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15th Nov 17 11:54:48Nightmare Fuel.Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
15th Nov 17 11:36:07Fridge.Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
24th Oct 17 09:42:29Self Proclaimed Love Interest
24th Oct 17 08:05:23They Just Dont Get It
24th Oct 17 05:34:17Good Is Not Soft
23rd Oct 17 05:58:38World Of Warcraft.Tropes S To Z
29th Sep 17 06:30:40Noodle Incident.Webcomics
28th Sep 17 08:27:48Defiant To The End
28th Sep 17 08:04:48Sorting Algorithm Of Deadness.Video Games
18th Sep 17 10:37:47Space Is Cold
15th Sep 17 01:03:06Expressive Ears
3rd Sep 17 01:02:00Girl Genius.Tropes A To E
1st Sep 17 02:13:43Terror Hero
31st Aug 17 08:52:45Crime Of Self Defense
27th Aug 17 02:20:32Quotes.Tsundere
16th Aug 17 08:19:36Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
15th Aug 17 09:07:15Blessed With Suck.Mythology
5th Aug 17 01:00:54Tiny Schoolboy
23rd Jul 17 08:03:05The Chooser Of The One
22nd Jul 17 09:40:50Good Bad Girl
20th Jul 17 11:02:01Screw Destiny
19th Jul 17 02:47:22Video Game.Tales Of Symphonia
19th Jul 17 03:22:12Shrouded In Myth
17th Jun 17 05:23:12Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
17th Jun 17 03:45:11Video Game.Tales Of Symphonia
2nd Jun 17 04:18:04Better Than It Sounds.Theater
1st Apr 17 10:21:52Characters.Freefall
25th Jul 16 12:33:39King Bob The Nth
3rd Jun 16 05:26:36The Lost Lenore
2nd Jun 16 08:47:11We Dont Suck Anymore
26th May 16 11:55:41Word Salad Lyrics
26th May 16 11:43:23Word Salad Lyrics
23rd May 16 06:15:38Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
20th May 16 06:28:48Webcomic.Schlock Mercenary
19th May 16 08:14:49Not So Above It All
19th May 16 08:06:11Not So Above It All
18th May 16 05:34:52Skilled But Naive
6th May 16 07:40:48Double Weapon
3rd May 16 08:37:02Manga.Saiyuki
3rd May 16 08:26:13Manga.Saiyuki
30th Apr 16 11:36:41Adult Fear.Anime And Manga
17th Apr 16 05:38:48Series.Lucifer 2016
12th Apr 16 08:51:37Myers Briggs.Examples Of Rational Personalities In Stories
12th Apr 16 08:23:46Myers Briggs.Examples Of Guardian Personalities In Stories
12th Apr 16 07:33:22Just For Fun.Come For The X Stay For The Y
25th Mar 16 08:47:02Light Novel.Kyo Kara Maoh
25th Mar 16 08:25:43Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
25th Mar 16 08:14:52Tinkle In The Eye
26th Feb 16 10:34:18Fridge.Tales Of The Abyss
6th Feb 16 09:25:51Adult Fear.Video Games
28th Jan 16 12:34:15Characters.Tales Of Zestiria
29th Nov 15 10:14:01Merger Of Souls
27th Nov 15 02:15:46Captain Obvious Reveal
19th Nov 15 11:02:37Video Game.Tales Of The Abyss
19th Nov 15 05:53:56Action Film Quiet Drama Scene
10th Nov 15 01:58:43Characters.Ace Attorney Witnesses And Other Characters Apollo Justice
1st Oct 15 06:34:00Disguised In Drag
27th Sep 15 02:26:57Church Police
27th Sep 15 02:07:02Super Drowning Skills.Video Games
11th Aug 15 07:38:19Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
30th Jul 15 11:55:31Real Men Wear Pink.Anime And Manga
28th Jul 15 11:41:49Team Dad
13th Jul 15 10:05:28Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
13th Jul 15 10:04:51Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
13th Jul 15 09:37:38Useful Notes.Japanese Honorifics
12th Jul 15 11:58:50Aint Too Proud To Beg
11th Jul 15 11:55:09Disguised In Drag
26th Jun 15 10:14:01I Have My Ways
24th Jun 15 11:10:45Blunt Metaphors Trauma
24th Jun 15 11:09:35Blunt Metaphors Trauma
24th Jun 15 09:44:57Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening First Generation Males
24th Jun 15 08:12:56Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening First Generation Males
23rd Jun 15 07:01:24Arc Words
22nd Jun 15 07:54:42Ho Yay.Kyo Kara Maoh
6th Jun 15 08:01:45Mundane Luxury
6th Jun 15 07:50:56Wacky Parent Serious Child
6th Jun 15 07:12:47Bespectacled Bastard Boyfriend
6th Jun 15 07:10:49Bespectacled Bastard Boyfriend
6th Jun 15 07:02:22Four Eyes Zero Soul
6th Jun 15 07:01:28Four Eyes Zero Soul
6th Jun 15 06:46:09Knight Templar Big Brother
5th Jun 15 10:49:02Headscratchers.Kyo Kara Maoh
5th Jun 15 10:41:58Headscratchers.Kyo Kara Maoh
2nd Apr 15 07:53:23Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
2nd Apr 15 07:50:12Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
14th Mar 15 07:45:10Love Martyr
13th Mar 15 12:40:25Reassigned To Antarctica
12th Mar 15 04:41:02Useful Notes.Japanese Pronouns
10th Mar 15 10:28:23Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
10th Mar 15 10:21:27Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
10th Mar 15 10:19:24Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
1st Mar 15 01:23:51Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
28th Feb 15 09:25:10Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
28th Feb 15 09:21:35Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
7th Feb 15 08:04:34Works Set In World War II
7th Feb 15 08:02:00Works Set In World War II
23rd Jan 15 12:59:51Better Than It Sounds.Webcomics
17th Jan 15 07:31:52Sympathetic Murderer
16th Jan 15 06:25:23Unexplained Accent
16th Jan 15 06:00:03What The Hell Is That Accent
6th Jan 15 10:07:40Physical God
5th Jan 15 11:04:51Visible Invisibility
5th Jan 15 06:20:30Forgot To Gag Him
4th Jan 15 11:22:55Solve The Soup Cans
4th Jan 15 06:59:23Simplified Spellcasting
2nd Jan 15 08:30:04A Birthday Not A Break
1st Jan 15 12:14:21Bullying A Dragon.Anime And Manga
21st Dec 14 06:14:09Call A Smeerp A Rabbit
21st Dec 14 04:42:14Violation Of Common Sense
17th Dec 14 03:51:11Solomon Divorce
17th Dec 14 09:49:19Nobody Touches The Hair
12th Dec 14 09:21:48WMG.Dragon Age II
12th Dec 14 12:50:25WMG.Dragon Age II
5th Dec 14 12:49:03Parents As People
5th Dec 14 12:29:32Parent With New Paramour
23rd Nov 14 02:42:21Real Is Brown
21st Nov 14 02:49:52Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
21st Nov 14 02:43:24Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
21st Nov 14 02:24:48Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
21st Nov 14 02:20:38Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
21st Nov 14 02:11:22Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
21st Nov 14 02:00:11Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
21st Nov 14 01:58:32Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
21st Nov 14 01:53:27Creator.Dan Woren
21st Nov 14 01:51:30Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
20th Nov 14 10:53:56Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
20th Nov 14 10:45:59Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
20th Nov 14 12:39:07Chessmaster Sidekick
20th Nov 14 12:38:36Chessmaster Sidekick
20th Nov 14 11:55:36Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
19th Nov 14 12:49:09Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
19th Nov 14 12:17:55Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
19th Nov 14 12:04:27Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
18th Nov 14 10:04:43Harmless Villain.Anime And Manga
15th Nov 14 09:30:29Dragon Age Origins.Tropes R To Z
15th Nov 14 07:45:36Ship Tease.Video Games
15th Nov 14 07:41:14Pair The Smart Ones
15th Nov 14 06:55:39Creator.Sam Riegel
15th Nov 14 06:55:15Creator.Sam Riegel
15th Nov 14 06:34:55Friend To All Children
15th Nov 14 08:57:47Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
7th Nov 14 09:31:45Obliviously Evil
7th Nov 14 12:51:12Fandom Rivalry.Sports
7th Nov 14 12:44:49YMMV.Kyo Kara Maoh
2nd Nov 14 10:54:50There Are No Therapists
2nd Nov 14 10:54:01There Are No Therapists
2nd Nov 14 10:46:03Meaningful Background Event
2nd Nov 14 10:41:14Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
2nd Nov 14 10:40:32Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
2nd Nov 14 10:33:52Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
2nd Nov 14 10:30:29Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
2nd Nov 14 10:24:28Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
2nd Nov 14 10:21:27Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
2nd Nov 14 08:13:26Scary Shiny Glasses
2nd Nov 14 01:49:27Quotes.Kill Him Already
2nd Nov 14 01:35:38Stepford Smiler.Video Games
20th Oct 14 12:37:26Impossible Item Drop
19th Oct 14 12:36:33Just For Fun.Get A Stupid Answer
18th Oct 14 08:55:32Cynicism Catalyst
28th Sep 14 11:05:58Creator.Patrick Seitz
20th Aug 14 04:33:12Floating Water
17th Aug 14 07:58:39Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
17th Aug 14 04:35:39Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
17th Aug 14 04:28:15Reincarnation
13th Aug 14 09:25:29Names To Trust Immediately
9th Aug 14 12:48:57Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
8th Aug 14 11:54:46Fallen On Hard Times Job
6th Aug 14 09:05:21Characters.Saiyuki
30th Jul 14 04:32:58The Wise Prince
30th Jul 14 04:32:01The Wise Prince
20th Jul 14 07:30:20Expospeak Gag
20th Jul 14 07:11:19The Very Definitely Final Dungeon
16th Jul 14 09:34:37You Are In Command Now
22nd Jun 14 06:05:11If I Do Not Return
25th May 14 12:10:20Descended Creator
23rd May 14 02:06:49Dumbass Has A Point
11th May 14 03:22:59Better Than It Sounds.Live Action TV
11th May 14 02:38:16Never Speak Ill Of The Dead
11th May 14 02:00:14Not So Stoic
7th May 14 10:42:01Lady Looks Like A Dude
1st May 14 09:21:05Harmful To Minors
1st May 14 09:14:32Harmful To Minors
1st May 14 09:02:28Harmful To Minors
1st May 14 04:27:52Video Game.Tales Of The Abyss
27th Apr 14 12:19:06Heartwarming.Freefall
9th Apr 14 08:25:45Repressed Memories
28th Mar 14 08:49:39Inspector Javert
28th Mar 14 08:49:12Inspector Javert
28th Mar 14 08:45:40Villainy Free Villain
28th Mar 14 08:36:35Welcoming Song
28th Mar 14 07:55:15Full Circle Revolution
23rd Mar 14 12:06:57But For Me It Was Tuesday.Video Games
21st Mar 14 11:21:40Leaking Can Of Evil
21st Mar 14 11:17:19Sealed Evil In A Six Pack
19th Mar 14 11:09:48Deconstructed Trope.Anime And Manga
19th Mar 14 11:08:16Deconstructed Trope.Anime And Manga
19th Mar 14 10:48:28Past Life Memories
16th Mar 14 12:43:41Surprise Incest
16th Mar 14 12:42:52Surprise Incest
10th Mar 14 04:22:48Ho Yay.Kyo Kara Maoh
2nd Mar 14 09:49:41Merging The Branches
2nd Mar 14 08:35:33The Friend Nobody Likes
2nd Mar 14 08:08:42Light Novel.Kyo Kara Maoh
2nd Mar 14 07:50:13Instant Messenger Pigeon
2nd Mar 14 07:16:10When She Smiles
2nd Mar 14 06:12:02Tsundere.Video Games
2nd Mar 14 10:55:52Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
10th Feb 14 08:00:21Sliding Scale Of Animal Cast
9th Feb 14 03:26:51Shes A Man In Japan
9th Feb 14 03:25:37Shes A Man In Japan
9th Feb 14 02:57:51Sacrificial Lion.Video Games
9th Feb 14 02:56:26Sacrificial Lion.Video Games
8th Feb 14 11:48:08Video Game.Tales Of The Abyss
8th Feb 14 10:27:35First Name Basis.Video Game
2nd Feb 14 10:06:33Gutted Like A Fish
1st Feb 14 10:19:49Took A Level In Dumbass.Video Games
1st Feb 14 10:05:33Sleeves Are For Wimps
6th Jan 14 12:53:21Reckless Pacifist
6th Jan 14 12:51:33Reckless Pacifist
6th Jan 14 12:47:44Reckless Pacifist
6th Jan 14 12:40:13Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
6th Jan 14 12:18:26Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
6th Jan 14 12:14:14Ambiguously Gay.Video Games
1st Jan 14 08:27:29Better Than It Sounds.Video Games A-F
26th Dec 13 10:21:08Speaks In Shout Outs
20th Dec 13 10:52:57Quotes.Necessarily Evil
20th Dec 13 10:41:15Necessarily Evil
20th Dec 13 10:40:24Necessarily Evil
20th Dec 13 10:37:06Quotes.Necessarily Evil
14th Dec 13 09:18:13Cuteness Proximity
1st Dec 13 12:29:48Video Game.Tales Of The Abyss
1st Dec 13 12:29:14Video Game.Tales Of The Abyss
1st Dec 13 12:16:06Noble Male Roguish Male
1st Dec 13 12:02:53Noble Male Roguish Male
1st Dec 13 10:18:36The Needless
1st Dec 13 01:11:21Hime Cut
18th Nov 13 01:26:32Whats Up King Dude
16th Nov 13 02:21:02You Are Not Alone
9th Nov 13 08:53:48Healthcare Motivation
1st Nov 13 09:55:19Cute But Cacophonic
21st Oct 13 10:05:31Not So Above It All
21st Oct 13 10:03:24Not So Above It All
19th Oct 13 06:31:50Fanfic Fuel
14th Oct 13 07:50:06Unwanted Harem
14th Oct 13 04:43:11Light Novel.Kyo Kara Maoh
29th Sep 13 08:31:45Characters.Kyo Kara Maoh
29th Sep 13 07:52:52The Sneaky Guy
27th Sep 13 07:34:11Wally Wingert
23rd Sep 13 10:14:09Honest Corporate Executive
21st Sep 13 11:41:08Missing Secret
13th Sep 13 08:08:37Flanderization
8th Sep 13 12:33:09Ear Wings
7th Sep 13 04:44:48Non Action Guy
14th Aug 13 01:24:10WMG.Ouran High School Host Club
11th Aug 13 11:21:28Fantastic Nuke
11th Aug 13 09:38:23Anti Frustration Features
23rd Jul 13 06:29:26Meganekko
23rd Jul 13 06:25:26Meganekko
22nd Jul 13 11:09:22Heavy Sleeper
29th Jun 13 03:15:28Forgets To Eat
29th Jun 13 03:00:15Genius Slob
20th Jun 13 01:45:15Is This What Anger Feels Like
9th Jun 13 07:34:02Tropes That Will Never Happen.Too Obscure Or Bizarre
2nd Jun 13 05:25:29Funny.Good Omens
2nd Jun 13 05:11:15Literature.Good Omens
2nd Jun 13 05:02:42Voicemail Confusion
2nd Jun 13 12:54:48Theatre.Les Miserables
2nd Jun 13 12:14:28Welcoming Song
30th May 13 08:53:34Lawful Good
28th May 13 10:42:52Gone Horribly Right
28th May 13 09:34:43Superpowered Alter Ego
26th May 13 04:23:54Protagonist Centered Morality
19th May 13 02:06:23If I Do Not Return
19th May 13 02:05:08If I Do Not Return
19th May 13 10:52:50How Do You Like Them Apples
18th May 13 09:09:31Characters.Mana Khemia Alchemists Of Al Revis
18th May 13 08:28:58Impoverished Patrician
13th May 13 08:00:39Gold And White Are Divine
11th May 13 01:00:43Shaggy Dog Story
10th May 13 07:17:51Love Across Battlelines
9th May 13 03:47:11Four Philosophy Ensemble.Video Games
25th Apr 13 11:20:08Dysfunction Junction.Video Games
24th Apr 13 08:16:01Red Eyes Take Warning
16th Apr 13 11:36:20Characters.Ace Attorney Victims
16th Apr 13 11:34:06Names To Trust Immediately
16th Apr 13 11:08:06Characters.Ace Attorney Prosecutors And Law Enforcement Officers
12th Apr 13 03:56:16Dude Not Funny
7th Apr 13 10:58:42Promotion To Opening Titles
2nd Apr 13 02:35:33Light And Mirrors Puzzle
2nd Apr 13 02:03:41Magic A Is Magic A
25th Mar 13 11:17:22Bad Dreams
20th Mar 13 03:00:29Fan Preferred Couple.Video Games
20th Mar 13 02:48:50Dry Docked Ship
20th Mar 13 02:48:02Dry Docked Ship
20th Mar 13 02:24:37Crack Pairing
20th Mar 13 02:23:04Crack Pairing
20th Mar 13 02:00:09Angel Devil Shipping
16th Mar 13 10:18:50Visual Novel.Ace Attorney
1st Mar 13 08:03:34Wound That Will Not Heal
9th Jan 13 08:02:30Values Dissonance.Anime
9th Jan 13 08:01:40Values Dissonance.Anime
4th Jan 13 05:14:02Video Game.Tales Of The Abyss
4th Jan 13 05:02:08Troubling Unchildlike Behavior
4th Jan 13 04:45:00Stupid Good
4th Jan 13 04:29:57Defiant Stone Throw
4th Jan 13 04:27:04Defiant Stone Throw
4th Jan 13 04:25:42Defiant Stone Throw
4th Jan 13 04:00:00Playing With.Disc One Final Boss
4th Jan 13 02:40:31Sex By Proxy
4th Jan 13 01:52:38Living Prop
2nd Jan 13 05:05:13Cleavage Window
2nd Jan 13 04:03:14Affectionate Parody.Web Comics
2nd Jan 13 01:03:33Captain Ersatz.Video Games
1st Jan 13 11:59:22Beware The Nice Ones.Video Games
30th Dec 12 09:10:36Implausible Hair Color
29th Dec 12 07:28:37Ho Yay.Tales Series
28th Dec 12 02:26:29What Could Have Been.Anime
28th Dec 12 12:33:17Ambiguous Gender
26th Dec 12 01:18:55Sophisticated As Hell
26th Dec 12 12:27:57Four Philosophy Ensemble
25th Dec 12 11:12:35Monster From Beyond The Veil
20th Dec 12 04:24:47No Hero Discount
20th Dec 12 02:14:47Self Defeating Prophecy
20th Dec 12 01:59:57Mix And Match Critters
19th Dec 12 10:23:43Read The Fine Print
12th Dec 12 05:41:06Wolfpack Boss
12th Dec 12 01:25:59Chivalrous Pervert
12th Dec 12 08:37:20Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today
12th Dec 12 07:56:10Unreliable Expositor
11th Dec 12 01:39:19Please Select New City Name
11th Dec 12 12:54:11Merchant City
9th Dec 12 03:31:13Fantasy Forbidding Father
9th Dec 12 03:20:08Exposition Of Immortality
9th Dec 12 07:43:40Chain Of Corrections
9th Dec 12 07:32:09Clasp Your Hands If You Deceive
9th Dec 12 07:15:28Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped.Video Games
9th Dec 12 07:04:52Crusading Lawyer
6th Dec 12 03:41:36Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped.Literature
6th Dec 12 04:46:05Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
6th Dec 12 04:29:06Video Game.Tales Of The Abyss
1st Dec 12 06:39:19Names To Trust Immediately
28th Nov 12 11:05:34Say My Name
28th Nov 12 03:07:28Player Punch.Role Playing Games
18th Nov 12 01:31:44Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
18th Nov 12 01:20:45Hidden Backup Prince
18th Nov 12 01:20:20Hidden Backup Prince
17th Nov 12 06:48:10Marry Them All
17th Nov 12 03:48:04Ambiguously Gay
15th Nov 12 12:50:35Alternative Character Interpretation.Video Games
15th Nov 12 12:48:03Alternative Character Interpretation.Video Games
2nd Nov 12 01:24:37Harmful To Minors
2nd Nov 12 01:13:37Take A Third Option
2nd Nov 12 01:12:37Take A Third Option
1st Nov 12 06:54:06True Companions
1st Nov 12 06:44:41Suicide By Cop
1st Nov 12 06:35:40Double Reverse Quadruple Agent
24th Oct 12 12:21:51Reliable Traitor
24th Oct 12 11:56:58Ships That Pass In The Night
24th Oct 12 04:50:34Woobie.Video Games
22nd Oct 12 10:26:40Silliness Switch
20th Oct 12 02:47:36Corrupt Church
11th Oct 12 08:09:02For Inconvenience Press One
11th Oct 12 06:25:20Working Class People Are Morons
17th Sep 12 08:34:16Terminally Dependent Society
13th Sep 12 03:08:30Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
13th Sep 12 03:01:26Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
13th Sep 12 02:55:37Stepford Smiler.Video Games
12th Sep 12 03:26:52Moral Event Horizon.Video Games
6th Sep 12 06:26:38Foolish Sibling Responsible Sibling
6th Sep 12 06:08:52Characters.Ace Attorney Defense Attorneys And Assistants
4th Sep 12 11:54:25Celibate Eccentric Genius
4th Sep 12 11:37:29Sophisticated As Hell
4th Sep 12 11:36:21Sophisticated As Hell
4th Sep 12 11:25:51Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
4th Sep 12 11:15:01Sheltered Aristocrat
4th Sep 12 10:53:17Omnidisciplinary Scientist
4th Sep 12 10:44:22Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
4th Sep 12 10:33:29Fridge.Tales Series
4th Sep 12 10:19:33Fridge.Tales Series
4th Sep 12 10:15:21Fridge.Tales Series
31st Aug 12 02:30:29Healing Hands
31st Aug 12 01:41:01Feather Flechettes
25th Aug 12 12:30:42Logic Bomb
20th Aug 12 09:36:08Wolfpack Boss
15th Aug 12 10:03:23Bad Bad Acting
15th Aug 12 09:51:54Rambling Old Man Monologue
15th Aug 12 09:36:56Pet The Dog
15th Aug 12 09:20:29Fridge.Tales Of Symphonia
15th Aug 12 09:11:53Jerk With A Heart Of Gold.Video Games
14th Aug 12 07:17:25The Spock
14th Aug 12 06:53:39Blessed With Suck.Video Games
8th Aug 12 12:41:25Musical Assassin
7th Aug 12 06:26:27False Reassurance
7th Aug 12 05:52:37Shooting Superman
5th Aug 12 07:56:36House Husband
5th Aug 12 07:55:55House Husband
4th Aug 12 07:42:49Jerk With A Heart Of Gold.Video Games
3rd Aug 12 06:50:06Villain With Good Publicity
3rd Aug 12 06:34:38Locked Out Of The Loop
3rd Aug 12 06:26:40Names To Run Away From.Nouns