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23rd May 13 08:03:18Characters.Hells Kitchen
23rd May 13 07:45:28Funny.Hells Kitchen
21st May 13 09:38:02Series.Dancing With The Stars
16th May 13 09:27:25Series.Hells Kitchen
5th May 13 11:32:37Characters.The Amazing Race 22
4th May 13 06:12:55Top Shot
4th May 13 04:44:07Top Shot
9th Apr 13 11:20:19Series.Bar Rescue
9th Apr 13 11:17:59Series.Bar Rescue
1st Apr 13 12:14:18Series.Americas Got Talent
24th Mar 13 09:58:36Awesome.The Amazing Race
17th Mar 13 08:56:11Characters.The Amazing Race 22
17th Mar 13 08:38:18Characters.The Amazing Race 22
17th Mar 13 08:36:11Characters.The Amazing Race 22
16th Mar 13 01:43:09Characters.American Idol
14th Mar 13 03:14:11Awesome.Survivor
11th Mar 13 11:36:14YMMV.The Biggest Loser
9th Mar 13 05:17:47Funny.Survivor
8th Mar 13 04:19:24Characters.American Idol
8th Mar 13 04:18:56Characters.American Idol
8th Mar 13 04:13:44Characters.American Idol
28th Feb 13 10:21:34Awesome.Top Chef
21st Feb 13 09:32:48Series.Americas Got Talent
21st Feb 13 09:32:38Series.Americas Got Talent
19th Feb 13 11:56:40YMMV.The Biggest Loser
17th Feb 13 11:03:31Series.Bar Rescue
17th Feb 13 10:59:36Series.Bar Rescue
17th Feb 13 10:58:16Series.Bar Rescue
27th Jan 13 04:21:25Funny.Todd In The Shadows
27th Jan 13 04:20:36Funny.Todd In The Shadows
26th Jan 13 11:05:56Series.The Biggest Loser
26th Jan 13 11:05:11Series.The Biggest Loser
25th Jan 13 07:13:00YMMV.The Biggest Loser
22nd Jan 13 09:12:17Characters.The X Factor USA Season 2
26th Dec 12 02:16:54Kitchen Nightmares
21st Dec 12 12:00:31Characters.The X Factor USA Season 2
20th Dec 12 11:38:34Series.The X Factor
19th Dec 12 05:28:25Series.Bar Rescue
18th Dec 12 11:04:50Reality TV
18th Dec 12 11:03:34Series.Bar Rescue
18th Dec 12 11:03:16Series.Bar Rescue
18th Dec 12 11:02:27Series.Bar Rescue
18th Dec 12 11:01:50Series.Bar Rescue
16th Dec 12 10:14:00Characters.Survivor Philippines
6th Dec 12 05:41:14YMMV.The X Factor
6th Dec 12 05:36:01YMMV.The X Factor
6th Dec 12 05:35:39YMMV.The X Factor
6th Dec 12 05:34:52YMMV.The X Factor
29th Nov 12 11:08:17Series.The X Factor
29th Nov 12 11:05:44YMMV.The X Factor
29th Nov 12 11:03:51Series.The X Factor
28th Nov 12 09:40:42Characters.Survivor Philippines
27th Nov 12 10:48:42Dancing With The Stars
25th Nov 12 06:03:15Characters.The Amazing Race 21
25th Nov 12 06:02:40Characters.The Amazing Race 21
24th Nov 12 12:02:11Playing Against Type.Film Acting
23rd Nov 12 05:31:19Elimination Houdini
23rd Nov 12 05:12:53Series.The X Factor
22nd Nov 12 11:45:10YMMV.The X Factor
15th Nov 12 12:35:12Series.Top Chef
14th Nov 12 03:20:53YMMV.Canadas Worst Driver
9th Nov 12 12:07:56Video Game.Star Wars The Old Republic
28th Oct 12 11:53:06Horrible.Voice Acting
28th Oct 12 10:59:40YMMV.The Amazing Race
28th Oct 12 10:58:28YMMV.The Amazing Race
23rd Oct 12 01:39:59El Goonish Shive.Tropes A To E
21st Oct 12 09:04:00Characters.The Amazing Race 21
21st Oct 12 09:02:30Characters.The Amazing Race 21
21st Oct 12 09:02:05Characters.The Amazing Race 21
19th Oct 12 05:09:04Series.The Apprentice
15th Oct 12 10:32:05Series.The Amazing Race
15th Oct 12 12:22:50Funny.The Amazing Race
11th Oct 12 10:47:29Series.The Biggest Loser
11th Oct 12 08:02:07Nightmare Fuel.The Elder Scrolls
11th Oct 12 08:01:37Nightmare Fuel.The Elder Scrolls
8th Oct 12 11:36:01Series.The Amazing Race
4th Oct 12 12:13:49Characters.Survivor Philippines
4th Oct 12 12:13:12Characters.Survivor Philippines
1st Oct 12 02:51:50Characters.The Amazing Race 21
27th Sep 12 02:31:34Series.The X Factor
23rd Sep 12 02:49:22Characters.Last Res0rt
23rd Sep 12 01:31:21Characters.Last Res0rt
23rd Sep 12 01:21:39Characters.Last Res0rt
18th Sep 12 10:12:57Awesome.Not Always Right
13th Sep 12 08:59:43Awesome.Americas Got Talent
13th Sep 12 10:57:47YMMV.The X Factor
13th Sep 12 10:57:30YMMV.The X Factor
11th Sep 12 12:06:49YMMV.Master Chef
11th Sep 12 12:06:31YMMV.Master Chef
10th Sep 12 11:30:02Series.Hells Kitchen
10th Sep 12 11:28:07Funny.Hells Kitchen
5th Sep 12 08:13:48Series.Master Chef
4th Sep 12 11:25:23Heartwarming.Master Chef
31st Aug 12 11:21:30YMMV.Hells Kitchen
30th Aug 12 12:38:18Kitchen Nightmares
30th Aug 12 12:37:36Kitchen Nightmares
22nd Aug 12 11:02:48YMMV.Master Chef
22nd Aug 12 11:00:57Series.Master Chef
22nd Aug 12 10:59:23YMMV.Dancing With The Stars
21st Aug 12 09:35:00Series.Hotel Hell
14th Aug 12 12:20:40Reality TV
14th Aug 12 12:18:41Hotel Hell
14th Aug 12 12:18:23Hotel Hell
13th Aug 12 11:52:46Series.Hells Kitchen
31st Jul 12 05:05:00Series.Top Chef
30th Jul 12 05:26:36Trivia.Hells Kitchen
23rd Jul 12 08:54:48Series.Master Chef
23rd Jul 12 08:49:31Series.Master Chef
23rd Jul 12 06:07:03Series.The Amazing Race
23rd Jul 12 01:24:39American Ninja Warrior
23rd Jul 12 01:24:23American Ninja Warrior
23rd Jul 12 01:24:10American Ninja Warrior
23rd Jul 12 10:45:21Awesome.Not Always Right
23rd Jul 12 10:44:23Awesome.Not Always Right
19th Jul 12 10:06:49Series.Master Chef
16th Jul 12 11:36:07Series.Hells Kitchen
9th Jul 12 10:26:41Trivia.The Amazing Race
1st Jul 12 10:38:26YMMV.Hells Kitchen
26th Jun 12 06:46:28Creator Breakdown.Web Original
26th Jun 12 03:06:06Tear Jerker.The Spoony Experiment
26th Jun 12 03:05:46Tear Jerker.The Spoony Experiment
25th Jun 12 10:05:30Series.Master Chef
19th Jun 12 10:04:51Series.Master Chef
15th Jun 12 08:40:23Series.Master Chef
15th Jun 12 08:39:57Series.Master Chef
15th Jun 12 08:39:36Series.Master Chef
26th May 12 09:38:40Dancing With The Stars
25th May 12 07:10:16The Dog Was The Mastermind
21st May 12 12:59:28Awesome.Not Always Right
19th May 12 11:55:39Music.Donna Summer
18th May 12 07:44:38Elimination Houdini
18th May 12 07:41:59YMMV.American Idol
3rd May 12 06:27:42YMMV.American Idol
3rd May 12 06:19:14YMMV.American Idol
3rd May 12 06:17:20Elimination Houdini
3rd May 12 10:23:57YMMV.American Idol
23rd Apr 12 09:10:17Elimination Houdini
23rd Apr 12 09:06:45Elimination Houdini
22nd Apr 12 10:35:27YMMV.American Idol
22nd Apr 12 10:34:58YMMV.American Idol
22nd Apr 12 10:23:53YMMV.The Biggest Loser
17th Apr 12 09:59:23Elimination Houdini
17th Apr 12 09:58:45Elimination Houdini
14th Apr 12 03:04:17Verbal Backspace
12th Apr 12 11:27:40YMMV.American Idol
12th Apr 12 06:17:47YMMV.American Idol
5th Apr 12 06:43:51Elimination Houdini
2nd Apr 12 07:12:15YMMV.Hells Kitchen
29th Mar 12 01:30:08Non Gameplay Elimination
22nd Mar 12 09:59:07Elimination Houdini
22nd Mar 12 09:54:58Elimination Houdini
17th Mar 12 04:01:23Non Gameplay Elimination
17th Mar 12 03:46:31Elimination Houdini
15th Mar 12 09:12:13Funny.Mass Effect
15th Mar 12 09:11:22Funny.Mass Effect
14th Mar 12 10:00:15Non Gameplay Elimination
14th Mar 12 02:47:11Never Live It Down.Real Life
14th Mar 12 01:09:48Top Shot
5th Mar 12 09:53:56Tear Jerker.Country Music
23rd Feb 12 07:33:01The Biggest Loser
23rd Feb 12 03:41:33Elimination Houdini
23rd Feb 12 03:40:45Elimination Houdini
17th Feb 12 07:34:18Kitchen Nightmares
9th Feb 12 02:07:03American Idol
25th Jan 12 02:44:47Harsher In Hindsight
12th Jan 12 10:39:36Awesome.Top Chef
12th Jan 12 12:09:52YMMV.Top Chef
4th Jan 12 11:01:36Series.Hells Kitchen
3rd Jan 12 09:03:55The Biggest Loser
3rd Jan 12 11:08:54Headscratchers.Selective Obliviousness
2nd Jan 12 08:35:48Headscratchers.The Nostalgia Chick
15th Dec 11 10:03:09Series.Americas Got Talent
13th Dec 11 10:50:48Awesome.American Idol
13th Dec 11 10:44:56YMMV.The Amazing Race
12th Dec 11 11:16:05YMMV.The Amazing Race
9th Dec 11 01:09:39Shocking Elimination
8th Dec 11 10:56:12The X Factor
8th Dec 11 10:53:59YMMV.The X Factor
28th Nov 11 02:44:22Series.Hells Kitchen
22nd Nov 11 11:53:35Dancing With The Stars
16th Nov 11 11:14:26Dancing With The Stars
16th Nov 11 11:14:11Dancing With The Stars
13th Nov 11 11:25:03America's Got Talent
2nd Nov 11 01:29:31Elimination Houdini
2nd Nov 11 01:25:27YMMV.The Biggest Loser
6th Oct 11 12:32:47Awesome.Ninja Warrior
6th Oct 11 12:24:48Ninja Warrior
2nd Oct 11 01:23:59WMG.Mass Effect 3
1st Oct 11 09:06:34Heartwarming.The Amazing Race
21st Sep 11 11:43:01Top Shot
21st Sep 11 09:15:36Top Shot
20th Sep 11 06:51:33Funny.The Nostalgia Critic 2011 Episodes