9th Jul 14 05:49:17Series.QI
9th Jul 14 05:48:03Pt.Palhaco Malvado
9th Jul 14 05:47:46Series.Have I Got News For You
9th Jul 14 05:47:45Older Than They Think.Music
9th Jul 14 05:47:45Series.QI
9th Jul 14 05:47:45No Animals Were Harmed
9th Jul 14 05:47:07Characters.QI
9th Jul 14 05:46:56Better Than It Sounds.Recorded And Stand Up Comedy
9th Jul 14 05:46:53Sorry Billy But You Just Dont Have Legs
9th Jul 14 05:46:44Series.Thank God Youre Here
9th Jul 14 05:33:20Funny.Just A Minute
9th Jul 14 05:33:16Radio.Im Sorry I Havent A Clue
9th Jul 14 05:33:09Awesome.Im Sorry I Havent A Clue
9th Jul 14 05:33:08Radio.Im Sorry I Havent A Clue
9th Jul 14 05:32:32YMMV.Have I Got News For You
9th Jul 14 05:28:10Useful Notes.Visual Kei
9th Jul 14 05:28:03Fan Works.Vocaloid
9th Jul 14 05:27:05WMG.Vocaloid
9th Jul 14 05:25:44YMMV.VOCALOID
9th Jul 14 05:24:02YMMV.TWILIGHT
9th Jul 14 05:18:41YMMV.CRACKED
9th Jul 14 05:18:09YMMV.Ctrl Alt Del
9th Jul 14 05:17:44YMMV.Deal Or No Deal
9th Jul 14 05:16:49YMMV.Doug Walker
9th Jul 14 05:15:12YMMV.Reddit
9th Jul 14 05:02:57YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
9th Jul 14 04:58:19YMMV.Neon Genesis Evangelion
9th Jul 14 04:57:30YMMV.HARRYPOTTER
9th Jul 14 04:56:09YMMV.Katawa Shoujo
9th Jul 14 04:55:09YMMV.Inheritance Cycle
9th Jul 14 04:51:58Needs More Love.Animated Films
9th Jul 14 04:51:42YMMV.Arby N The Chief
9th Jul 14 04:50:19Boy Band
9th Jul 14 04:49:20Tear Jerker.FINALFANTASYVII
9th Jul 14 04:48:48Haiku.Final Fantasy X
9th Jul 14 04:48:48YMMV.Final Fantasy VIII
8th Jul 14 08:06:21Intermission
8th Jul 14 08:06:07Realistic Diction Is Unrealistic
8th Jul 14 08:05:51Recorded And Stand Up Comedy
8th Jul 14 08:05:50Recorded And Stand Up Comedy
8th Jul 14 08:04:55Knocking On Heathens Door
8th Jul 14 08:04:34Monster Clown
8th Jul 14 08:04:07Ice Cream Koan
8th Jul 14 08:03:07Funny.The Glass House
8th Jul 14 08:03:06Funny.The Glass House
8th Jul 14 08:02:26Word Salad Title
8th Jul 14 08:02:26Weird Aside
8th Jul 14 08:02:13Your Head Asplode
8th Jul 14 08:01:52Mundane Utility.Stand Up Comedy
8th Jul 14 07:59:54Ending Fatigue
8th Jul 14 07:59:46Ending Fatigue
8th Jul 14 07:59:29Evil Laugh
8th Jul 14 07:59:08Fee Fi Faux Pas
8th Jul 14 07:58:43Music.Fifty Cent
8th Jul 14 07:58:34Fountain Of Memes
8th Jul 14 07:58:27Genki Girl
8th Jul 14 07:58:06Good News Week
8th Jul 14 07:54:50Audience Participation
8th Jul 14 07:54:34Big Shut Up
8th Jul 14 07:53:43Bizarrchitecture
8th Jul 14 07:53:31Black Comedy Rape
8th Jul 14 07:52:47Broken Record
8th Jul 14 07:52:32Chekhovs Gag
8th Jul 14 07:51:25Creator.Ross Noble
8th Jul 14 07:51:22Ross Noble
8th Jul 14 07:50:55The Glasses Come Off
8th Jul 14 07:21:26Mafia Princess
8th Jul 14 07:11:41Manga.W Change
8th Jul 14 07:06:06Good Eyes Evil Eyes
8th Jul 14 07:05:33Good Eyes Evil Eyes
8th Jul 14 07:01:33Split Personality
8th Jul 14 06:56:53Manga.W Change
8th Jul 14 06:56:25Manga.W Change
8th Jul 14 06:54:29Manga.W Change
7th Jul 14 06:46:07Mystical Waif
7th Jul 14 06:19:03Mystical Waif
7th Jul 14 06:10:57Mystical Waif
7th Jul 14 05:09:27Fountain Of Youth
7th Jul 14 04:13:23So Bad Its Good.Anime
7th Jul 14 04:09:55YMMV.Attack On Titan
7th Jul 14 04:07:40YMMV.Atopthefourthwall
7th Jul 14 04:05:49YMMV.Arresteddevelopment
7th Jul 14 04:03:24Rescued From The Scrappy Heap.Anime And Manga
7th Jul 14 04:02:41Replacement Scrappy.Anime And Manga
7th Jul 14 04:00:25YMMV.Americas Next Top Model
7th Jul 14 04:00:00YMMV.Americas Got Talent
7th Jul 14 03:33:14YMMV.American Psycho
7th Jul 14 03:32:29YMMV.American Idol
7th Jul 14 03:31:31YMMV.YOUTUBE
6th Jul 14 10:31:46Youre Not My Father
6th Jul 14 10:30:36Your Son All Along
6th Jul 14 10:30:27Youre Not My Father
6th Jul 14 10:29:56Characters.The Thorn Birds
6th Jul 14 10:29:25The Jail Bait Wait
6th Jul 14 10:29:16The Epic
6th Jul 14 10:29:07Creator.Steve Martin
6th Jul 14 10:28:33Sexy Discretion Shot
6th Jul 14 10:28:15Romance On The Set
6th Jul 14 10:28:01Reassigned To Antarctica.Real Life
6th Jul 14 10:26:36Pedophile Priest
6th Jul 14 10:24:50Trivia.Leverage
6th Jul 14 10:24:43Marital Rape License
6th Jul 14 10:24:31Massive Numbered Siblings
6th Jul 14 10:24:05Miss Conception
6th Jul 14 10:23:50My Nayme Is
6th Jul 14 10:23:15Nobody Over 50 Is Gay
6th Jul 14 10:23:01Old Maid
6th Jul 14 10:21:48Parental Favoritism
6th Jul 14 10:21:12Pedophile Priest
6th Jul 14 10:20:45Romance Novel
6th Jul 14 10:19:18Values Dissonance.Liveaction TV
6th Jul 14 10:18:27Bittersweet Ending.Live Action TV
6th Jul 14 10:18:17Reassigned To Antarctica.Literature
6th Jul 14 10:18:07Literature Of The1970s
6th Jul 14 10:17:28I Was Quite A Looker
6th Jul 14 10:17:06Series.The Thorn Birds
6th Jul 14 10:15:53I Was Quite A Looker
6th Jul 14 10:15:22Irish Priest
6th Jul 14 10:15:05Interquel
6th Jul 14 10:14:48Hot For Preacher
6th Jul 14 10:14:30Characters.CHUCK
6th Jul 14 10:13:59Australian Literature
6th Jul 14 10:13:50Dont Tell Mama
6th Jul 14 10:13:17Australian Literature
6th Jul 14 10:11:37Series.Bless Me Father
6th Jul 14 10:10:53Babies Make Everything Better
6th Jul 14 10:10:24Australian Literature
6th Jul 14 10:09:51The Thorn Birds
6th Jul 14 10:09:36Literature.The Thorn Birds
6th Jul 14 07:12:13Massive Numbered Siblings
4th Jul 14 10:44:00Music.One Direction
4th Jul 14 09:56:50Video Game.Three The Hard Way
4th Jul 14 09:48:38Mystical Waif
4th Jul 14 09:46:32Mystical Waif
4th Jul 14 09:45:33Characters.Arcanum Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura
4th Jul 14 06:11:39Characters.Non Non Biyori
4th Jul 14 06:04:35YMMV.Non Non Biyori
4th Jul 14 06:01:16Characters.Super GALS
4th Jul 14 06:00:24Characters.Super GALS
4th Jul 14 05:58:23YMMV.Super GALS
4th Jul 14 05:57:25Characters.Super GALS
4th Jul 14 05:57:01YMMV.Super GALS
2nd Jul 14 07:24:32YMMV.DOTHACK
2nd Jul 14 05:34:29Tropers.The Adept Rogue
2nd Jul 14 05:24:30Music.One Direction
2nd Jul 14 05:12:41Webcomic.The Scumthorpe Files
2nd Jul 14 02:20:53Creator.Christopher Lee
2nd Jul 14 12:20:44Ho Yay.DOTHACK
2nd Jul 14 12:19:10Ho Yay.DOTHACK
1st Jul 14 09:45:14Webcomic.The Scumthorpe Files
1st Jul 14 09:28:41Characters.Three The Hard Way
1st Jul 14 09:01:29Creators Pet.Anime
1st Jul 14 08:42:49Hair Tropes
1st Jul 14 06:09:15Tropers.The Adept Rogue
1st Jul 14 05:29:26Creator.Moving Picture Company
1st Jul 14 05:28:45Time And Relative Dimensions In Space
1st Jul 14 05:28:30The Slow Path
1st Jul 14 05:28:13Heartwarming.The Blockbuster Buster
1st Jul 14 05:27:58Series.Mirror Mirror
1st Jul 14 05:27:29Film.Mirror Mirror
1st Jul 14 05:27:21Literature.Mirror Mirror
1st Jul 14 05:25:55Sudden Musical Ending
1st Jul 14 05:25:51Stock Episode Titles
1st Jul 14 05:25:43Similarly Named Works
1st Jul 14 05:25:32Set Right What Once Went Wrong
1st Jul 14 05:25:11Anyone Can Die.Real Life
1st Jul 14 05:24:46Portal Slam
1st Jul 14 05:24:13Only One Me Allowed Right Now
1st Jul 14 05:24:02Perspective Flip
1st Jul 14 05:23:26Image Links.Pimped Out Dress
1st Jul 14 05:23:15Portal To The Past
1st Jul 14 05:20:28Mirror Cracking Ugly
1st Jul 14 05:20:15Adaptational Badass.Live Action Films
1st Jul 14 05:20:04Dethroning Moment.Literature
1st Jul 14 05:19:08Grimmification
1st Jul 14 05:19:00Lecherous Licking
1st Jul 14 05:17:59Good Is Not Soft
1st Jul 14 05:17:34Collapsing Lair
1st Jul 14 05:17:16Australian Television Shows
1st Jul 14 05:16:55Adults Are Useless
1st Jul 14 05:16:22Mirror Mirror
1st Jul 14 05:15:56Series.Mirror Mirror
1st Jul 14 05:15:49Mirror Mirror
1st Jul 14 05:14:08Bestiality Is Depraved
1st Jul 14 02:21:51Short Hairwith Tail
1st Jul 14 02:21:26Short Hairwith Tail
1st Jul 14 01:09:17Creator.Walt Disney
30th Jun 14 06:41:50Literature.Malory Towers
30th Jun 14 06:11:40Plot Hole
30th Jun 14 06:11:13Karma Houdini Warranty
30th Jun 14 06:10:24Teen Genius
30th Jun 14 06:09:52Fragile Flower
30th Jun 14 05:32:50Tropers.The Adept Rogue
30th Jun 14 05:14:56Tropers.The Adept Rogue
30th Jun 14 05:14:33Tropers.The Adept Rogue
29th Jun 14 09:37:39Characters.Criminal Case
28th Jun 14 04:29:05YMMV.Runaways
27th Jun 14 08:59:37Wheelchair Woobie
27th Jun 14 08:57:32Wheelchair Woobie
26th Jun 14 11:15:44French Cuisine Is Haughty
26th Jun 14 11:15:35Nippon Animation
26th Jun 14 11:15:10Food Porn
26th Jun 14 11:14:36Even The Guys Want Him
26th Jun 14 11:13:42Creator Thumbprint
26th Jun 14 11:13:04Bespectacled Bastard Boyfriend
26th Jun 14 11:12:50Manga.Ooku
26th Jun 14 11:07:57Trans Equals Gay
26th Jun 14 11:07:47Straight Gay
26th Jun 14 11:07:35Food Porn
26th Jun 14 11:07:19Always Camp
26th Jun 14 11:06:50Acceptable Hard Luck Targets
26th Jun 14 06:12:26Characters.Non Non Biyori
26th Jun 14 09:32:42Manga.Cafe Kichijoji De
26th Jun 14 09:32:42Manga.Cafe Kichijoji De
26th Jun 14 09:21:49Manga.Strawberry Marshmallow
26th Jun 14 08:40:27Characters.Criminal Case
26th Jun 14 08:14:17Characters.Non Non Biyori
26th Jun 14 07:35:15Funny.Non Non Biyori
26th Jun 14 06:58:35Mismeasurement
25th Jun 14 10:25:30Characters.Non Non Biyori
25th Jun 14 09:33:06The Glasses Gotta Go
25th Jun 14 08:22:03Characters.The Scumthorpe Files
25th Jun 14 08:07:35Tear Jerker.Ooku
25th Jun 14 07:01:46Distressed Dude
25th Jun 14 06:43:16Characters.Three The Hard Way
23rd Jun 14 06:01:40Go Through Me
23rd Jun 14 05:54:34Forced To Watch
23rd Jun 14 05:52:55Forced To Watch
23rd Jun 14 05:50:09Forced To Watch
23rd Jun 14 05:46:54Characters.Blade Of The Immortal
23rd Jun 14 05:11:07Disney.The Band Concert
23rd Jun 14 12:21:16Characters.The Scumthorpe Files
23rd Jun 14 12:05:54Characters.Three The Hard Way
23rd Jun 14 12:05:23Characters.The Scumthorpe Files
22nd Jun 14 11:32:59Woobie.Literature
22nd Jun 14 11:32:00Woobie.Literature
22nd Jun 14 11:23:13The Woobie
22nd Jun 14 04:50:13Forced To Watch
22nd Jun 14 01:01:25Sandbox.Mystical Waif
21st Jun 14 07:49:56I Am Spartacus
21st Jun 14 07:49:42Horror Webcomics
21st Jun 14 07:49:33Holding Out For A Hero
21st Jun 14 07:49:22Heroic Bystander
21st Jun 14 07:49:07Even Evil Has Standards
21st Jun 14 07:48:58Good Samaritan
21st Jun 14 07:48:46Gondor Calls For Aid
21st Jun 14 07:46:44Heel Face Index
21st Jun 14 07:45:46Enigmatic Minion
21st Jun 14 07:45:35Defiant Stone Throw
21st Jun 14 07:45:30Doomed Moral Victor
21st Jun 14 07:43:33Stock Aesops
21st Jun 14 07:43:20Secret Secret Keeper
21st Jun 14 07:43:08Star Trek Destiny
21st Jun 14 07:43:00Swarm On The Somme
21st Jun 14 07:42:50Training The Peaceful Villagers
21st Jun 14 07:42:40Unfazed Everyman
21st Jun 14 07:41:37Wasteland Elder
21st Jun 14 07:41:29Whoopi Epiphany Speech
21st Jun 14 07:41:15Zombie Infectee
21st Jun 14 07:41:15Zombie Apocalypse
21st Jun 14 07:39:53Always A Bigger Fish
21st Jun 14 07:39:34Character Witness
21st Jun 14 07:39:20Badass Bystander
21st Jun 14 07:39:15Badass Bystander
21st Jun 14 07:38:59Crazy Survivalist
21st Jun 14 07:29:05Fighting For Survival
21st Jun 14 07:28:33Analysis.Fighting For Survival
21st Jun 14 07:27:37Literature.Soviets In The Sun
21st Jun 14 07:27:14Western Animation.Street Sharks
21st Jun 14 07:27:08Darth Wiki.Stationery Voyagers
21st Jun 14 07:27:02Characters.Stargate SG 1
21st Jun 14 07:26:49Recap.Stargate Atlantis S 01 E 13 Hot Zone
21st Jun 14 07:26:48Recap.Stargate Atlantis S 01 E 13 Hot Zone
21st Jun 14 07:26:43Useful Notes.Spanish Civil War
21st Jun 14 07:25:57Manga.Saikano
21st Jun 14 07:25:49Quotes.Sci Fi Channel
21st Jun 14 07:25:39Manga.Shitsurakuen
21st Jun 14 07:25:29Bollywood.Sholay
21st Jun 14 07:25:27Quotes.Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri
21st Jun 14 07:25:11WMG.Silent Hill
21st Jun 14 07:23:56Manga.Rurouni Kenshin
21st Jun 14 07:21:33Video Game.Rune Factory
21st Jun 14 07:21:22Film.Resident Evil
21st Jun 14 07:21:16Literature.Redshirts
21st Jun 14 07:19:30Rousseau Was Right
21st Jun 14 07:19:14Red Shirt
21st Jun 14 07:18:56Red October
21st Jun 14 07:17:35Slobs Versus Snobs
21st Jun 14 07:17:06Suicidal Pacifism
21st Jun 14 07:16:52Stock Evil Overlord Tactics
21st Jun 14 07:16:42Strawman News Media
21st Jun 14 07:16:29Sinister Surveillance
21st Jun 14 07:16:14Shoulders Of Doom
21st Jun 14 07:16:03Sheathe Your Sword
21st Jun 14 07:15:56Senseless Sacrifice
21st Jun 14 07:15:37Secret Legacy
21st Jun 14 07:15:33Screw Destiny
21st Jun 14 07:14:13Super Intelligence
21st Jun 14 07:14:01Suicidal Pacifism
21st Jun 14 07:13:50Stupidity Tropes
21st Jun 14 07:13:43Structural Archetypes
21st Jun 14 07:13:35Strolling Through The Chaos
21st Jun 14 07:12:14YMMV.Posleen War Series
21st Jun 14 07:11:35WMG.The Beatles
21st Jun 14 07:11:03Film.The Black Hole
21st Jun 14 07:10:49Literature.The Company Novels
21st Jun 14 07:10:41Film.The Creeping Terror
21st Jun 14 07:09:40Film.Threads
21st Jun 14 07:09:20The Menin Black
21st Jun 14 07:09:20Literature.The Mist
21st Jun 14 07:09:08Literature.The Last Battle
21st Jun 14 07:08:56WMG.The Happening
21st Jun 14 07:08:51Headscratchers.The Fairly Odd Parents
21st Jun 14 07:06:54Berserk.Tropes I-P
21st Jun 14 07:06:14Berserk.Tropes A-D
21st Jun 14 07:02:32South Park.Tropes A-D
21st Jun 14 07:01:08Fairy Tail.Tropes A-E
21st Jun 14 07:01:02Dino Attack RPG.Tropes A To F
21st Jun 14 07:00:27The Powerpuff Girls.Tropes A To I
21st Jun 14 07:00:22Exalted.Tropes A To H
21st Jun 14 06:59:01Manga.Uzumaki
21st Jun 14 06:59:01Utopia Justifies The Means
21st Jun 14 06:58:45Untrusting Community
21st Jun 14 06:58:17Film.Underworld
21st Jun 14 06:58:07Series.UFO
21st Jun 14 06:58:00Headscratchers.Two Thousand Twelve
21st Jun 14 06:57:48Analysis.True Neutral
21st Jun 14 06:56:43Comically Missing The Point.Western Animation
21st Jun 14 06:56:27What Is Evil
21st Jun 14 06:56:09What The Hell Townspeople
21st Jun 14 06:55:59Who Wants To Live Forever
21st Jun 14 06:55:56Literature.When Worlds Collide
21st Jun 14 06:54:57Film.Windtalkers
21st Jun 14 06:54:26Manga.Wolf Gu Y Wolfen Crest
21st Jun 14 06:54:15Tabletop Game.Winterweir
21st Jun 14 06:53:49Film.World War Z
21st Jun 14 02:21:33Characters.Criminal Case
20th Jun 14 06:30:13Western Animation.Brave
20th Jun 14 06:29:55Western Animation.Up
20th Jun 14 06:29:16Disney.Mulan
20th Jun 14 06:28:56Disney.Treasure Planet
20th Jun 14 06:28:37Disney.The Emperors New Groove
20th Jun 14 06:28:15Disney.Tarzan
20th Jun 14 06:28:04Disney.Hercules
20th Jun 14 06:27:51Disney.The Little Mermaid
20th Jun 14 06:27:34Disney.The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
20th Jun 14 06:27:13Disney.The Sword In The Stone
20th Jun 14 06:26:07Disney.One Hundred And One Dalmatians
20th Jun 14 06:25:49Disney.Peter Pan
20th Jun 14 06:25:33Disney.Lady And The Tramp
20th Jun 14 06:25:21Disney.Alice In Wonderland
20th Jun 14 06:25:03Disney.Cinderella
20th Jun 14 06:24:05Disney.Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
20th Jun 14 06:23:35Disney.Pinocchio
20th Jun 14 06:23:12Disney.Pinocchio
20th Jun 14 06:23:01Disney.Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
20th Jun 14 04:20:02Mystical Waif
19th Jun 14 03:18:59Mystical Waif
18th Jun 14 06:32:22Innocent Bigot
18th Jun 14 01:13:29All There In The Manual.Web Comics
18th Jun 14 01:13:14Required Secondary Powers.Western Animation
18th Jun 14 01:13:02One Scene Wonder.Western Animation
18th Jun 14 01:12:51Misaimed Fandom.Western Animation
18th Jun 14 01:12:31Fanon.Western Animation
18th Jun 14 01:11:00Literature.Vorkosigan Saga
18th Jun 14 01:10:29Characters.VOCALOID
18th Jun 14 01:09:10Fan Nickname.Video Games A-F
18th Jun 14 01:09:06Webcomic.Venus Envy
18th Jun 14 01:08:37Throw It In.Video Games
17th Jun 14 11:01:08Tropers.The Adept Rogue
17th Jun 14 10:57:11Useful Notes.Washington Metro
17th Jun 14 10:57:03Roleplay.Warhammer Dynasty
17th Jun 14 10:56:57Video Game.Valkyria Chronicles
17th Jun 14 10:56:30WMG.Persona 4 Arena
17th Jun 14 10:56:01Fridge.Power Rangers Jungle Fury
17th Jun 14 10:55:53Characters.Thor
17th Jun 14 10:55:36Videogame.Temple Run
17th Jun 14 10:54:47Darth Wiki.Dark Fantasy X
17th Jun 14 10:54:12Awesome.Forward
17th Jun 14 10:54:03Roleplay.Freedom City Play By Post
17th Jun 14 10:53:50Le Parkour
17th Jun 14 10:53:38I Read That As.N-S
17th Jun 14 10:51:53Awesome.Berserk
17th Jun 14 10:51:43Series.Call Of The Wildman
17th Jun 14 10:51:29Film.Crocodile Dundee
17th Jun 14 10:51:08Fridge.Age Of Empires III
17th Jun 14 10:49:54Armored Core From The Ashes
17th Jun 14 10:48:53Cool Guns.Shotguns
17th Jun 14 10:47:38Just For Fun.TV Tropes Additional Evil Overlord Vows Cellblock C
17th Jun 14 10:46:24Awesome.The Wyatt Family
17th Jun 14 10:45:52Characters.Twitch Plays Pokemon Red
17th Jun 14 10:45:39Video Game.Ty The Tasmanian Tiger
17th Jun 14 10:45:21Video Game.Titan Quest
17th Jun 14 10:44:45X Universe.Tropes 0 To F
17th Jun 14 10:44:23X Universe.Tropes 0 To F
17th Jun 14 10:43:55Mass Effect.Tropes E-H
17th Jun 14 10:43:41Burn Notice.Tropes A To H
17th Jun 14 10:43:30Exalted.Tropes A To H
17th Jun 14 10:43:19Fist Of The North Star.Tropes A To H
17th Jun 14 10:43:12Funny.Top Gear

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