19th Sep 14 02:37:54Self Demonstrating.Bowser
19th Sep 14 02:34:27Self Demonstrating.MAGNETO
19th Sep 14 02:33:44Self Demonstrating.Bowser
19th Sep 14 02:10:10Self Demonstrating.MAGNETO
17th Sep 14 11:35:55Characters.Super Smash Bros U 3 DS
17th Sep 14 11:33:06Characters.Super Smash Bros Brawl
16th Sep 14 04:13:20The Un Reveal
16th Sep 14 04:12:30The Un Reveal
16th Sep 14 04:11:08The Un Reveal
16th Sep 14 04:00:31The Un Reveal
16th Sep 14 03:54:26The Un Reveal
14th Sep 14 05:11:49Lets Play.HC Bailly
10th Sep 14 04:58:38Bizarre Alien Senses
10th Sep 14 04:18:33Literature.Dick And Jane
10th Sep 14 04:08:11Headscratchers.LITERATURE
10th Sep 14 04:06:31Headscratchers.The Darkis Rising
10th Sep 14 03:52:29Excalibur In The Stone
10th Sep 14 03:49:10Video Game.Evilgenius
7th Sep 14 03:23:42Video Game.Evilgenius
7th Sep 14 03:21:43Video Game.Evilgenius
6th Sep 14 06:46:25Comic Book.Operation Galactic Storm
6th Sep 14 02:53:42YMMV.The Avengers Age Of Ultron
28th Aug 14 10:39:56YMMV.Doctor Strange
23rd Aug 14 12:47:31Franchise.Carmen Sandiego
23rd Aug 14 12:46:59Franchise.Carmen Sandiego
23rd Aug 14 12:45:50Coatfull Of Contraband
22nd Aug 14 04:01:32Nightmare Fuel.Literature
22nd Aug 14 04:00:18Nightmare Fuel.Carnage In New York
22nd Aug 14 03:57:54One True Threesome
22nd Aug 14 03:27:06Video Game.Mega Man 2
19th Aug 14 02:29:43Film.Mars Attacks
19th Aug 14 02:20:40Dinosaurs Attack
19th Aug 14 02:16:22Dinosaurs Attack
15th Aug 14 02:08:35Disney.Oliverand Company
13th Aug 14 04:30:17Characters.Dragon Ball Supporting Cast
13th Aug 14 04:15:51Heterosexual Life Partners.Anime And Manga
13th Aug 14 04:15:01Ho Yay.Dragonball
9th Aug 14 10:15:06Characters.Guardians Of The Galaxy The Movie
9th Aug 14 02:04:28Characters.Jurassic Park
27th Jul 14 08:17:48Video Game.Gauntlet
27th Jul 14 08:17:09Video Game.Gauntlet
17th Jul 14 02:54:18Awesome.Thunderbolts
17th Jul 14 02:51:15Comic Book.Thunderbolts
17th Jul 14 02:41:48Characters.Spider Man Rogues Gallery
17th Jul 14 01:50:09Comicbook.Doctor Strange
16th Jul 14 06:47:03Funny.TF Wiki Dot Net
15th Jul 14 02:05:08Awesome.The Infinity Gauntlet
7th Jul 14 08:00:03Film.Godzilla 2014
29th Jun 14 01:58:09Orcus On His Throne
28th Jun 14 11:07:38Batman Grabs A Gun
20th Jun 14 10:12:38Awesome.Godzilla 2014
20th Jun 14 10:12:16Awesome.Godzilla 2014
14th Jun 14 04:40:40Headscratchers.Batman Forever
11th Jun 14 01:42:38Characters.SUPERSMASHBROS
8th Jun 14 01:07:46Website.Spider Man Crawlspace
30th May 14 07:03:41Funny.Roahm Mythril
28th May 14 05:24:25Characters.NCIS
27th May 14 12:55:57Awesome.The Light Fantastic
27th May 14 03:21:20Mythology Gag.Dissidia Final Fantasy
22nd May 14 01:32:58Tyop On The Cover
22nd May 14 01:32:36Tyop On The Cover
22nd May 14 01:32:24Tyop On The Cover
22nd May 14 01:32:07Tyop On The Cover
22nd May 14 12:50:10Covers Always Lie.Comic Books
22nd May 14 12:24:56Trailers Always Spoil
22nd May 14 12:22:29Comic Book.The Infinity Gauntlet
22nd May 14 09:50:55Equal Opportunity Evil
22nd May 14 09:38:51Characters.Justice League International
20th May 14 01:19:20Pirate Booty
5th May 14 01:15:33Characters.The Amazing Spider Man
5th May 14 01:13:27Film.The Amazing Spiderman 2
3rd May 14 08:14:59Nightmare Fuel.Spider Man
3rd May 14 01:13:37Film.The Amazing Spiderman 2
3rd May 14 11:45:51Characters.The Amazing Spider Man
2nd May 14 09:55:20Headscratchers.The Amazing Spiderman 2
25th Apr 14 01:30:14Comic Book.Marvel Star Wars
24th Apr 14 08:11:20Video Game.Endless Ocean
19th Apr 14 06:17:45Video Game.Pokemon X And Y
14th Apr 14 05:53:29Funny.Rifftrax Shorts And Live Shows
10th Apr 14 11:31:07Comic Book.Fantastic Four
10th Apr 14 10:39:56Creator.Steve Ditko
28th Feb 14 01:54:28Funny.Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
28th Feb 14 12:13:40Funny.Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
28th Feb 14 01:48:15YMMV.Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
26th Feb 14 03:17:03Porting Disaster
17th Feb 14 11:56:46WMG.Batman Forever
4th Feb 14 12:14:54Characters.Mega Man Classic
3rd Feb 14 03:25:46Comicbook.The Avengers
31st Jan 14 11:01:53Awesome.The Daily Show
29th Jan 14 11:59:55Disney.Sleeping Beauty
29th Jan 14 08:20:01Awesome.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987
25th Jan 14 06:10:14Characters.Pikmin
24th Jan 14 06:11:35Headscratchers.Oliver And Company
24th Jan 14 06:06:17Conspicuously Light Patch
17th Jan 14 02:27:00Pirate Parrot
17th Jan 14 01:54:24YMMV.Treasure Island
12th Jan 14 09:55:30Video Game.Duck Tales
12th Jan 14 09:40:37Video Game.Duck Tales
12th Jan 14 09:39:40Video Game.Duck Tales
12th Jan 14 09:37:28Video Game.Duck Tales
12th Jan 14 09:35:25Video Game.Duck Tales
12th Jan 14 08:32:15Comic Book.Crisis On Infinite Earths
12th Jan 14 08:30:37Comic Book.Crisis On Infinite Earths
8th Jan 14 01:57:31Video Game.Dungeons And Dragons Chronicles Of Mystara
18th Dec 13 09:15:20YMMV.Fifty Two
18th Dec 13 12:22:31YMMV.Justice League International
16th Dec 13 08:26:27YMMV.Swan Song
16th Dec 13 08:24:38Literature.Swan Song
16th Dec 13 08:24:26Literature.Swan Song
5th Dec 13 04:20:24Tear Jerker.Nintendo Power
5th Dec 13 12:04:26Trivia.Luigis Mansion Dark Moon
5th Dec 13 12:03:47Video Game.Luigis Mansion Dark Moon
2nd Dec 13 03:00:15Comicbook.Infinity
2nd Dec 13 01:53:27Awesome.HC Bailly
2nd Dec 13 01:47:58Lets Play.Roahm Mythril
1st Dec 13 03:30:56Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Food
1st Dec 13 03:23:20Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Anime And Manga
1st Dec 13 03:22:55Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Anime And Manga
1st Dec 13 02:50:22WMG.Final Fantasy IV
21st Nov 13 07:09:28Funny.Damage Control
21st Nov 13 07:01:05Creator.Stan Lee
21st Nov 13 06:50:38YMMV.The Infinity Gauntlet
21st Nov 13 06:50:14YMMV.Infinity Gauntlet
21st Nov 13 06:49:16Franchise.Marvel Cinematic Universe
15th Nov 13 01:42:39Film.Thor The Dark World
15th Nov 13 01:27:38Film.Thor The Dark World
15th Nov 13 12:54:52Film.Thor The Dark World
7th Nov 13 08:50:40Franchise.Jurassic Park
7th Nov 13 08:34:52Headscratchers.Jurassic Park
3rd Nov 13 12:12:18YMMV.Roahm Mythril
3rd Nov 13 12:09:39Funny.Roahm Mythril
29th Oct 13 08:07:46Doctor Octopus
29th Oct 13 07:56:21Characters.Spider Man Rogues Gallery
22nd Oct 13 04:44:58YMMV.Spider Man 3
22nd Oct 13 04:33:31Shout Out.Pokemon
19th Oct 13 02:52:04Literature.Jurassic Park
19th Oct 13 02:51:39Film.Jurassic Park
19th Oct 13 02:30:55Headscratchers.Jurassic Park
18th Oct 13 11:51:35Funny.Duck Dynasty
18th Oct 13 11:50:49Series.Duck Dynasty
13th Oct 13 03:33:16YMMV.Pokemon X And Y
4th Oct 13 06:25:35Funny.Duck Tales
4th Oct 13 06:24:09Video Game.Duck Tales
18th Sep 13 02:30:45Funny.Duck Tales
18th Sep 13 08:14:20Funny.Monk
18th Sep 13 07:48:58Series.Monk Tropes S-Z
17th Sep 13 02:15:54Funny.Duck Tales
17th Sep 13 02:01:17Video Game.Duck Tales
16th Sep 13 02:08:35Funny.Disney Ducks Comic Universe
16th Sep 13 06:58:14Literature.Swan Song
16th Sep 13 06:57:41Literature.Swan Song
16th Sep 13 06:08:01Awesome.Zits
7th Sep 13 07:33:09Western Animation.Duck Tales The Movie Treasure Of The Lost Lamp
4th Sep 13 02:24:43Video Game.Duck Tales
28th Aug 13 08:56:13Video Game.Luigis Mansion Dark Moon
19th Aug 13 01:49:40Awesome.Duck Dynasty
19th Aug 13 01:43:23Funny.Duck Dynasty
28th Jul 13 01:57:23Western Animation.Duck Tales
27th Jul 13 07:29:15YMMV.Hidden Agenda 1988
27th Jul 13 07:28:36Video Game.Hidden Agenda 1988
27th Jul 13 07:19:39Lets Play.Grimith
27th Jul 13 07:19:20Lets Play.Grimith
26th Jul 13 10:43:19Shout Out.Pacific Rim
23rd Jul 13 04:20:55Comicbook.Spider-Girl
23rd Jul 13 03:01:47Awesome.Sinister Six Trilogy
21st Jul 13 04:52:56Series.Batman
21st Jul 13 04:14:10Franchise.Marvel Cinematic Universe
21st Jul 13 04:11:38And The Fandom Rejoiced.Marvel Cinematic Universe
21st Jul 13 04:10:44Tangled Family Tree
12th Jul 13 07:32:59Headscratchers.Jurassic Park
12th Jul 13 07:15:00Heartwarming.Jurassic Park
12th Jul 13 07:10:31Awesome.Jurassic Park
12th Jul 13 07:08:35Awesome.Jurassic Park
11th Jul 13 01:39:05Awesome.The Real Ghostbusters
11th Jul 13 01:20:03Awesome.The Real Ghostbusters
11th Jul 13 01:08:59Fridge.The Real Ghostbusters
11th Jul 13 01:03:05Video Game.Ghostbusters The Video Game
9th Jul 13 04:18:16Trivia.Jurassic Park
9th Jul 13 04:16:30Refitted For Sequel
9th Jul 13 04:15:39Trivia.Jurassic Park III
9th Jul 13 04:02:50Awesome.Jurassic Park
9th Jul 13 03:54:04Franchise.Jurassic Park
30th Jun 13 09:57:20Lets Play.Roahm Mythril
30th Jun 13 09:56:10Lets Play.Roahm Mythril
18th Jun 13 06:39:35Franchise.Star Wars Expanded Universe
18th Jun 13 05:48:48YMMV.Spider Man
18th Jun 13 05:47:30Characters.Spider Man
18th Jun 13 05:29:21Breakout Villain
18th Jun 13 05:18:29Characters.Star Wars Original Trilogy
18th Jun 13 04:29:48Franchise.Jurassic Park
16th Jun 13 11:15:02Characterization Marches On
16th Jun 13 05:59:47Franchise.Jurassic Park
16th Jun 13 05:45:24YMMV.Eternal Darkness
6th Jun 13 07:23:31B Movie
29th May 13 12:30:43All There In The Manual
29th May 13 12:00:08Video Game.Super Mario World
29th May 13 11:53:16Video Game.Super Mario Bros 3
29th May 13 11:52:54Video Game.Super Mario Bros 3
28th May 13 02:01:30Fan Fic.Legacy Of Metal
26th May 13 09:39:39Comic Book.What If
22nd May 13 03:12:48Nothing Is Scarier
15th May 13 01:03:22YMMV.Monkey Island 2 Le Chucks Revenge
14th May 13 05:05:48Franchise.Carmen Sandiego
12th May 13 05:41:27Funny.The Smoking Gun Presents Worlds Dumbest
5th May 13 05:20:21Video Game.Final Fantasy Brigade
24th Apr 13 06:28:42Literature.Swan Song
24th Apr 13 03:21:16Lets Play.Takarifreak
21st Apr 13 04:05:27Funny.Roahm Mythril
18th Apr 13 08:58:29Comic Book.Secret Wars
18th Apr 13 08:58:12Secret Wars II
18th Apr 13 08:55:52YMMV.Secret Wars II
15th Apr 13 06:57:43Funny.HC Bailly
15th Apr 13 09:04:50Funny.Roahm Mythril
14th Apr 13 11:56:01Video Game.X-Men
14th Apr 13 11:47:07YMMV.Battletoads
12th Apr 13 06:16:46Authors Saving Throw
12th Apr 13 06:00:53Comic Strip.Flash Gordon
12th Apr 13 09:15:51Comic Book.The Kang War
11th Apr 13 08:21:25Override Command
11th Apr 13 08:19:06Ascended Glitch
11th Apr 13 08:12:16Urban Legend Of Zelda
11th Apr 13 07:25:58Dissidia Final Fantasy.Tropes A To M
11th Apr 13 07:06:47Characters.Dissidia Final Fantasy Warriors Of Chaos
11th Apr 13 06:21:01Characters.Dissidia Final Fantasy Warriors Of Chaos
11th Apr 13 05:55:15Characters.Dissidia Final Fantasy Warriors Of Cosmos
10th Apr 13 11:51:27Dissidia: Final Fantasy
7th Apr 13 06:42:04Comic Book.Doctor Strange
7th Apr 13 06:23:50Foolkiller
6th Apr 13 06:44:32Awesome.Roahm Mythril
6th Apr 13 06:40:40Lets Play.Roahm Mythril
6th Apr 13 12:44:10Awesome.Jurassic Park
5th Apr 13 03:09:12Critical Research Failure
5th Apr 13 02:48:31YMMV.Luigis Mansion Dark Moon
3rd Apr 13 03:01:54Characters.Darkwing Duck
3rd Apr 13 01:54:31Film.Batman Forever
2nd Apr 13 11:02:39Funny.Ernest Saves Christmas
2nd Apr 13 11:01:24YMMV.Ernest Saves Christmas
2nd Apr 13 10:29:35YMMV.The Super Mario Bros Super Show
2nd Apr 13 09:46:25Film.A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2 Freddys Revenge
2nd Apr 13 09:03:32Funny.Garfield Specials
2nd Apr 13 02:19:12Comic Strip.Fox Trot
2nd Apr 13 06:37:41Literature.The Thrawn Trilogy
2nd Apr 13 04:43:56Comic Book.What If
2nd Apr 13 04:43:12Comic Book.What If
2nd Apr 13 04:32:14Squadron Supreme
2nd Apr 13 04:13:13YMMV.Spider Island
2nd Apr 13 04:05:10Secret Wars
2nd Apr 13 03:38:42Thanos
2nd Apr 13 02:59:04The Avengers.Tropes Q To Z
31st Mar 13 03:23:06YMMV.Luigis Mansion Dark Moon
29th Mar 13 04:49:53Ending Fatigue
28th Mar 13 01:17:07Literature.Swan Song
28th Mar 13 04:25:47Funny.Luigis Mansion Dark Moon
28th Mar 13 02:35:16Villain Teleportation
28th Mar 13 02:34:58Villain Teleportation
27th Mar 13 03:21:14Heartwarming.Luigis Mansion Dark Moon
27th Mar 13 03:20:22Video Game.Luigis Mansion Dark Moon
26th Mar 13 02:25:06Series.Cops
26th Mar 13 01:37:34Duck Dynasty
21st Mar 13 01:48:21Needful Things
21st Mar 13 01:14:22Dinosaur Media
21st Mar 13 01:07:50Franchise.Jurassic Park
21st Mar 13 01:02:15Characters.Jurassic Park
19th Mar 13 06:56:16Video Game.Final Fantasy VI
19th Mar 13 03:05:11Video Game.Final Fantasy IV
18th Mar 13 02:44:05Funny.The Smoking Gun Presents Worlds Dumbest
17th Mar 13 03:12:28Video Game.Final Fantasy IV The After Years
16th Mar 13 02:16:57Lets Play.Final Fantasy Wiki
12th Mar 13 07:17:54Podcast.Riff Trax
7th Mar 13 03:36:37Lets Play.Roahm Mythril
6th Mar 13 12:04:29Recap.Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 09 E 04 Werewolf
5th Mar 13 11:49:02Headscratchers.Live Action TV
5th Mar 13 11:47:57Headscratchers.Merlin- 1998
5th Mar 13 11:16:08Duck Dynasty
24th Feb 13 11:22:00Appropriated Appellation
24th Feb 13 08:29:37Funny.Roahm Mythril
20th Feb 13 12:38:21Choose Your Own Adventure
3rd Feb 13 02:32:24Comic Book.The Kang War
3rd Feb 13 02:28:01Comic Book.Avengers Thunderbolts
2nd Feb 13 11:55:00Heartwarming.The Big Bang Theory
31st Jan 13 08:16:01Film.Mega Man
31st Jan 13 12:12:48Cut Lex Luthor A Check
31st Jan 13 10:28:43Trivia.Garfield Specials
31st Jan 13 10:09:38Duck Dynasty
31st Jan 13 09:52:23Western Animation.Garfield And Friends
30th Jan 13 02:33:16Funny.Roahm Mythril
30th Jan 13 04:12:45Funny.Justice League International
30th Jan 13 04:12:04Funny.Justice League International
29th Jan 13 06:13:49Characters.Donkey Kong
29th Jan 13 05:03:03Film.Thor The Dark World
20th Jan 13 04:18:02Nonfiction Series
20th Jan 13 04:16:41Nonfiction Series
20th Jan 13 03:45:43Heartwarming.Kitchen Nightmares
20th Jan 13 03:29:24Nonfiction Series
20th Jan 13 03:22:14Series.Dirty Jobs
20th Jan 13 03:14:46Funny.Live Action TV
20th Jan 13 03:11:41Funny.Duck Dynasty
17th Jan 13 04:17:12Funny.NCIS
16th Jan 13 03:40:19Young Jedi Knights
14th Jan 13 02:08:52Awesome.Battle Bots
4th Jan 13 07:22:39YMMV.Captain N The Game Master
1st Jan 13 02:17:41Series.Frasier
30th Dec 12 07:06:29Conqueror From The Future
30th Dec 12 04:30:35Comic Book.The Kree Skrull War
30th Dec 12 04:24:07Comic Book.The Avengers
30th Dec 12 04:02:42YMMV.The Infinity Gauntlet
30th Dec 12 03:40:34Webcomic.Darths And Droids
28th Dec 12 01:37:46Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain.Comic Books
17th Dec 12 09:11:01Soon I Will Be Invincible
17th Dec 12 09:06:57Villainous Friendship
11th Dec 12 08:49:57Unsolved Mysteries
11th Dec 12 08:27:32Network Decay.Slipped
6th Dec 12 08:34:28YMMV.Spider Man
30th Nov 12 05:58:05No Gravity For You
30th Nov 12 04:24:51Literature.Legacy Of The Force
30th Nov 12 03:19:01Young Jedi Knights
30th Nov 12 02:20:52Shaped Like Itself
30th Nov 12 01:35:00Literature.Jedi Academy Trilogy
30th Nov 12 01:25:25The Thrawn Trilogy
28th Nov 12 10:56:04Franchise.Jurassic Park
28th Nov 12 10:37:13Funny.Jurassic Park
23rd Nov 12 02:32:49Series.Monk
23rd Nov 12 02:29:06Series.Jeopardy
23rd Nov 12 12:28:31Sugar Wiki.Most Wonderful Sound
19th Nov 12 02:23:49Characters.Wreck It Ralph
19th Nov 12 02:19:00Headscratchers.Wreck It Ralph
19th Nov 12 12:13:12Video Game.Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi
19th Nov 12 10:31:59Recap.Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes
19th Nov 12 10:20:49Fridge.Batman The Animated Series
18th Nov 12 02:32:45Characters.Spider Man
18th Nov 12 02:25:26Characters.Spider Man
17th Nov 12 09:16:14Fanfic Recs.Wreck It Ralph
13th Nov 12 11:15:07Headscratchers.Wreck It Ralph
13th Nov 12 11:11:50WMG.The Amazing Spider-Man
12th Nov 12 06:23:19WMG.Wreck It Ralph
12th Nov 12 06:21:04Headscratchers.Wreck It Ralph
4th Nov 12 10:08:39Franchise.Jurassic Park
2nd Nov 12 08:20:13WMG.The Amazing Spider-Man
30th Oct 12 10:36:23Lets Play.Roahm Mythril
15th Oct 12 03:25:47Series.Batman
15th Oct 12 03:07:22Series.Batman
15th Oct 12 02:57:49Series.Batman
3rd Oct 12 07:41:14Disney.The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr Toad
2nd Oct 12 03:32:06Characters.Monkey Island
2nd Oct 12 02:48:54Video Game.Escape From Monkey Island
1st Oct 12 11:56:08Quotes.Hanging Judge
1st Oct 12 11:52:59Hanging Judge
27th Sep 12 10:43:41Comic Book.Doctor Strange
27th Sep 12 10:42:45Comic Book.Doctor Strange
26th Sep 12 09:18:38Trivia.Mega Man
22nd Sep 12 06:27:32Funny.Ghostbusters
18th Sep 12 09:06:19Film.Batman Forever
18th Sep 12 04:46:52Comic Book.The Infinity Gauntlet
18th Sep 12 03:13:35Funny.Final Fantasy VI
13th Sep 12 09:53:28Film.Freddy Vs Jason
13th Sep 12 08:24:48Western Animation.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987
12th Sep 12 06:11:26YMMV.The Return Of Godzilla
12th Sep 12 06:10:22Took The Bad Film Seriously
12th Sep 12 06:09:39Took The Bad Film Seriously
12th Sep 12 06:08:39Took The Bad Film Seriously
12th Sep 12 03:29:25Headscratchers.Dragon Ball Anime Movies
11th Sep 12 01:29:18Funny.Live Action TV
11th Sep 12 01:26:35Funny.Becker
11th Sep 12 01:26:15YMMV.Becker
11th Sep 12 12:50:56Characters.Dissidia Final Fantasy Warriors Of Chaos
11th Sep 12 12:27:50Characters.Dissidia Final Fantasy Warriors Of Chaos
7th Sep 12 11:29:40Comic Strip.Knights Of The Dinner Table
4th Sep 12 09:22:17Fanfic Recs.Chrono Trigger
4th Sep 12 09:21:53Fanfic Recs.Chrono Trigger
4th Sep 12 08:35:36Reasonable Authority Figure
4th Sep 12 08:27:45Stepping Out For A Quick Cup Of Coffee
31st Aug 12 12:52:44Video Game.Marvel Super Heroes
31st Aug 12 12:52:31Video Game.Marvel Super Heroes
29th Aug 12 09:35:27Characters.Spider-Man
12th Aug 12 09:52:42Deja Vu
15th Jul 12 02:44:26Recap.Babylon Five S 01 E 01 Midnight On The Firing Line
15th Jul 12 02:39:08Recap.Babylon Five S 03 E 17 War Without End Part 2
3rd Jul 12 03:54:30Bigger Bad
3rd Jul 12 03:43:03YMMV.Unsolved Mysteries
3rd Jul 12 03:42:29YMMV.Unsolved Mysteries
20th Jun 12 11:58:25Characters.Ghostbusters
18th Jun 12 02:08:36YMMV.Unsolved Mysteries
18th Jun 12 06:22:05YMMV.Unsolved Mysteries
18th Jun 12 06:09:54Film.Iron Man
24th May 12 12:45:35Klingons Love Shakespeare
24th May 12 12:20:39Literature.The Running Man
24th May 12 12:15:16Needful Things
23rd May 12 07:09:32Headscratchers.The Avengers
21st May 12 01:33:22Sub-Mariner
21st May 12 01:13:54Alluring Anglerfish
20th May 12 06:25:35Characters.Spider-Man The Animated Series
20th May 12 05:24:14Funny.Riff Trax
20th May 12 05:21:45Characters.The Avengers
20th May 12 05:20:33Comicbook.The Avengers
20th May 12 04:33:26Quasar
18th May 12 07:25:27Western Animation.Garfield And Friends
15th May 12 03:15:43Monster Mash
8th May 12 04:02:21Film.The Avengers
1st May 12 12:05:11American Series

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