Sullen Frog's Recent Edits

24th May 17 02:44:39Visual Novel.Sunrider
24th May 17 02:40:43Operation Blank
24th May 17 02:40:09Operation Blank
24th May 17 02:30:28Wedding Smashers
24th May 17 01:58:16Visual Novel.Sunrider
24th May 17 01:56:46Boss In Mook Clothing
24th May 17 01:11:01Characters.Sunrider
24th May 17 01:01:38Visual Novel.Sunrider
24th May 17 12:58:53Zerg Rush.Video Games
24th May 17 12:41:29Explain Explain Oh Crap
24th May 17 10:29:08Characters.Sunrider
24th May 17 10:23:28Cast From Hit Points
24th May 17 09:40:16Characters.Sunrider
24th May 17 09:39:12Idiot Hair
24th May 17 09:38:37Idiot Hair
23rd May 17 11:21:53Third Person Person.Visual Novels
23rd May 17 11:16:30Characters.Sunrider
23rd May 17 11:15:51Characters.Sunrider
23rd May 17 11:11:07Freudian Slip
23rd May 17 10:46:06What Does She See In Him
21st May 17 04:15:19The Federation
21st May 17 12:39:58Wretched Hive.Video Games
20th May 17 04:00:12Characters.Sunrider
20th May 17 03:54:09Abusive Parents.Visual Novels
18th May 17 12:08:19Characters.Sunrider
18th May 17 12:07:05Rescue Romance
17th May 17 11:15:55Characters.Sunrider
17th May 17 11:15:11Characters.Sunrider
17th May 17 11:12:31What Measure Is A Non Human.Video Games
17th May 17 09:24:21Characters.Sunrider
17th May 17 09:15:42Second Love
17th May 17 09:10:27First Love
16th May 17 04:28:48Peoples Republic Of Tyranny
16th May 17 03:38:56Visual Novel.Sunrider
16th May 17 03:33:21Peace Conference
16th May 17 01:43:48Characters.Sunrider
16th May 17 11:26:32Eye Scream.Video Games
16th May 17 11:23:46An Arm And A Leg
16th May 17 11:23:13An Arm And A Leg
16th May 17 10:48:23Visual Novel.Sunrider
16th May 17 10:36:51The Dreaded
16th May 17 09:01:18The Juggernaut
16th May 17 08:40:01The Juggernaut
15th May 17 05:12:21Parrying Bullets
15th May 17 03:23:24Characters.Sunrider
15th May 17 03:22:56Characters.Sunrider
15th May 17 03:17:22Great Gazoo
15th May 17 01:51:56Characters.Sunrider
15th May 17 01:49:36Game Over Man
14th May 17 01:44:36Shut Up Kiss
14th May 17 01:43:15Their First Time
14th May 17 10:58:42Revenge Before Reason
10th May 17 10:36:42Pretty Boy
10th May 17 08:35:22Died In Your Arms Tonight
10th May 17 08:17:05Say My Name
10th May 17 08:12:10Say My Name
10th May 17 08:11:39Say My Name
8th May 17 06:16:48Characters.Sunrider
8th May 17 06:14:10Unscrupulous Hero
8th May 17 06:13:41Unscrupulous Hero
8th May 17 11:06:42Visual Novel.Sunrider
8th May 17 11:03:01Full Circle Revolution
7th May 17 11:36:58Visual Novel.Sunrider
7th May 17 11:29:39Mortons Fork
7th May 17 08:44:06Fat Bastard.Video Games
7th May 17 07:01:20Straight For The Commander
7th May 17 07:00:49Straight For The Commander
6th May 17 01:03:30Make Me Wanna Shout.Literature
6th May 17 01:01:26Literature.Sano Ichiro
6th May 17 01:01:04Literature.Sano Ichiro
6th May 17 12:56:37Minor Crime Reveals Major Plot
4th May 17 11:32:21My God What Have I Done
4th May 17 11:29:11My God What Have I Done
4th May 17 10:51:59Characters.Sunrider
4th May 17 10:49:03Dark And Troubled Past
4th May 17 10:05:02Dark And Troubled Past
3rd May 17 04:22:02The Medic
3rd May 17 03:04:02Visual Novel.Sunrider
3rd May 17 03:02:51Absent Aliens
3rd May 17 01:53:08Characters.Sunrider
3rd May 17 08:44:15Dead Person Impersonation
2nd May 17 09:51:31Characters.Sunrider
2nd May 17 08:28:15Visual Novel.Sunrider
2nd May 17 08:18:49David Versus Goliath
1st May 17 10:51:32Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters
1st May 17 10:42:45Visual Novel.Sunrider
1st May 17 10:36:39Explosive Instrumentation
1st May 17 07:22:04Crazy Enough To Work
1st May 17 05:51:12Characters.Sunrider
1st May 17 05:47:42Crippling Overspecialization
1st May 17 05:26:08Gatling Good
1st May 17 04:49:23Characters.Sunrider
1st May 17 04:22:07Characters.Sunrider
1st May 17 04:02:53Characters.Sunrider
1st May 17 03:56:04Characters.Sunrider
1st May 17 03:55:04Characters.Sunrider
1st May 17 03:36:50Chainsaw Good
1st May 17 11:50:59Visual Novel.Sunrider
1st May 17 11:47:02Arbitrary Maximum Range
1st May 17 11:31:59The Juggernaut
30th Apr 17 09:04:21Characters.Sunrider
30th Apr 17 08:46:59Pretty Boy
30th Apr 17 08:35:45Characters.Sunrider
30th Apr 17 08:29:09Characters.Sunrider
30th Apr 17 08:27:25Characters.Sunrider
30th Apr 17 08:12:06Characters.Sunrider
30th Apr 17 04:22:37Dark And Troubled Past
30th Apr 17 02:47:09God Emperor
30th Apr 17 02:19:15Sugar And Ice Personality
30th Apr 17 02:18:06Sugar And Ice Personality
30th Apr 17 10:32:30Not Evil Just Misunderstood
29th Apr 17 10:47:58Starfish Aliens
29th Apr 17 10:04:01Characters.Sunrider
29th Apr 17 09:32:04Chest Of Medals
29th Apr 17 09:13:53Characters.Sunrider
29th Apr 17 08:32:12Meaningful Name.Visual Novels
29th Apr 17 07:55:43Roboteching
29th Apr 17 07:15:07Enemy Summoner
29th Apr 17 06:50:36Macross Missile Massacre
28th Apr 17 05:35:44Love Makes You Evil
28th Apr 17 05:10:20Aggressive Negotiations
28th Apr 17 02:40:19Aggressive Negotiations
28th Apr 17 02:34:17Characters.Sunrider
28th Apr 17 02:16:26Characters.Sunrider
28th Apr 17 01:54:32Homoerotic Subtext
28th Apr 17 12:50:04Ambiguously Bi
28th Apr 17 12:39:35Ambiguously Gay.Video Games
28th Apr 17 11:46:30Vitriolic Best Buds.Visual Novels
28th Apr 17 11:27:36Characters.Sunrider
28th Apr 17 11:24:02Split Personality
28th Apr 17 10:01:38Royal We
28th Apr 17 09:48:27Red And Black And Evil All Over
27th Apr 17 01:35:15Patriotic Fervor
27th Apr 17 12:29:16Characters.Sunrider
27th Apr 17 12:15:14Arch Enemy.Video Games
27th Apr 17 12:11:27Visual Novel.Sunrider
27th Apr 17 12:01:49Bad Dreams
27th Apr 17 11:58:42Death Of A Child
27th Apr 17 11:08:01Nice Job Breaking It Hero.Video Games
27th Apr 17 10:03:52Survivor Guilt
27th Apr 17 09:40:35Visual Novel.Sunrider
27th Apr 17 09:38:37Visual Novel.Sunrider
27th Apr 17 09:35:05Decadent Court
27th Apr 17 09:11:58Beach Episode
27th Apr 17 09:08:45Shipper On Deck.Visual Novels
27th Apr 17 09:03:40Screw The Rules Im Doing Whats Right.Video Games
25th Apr 17 01:35:03Characters.Sunrider
25th Apr 17 01:21:03Not In This For Your Revolution
25th Apr 17 01:02:09Lovable Sex Maniac
25th Apr 17 12:38:20Late Arrival Spoiler
25th Apr 17 09:44:44Trivia.Sunrider
25th Apr 17 09:40:09Talking To Himself.Visual Novels
25th Apr 17 07:24:48Characters.Sunrider
25th Apr 17 07:22:11Spell My Name With An S
24th Apr 17 09:40:30Visual Novel.Sunrider
24th Apr 17 09:33:07Late Arrival Spoiler
24th Apr 17 08:35:39Characters.Sunrider
24th Apr 17 08:34:03Wingding Eyes
24th Apr 17 08:25:44Characters.Sunrider
24th Apr 17 08:24:15Gravity Master
21st Apr 17 10:24:56Characters.Sunrider
21st Apr 17 10:23:32Char Clone
20th Apr 17 01:33:41Elite Mooks
20th Apr 17 01:01:04Mooks.Video Games
20th Apr 17 08:15:37Heroic RROD
19th Apr 17 04:49:06Anguished Declaration Of Love
19th Apr 17 04:18:37Characters.Sunrider
19th Apr 17 02:24:40Characters.Sunrider
19th Apr 17 02:20:56Break His Heart To Save Him
19th Apr 17 02:20:28Break His Heart To Save Him
19th Apr 17 02:09:22Childhood Friend Romance.Visual Novels
19th Apr 17 02:08:21Inappropriately Close Comrades
19th Apr 17 12:30:09Love Triangle
19th Apr 17 12:29:28Love Triangle
18th Apr 17 08:04:04Characters.Sunrider
18th Apr 17 07:54:02Sugar And Ice Personality
17th Apr 17 05:14:55The Mole.Video Games
17th Apr 17 04:24:08Gadgeteer Genius
17th Apr 17 03:52:22Characters.Samurai Jack Minor
17th Apr 17 09:17:54Powered By A Forsaken Child
16th Apr 17 12:29:01Doomsday Device
16th Apr 17 11:07:53Dirty Communists
15th Apr 17 02:49:23Broken Pedestal
15th Apr 17 10:05:35Characters.Sunrider
15th Apr 17 08:02:00Characters.Sunrider
15th Apr 17 07:56:36Workaholic
14th Apr 17 04:21:44Overnight Conquest
14th Apr 17 11:55:47Characters.Sunrider
14th Apr 17 11:43:39Characters.Sunrider
13th Apr 17 01:11:22Characters.Sunrider
13th Apr 17 12:02:25Conqueror From The Future
13th Apr 17 12:02:00Conqueror From The Future
13th Apr 17 11:55:49Greater Scope Villain
13th Apr 17 09:44:26Characters.Sunrider
13th Apr 17 08:50:27Hospital Hottie
13th Apr 17 08:35:55Ms Fanservice.Video Games
12th Apr 17 06:48:15Visual Novel.Sunrider
12th Apr 17 06:32:28Visual Novel.Sunrider
12th Apr 17 06:27:00Apocalyptic Log
12th Apr 17 08:49:17Characters.Sunrider
11th Apr 17 03:46:58Characters.Sunrider
11th Apr 17 03:34:23Childhood Friend Romance.Visual Novels
11th Apr 17 01:52:27Visual Novel.Sunrider
11th Apr 17 01:47:37Ramming Always Works
11th Apr 17 11:44:13Visual Novel.Sunrider
11th Apr 17 11:38:09Final Speech
11th Apr 17 11:11:34Final Speech
11th Apr 17 09:18:25True Companions.Video Games
11th Apr 17 09:12:34Breaking The Fellowship
10th Apr 17 03:33:19Visual Novel.Sunrider
10th Apr 17 03:20:27Wham Episode.Video Games
10th Apr 17 02:35:38Fiery Redhead
10th Apr 17 02:24:26Shy Blue Haired Girl
10th Apr 17 02:13:23Visual Novel.Sunrider
10th Apr 17 01:50:39Inappropriately Close Comrades
10th Apr 17 10:36:33Characters.Sunrider
10th Apr 17 10:33:57I Hate Past Me
10th Apr 17 09:19:28Characters.Sunrider
10th Apr 17 09:01:47Ret Gone
10th Apr 17 06:59:45Alternate Universe
9th Apr 17 05:04:51Characters.Sunrider
9th Apr 17 05:02:34Characters.Sunrider
9th Apr 17 04:58:59Optional Party Member
9th Apr 17 04:49:42Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome.Video Games
9th Apr 17 04:02:04Visual Novel.Sunrider
9th Apr 17 03:57:33Standard Sci Fi Fleet
9th Apr 17 01:25:04Characters.Sunrider
9th Apr 17 01:23:36Aloof Dark Haired Girl
8th Apr 17 03:28:28Absurdly Powerful Student Council
8th Apr 17 02:27:08Student Council President
8th Apr 17 01:45:40You Are Number Six
8th Apr 17 01:44:59You Are Number Six
8th Apr 17 01:35:26Artificial Human
8th Apr 17 01:14:57Characters.Sunrider
8th Apr 17 01:14:30Characters.Sunrider
8th Apr 17 08:51:16Visual Novel.Sunrider
8th Apr 17 08:44:14Enemy Civil War
8th Apr 17 08:43:09Enemy Civil War
8th Apr 17 07:57:24Visual Novel.Sunrider
8th Apr 17 07:54:24Galactic Conqueror
8th Apr 17 07:03:47Malevolent Masked Men
8th Apr 17 07:03:08Antagonist Title
8th Apr 17 06:34:02Number Two
7th Apr 17 12:09:16Glass Cannon.Video Games
7th Apr 17 10:37:05Jack Of All Stats
7th Apr 17 10:13:37Fragile Speedster
7th Apr 17 09:43:31Walking Armory
7th Apr 17 09:42:54Walking Armory
7th Apr 17 08:59:54Mighty Glacier.Video Games
7th Apr 17 08:16:40Characters.Sunrider
7th Apr 17 07:59:14Ace Pilot
6th Apr 17 08:51:58Outside Context Problem
6th Apr 17 07:59:54Hive Mind.Played Straight
6th Apr 17 06:48:13I Know Youre In There Somewhere Fight
6th Apr 17 06:42:10I Know Youre In There Somewhere Fight
6th Apr 17 06:59:54I Just Want To Be Normal
6th Apr 17 06:06:53Rebellious Princess
5th Apr 17 08:35:02And Now You Must Marry Me
5th Apr 17 06:26:47I Lied
5th Apr 17 06:26:12I Lied
5th Apr 17 06:01:08Characters.Sunrider
5th Apr 17 05:55:12Characters.Sunrider
5th Apr 17 05:38:26Characters.Sunrider
5th Apr 17 03:16:16Mildly Military
5th Apr 17 03:02:09Mildly Military
5th Apr 17 02:32:05I Am Legion
5th Apr 17 08:51:29Identical Twin ID Tag
5th Apr 17 08:50:49Identical Twin ID Tag
5th Apr 17 08:25:33Malevolent Masked Men
4th Apr 17 03:05:16Shoot The Medic First
3rd Apr 17 02:29:18Honey Trap
3rd Apr 17 01:56:06Visual Novel.Sunrider
3rd Apr 17 01:50:38Tomato In The Mirror
3rd Apr 17 12:58:29Immediate Sequel
3rd Apr 17 12:41:13Lost Technology
2nd Apr 17 04:28:33Heroic Bastard
2nd Apr 17 11:20:08Living Relic
2nd Apr 17 11:06:01Characters.Sunrider
2nd Apr 17 10:58:16Badass Princess
2nd Apr 17 10:22:07Point Defenseless
2nd Apr 17 09:39:47Shoot The Mage First
2nd Apr 17 07:59:18Vestigial Empire
30th Mar 17 08:20:34Visual Novel.The House In Fata Morgana
30th Mar 17 08:12:26Stepford Smiler.Visual Novels
29th Mar 17 06:16:31Sole Survivor
29th Mar 17 05:37:51Time Master
29th Mar 17 05:37:18Time Master
29th Mar 17 05:19:59Gods Hands Are Tied
29th Mar 17 04:59:15Characters.Sunrider
29th Mar 17 04:05:39Characters.Sunrider
22nd Mar 17 03:50:27Visual Novel.Sunrider
21st Mar 17 05:44:16Visual Novel.The House In Fata Morgana
18th Mar 17 10:31:11Characters.Sunrider
18th Mar 17 10:15:50Characters.Sunrider
18th Mar 17 09:55:07Characters.Sunrider
18th Mar 17 09:02:44Screw The War Were Partying
18th Mar 17 08:27:28Deflector Shields
18th Mar 17 07:03:04Genki Girl
17th Mar 17 08:49:24A Mech By Any Other Name
17th Mar 17 08:43:36Characters.Sunrider
17th Mar 17 09:01:53Characters.Sunrider
17th Mar 17 08:20:31Kinetic Weapons Are Just Better
17th Mar 17 08:15:57Fighting For A Homeland
17th Mar 17 08:03:35Wave Motion Gun
16th Mar 17 10:29:49Tsundere.Visual Novels
16th Mar 17 10:25:32The Napoleon
16th Mar 17 10:22:23Characters.Sunrider
16th Mar 17 09:57:50Cold Sniper
16th Mar 17 09:43:57Multiple Endings.Visual Novels
16th Mar 17 09:35:57Visual Novel.Sunrider
16th Mar 17 06:51:11Characters.Sunrider
15th Mar 17 05:25:37Characters.Sunrider
15th Mar 17 03:31:07Characters.Sunrider
14th Mar 17 07:26:16Characters.Sunrider
14th Mar 17 06:49:24Characters.Sunrider
14th Mar 17 05:39:35Characters.Sunrider
14th Mar 17 12:26:11Visual Novel.Sunrider
14th Mar 17 12:08:14Characters.Sunrider
14th Mar 17 06:38:31Characters.Sunrider
13th Mar 17 08:56:58Characters.Sunrider
13th Mar 17 08:07:57Visual Novel.Sunrider
12th Mar 17 07:02:39Characters.Sunrider
12th Mar 17 06:34:08Characters.Sunrider
12th Mar 17 06:33:19Characters.Sunrider
12th Mar 17 10:49:14Characters.Sunrider
12th Mar 17 10:46:34Characters.Sunrider
12th Mar 17 10:33:28Characters.Sunrider
12th Mar 17 10:08:13Characters.Sunrider
12th Mar 17 09:43:34Characters.Sunrider
11th Mar 17 09:57:18Characters.Sunrider
11th Mar 17 07:20:34Characters.Sunrider
11th Mar 17 06:58:57Characters.Sunrider
11th Mar 17 06:38:27Characters.Sunrider
1st Mar 17 02:11:42Fanon Pokedex.Dibs
15th Nov 16 07:05:49Characters.World Of Final Fantasy
15th Nov 16 07:04:52Characters.World Of Final Fantasy
15th Nov 16 06:21:54Characters.World Of Final Fantasy
13th Nov 16 02:30:24Characters.World Of Final Fantasy
13th Nov 16 02:14:51Characters.World Of Final Fantasy
12th Nov 16 11:11:17Characters.World Of Final Fantasy
12th Nov 16 10:35:13Characters.World Of Final Fantasy
12th Nov 16 10:21:48Characters.World Of Final Fantasy
21st Aug 16 02:54:34Characters.Ultramarines
21st Aug 16 02:53:47Characters.Ultramarines
20th Aug 16 06:37:40Characters.Ultramarines
20th Aug 16 06:13:24Characters.Ultramarines
20th Aug 16 06:12:15Characters.Ultramarines
29th Feb 16 07:04:47Film.Gods Of Egypt
28th Feb 16 09:46:55Film.Gods Of Egypt
28th Feb 16 05:52:52Film.Gods Of Egypt
28th Feb 16 05:51:48Film.Gods Of Egypt
27th Feb 16 06:40:44Film.Gods Of Egypt
27th Feb 16 06:22:16Film.Gods Of Egypt
27th Feb 16 06:21:39Film.Gods Of Egypt
27th Feb 16 06:09:29Film.Gods Of Egypt
27th Feb 16 05:57:00Film.Gods Of Egypt
26th Feb 16 09:23:27Film.Gods Of Egypt
19th Feb 16 12:12:21Characters.Star Trek Reboot
13th Aug 15 08:31:32Multiple Endings.Visual Novels
13th Aug 15 08:17:57Time Skip
13th Aug 15 08:17:44Visual Novel.An Octave Higher
13th Aug 15 07:57:07Elemental Powers
13th Aug 15 07:41:38Wizard Duel
13th Aug 15 07:38:42Visual Novel.An Octave Higher
5th Aug 15 03:27:50Storming The Castle
5th Aug 15 10:36:56Visual Novel.An Octave Higher
5th Aug 15 10:14:25Visual Novel.An Octave Higher
5th Aug 15 10:14:06Not Quite Flight
5th Aug 15 10:09:16Visual Novel.An Octave Higher
1st Aug 15 10:34:47Visual Novel.An Octave Higher
1st Aug 15 10:11:13Visual Novel.An Octave Higher
1st Aug 15 10:03:35Visual Novel.An Octave Higher
1st Aug 15 10:00:01Visual Novel.An Octave Higher
1st Aug 15 09:55:21Visual Novel.An Octave Higher
1st Aug 15 09:14:03Characters.An Octave Higher
1st Aug 15 09:02:28Characters.An Octave Higher
1st Aug 15 08:53:50Characters.An Octave Higher
1st Aug 15 08:28:19Characters.An Octave Higher
1st Aug 15 07:15:31Characters.An Octave Higher
1st Aug 15 07:04:21Characters.An Octave Higher
1st Aug 15 06:45:25Character Sheets.Visual Novels
31st Jul 15 10:10:02Characters.An Octave Higher
31st Jul 15 09:49:42Characters.An Octave Higher
31st Jul 15 09:32:07Characters.An Octave Higher
31st Jul 15 09:14:47Characters.An Octave Higher
31st Jul 15 08:47:05Characters.An Octave Higher
31st Jul 15 07:38:14Characters.An Octave Higher
31st Jul 15 07:36:30Characters.An Octave Higher
31st Jul 15 07:35:24Characters.An Octave Higher
31st Jul 15 07:34:35Characters.An Octave Higher
31st Jul 15 07:09:54Characters.An Octave Higher
31st Jul 15 06:51:01Characters.An Octave Higher
31st Jul 15 06:30:11Characters.An Octave Higher
31st Jul 15 06:11:10Characters.An Octave Higher
31st Jul 15 05:49:36Characters.An Octave Higher
31st Jul 15 05:24:08Characters.An Octave Higher
31st Jul 15 04:54:34Characters.An Octave Higher
31st Jul 15 04:32:43Characters.An Octave Higher
31st Jul 15 04:12:36Characters.An Octave Higher
31st Jul 15 03:06:19Visual Novel.An Octave Higher