Sullen Frog's Recent Edits

23rd Sep 17 12:56:23Villainous Breakdown.Video Games
23rd Sep 17 12:51:46Video Game.Sundered
20th Sep 17 03:34:10Hijacking Cthulhu
20th Sep 17 10:26:14Characters.Final Fantasy XIV The Warrior Of Light
17th Sep 17 07:11:02Characters.Final Fantasy XIV The Warrior Of Light
16th Sep 17 09:17:59Characters.Final Fantasy XIV The Warrior Of Light
16th Sep 17 09:04:47Characters.Final Fantasy XIV The Warrior Of Light
16th Sep 17 08:35:25Characters.Final Fantasy XIV The Warrior Of Light
13th Sep 17 08:38:31Evil Laugh.Video Games
13th Sep 17 08:32:41Video Game.Sundered
13th Sep 17 08:31:30Video Game.Sundered
13th Sep 17 08:28:37Mask Of Power
12th Sep 17 09:10:19Experience Points
12th Sep 17 09:01:53Video Game.Sundered
12th Sep 17 09:00:48Multi Mook Melee
12th Sep 17 09:00:27Multi Mook Melee
12th Sep 17 03:06:49Shock And Awe
12th Sep 17 02:40:04Video Game.Sundered
12th Sep 17 02:34:52Drill Tank
11th Sep 17 09:15:54Was Once A Man
11th Sep 17 08:58:43Video Game.Sundered
11th Sep 17 08:56:38Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot.Video Games
11th Sep 17 04:41:19Sand Worm
11th Sep 17 04:25:51Video Game.Sundered
11th Sep 17 04:23:07Double Jump
11th Sep 17 04:20:39Double Jump
11th Sep 17 04:12:58Not Quite Flight
11th Sep 17 04:11:51Not Quite Flight
11th Sep 17 04:10:33Cape Wings
10th Sep 17 04:43:55Video Game.Sundered
10th Sep 17 04:42:55Long Range Fighter
10th Sep 17 12:19:20Video Game.Sundered
10th Sep 17 12:18:31Player Death Is Dramatic
8th Sep 17 04:11:35Video Game.Sundered
8th Sep 17 04:10:14Doppelganger Attack
3rd Sep 17 07:13:49In The Hood
3rd Sep 17 07:11:59Wall Jump
3rd Sep 17 07:10:34Video Game.Sundered
3rd Sep 17 07:08:31Zerg Rush.Video Games
1st Sep 17 07:37:48Video Game.Sundered
1st Sep 17 07:35:55Hour Of Power
1st Sep 17 07:15:37Gang Up On The Human
28th Aug 17 09:53:28Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu
27th Aug 17 04:29:20Video Game.Sundered
27th Aug 17 04:26:26Grappling Hook Pistol
26th Aug 17 08:45:43Video Game.Sundered
26th Aug 17 06:25:08Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
26th Aug 17 08:05:14An Arm And A Leg
21st Aug 17 09:09:22Armor Piercing Attack
21st Aug 17 08:56:01Video Game.Sundered
21st Aug 17 08:54:43Visible Invisibility
21st Aug 17 04:49:41Video Game.Sundered
21st Aug 17 04:45:04Religion Of Evil
21st Aug 17 08:35:00Regenerating Shield Static Health
20th Aug 17 10:04:30The Berserker
17th Aug 17 08:21:47Video Game.Sundered
17th Aug 17 08:21:07Black Speech
16th Aug 17 09:45:21Chairman Of The Brawl
16th Aug 17 09:44:14Film.Osmosis Jones
15th Aug 17 04:56:16Video Game.Sundered
15th Aug 17 04:55:11Sequential Boss
15th Aug 17 04:06:46Clipped Wing Angel
15th Aug 17 04:06:24Clipped Wing Angel
15th Aug 17 04:01:29Video Game.Sundered
14th Aug 17 06:24:13Death Is A Slap On The Wrist
14th Aug 17 06:22:57Video Game.Sundered
14th Aug 17 10:10:43Tactical Suicide Boss
14th Aug 17 08:11:12Video Game.Sundered
14th Aug 17 08:08:05Spikes Of Doom
13th Aug 17 09:01:44Cyber Cyclops
13th Aug 17 08:48:13Video Game.Sundered
13th Aug 17 08:09:07Video Game.Sundered
13th Aug 17 01:59:20Summoning Ritual
13th Aug 17 01:56:03Video Game.Sundered
13th Aug 17 01:53:44Video Game.Sundered
12th Aug 17 10:19:06Video Game.Sundered
12th Aug 17 01:16:05Healing Potion
12th Aug 17 10:39:39Video Game.Sundered
12th Aug 17 08:47:31Video Game.Sundered
12th Aug 17 08:45:51Peninsula Of Power Leveling
12th Aug 17 07:48:36Video Game.Sundered
11th Aug 17 09:33:58Video Game.Sundered
11th Aug 17 09:32:12Video Game.Sundered
10th Aug 17 09:39:23Bottomless Magazines
10th Aug 17 09:11:53One Hit Point Wonder
10th Aug 17 09:05:50Squishy Wizard
10th Aug 17 08:34:30Unnecessary Combat Roll
10th Aug 17 08:28:07Charged Attack
9th Aug 17 03:44:48Video Game.Sundered
9th Aug 17 11:32:46Video Game.Sundered
9th Aug 17 11:20:43Video Game.Sundered
9th Aug 17 11:08:50Shape Shifter Swan Song
9th Aug 17 08:05:10Cosmic Horror Story
8th Aug 17 09:32:48Video Game.Sundered
8th Aug 17 09:31:37Enemy Summoner
8th Aug 17 04:46:51Video Game.Sundered
7th Aug 17 06:18:38Video Game.Sundered
7th Aug 17 09:04:01Video Game.Sundered
6th Aug 17 06:59:29Video Game.Sundered
6th Aug 17 04:24:52Video Game.Sundered
6th Aug 17 04:08:08Video Game.Sundered
6th Aug 17 07:14:26Video Game.Sundered
6th Aug 17 07:13:27Video Game.Sundered
5th Aug 17 08:40:05Video Game.Sundered
5th Aug 17 08:36:10Video Game.Sundered
5th Aug 17 08:35:39Video Game.Sundered
4th Aug 17 05:21:06The Magic Versus Technology War
4th Aug 17 05:21:06The Magic Versus Technology War
4th Aug 17 05:18:41Video Game.Sundered
3rd Aug 17 03:44:26Video Game.Sundered
3rd Aug 17 08:04:14Video Game.Sundered
3rd Aug 17 07:38:30Dual Boss
3rd Aug 17 07:37:19Video Game.Sundered
3rd Aug 17 07:34:21BFG
3rd Aug 17 07:24:01Video Game.Sundered
2nd Aug 17 03:32:59Spider Tank
2nd Aug 17 01:30:10Attack Its Weak Point
2nd Aug 17 12:32:23Shoot The Mage First
2nd Aug 17 12:31:14Video Game.Sundered
2nd Aug 17 12:04:10Video Game.Sundered
2nd Aug 17 11:57:10Video Game.Sundered
2nd Aug 17 11:56:46Video Game.Sundered
2nd Aug 17 11:55:52Flaming Skulls
2nd Aug 17 11:00:10Combat Tentacles
2nd Aug 17 10:26:09Video Game.Sundered
2nd Aug 17 10:23:26Lamprey Mouth
2nd Aug 17 09:44:00Morph Weapon
2nd Aug 17 08:04:06Living Weapon
2nd Aug 17 07:10:47Chaos Architecture
2nd Aug 17 06:54:58Video Game.Sundered
1st Aug 17 10:12:09Eldritch Location
1st Aug 17 10:09:01Video Game.Sundered
1st Aug 17 10:01:18Eldritch Abomination.Video Games
1st Aug 17 09:59:55Eldritch Abomination.Video Games
1st Aug 17 08:58:28White Mask Of Doom
1st Aug 17 08:56:33Video Game.Sundered
1st Aug 17 08:37:39Thinking Up Portals
1st Aug 17 08:29:01Video Game.Sundered
1st Aug 17 07:20:10Video Game.Sundered
1st Aug 17 02:30:49Useful Notes.Play Station 4
1st Aug 17 02:25:04Video Games Of The2010s
1st Aug 17 02:19:32Video Game.Sundered
1st Aug 17 02:18:41Action RPG
1st Aug 17 01:58:47Metroidvania
1st Aug 17 01:40:20Useful Notes.Steam
1st Aug 17 01:37:32Hell Is That Noise.Video Games
1st Aug 17 10:40:46Video Game.Sundered
1st Aug 17 09:55:00Video Game.Sundered
25th Jul 17 01:32:41Chainsaw Grip BFG
25th Jul 17 01:31:38Chainsaw Grip BFG
25th Jul 17 12:00:23Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
25th Jul 17 08:20:38Visual Novel.Sunrider
24th Jul 17 04:27:54Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Nations
22nd Jul 17 11:00:03Animal Nemesis
22nd Jul 17 08:38:24Characters.Final Fantasy XIV The Warrior Of Light
22nd Jul 17 07:55:05Characters.Final Fantasy XIV The Warrior Of Light
20th Jul 17 11:17:08Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
20th Jul 17 07:15:11Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
20th Jul 17 07:08:24Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
20th Jul 17 06:35:56Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
17th Jul 17 08:22:10Shell Game
14th Jul 17 09:05:04Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Nations
13th Jul 17 09:12:55Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Primals And Beastmen
13th Jul 17 11:26:39Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
13th Jul 17 08:45:34Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
12th Jul 17 03:14:22Characters.Final Fantasy XIV The Warrior Of Light
12th Jul 17 11:56:31Characters.Final Fantasy XIV The Warrior Of Light
12th Jul 17 10:23:38Characters.Final Fantasy XIV The Warrior Of Light
12th Jul 17 09:35:07Characters.Final Fantasy XIV The Warrior Of Light
10th Jul 17 09:39:57Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
10th Jul 17 09:35:49Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
10th Jul 17 06:34:16Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
10th Jul 17 10:46:11Visual Novel.Sunrider
10th Jul 17 10:44:12Hard Light
10th Jul 17 09:52:33Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
8th Jul 17 09:49:32Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Class And Job Questlines
8th Jul 17 08:49:17Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Class And Job Questlines
8th Jul 17 08:45:09Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Class And Job Questlines
8th Jul 17 08:44:30Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Class And Job Questlines
7th Jul 17 07:48:47Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
7th Jul 17 07:47:46Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
6th Jul 17 09:28:20Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
6th Jul 17 09:17:23Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
5th Jul 17 03:20:50Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
5th Jul 17 11:12:11Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Nations
5th Jul 17 06:15:56Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
4th Jul 17 09:42:14False Flag Operation
4th Jul 17 09:41:15False Flag Operation
3rd Jul 17 03:03:42Rapunzel Hair
3rd Jul 17 06:49:12Final Boss New Dimension
3rd Jul 17 06:47:38Final Boss New Dimension
2nd Jul 17 01:42:33Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Class And Job Questlines
2nd Jul 17 08:16:17Visual Novel.Sunrider
2nd Jul 17 08:13:34Succession Crisis
2nd Jul 17 08:12:49Succession Crisis
1st Jul 17 09:15:42Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Nations
1st Jul 17 07:50:28Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Nations
1st Jul 17 06:14:31Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Nations
30th Jun 17 09:43:43Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Nations
30th Jun 17 09:42:53Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Nations
30th Jun 17 06:20:13Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Nations
28th Jun 17 04:26:55Beam O War
27th Jun 17 09:08:27Asskicking Equals Authority
27th Jun 17 07:43:15Asskicking Equals Authority
27th Jun 17 07:39:48Asskicking Equals Authority
26th Jun 17 02:31:49Attack Reflector
26th Jun 17 02:13:02Literature.Darth Bane
26th Jun 17 09:15:18Characters.Final Fantasy XIV The Warrior Of Light
26th Jun 17 08:03:56Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
25th Jun 17 10:27:05Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Class And Job Questlines
25th Jun 17 10:08:25Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Class And Job Questlines
25th Jun 17 09:27:06Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Class And Job Questlines
25th Jun 17 12:38:21Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Primals And Beastmen
25th Jun 17 07:55:30The Butcher
25th Jun 17 07:12:33Spikes Of Villainy
24th Jun 17 09:33:15Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
24th Jun 17 09:32:43Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
24th Jun 17 04:41:10Artifact Of Doom
24th Jun 17 04:39:26Artifact Of Doom
24th Jun 17 10:04:56Evil Old Folks
24th Jun 17 09:59:36Fallen Hero
24th Jun 17 09:11:53Dark Lord On Life Support
23rd Jun 17 08:25:08Quotes.Final Solution
23rd Jun 17 04:06:19Final Solution
23rd Jun 17 12:09:52Disproportionate Retribution.Comic Books
23rd Jun 17 12:08:14Disproportionate Retribution.Comic Books
22nd Jun 17 01:19:54Derelict Graveyard
22nd Jun 17 10:47:21Broken Pedestal
22nd Jun 17 10:15:18Trojan Prisoner
22nd Jun 17 09:31:41The Empire
22nd Jun 17 08:17:00Great Offscreen War
22nd Jun 17 08:07:40Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Class And Job Questlines
22nd Jun 17 07:59:26Amazon Brigade
21st Jun 17 04:12:16Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Class And Job Questlines
21st Jun 17 04:11:49Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Class And Job Questlines
20th Jun 17 08:04:17Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Primals And Beastmen
19th Jun 17 09:34:08Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Primals And Beastmen
19th Jun 17 09:16:34Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Primals And Beastmen
12th Jun 17 11:58:08The Evil Prince
12th Jun 17 11:45:35Evil Uncle
12th Jun 17 11:35:16Bastard Bastard
12th Jun 17 11:26:13Characters.Sunrider
12th Jun 17 09:12:47The Man Behind The Man
11th Jun 17 06:03:57Visual Novel.Sunrider
11th Jun 17 05:54:51Abusive Precursors
10th Jun 17 12:22:53Visual Novel.Sunrider
10th Jun 17 12:21:03All There In The Manual.Video Games
10th Jun 17 10:37:50Characters.Sunrider
10th Jun 17 10:36:24Manchurian Agent
8th Jun 17 01:21:39Visual Novel.Sunrider
8th Jun 17 01:19:21Captains Log
7th Jun 17 10:04:17Visual Novel.Sunrider
7th Jun 17 10:02:33Space Opera
7th Jun 17 09:39:46Visual Novel.Sunrider
7th Jun 17 09:38:35Lighter And Softer.Video Games
6th Jun 17 02:13:25Clone Army
5th Jun 17 08:53:11The Battlestar
5th Jun 17 04:08:22Samus Is A Girl
30th May 17 09:26:24Older Than They Look.Visual Novels
30th May 17 07:46:18Im A Doctor Not A Placeholder
29th May 17 03:55:57Characters.Sunrider
29th May 17 03:49:26Hair Decorations
29th May 17 11:30:35Minor Crime Reveals Major Plot
29th May 17 10:36:25Animal Motifs
29th May 17 10:10:57Characters.Sunrider
29th May 17 09:56:38Close Range Combatant
29th May 17 09:42:19Characters.Sunrider
29th May 17 09:35:01Improbable Aiming Skills
29th May 17 08:12:15Magical Eye
29th May 17 07:46:54You Gotta Have Blue Hair.Visual Novels
27th May 17 01:26:09Visual Novel.Sunrider
27th May 17 10:59:18Armor Is Useless
27th May 17 09:35:26Visual Novel.Sunrider
27th May 17 09:31:33The Dreaded
27th May 17 07:56:15We Cannot Go On Without You
24th May 17 02:44:39Visual Novel.Sunrider
24th May 17 02:40:43Operation Blank
24th May 17 02:40:09Operation Blank
24th May 17 02:30:28Wedding Smashers
24th May 17 01:58:16Visual Novel.Sunrider
24th May 17 01:56:46Boss In Mook Clothing
24th May 17 01:11:01Characters.Sunrider
24th May 17 01:01:38Visual Novel.Sunrider
24th May 17 12:58:53Zerg Rush.Video Games
24th May 17 12:41:29Explain Explain Oh Crap
24th May 17 10:29:08Characters.Sunrider
24th May 17 10:23:28Cast From Hit Points
24th May 17 09:40:16Characters.Sunrider
24th May 17 09:39:12Idiot Hair
24th May 17 09:38:37Idiot Hair
23rd May 17 11:21:53Third Person Person.Visual Novels
23rd May 17 11:16:30Characters.Sunrider
23rd May 17 11:15:51Characters.Sunrider
23rd May 17 11:11:07Freudian Slip
23rd May 17 10:46:06What Does She See In Him
21st May 17 04:15:19The Federation
21st May 17 12:39:58Wretched Hive.Video Games
20th May 17 04:00:12Characters.Sunrider
20th May 17 03:54:09Abusive Parents.Visual Novels
18th May 17 12:08:19Characters.Sunrider
18th May 17 12:07:05Rescue Romance
17th May 17 11:15:55Characters.Sunrider
17th May 17 11:15:11Characters.Sunrider
17th May 17 11:12:31What Measure Is A Non Human.Video Games
17th May 17 09:24:21Characters.Sunrider
17th May 17 09:15:42Second Love
17th May 17 09:10:27First Love
16th May 17 04:28:48Peoples Republic Of Tyranny
16th May 17 03:38:56Visual Novel.Sunrider
16th May 17 03:33:21Peace Conference
16th May 17 01:43:48Characters.Sunrider
16th May 17 11:26:32Eye Scream.Video Games
16th May 17 11:23:46An Arm And A Leg
16th May 17 11:23:13An Arm And A Leg
16th May 17 10:48:23Visual Novel.Sunrider
16th May 17 10:36:51The Dreaded
16th May 17 09:01:18The Juggernaut
16th May 17 08:40:01The Juggernaut
15th May 17 05:12:21Parrying Bullets
15th May 17 03:23:24Characters.Sunrider
15th May 17 03:22:56Characters.Sunrider
15th May 17 03:17:22Great Gazoo
15th May 17 01:51:56Characters.Sunrider
15th May 17 01:49:36Game Over Man
14th May 17 01:44:36Shut Up Kiss
14th May 17 01:43:15Their First Time
14th May 17 10:58:42Revenge Before Reason
10th May 17 10:36:42Pretty Boy
10th May 17 08:35:22Died In Your Arms Tonight
10th May 17 08:17:05Say My Name
10th May 17 08:12:10Say My Name
10th May 17 08:11:39Say My Name
8th May 17 06:16:48Characters.Sunrider
8th May 17 06:14:10Unscrupulous Hero
8th May 17 06:13:41Unscrupulous Hero
8th May 17 11:06:42Visual Novel.Sunrider
8th May 17 11:03:01Full Circle Revolution
7th May 17 11:36:58Visual Novel.Sunrider
7th May 17 11:29:39Mortons Fork
7th May 17 08:44:06Fat Bastard.Video Games
7th May 17 07:01:20Straight For The Commander
7th May 17 07:00:49Straight For The Commander
6th May 17 01:03:30Make Me Wanna Shout.Literature
6th May 17 01:01:26Literature.Sano Ichiro
6th May 17 01:01:04Literature.Sano Ichiro
6th May 17 12:56:37Minor Crime Reveals Major Plot
4th May 17 11:32:21My God What Have I Done
4th May 17 11:29:11My God What Have I Done
4th May 17 10:51:59Characters.Sunrider
4th May 17 10:49:03Dark And Troubled Past
4th May 17 10:05:02Dark And Troubled Past
3rd May 17 04:22:02The Medic
3rd May 17 03:04:02Visual Novel.Sunrider
3rd May 17 03:02:51Absent Aliens
3rd May 17 01:53:08Characters.Sunrider
3rd May 17 08:44:15Dead Person Impersonation
2nd May 17 09:51:31Characters.Sunrider
2nd May 17 08:28:15Visual Novel.Sunrider
2nd May 17 08:18:49David Versus Goliath
1st May 17 10:51:32Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters
1st May 17 10:42:45Visual Novel.Sunrider
1st May 17 10:36:39Explosive Instrumentation
1st May 17 07:22:04Crazy Enough To Work
1st May 17 05:51:12Characters.Sunrider
1st May 17 05:47:42Crippling Overspecialization
1st May 17 05:26:08Gatling Good
1st May 17 04:49:23Characters.Sunrider
1st May 17 04:22:07Characters.Sunrider
1st May 17 04:02:53Characters.Sunrider
1st May 17 03:56:04Characters.Sunrider
1st May 17 03:55:04Characters.Sunrider
1st May 17 03:36:50Chainsaw Good
1st May 17 11:50:59Visual Novel.Sunrider
1st May 17 11:47:02Arbitrary Maximum Range
1st May 17 11:31:59The Juggernaut
30th Apr 17 09:04:21Characters.Sunrider
30th Apr 17 08:46:59Pretty Boy
30th Apr 17 08:35:45Characters.Sunrider
30th Apr 17 08:29:09Characters.Sunrider
30th Apr 17 08:27:25Characters.Sunrider
30th Apr 17 08:12:06Characters.Sunrider
30th Apr 17 04:22:37Dark And Troubled Past
30th Apr 17 02:47:09God Emperor
30th Apr 17 02:19:15Sugar And Ice Personality
30th Apr 17 02:18:06Sugar And Ice Personality
30th Apr 17 10:32:30Not Evil Just Misunderstood
29th Apr 17 10:47:58Starfish Aliens
29th Apr 17 10:04:01Characters.Sunrider
29th Apr 17 09:32:04Chest Of Medals
29th Apr 17 09:13:53Characters.Sunrider
29th Apr 17 08:32:12Meaningful Name.Visual Novels
29th Apr 17 07:55:43Roboteching
29th Apr 17 07:15:07Enemy Summoner
29th Apr 17 06:50:36Macross Missile Massacre
28th Apr 17 05:35:44Love Makes You Evil
28th Apr 17 05:10:20Aggressive Negotiations
28th Apr 17 02:40:19Aggressive Negotiations
28th Apr 17 02:34:17Characters.Sunrider
28th Apr 17 02:16:26Characters.Sunrider
28th Apr 17 01:54:32Homoerotic Subtext