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1st Oct 14 04:28:23Film.Guardiansofthe Galaxy
11th Jun 14 10:19:35Recap.Doctor Who50th AS The Day Of The Doctor
11th Jun 14 10:09:46Dudewheres My Respect
11th Jun 14 09:52:54Crazy Enoughto Work
11th Jun 14 09:47:55Quotes.Crazy Enoughto Work
15th May 14 08:53:00Screw The Rules Im Doing Whats Right.Live Action Films
15th May 14 08:52:07Screw The Rules Im Doing Whats Right.Live Action Films
15th May 14 08:44:08Just Following Orders
8th May 14 03:26:02Film.The Dark Knight Rises
29th Mar 14 12:37:05Film.Gravity
29th Mar 14 12:21:59Film.Gravity
28th Mar 14 12:10:31Dare To Be Badass
28th Mar 14 12:08:52Dare To Be Badass
28th Mar 14 12:07:09Dare To Be Badass
27th Mar 14 09:46:45Awesome.The Dark Knight Rises
26th Mar 14 01:04:01Series.Time Trax
26th Mar 14 12:56:00Becoming The Mask
21st Mar 14 08:39:06Awesome.Gravity
21st Mar 14 08:35:23Awesome.Film
21st Mar 14 08:34:22Awesome.Love Actually
21st Mar 14 08:29:50Awesome.The Kings Speech
16th Mar 14 08:22:39Film.Gravity
16th Mar 14 08:07:25Camp Cook
16th Mar 14 08:06:27Camp Cook
10th Mar 14 12:36:37Film.Gravity
16th Feb 14 06:29:45Retirony
16th Feb 14 06:21:39Retirony
16th Feb 14 06:10:41Retirony
14th Feb 14 08:00:01Final Solution
12th Feb 14 03:10:26The Red Stapler
12th Feb 14 01:42:34Film.Gravity
8th Dec 13 07:51:27Cybernetics Eat Your Soul
5th Dec 13 09:24:55Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped.Film
20th Oct 13 07:53:26Character Gush.Live Action TV
16th Oct 13 08:52:01The Avengers.Tropes E To L
27th Sep 13 10:14:30And Mission Control Rejoiced
25th Sep 13 11:57:29Quotes.Star Trek
25th Sep 13 11:53:20Quotes.Star Trek
22nd Sep 13 10:54:49Character Gush.Film
22nd Sep 13 10:52:30Character Gush.Film
22nd Sep 13 10:52:07Character Gush.Film
20th Sep 13 08:55:26Took A Level In Badass.Real Life
20th Sep 13 08:41:16Took A Level In Badass.Live Action TV
20th Sep 13 06:16:17WMG.Django Unchained
12th Sep 13 07:57:06The Avengers.Tropes M To P
12th Sep 13 07:54:13The Avengers.Tropes M To P
11th Sep 13 09:41:54Well Done Son Guy
13th Aug 13 09:53:12Punch Clock Hero
13th Aug 13 09:29:02Dare To Be Badass
13th Aug 13 09:26:03Brilliant But Lazy
9th Aug 13 09:22:28The Power Of Friendship
9th Aug 13 09:21:06The Power Of Friendship
6th Aug 13 08:44:08Near Villain Victory
6th Aug 13 08:38:49Awesome.The Avengers
1st Aug 13 07:53:03Awesome.The Kings Speech
1st Aug 13 07:39:58Film.The Kings Speech
1st Aug 13 07:36:39Dare To Be Badass
31st Jul 13 02:03:05The Knights Who Say Squee
31st Jul 13 01:51:08The Knights Who Say Squee
31st Jul 13 01:48:41The Knights Who Say Squee
31st Jul 13 01:40:50Famed In Story
31st Jul 13 01:36:21Remember When You Blew Up A Sun
31st Jul 13 01:32:49Remember When You Blew Up A Sun
31st Jul 13 01:27:41Remember When You Blew Up A Sun
31st Jul 13 01:23:27Famed In Story
31st Jul 13 08:27:46The Avengers.Tropes M To P
31st Jul 13 08:25:56The Avengers.Tropes M To P
31st Jul 13 08:15:16The Avengers.Tropes M To P
31st Jul 13 08:06:55The Avengers.Tropes A To D
31st Jul 13 08:03:39The Avengers.Tropes A To D
31st Jul 13 07:58:46Badass Crew
31st Jul 13 07:57:44Badass Crew
30th Jul 13 11:14:51Heartwarming.The Avengers
30th Jul 13 09:25:24Tear Jerker.Django Unchained
29th Jul 13 11:40:52Tear Jerker.Star Trek Generations
29th Jul 13 11:37:23Tear Jerker.Star Trek First Contact
29th Jul 13 11:31:51Tear Jerker.Star Trek First Contact
29th Jul 13 11:28:18Tear Jerker.Star Trek III The Search For Spock
29th Jul 13 11:00:27Tearjerker.Skyfall
29th Jul 13 10:49:42Tear Jerker.The Dark Knight Rises
29th Jul 13 10:19:13Heartwarming.The Avengers
29th Jul 13 09:01:55The Avengers.Tropes E To L
29th Jul 13 08:59:15The Avengers.Tropes E To L
29th Jul 13 08:31:17The Avengers.Tropes A To D
29th Jul 13 08:20:54Badass Crew
29th Jul 13 08:18:31The Avengers.Tropes A To D
29th Jul 13 08:12:50The Avengers.Tropes A To D
24th Jul 13 10:56:26Just Here For Godzilla
24th Jul 13 10:52:34Just Here For Godzilla
21st Jul 13 03:44:16Crazy Enough To Work
16th Jul 13 10:35:13Friendly Fandoms
15th Jul 13 10:20:20Awesome.Armageddon
15th Jul 13 10:15:33Heartwarming.Armageddon
15th Jul 13 09:49:56Heartwarming.Finding Nemo
15th Jul 13 09:30:22Awesome.Back To The Future
9th Jul 13 01:42:59Quotes.Star Trek
9th Jun 13 11:06:50Black And Nerdy
6th Jun 13 07:15:34Film.Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan
17th May 13 09:32:55Heartwarming.The Kings Speech
17th May 13 09:11:37Awesome Moment Of Crowning
17th May 13 09:00:38Film.The Kings Speech
25th Apr 13 05:58:28Humans Are Bastards
25th Apr 13 05:57:40Humans Are Bastards
24th Apr 13 12:23:59Humans Are Special
14th Apr 13 07:02:15Friendly Fandoms
3rd Apr 13 01:44:43Teeth Clenched Teamwork
3rd Apr 13 01:35:40Teeth Clenched Teamwork
3rd Apr 13 09:59:35Flashback To Catchphrase
9th Mar 13 06:17:45Film.Flight
9th Mar 13 06:17:07Film.Flight
9th Mar 13 06:07:24Film.Flight
9th Mar 13 06:03:28Quotes.Flight
25th Feb 13 06:33:15Film.The Mask Of Zorro
11th Feb 13 09:18:15Badass
11th Feb 13 07:32:18Badass
30th Jan 13 07:42:00Series.Flashpoint
29th Jan 13 09:03:59Magnum Opus Dissonance
24th Jan 13 10:10:44Kenneth Branagh
23rd Jan 13 02:02:59Tropers.Vericrat
23rd Jan 13 01:58:00Tropers.King Zeal
23rd Jan 13 11:42:31Actor Role Confusion
21st Jan 13 03:21:49Armor Piercing Question
7th Jan 13 04:42:55Film.Star Trek First Contact
3rd Jan 13 06:31:42Film.Django Unchained
1st Jan 13 08:14:01Film.Django Unchained
1st Jan 13 07:01:43Just Following Orders
1st Jan 13 06:51:28Film.Django Unchained
31st Dec 12 12:30:30Screw The Money I Have Rules
30th Dec 12 12:05:19Gush.People
26th Dec 12 07:07:36Bald Black Leader Guy
20th Dec 12 11:57:13Bald Black Leader Guy
2nd Dec 12 01:49:32Film.Crimson Tide
2nd Dec 12 01:41:03Film.Crimson Tide
11th Nov 12 11:13:07Heartwarming.Star Trek Deep Space Nine
11th Nov 12 10:35:10Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped.Live Action TV
11th Nov 12 08:06:21Bald Black Leader Guy
6th Nov 12 04:27:39Bald Black Leader Guy
25th Oct 12 02:17:11Named After Their Planet
22nd Oct 12 08:26:43Vitriolic Best Buds
22nd Oct 12 08:25:41Vitriolic Best Buds
14th Oct 12 11:56:01Fake American
14th Oct 12 11:46:47Series.Last Resort
12th Oct 12 07:00:56Salt And Pepper
11th Oct 12 08:30:38Bald Black Leader Guy
11th Oct 12 08:30:05Bald Black Leader Guy
11th Oct 12 08:23:54Black Best Friend
11th Oct 12 06:55:06Useful Notes.Canucks With Chinooks
8th Oct 12 11:13:43The Captain
8th Oct 12 11:12:07The Captain
26th Sep 12 01:50:01Super Bowl
26th Sep 12 01:45:13Super Bowl
18th Sep 12 07:30:08Handicapped Badass
13th Sep 12 08:14:19Cowboy Cop
13th Sep 12 07:45:59Cowboy Cop
13th Sep 12 07:45:13Cowboy Cop
24th Aug 12 12:56:45The Captain
24th Aug 12 12:43:15Colonel Badass
22nd Aug 12 07:49:26Literature.Legion Of Nothing
15th Aug 12 08:39:29Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits
6th Aug 12 05:55:59Literature.World War Z
31st Jul 12 09:09:47Film.The Dark Knight Rises
30th Jul 12 03:23:57Determinator.Film
27th Jul 12 02:04:56Film.The Dark Knight Rises
27th Jul 12 02:01:18Film.The Dark Knight Rises
27th Jul 12 01:54:18Film.The Dark Knight Rises
25th Jul 12 06:02:25Insignificant Little Blue Planet
25th Jul 12 04:59:13Rags To Riches
25th Jul 12 04:50:29Rags To Riches
24th Jul 12 09:01:58Film.The Dark Knight Rises
24th Jul 12 08:12:05Film.The Dark Knight Rises
24th Jul 12 07:54:39Film.The Dark Knight Rises
23rd Jul 12 09:00:52Film.The Dark Knight Rises
23rd Jul 12 08:59:21Film.The Dark Knight Rises
23rd Jul 12 08:56:50Film.The Dark Knight Rises
23rd Jul 12 02:03:06Film.The Dark Knight Rises
17th Jul 12 02:59:40Playing With.The Captain
17th Jul 12 09:09:48Becoming The Mask
17th Jul 12 08:54:57Becoming The Mask
10th Jul 12 12:58:55Cursed With Awesome
10th Jul 12 09:00:09Literature.World War Z
9th Jul 12 07:54:19Film.Trading Places
7th Jul 12 08:07:33Broken Ace
7th Jul 12 08:01:20Broken Ace
6th Jul 12 10:35:35Rags To Riches
6th Jul 12 10:26:12Rags To Riches
24th Jun 12 05:15:54Literature.World War Z
22nd Jun 12 02:06:00Literature.World War Z
4th Jun 12 08:01:45The Captain
4th Jun 12 07:51:54Everybodys Dead Dave
28th May 12 09:34:11Awesome.Wanted
27th May 12 05:20:36They Call Me Mister Tibbs
15th May 12 02:28:41Armor Piercing Question
13th May 12 10:40:15Handicapped Badass
1st May 12 07:17:15Hoist By His Own Petard.Real Life
1st May 12 06:45:20Trading Places
30th Apr 12 09:09:18Trading Places
30th Apr 12 09:07:23Trading Places
30th Apr 12 09:06:16Trading Places
30th Apr 12 08:58:05Hoist By His Own Petard.Film
29th Apr 12 07:21:37YMMV.Trading Places
20th Apr 12 08:26:45Friendly Fandoms
9th Apr 12 09:47:06Friendly Fandoms
8th Apr 12 09:03:00Four Star Badass
1st Apr 12 04:30:34Big Applesauce
29th Mar 12 08:34:52Spoiled Sweet
28th Mar 12 03:24:28Friendly Fandoms
14th Mar 12 02:09:13Necessary Fail
14th Mar 12 01:59:21Legion Of Nothing
13th Mar 12 11:43:09Crazy Enough To Work
6th Mar 12 01:52:27After The End
6th Mar 12 01:46:34Necessary Fail
6th Mar 12 01:42:44Necessary Fail
6th Mar 12 01:40:15Necessary Fail
6th Mar 12 01:35:54Necessary Fail
1st Mar 12 02:29:57Colonel Badass
24th Feb 12 09:37:07Jurisdiction Friction
24th Feb 12 09:34:14Jurisdiction Friction
24th Feb 12 09:28:39Teeth Clenched Teamwork
24th Feb 12 09:21:13Sarcastic Devotee
24th Feb 12 09:20:44Sarcastic Devotee
24th Feb 12 09:19:58Sarcastic Devotee
24th Feb 12 09:13:34Servile Snarker
24th Feb 12 09:13:07Servile Snarker
24th Feb 12 09:07:25Friendly Enemy
4th Feb 12 05:22:15I Choose To Stay
4th Feb 12 05:19:21I Choose To Stay
4th Feb 12 05:10:35I Choose To Stay
4th Feb 12 05:07:16I Choose To Stay
3rd Feb 12 12:28:19Self Fulfilling Prophecy
2nd Jan 12 04:52:19Punch Clock Villain
2nd Jan 12 09:55:39Creator Backlash
3rd Dec 11 02:47:02The Captain