Thunderchin's Recent Edits

11th May 18 06:52:28Back To Back Badasses
6th May 18 02:15:59Bullet Sparks
24th Apr 18 04:18:12Convection Schmonvection
23rd Apr 18 08:16:13Fridge.Iron Man 2
24th Mar 18 05:59:28The Cast Showoff
19th Feb 18 02:04:01Quotes.Critical Annoyance
13th Feb 18 08:22:49Headscratchers.Iron Man 1
8th Feb 18 06:21:01Awesome.Kitchen Nightmares
5th Feb 18 04:52:33Headscratchers.Iron Man 1
4th Feb 18 10:48:23Combined Energy Attack
4th Feb 18 10:41:27Super Empowering
3rd Feb 18 02:15:22Fire Breathing Weapon
3rd Feb 18 02:14:53Fire Breathing Weapon
23rd Jan 18 02:22:42Required Secondary Powers.Live Action Films
23rd Jan 18 08:16:29Improvised Weapon.Film
19th Jan 18 08:08:49Awesome.Black Hawk Down
19th Dec 17 09:13:31Big Badass Rig
5th Dec 17 10:28:30Analysis.Space Fighter
4th Dec 17 11:22:57A Tankard Of Moose Urine
17th Nov 17 03:23:28Web Original.Double Toasted
8th Nov 17 03:34:55Not Making This Up Disclaimer
5th Nov 17 10:27:10Headscratchers.Star Fox
4th Nov 17 10:18:20King Incognito
4th Nov 17 02:34:01Headscratchers.Forbiden Fruit The Tempation Of Edward Cullen
2nd Nov 17 07:53:00Machine Empathy
31st Oct 17 09:38:45Improvised Weapon.Film
9th Oct 17 07:20:34Awesome Music.Grand Theft Auto V
27th Sep 17 11:56:29Darth Wiki.Below Decks
24th Sep 17 12:47:15Overprotective Dad
2nd Sep 17 01:39:41Killed Mid Sentence
2nd Sep 17 08:57:11Epistolary Novel
1st Sep 17 11:17:42Critical Annoyance
9th Aug 17 07:24:34Gearhead Show
9th Aug 17 07:24:14Gearhead Show
12th Jul 17 09:00:08Wanting Is Better Than Having
12th Jul 17 06:52:25Noble Bird Of Prey
12th Jul 17 03:34:05Critical Annoyance
3rd Jul 17 12:41:10Headscratchers.Star Fox
28th Jun 17 08:29:49Marathon Level
28th Jun 17 08:13:43That One Level.Racing Game
27th Jun 17 12:49:30Badass In A Nice Suit
27th Jun 17 12:46:27Quotes.Badass In A Nice Suit
9th Jun 17 10:50:01Web Video.Roadkill
9th Jun 17 10:31:38Zany Scheme
9th Jun 17 09:51:24Road Trip Plot
7th Jun 17 11:46:58So You Want To.Write An Action Movie
6th Jun 17 01:32:10YMMV.Metroid Prime
26th May 17 08:03:10Breakup Song
17th May 17 11:42:50Haiku.Full Metal Jacket
14th May 17 09:22:24Alternative Character Interpretation.Star Wars
14th May 17 08:24:21Crouching Moron Hidden Badass
14th May 17 07:36:50The Champion
14th May 17 06:38:11Awesome.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
13th May 17 04:09:43Trick Arrow
10th May 17 05:54:13Creator.Robbaz
10th May 17 05:52:43Creator.Robbaz
10th May 17 05:50:49Expensive Glass Of Crap
10th May 17 03:49:46So Bad Its Good.Fanfic
10th May 17 03:32:51I Thought That Was.R To Z
9th May 17 10:02:31Overly Long Name.Fan Fiction
8th May 17 12:34:15Headscratchers.John Wick
8th May 17 02:47:43Headscratchers.Passengers 2016
6th May 17 06:13:12Love Across Battlelines
2nd May 17 08:23:12Dull Surprise
2nd May 17 07:18:13Audience Shift
1st May 17 10:03:49Weak But Skilled
1st May 17 09:45:27Badass Grandpa.Real Life
24th Apr 17 02:48:41The Stoic
22nd Apr 17 10:27:52Creator.Toshiyuki Morikawa
17th Apr 17 02:39:53Engagement Challenge
10th Apr 17 12:14:58Player Guided Missile
10th Apr 17 12:14:31Player Guided Missile
31st Mar 17 01:29:33Straight Man And Wise Guy
28th Mar 17 03:38:41Awesome.Fanfic
28th Mar 17 03:24:45So Bad Its Good.Fanfic
22nd Mar 17 09:29:47Shell Shock Silence
18th Mar 17 07:12:01Series.Penn And Teller Bullshit
18th Mar 17 11:16:20Heartwarming.Penn And Teller Bullshit
18th Mar 17 11:11:31Funny.Penn And Teller Bullshit
18th Mar 17 11:09:11Awesome.Penn And Teller Bullshit
17th Mar 17 09:12:53This Is A Work Of Fiction
12th Mar 17 08:13:34Sommelier Speak
11th Mar 17 11:15:00Darth Wiki.Below Decks
10th Mar 17 01:25:40Darth Wiki.Below Decks
10th Mar 17 02:39:22Darth Wiki.Below Decks
9th Mar 17 03:55:34Darth Wiki.Unpublished Works
9th Mar 17 03:54:27Darth Wiki.Below Decks
8th Mar 17 05:50:36Creator.Peter Stormare
7th Mar 17 11:37:45Standard FPS Guns
7th Mar 17 11:36:58Standard FPS Guns
6th Mar 17 06:33:41Standard FPS Guns
6th Mar 17 01:20:44Guns In Church
5th Mar 17 11:10:38Awesome.Video Game Levels A To F
1st Mar 17 05:00:14Kill It With Water
28th Feb 17 11:05:38Playing With.Sequel Goes Foreign
27th Feb 17 07:22:23Awesome Music.Film
27th Feb 17 06:55:44Film.John Wick Chapter 2
27th Feb 17 06:28:09Ear Ache
27th Feb 17 03:05:15No Stunt Double
25th Feb 17 10:38:44Heros Classic Car
23rd Feb 17 07:09:36Hidden Supplies
23rd Feb 17 07:04:57Lock And Load Montage
22nd Feb 17 02:20:46Living Emotional Crutch
22nd Feb 17 02:11:28Ridiculously Cute Critter
21st Feb 17 12:18:59Car Fu
21st Feb 17 12:18:16Toyota Tripwire
20th Feb 17 10:04:20Apocalypse How.Class 3 A
20th Feb 17 06:25:09Gun Porn
20th Feb 17 06:24:12Gun Porn
20th Feb 17 06:05:53Bullying A Dragon.Live Action Films
13th Feb 17 09:37:51Sad Battle Music
10th Feb 17 02:49:19So Bad Its Good.Fanfic
6th Feb 17 06:29:20Funny.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
31st Jan 17 12:23:55Skyrim.Tropes 0 To G
22nd Jan 17 01:16:07Nightmare Fuel.Vanity Plate
20th Jan 17 02:34:16Full Frontal Assault
19th Jan 17 06:17:57Awesome Music.Ace Combat
19th Jan 17 05:41:26Awesome Music.Ace Combat
16th Jan 17 02:15:48Memetic Badass.Fanfiction
12th Jan 17 06:54:46Market Based Title
2nd Jan 17 05:33:09Wrestling.Mick Foley
2nd Jan 17 05:30:57Kung Foley
1st Jan 17 06:01:11Chainsaw Good
1st Jan 17 09:47:08What A Piece Of Junk
29th Dec 16 09:02:44Creator.Antonio Banderas
29th Dec 16 05:58:36Film.Ballistic Ecks Vs Sever
28th Dec 16 04:46:42Armor Piercing Attack
27th Dec 16 06:53:46So Bad Its Good.Film
26th Dec 16 06:30:00Badass Baritone
26th Dec 16 06:28:16Badass Baritone
26th Dec 16 06:06:21Who Writes This Crap
26th Dec 16 11:33:09Everyone Owns A Mac
25th Dec 16 01:48:59Switching POV
24th Dec 16 11:49:03Ace Pilot
15th Dec 16 02:25:48Film.Terminator 2 Judgment Day
12th Dec 16 09:32:16Shrine To The Fallen
12th Dec 16 09:16:28The Dead Have Names
4th Dec 16 07:56:04Cool Plane
4th Dec 16 07:11:13Video Game.Ace Combat 04 Shattered Skies
20th Nov 16 07:30:22Awesome Music.Metroid
20th Nov 16 06:38:08Contested Sequel
19th Nov 16 12:54:33Overheating
18th Nov 16 09:01:25Blood Brothers
18th Nov 16 10:56:13Awesome.Real Life
17th Nov 16 05:46:13Enemy Summoner
17th Nov 16 05:43:02Enemy Summoner
16th Nov 16 12:25:36Series Mascot
15th Nov 16 09:57:22Mook Maker
15th Nov 16 06:53:39Delaying Action
15th Nov 16 05:43:33Modular Epilogue
13th Nov 16 10:59:12Christmas Rushed
11th Nov 16 10:30:57Spin To Deflect Stuff
10th Nov 16 01:17:22Schematized Prop
3rd Nov 16 03:56:32Kingmaker Scenario
25th Oct 16 06:43:13Awesome Music.Nine Inch Nails
23rd Oct 16 07:37:50Funny.Canadas Worst Handyman
23rd Oct 16 11:19:29Driving Test
22nd Oct 16 06:45:54Badass Driver
16th Oct 16 10:37:58Funny.My Immortal
7th Oct 16 08:40:19So Bad Its Good.Fanfic
30th Sep 16 07:38:35Drunk With Power
29th Sep 16 08:09:29Agony Of The Feet.Live Action Films
27th Sep 16 08:54:43Video Game.Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare
25th Sep 16 01:24:22Bears Are Bad News
25th Sep 16 12:04:22Evil Weapon
24th Sep 16 05:28:41Parachute In A Tree
23rd Sep 16 09:37:04Awesome Music.Call Of Duty
23rd Sep 16 09:36:09Awesome Music.Call Of Duty
23rd Sep 16 07:34:18WMG.Modern Warfare
23rd Sep 16 12:14:29Universal Ammunition
22nd Sep 16 05:48:38Sugar Wiki.Most Wonderful Sound
21st Sep 16 08:20:36Literature.Light And Dark The Awakening Of The Mageknight
20th Sep 16 08:02:01Weak But Skilled
19th Sep 16 12:08:28Paint Hero Black.Tropers S To U
16th Sep 16 11:01:52Bottomless Magazines
16th Sep 16 10:54:28More Dakka
12th Sep 16 01:49:17Train Escape
11th Sep 16 07:43:33Casting Gag
11th Sep 16 07:32:12Actor Allusion.Video Games
7th Sep 16 06:02:09Friction Burn
7th Sep 16 05:37:40Overheating
6th Sep 16 09:10:45Time Skip
6th Sep 16 08:40:51Verbal Tic.Video Games
6th Sep 16 08:40:33Verbal Tic.Video Games
5th Sep 16 05:37:35Armor Of Invincibility
5th Sep 16 05:30:13Armor Piercing Attack
2nd Sep 16 09:30:25Baby Planet
28th Aug 16 01:39:20Difficult But Awesome
27th Aug 16 08:59:49Badass Boast.Video Games
23rd Aug 16 04:18:45Awesome.Jason Bourne
20th Aug 16 04:14:26Quotes.Not Making This Up Disclaimer
17th Aug 16 07:27:54Toppled Statue
14th Aug 16 12:33:03Beige Prose
10th Aug 16 08:30:54Helmet Mounted Sight
9th Aug 16 08:40:15Video Game.Modern Warfare
7th Aug 16 06:53:27Injured Player Character Stage
7th Aug 16 07:06:02Real Place Background
7th Aug 16 05:21:58Simultaneous Arcs
7th Aug 16 04:04:52Eleventh Hour Superpower
6th Aug 16 06:05:23Purposely Overpowered
6th Aug 16 04:34:08And This Is For
6th Aug 16 04:18:57Quotes.Modern Warfare
6th Aug 16 02:44:50Nightmare Fuel
28th Jul 16 10:43:10Arc Number
24th Jul 16 05:29:36Hat Damage
24th Jul 16 01:56:50Giving Them The Strip
23rd Jul 16 11:38:43Distracted By My Own Sexy
23rd Jul 16 10:19:58Primary Color Champion
23rd Jul 16 03:33:31Fake Nationality
18th Jul 16 02:35:08Film.John Wick
17th Jul 16 10:51:29Summon Bigger Fish
17th Jul 16 10:45:07Quotes.Hes Back
17th Jul 16 10:34:41Hes Back
17th Jul 16 10:26:02Cool Car
16th Jul 16 12:07:05First Person Ghost
5th Jul 16 02:08:01Horrible.Video Games
2nd Jul 16 08:47:29Climactic Music
2nd Jul 16 01:27:17Primary Color Champion
1st Jul 16 04:42:37Shy Blue Haired Girl
1st Jul 16 01:12:51Hot Blooded
1st Jul 16 07:01:27Throwing Your Sword Always Works
1st Jul 16 12:23:46Just For Fun.Inherently Funny Words
1st Jul 16 12:15:03The Heart
29th Jun 16 03:03:39Ham To Ham Combat
28th Jun 16 12:40:04Overshadowed By Controversy
27th Jun 16 06:47:59Victorias Secret Compartment
27th Jun 16 06:37:56Series.Penn And Teller Bullshit
27th Jun 16 06:34:19Quotes.Victorias Secret Compartment
26th Jun 16 12:46:45Tropes In Shining Armor
26th Jun 16 12:37:27Awesome.Modern Warfare
26th Jun 16 12:33:12No Holds Barred Beatdown.Video Games
26th Jun 16 10:46:45Armor Piercing Attack
26th Jun 16 07:35:08Shed Armor Gain Speed
25th Jun 16 04:49:24Creator.Robin Atkin Downes
24th Jun 16 08:03:13Tear Jerker.Modern Warfare
24th Jun 16 01:47:16Heroic Second Wind
24th Jun 16 10:46:41Awesome.Modern Warfare
24th Jun 16 10:18:52Heartwarming.Modern Warfare
24th Jun 16 10:11:39Awesome.Modern Warfare
24th Jun 16 12:26:07Headscratchers.Call Of Duty
19th Jun 16 07:58:55Mobile Shrubbery
18th Jun 16 10:01:05Heroic Sacrifice.Video Games
18th Jun 16 08:16:58Earn Your Happy Ending.Video Games
18th Jun 16 07:46:54The Slow Walk
18th Jun 16 07:41:59Video Game.Wick
18th Jun 16 07:41:06Video Game.Wick
18th Jun 16 06:55:24Roaring Rampage Of Revenge.Video Games
18th Jun 16 02:47:19Awesome Music.Call Of Duty
18th Jun 16 08:26:33Ear Worm.Film
11th Jun 16 09:18:10Awesome.Video Game Levels A To F
11th Jun 16 08:55:02Hero Antagonist
5th Jun 16 09:55:37Door To Before
1st Jun 16 01:29:39Right Under Their Noses
1st Jun 16 10:24:52Drinking Game.Team Fortress 2
31st May 16 08:25:19Team Fortress2.Tropes A To G
31st May 16 07:43:55Escort Mission
23rd May 16 01:57:38Counterpart Comparison
23rd May 16 12:53:59WMG.Team Fortress 2 Classes
22nd May 16 05:26:46WMG.Team Fortress 2 Update Speculations
21st May 16 07:45:18Paint Hero Black.Tropers S To U
21st May 16 05:25:52Paint Hero Black.Tropers S To U
13th May 16 01:16:58Characters.Team Fortress 2 Offense
12th May 16 09:53:41Large Ham.Video Games
5th May 16 10:36:30Bond One Liner.Film
5th May 16 09:38:07Awesome.Casino Royale 2006
4th May 16 02:24:33WTH Costuming Department
4th May 16 12:48:58Film.Die Another Day
4th May 16 12:48:06Film.Die Another Day
3rd May 16 10:51:43Ear Worm.Film
3rd May 16 03:49:07That Poor Car
3rd May 16 03:24:53Spy Cam
3rd May 16 03:23:52Spy Cam
3rd May 16 03:11:52Sword Cane
2nd May 16 08:24:43Bond One Liner
2nd May 16 05:51:53Awesome Music.John Barry
2nd May 16 05:51:31Awesome Music.John Barry
2nd May 16 08:31:39Analysis.Pastimes Prove Personality
29th Apr 16 06:13:35Destroy The Product Placement
29th Apr 16 06:00:36Highly Visible Password
27th Apr 16 05:29:37Fearless Fool
27th Apr 16 05:22:06Quotes.Fearless Fool
26th Apr 16 08:27:51Talent Double
26th Apr 16 07:25:21The Alleged Car
26th Apr 16 12:34:37So Bad Its Good.Fanfic
24th Apr 16 10:09:22Funny.Total Recall 1990
24th Apr 16 02:17:22Fan Fic.Garfield Royal Rescue
16th Apr 16 09:08:34Not Quite Flight
16th Apr 16 09:03:42Pillar Of Light
14th Apr 16 09:49:11Drinking Game.My Immortal
12th Apr 16 06:19:10Airborne Mook
12th Apr 16 06:12:26Awesome Music.Metroid
8th Apr 16 08:04:22Wall Of Text
3rd Apr 16 07:42:10Word Salad Humor
3rd Apr 16 10:45:42Red Oni Blue Oni.Film
3rd Apr 16 10:18:22Red Oni Blue Oni.Real Life
3rd Apr 16 10:00:47Drinking Game.My Immortal
3rd Apr 16 05:52:46Drinking Game.My Immortal
2nd Apr 16 11:54:17Character Filibuster
28th Mar 16 01:12:06Stock Control Settings
27th Mar 16 08:44:47Common Crossover
24th Mar 16 08:06:27Infinity Plus One Sword
22nd Mar 16 10:09:19That One Level.Racing Game
22nd Mar 16 09:43:17Where Does He Get All Those Wonderful Toys
21st Mar 16 10:06:10Characters.The Simpsons The Simpson Family
18th Mar 16 10:59:17Cool Car
18th Mar 16 10:57:31Cool Car
18th Mar 16 10:25:27Most Wonderful Sound.Video Game
18th Mar 16 11:59:22Contested Sequel
18th Mar 16 11:41:51Critical Dissonance.Film
1st Mar 16 04:42:27Public Domain Soundtrack
1st Mar 16 12:51:09Weak But Skilled
22nd Feb 16 12:13:23Auto Erotica
22nd Feb 16 12:08:44Headscratchers.Forbiden Fruit The Tempation Of Edward Cullen
18th Feb 16 03:50:49Film.Live Free Or Die Hard
18th Feb 16 03:00:04Chekhovs Gun.Film
14th Feb 16 11:37:05Brooklyn Rage
14th Feb 16 11:31:59Invincible Hero
14th Feb 16 09:19:39Quotes.An Ass Kicking Christmas
13th Feb 16 03:59:31Darth Wiki.Non Existent Fiction Recommendations
12th Feb 16 08:28:17Chekhovs Gun.Film
12th Feb 16 08:00:38Nightmare Fuel.Die Hard
12th Feb 16 07:14:39Awesome.Live Free Or Die Hard
12th Feb 16 07:02:32WMG.The View Askewniverse
12th Feb 16 10:15:21Easing Into The Adventure
12th Feb 16 10:15:02Easing Into The Adventure
11th Feb 16 11:20:31Awesome.Quantum Of Solace
11th Feb 16 11:20:10Awesome.Quantum Of Solace
11th Feb 16 10:56:46Awesome.For Your Eyes Only
11th Feb 16 05:53:02Sound Effect Bleep
11th Feb 16 05:52:08Sound Effect Bleep
10th Feb 16 06:24:15Relative Button
10th Feb 16 05:57:55Auto Erotica
10th Feb 16 05:55:48Making Love In All The Wrong Places
10th Feb 16 03:45:06Talking To Themself
10th Feb 16 03:34:56Film.Live Free Or Die Hard
10th Feb 16 03:16:40Character Gush.Film
8th Feb 16 04:34:58Shapeshifter Mode Lock
8th Feb 16 04:32:52No Gear Level
8th Feb 16 03:53:56Shed Armor Gain Speed
8th Feb 16 03:49:03Nitro Boost
8th Feb 16 03:43:52Nitro Boost
8th Feb 16 03:18:09Film.Die Hard With A Vengeance
8th Feb 16 03:10:22Gang Bangers
8th Feb 16 02:53:57Quotes.Oh Crap
8th Feb 16 01:38:51Critical Annoyance
8th Feb 16 12:58:18Annoyance Tropes
7th Feb 16 10:53:24Stone Wall
7th Feb 16 10:35:00Jack Of All Stats
6th Feb 16 07:46:01That One Level.Action Adventure
6th Feb 16 07:38:03Pixel Hunt
5th Feb 16 05:42:29Badass
4th Feb 16 07:02:53Funny.Classic Game Room
2nd Feb 16 09:45:45Video Game.Spy Hunter
1st Feb 16 02:08:30Dynamic Entry
31st Jan 16 11:01:28Ensembles
31st Jan 16 08:30:32Technician Versus Performer
31st Jan 16 08:29:32Technician Versus Performer
31st Jan 16 11:27:06Badass
30th Jan 16 10:06:51Magic Plastic Surgery
30th Jan 16 09:46:01Artificial Gill
30th Jan 16 08:34:45Cast The Expert
30th Jan 16 07:58:48Awesome.The Man With The Golden Gun
30th Jan 16 07:42:42Awesome.The Spy Who Loved Me
30th Jan 16 07:34:10Awesome.Moonraker
29th Jan 16 09:05:38Real Life.Cool Plane
29th Jan 16 12:31:23WMG.My Immortal
26th Jan 16 05:11:58WMG.The Room
25th Jan 16 12:11:39Bald Of Awesome
24th Jan 16 01:37:08Awesome Music.James Bond
23rd Jan 16 11:40:13Paint Hero Black.Tropers S To U
23rd Jan 16 03:12:35Paint Hero Black.Tropers S To U
23rd Jan 16 01:42:44Paint Hero Black.Tropers S To U
23rd Jan 16 01:42:11Paint Hero Black.Tropers S To U
23rd Jan 16 12:35:40WMG.The Room
23rd Jan 16 12:28:09Fridge.The Room
23rd Jan 16 12:02:00Headscratchers.The Room
22nd Jan 16 11:48:56Drinking Game.The Room
20th Jan 16 04:59:49Right Man In The Wrong Place
20th Jan 16 04:15:30Mistaken For Terrorist
20th Jan 16 03:56:51The Everyman
17th Jan 16 06:51:57Mistaken For Racist
15th Jan 16 07:58:47Awesome.Live Free Or Die Hard
15th Jan 16 08:17:20Villain Protagonist
15th Jan 16 04:22:12WMG.My Immortal
14th Jan 16 07:42:45Irrevocable Order
14th Jan 16 12:38:35Establishing Series Moment
14th Jan 16 10:40:39Gag Sub
13th Jan 16 02:49:45Fun With Subtitles
13th Jan 16 08:24:30Road Trip Plot
3rd Jan 16 08:06:09Beneath Suspicion
3rd Jan 16 05:29:46Film.Casino Royale 2006
2nd Jan 16 01:59:00Balls Of Steel
1st Jan 16 07:50:51Spikes Of Doom
1st Jan 16 06:42:58Chase Fight
1st Jan 16 05:36:38Car Fu
1st Jan 16 05:19:51Emergency Cargo Dump
1st Jan 16 05:19:29Emergency Cargo Dump
31st Dec 15 08:08:00Awesome Music.Marilyn Manson
31st Dec 15 06:17:07The Engineer
31st Dec 15 05:46:53The Medic