Shout Out.Portal
10th Nov 12 07:29:35Overly Long Gag
22nd Oct 12 08:37:58Useful Notes.New York Subway
4th Oct 12 12:46:55Second Law My Ass
16th Sep 12 06:27:25Orange Blue Contrast
13th Sep 12 01:57:28YMMV.Whose Line Is It Anyway
13th Sep 12 01:57:03Series.Whose Line Is It Anyway
11th Sep 12 12:41:02Everythings Better With Cows
10th Sep 12 03:51:13No Gear Level
9th Sep 12 02:00:12Awesome.Video Game Levels N-S
9th Sep 12 01:59:35Awesome.Video Game Levels N-S
9th Sep 12 01:50:42Awesome Music.PC Only
8th Sep 12 10:46:31Instrumental Theme Tune
7th Sep 12 11:03:03First Person Snapshooter
7th Sep 12 12:51:08Mac Guffin
18th Aug 12 04:35:01Team Fortress2.Tropes Q To Z
18th Aug 12 03:52:08Chain Lightning
18th Aug 12 06:58:20Team Fortress2.Tropes Q To Z
13th Aug 12 12:40:28Example As A Thesis
11th Aug 12 05:54:32They Wasted A Perfectly Good Plot.Video Games
9th Aug 12 09:30:38Top Gear.Tropes N-Z
4th Aug 12 09:43:29Awesome Music.Metroid
4th Aug 12 09:32:55Awesome Music.The Elder Scrolls
3rd Aug 12 06:37:38Funny.Top Gear
27th Jul 12 09:45:16Rainbow Speak
27th Jul 12 09:44:31Rainbow Speak
27th Jul 12 06:25:11Fanfic Recs.Metroid
22nd Jul 12 06:56:40First Person Ghost
13th Jun 12 12:20:49Web Video.Epic Meal Time
12th Jun 12 02:23:21Ominous Latin Chanting
11th Jun 12 11:15:44High Concept
11th Jun 12 04:40:17Combat And Support
11th Jun 12 04:25:15Capture The Flag
10th Apr 12 06:29:48Tropers.Thunderchin
10th Apr 12 06:18:46Damn You Muscle Memory
21st Dec 11 05:37:13Tropers.Thunderchin
20th Dec 11 05:05:53That One Sidequest
20th Dec 11 04:45:16Only I Can Make It Go
20th Dec 11 04:38:41Plot Driven Breakdown
20th Dec 11 04:38:13Plot Driven Breakdown
20th Dec 11 04:37:42Plot Driven Breakdown

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