Technicolor Pachyderm's Recent Edits

29th Aug 17 06:41:04Film.Inglourious Basterds
19th Feb 17 11:06:40Western Animation.We Bare Bears
13th Jan 16 11:10:29Hey Its That Guy.How I Met Your Mother
1st Dec 15 07:19:51WMG.The Polar Express
1st May 15 06:08:38Literature.Harry Potter
29th Mar 15 11:53:57Series.Arrested Development
22nd Mar 15 12:09:40Shout Out.Hey Arnold
12th Feb 15 02:37:01Astral Projection
12th Feb 15 02:33:32Astral Projection
10th Feb 15 08:39:18Music.The World Inferno Friendship Society
17th Dec 14 10:20:56Hey Its That Voice.Over The Garden Wall
11th Dec 14 04:42:46War Is Hell.Music
22nd Aug 14 11:46:05Film.One Hour Photo
6th Apr 14 07:02:57Trivia.The Grand Budapest Hotel
11th Jan 14 10:02:18Trivia.Three Amigos
17th Dec 13 10:33:49Trivia.How I Met Your Mother
20th Oct 13 03:31:04Literature.All The Wrong Questions
7th Sep 13 09:47:20Mook Chivalry
7th Sep 13 09:34:50Funny.Tron Evolution
7th Sep 13 07:03:44WMG.Streets Of Fire
23rd Aug 13 08:07:48Film.Rock And Roll High School
10th Jul 13 03:18:31Disney.Beauty And The Beast
28th Jun 13 08:40:03Funny.Sonic The Hedgehog Mega Man Worlds Collide
14th Jun 13 06:06:38Comic Book.Sonic The Hedgehog Mega Man Worlds Collide
14th Jun 13 06:01:44Comic Book.Sonic The Hedgehog Mega Man Worlds Collide
14th Jun 13 06:01:22Comic Book.Sonic The Hedgehog Mega Man Worlds Collide
14th Jun 13 05:59:24Comic Book.Sonic The Hedgehog Mega Man Worlds Collide
13th Jun 13 08:58:09YMMV.The Master And Margarita
13th Jun 13 08:57:09YMMV.The Master And Margarita
1st Jun 13 06:41:50Trivia.Pokemon Gold And Silver
30th May 13 10:35:14Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are
30th May 13 10:32:33Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are
24th May 13 08:20:50Shout Out.Regular Show
19th May 13 01:13:08The Migration
16th May 13 04:09:00Actor Allusion.How I Met Your Mother
16th May 13 04:08:25Actor Allusion.How I Met Your Mother
12th Apr 13 12:17:56Fridge.The Legend Of Zelda Majoras Mask
9th Apr 13 10:47:19Shout Out.Adventure Time
9th Apr 13 10:40:42Shout Out.Adventure Time
16th Mar 13 10:20:47Cape Snag
16th Mar 13 10:20:02Cape Snag
27th Feb 13 10:27:12Pre Mortem One Liner
9th Jan 13 11:55:37Western Animation.Bravest Warriors
9th Jan 13 11:42:23Comic Book.Mega Man
9th Jan 13 11:41:36Comic Book.Mega Man
8th Jan 13 10:54:14Western Animation.Bravest Warriors
28th Dec 12 01:58:43Shout Out.Gravity Falls
28th Dec 12 01:57:25Shout Out.Gravity Falls
27th Dec 12 10:17:42Masculine Girl Feminine Boy
23rd Dec 12 07:41:56Western Animation.Tron Uprising
14th Dec 12 01:21:38Fridge.Adventure Time
6th Dec 12 10:14:19Heartwarming.Lady For A Day
6th Dec 12 02:18:50The Ringer
4th Dec 12 09:52:24Shout Out.Wreck It Ralph
27th Nov 12 05:49:42Shout Out.Adventure Time
6th Nov 12 03:10:11Shout Out.Adventure Time
24th Oct 12 12:31:37So You Want To.See The Index
23rd Oct 12 11:27:17Fridge.Adventure Time
21st Oct 12 10:43:15Film.The Rocky Horror Picture Show
21st Oct 12 10:42:00Film.The Rocky Horror Picture Show
14th Oct 12 06:53:58Older Than They Think.Film
14th Oct 12 06:53:35Older Than They Think.Film
14th Oct 12 05:18:01Film.Cowboys And Aliens
21st Aug 12 05:56:11Treehouse Of Horror
6th Aug 12 01:09:17Fanfic Fuel
21st Jul 12 07:14:13Shutter Island
19th Jul 12 05:52:32Trivia.Tron Uprising
19th Jul 12 05:39:40Trivia.Tron Uprising
5th Jul 12 11:34:27Astral Projection
29th Jun 12 11:03:02Fridge.The Little Mermaid
27th Jun 12 06:40:43The Joy Of X
27th Jun 12 06:35:10The Joy Of X
27th Jun 12 06:33:49The Joy Of X
25th Jun 12 03:32:06WMG.The World Inferno Friendship Society
24th Jun 12 11:37:47Theatre.The Book Of Mormon
24th Jun 12 11:37:15Theatre.The Book Of Mormon
20th Jun 12 03:47:13WMG.Regular Show
20th Jun 12 03:46:40WMG.Regular Show
18th Jun 12 09:12:31Western Animation.Tron Uprising
18th Jun 12 12:58:30Shout Out.Adventure Time
10th Jun 12 11:35:45Trivia.Tron Legacy
9th Jun 12 12:22:48Dont Fear The Reaper
7th Jun 12 11:01:32Trivia.Quantum Leap
4th Jun 12 06:59:25WMG.The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
18th May 12 07:02:37Extremely Short Timespan
13th May 12 04:42:09Music.The World Inferno Friendship Society
13th May 12 04:41:23Music.The World Inferno Friendship Society
17th Apr 12 08:20:28Genius Bonus
13th Apr 12 10:00:26Trivia.Quantum Leap
2nd Apr 12 09:21:51YMMV.The Protomen
23rd Mar 12 08:15:27Self Plagiarism
20th Mar 12 06:15:53Gold Diggers Of 1933
4th Mar 12 01:23:43Trivia.The Big Lebowski
2nd Mar 12 09:48:46Shout Out.Adventure Time
2nd Mar 12 09:47:30Shout Out.Adventure Time
8th Feb 12 10:31:34Shout Out.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
8th Feb 12 10:29:42Shout Out.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
15th Jan 12 06:49:22Kink Meme
15th Dec 11 07:11:17Hilarious Outtakes
30th Nov 11 08:24:03Funny.Harold And Maude
30th Nov 11 12:42:16Ronald Reagan
24th Nov 11 09:12:04Tron Lines
23rd Nov 11 12:42:49Music.ABBA
23rd Nov 11 12:39:13Music.ABBA
17th Nov 11 12:59:24Nonindicative Name
17th Nov 11 12:52:36Nonindicative Name
15th Nov 11 08:39:27YMMV.The Protomen
12th Nov 11 08:04:52YMMV.The Protomen
12th Nov 11 03:33:57Shout Out.Adventure Time
9th Nov 11 11:46:53Audience Participation
7th Nov 11 02:44:21I Cant Believe Its Not Heroin
14th Oct 11 09:29:36Ratfist
11th Oct 11 06:29:19Trivia.The Green Mile
26th Sep 11 05:48:53Bar Brawl
26th Sep 11 05:48:17Bar Brawl
20th Sep 11 10:18:16Darth Wiki.Worse Than It Sounds